25 Best Moss Rose Garden Ideas To Color Your House Perfectly

Moss roses are one of the most interesting and beautiful flowering plants in the world. The moss rose is a perennial that grows from a thick, knotted stem called a rootstock or rhizome. The plant can grow up to 2 feet tall and produce flowers that range from white to pink to purple.

Furthermore, moss rose garden ideas are a great way to add a little bit of beauty to your yard. Moss roses are delicate, beautiful flowers that can be used in almost any type of garden. They are easy to grow and will thrive in a variety of soil conditions.

There are many ways you can use moss roses in your landscape design. You can plant them around trees or shrubs, along pathways or driveways, or even as an accent plant around other plants such as perennials or annuals. If you have an area where it is difficult for grass to grow due to poor drainage or compacted soil, then moss roses garden ideas below may be just what you need!

Are Moss Roses Easy To Grow?

Of course! Moss roses are easy to grow. Early in the summer, moss roses produce robust, resilient, rose-like blooms. For more blooms, pinch or remove wasted blossoms. In full sun, grow moss roses plants. Plants favor medium-quality to poor soils. They favor sandier, loamy, or loose soil. The mixture ought to drain well.

In addition moss roses are also  drought and heat tolerant. Watering is rarely necessary in the flower garden. If grown in a container or hanging pot, wait between waterings to let the soil dry. When planting, add a general-purpose fertilizer with a high nitrogen content to give the plants a head start. Just before blossoming, use a fertilizer strong in phosphorus. For the season, no additional fertilizer applications should be required.

How Do You Start A Moss Rose Garden?

In fact, most gardeners grow moss roses from nursery transplants or cuttings. However, you can start to grow moss roses from seeds. Here’s easy steps how to start your moss roses from the scratch:

  • Maintain the soil temperature: The ideal range for soil temperature for moss roses germination is between 75 and 85 degrees. They can be sown outside right away in mild weather or started indoors four weeks before the last frost.
  • Keep the soil moist: Till the seeds sprout, cover them with a thin layer of soil and keep the soil consistently moist.
  • Be gentle: Move moss roses gently since their roots are weak.
  • Take care of them regularly: Despite the fact that plants can endure dry, unproductive soil, moss roses benefit from some attention. When the weather is dry, you should water them about every week, and when you plant them, add compost to the soil.
  • Remove black seeds: Black seeds produced in large quantities by moss roses can hinder blossoming. Shear the plants back if this occurs.

Vertical Moss Rose Garden 

When it comes to a low maintenance plant for your vertical garden, moss roses are the perfect choice. Especially for beginners, moss roses are easy to handle in a vertical garden since they only need dry soil and full sunlight to grow. Let’s take a look at some inspiration for your next vertical moss rose garden below!

1. Vertical Moss Rose Garden in Fence

moss rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@youtube.com)

Since it will flourish in dry soil, a vertical garden is one of the best moss rose garden ideas. Find the empty wall or wooden fence for moss roses to grow. Place some moss roses vertically to cover the wall or fence area. We recommend you to select colorful moss roses for the arrangement. Since you will place it outdoors, choose the “afternoon delight” moss rose varietal that is open all day until the evening. It will beautifully add more colors to your boring fence or wall.

2. Vertical Moss Rose Garden with Plastic Bottle

moss rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@5T1 Garden)

In order to support green movement, you can use plastic bottles as the containers for your moss rose garden. Use the half part of the plastic bottle and fill it with dry soil. Make some moss rose pots and arrange them on the empty wall. From summer to fall, you can choose moss rose types that have single, double or semi-double flowers in red, yellow, rose, white, orange, or salmon.

3. Moss Rose Purslane Garden Monument

moss rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Adela B)

Moss roses are not easy to spread, so it’s better to make small garden ideas. Instead of a mini garden or container, why don’t you make a “monument” with moss roses? You can set up a container with a high wooden board attached to place moss roses. Start to fill the bottom area, continue to hang some moss roses on the wooden board. Make sure this monument is fully covered with moss roses!

4. Moss Rose Garden On The Window

moss rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@canterburycottagedesigns.com)

Do you live in flats and don’t have a place to set up your moss rose garden? Don’t worry, we’ve got you the perfect solution! You can utilize the window for the moss rose garden. Simply hang some planters on your window to add more colors in your house.

5. Sundial Hybrid Mix On Rocks

moss rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Burpee Gardening)

Don’t let your stone walls get damaged with age. Instead, you can fill some holes between rocks with a sundial hybrid mix. Sundial Mix is vigorous with large 3 inch double flowers that are strong and remain open longer than those of other kinds. They are totally double, wonderfully shaped, and perched like shrub roses above the succulent foliage.

6. Moss Rose On The Wall

moss rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Jeff Mullins Photography)

Inspired by the concept of a vertical garden, plan to make some holes on your wall while building the house. You can plant some moss roses on those holes, making a natural plant growing feel from the wall. Don’t forget to choose different flower colors for each hole!

Moss Rose Bed for Garden Ideas

If you need a low grow plant for your garden or adorn the pathways, then look no further than moss rose beds. Moss rose beds are just ideal to tidy up your garden in colorful ways. The following points below are some examples to make wonderful moss rose beds in your garden.

7. Moss Rose Bed Along Paved Walkways

moss rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Home Stratosphere)

Make your garden fantastic with a moss rose bed along the paved walkways. It can be one of the most wonderful moss rose garden ideas since the vibrant blossoms will welcome you with every step you take. We recommend you to choose pink and yellow flowers which look bright on the walkways.

8. Moss Rose Mini Garden Border

moss rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@amp.reddit.com)

Sometimes you need some greenery around your house. Especially if you live in a dense housing, creating a plant border is a good option to brighten up your home. And, setting up a moss rose bed is a brilliant idea since the housing area may have dry soil. You can go with Calypso Mix, featuring double blooms in orange, yellow, white and red to add more colors in your house.

9. Moss Rose At The Backyard

moss rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Cindy Hale)

Moss roses are best grown in partial shade, but they will also perform well in full sun if they are planted in moist soil. If you have moist soil, you can still create a moss rose bed garden by planting the roses close together like the picture above. Don’t forget to border your garden with rocks.

10. Colorful Moss Rose Garden

moss rose garden ideas
Source: eaglesonmeadows.com

In case you need creative quite large garden ideas, then it’s a sign to put colorful moss roses with various planting styles and rocks! You can create some sections for certain flowers based on colors or types. Moreover, it’s up to you to place some of them on the soil, like fountain, shade trees, rocks, or small river rocks to create a tropical landscape.

11. Moss Rose Shrub Garden

moss rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Laura Pet Scribbles)

Are you looking for a brilliant way to replace the bush on the side of the road? Well, the moss roses is the right answer! Since they are low-growing and have various colors, you can have a neat and vibrant garden along the road.

12. Spilled Moss Rose Purslane Pot

moss rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Do you have a dry soil area in your garden? Don’t worry! It’s time to turn your garden into a beautiful art!  Create a moss rose bed on the dry soil and place a big pot horizontally, resembling the spilled moss roses from the container. It makes a great addition for any hot landscape in your house. Besides, you’ll get wonderful contrast with its dark green leaves and bright red flowers.

Moss Rose Purslane Garden In Containers

With a little bit of creativity, you can make a mini moss rose garden in your containers. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, the perfect containers will make your moss rose garden awesome. So, you need some tips to make your moss roses look unique and special in containers. Here are some ideas that will give you new insights that are worth trying.

13. Moss Rose Garden Indoors

moss rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@TEO Garden)

In case you want to place your moss rose garden indoors, you can try this idea. Inspired by mini garden ideas, you can set a wooden container with bright moss ross on it. You can also add a plant pole for vines to grow. Or, you may want to add small hanging moss roses there.

14. Moss Rose In Flying Planters

moss rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com)

Don’t worry, they aren’t the real flying planters. In fact, you can purchase unique pots that are connected to each other, giving the flying impression. Or, you can set a main pole to hang some pot planters with a certain angle. Simply fill each pot with colorful moss roses to create a masterpiece in your garden. These cool pots will give a lively and dynamic atmosphere in your garden.

15. Portulaca In Wooden Bucket Pot

moss rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@wattersgardencenter.com)

For those who easily get bored of their garden layout, using a wooden bucket pot can be a perfect choice. Wooden pots are made from natural materials and don’t pose a threat to plant health. Moreover, you can also move your Portulaca pot easily in case you need to set up your garden.

16. V Shape Moss Rose

V Shape Moss Rose
Source: Pinterest (@youtube.com)

The V-shape is a great peace symbol, perfect for your garden or to welcome guests in your house. To create the V-shape moss rose, simply tie the base of two moss roses. After that, tie the flowers on the V-shape frame, so they will flourish following the pattern. In addition, you can plant them on a big container with rocks.

17. Moss Roses Braid Girl

Moss Roses Braid Girl
Source: Pinterest (@m.youtube.com)

When it comes to stunning and luxurious moss roses indoors, consider making a braided moss rose girl. You need to paint the pot with a girl’s face. After that, make at least two thick braided moss roses to support the flowers, resembling the girl’s braided hair. You can also add some succulents above for extra “hair” to this girl.

18. Autumn Inspired Moss Rose Purslane

Autumn Inspired Moss Rose Purslane
Source: Pinterest (@Proven Winners Plants)

If you want to make a specific theme for your moss rose purslane garden, how about turning it into a calming autumn season? You can use big orange and yellow Portulaca grandiflora since they have the perfect color that you need. Since they need dry soil to grow, it’s best to put them in the pottery pot.

19. Moss Rose In Cage Pot

Moss Rose In Cage Pot
Source: Pinterest (@simplegiftsfarm.com)

Instead of taking care of birds in a cage, why don’t you use the cage to make a moss rose garden? Besides giving more vibrant colors, they are also easy to maintain. Having moss roses in a cage pot gives a natural and artistic impression in your garden. You can simply put the pot on the bench for easier plant care. Or, you can also hang the cage pot in front of your house.

20. Moss Rose with Decorative Faucet

Moss Rose with Decorative Faucet
Source: Pinterest (@vintagecrossroads.com)

Remember, this is just a decorative faucet. Since moss roses grow better in dry condition, it’s not recommended to place them near a water source. However, the decorative faucet can give a refreshing feel in your dry moss roses pot.

21. Hanging Bonsai Moss Roses

Hanging Bonsai Moss Roses
Source: Pinterest (@Navra Tilova)

A hanging pot is just a perfect way to take care of the long bonsai moss roses without too much cutting. Grow moss rose outside the pot, let them follow the sunlight. You may cut them a little bit just for artistic purposes. Set up a wooden bar horizontally to hang some pots in your house. Make sure you give enough space between those bonsai moss roses so that they can grow properly.

22. Moss Rose Purslane In Plant Bench

Moss Rose Purslane In Plant Bench
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

If you want to have some types of moss roses indoors, you can use a plant bench then. Usually a plant bench has at least 2 levels. You can put the purslane pot on the bottom, while the Portulaca on the top.

23. Moss Rose In Pink Tire Pot

Moss Rose In Pink Tire Pot
Source: Pinterest (@Nena Chavez)

One of the most creative ways to place your moss rose, a tire pot is worth trying! You can use the old tire to accommodate your mini moss rose garden. In addition, you can also paint the tire in matching color with the flowers! For instance, pink is the best color to create a cheerful and bright atmosphere. Therefore, you can pick pink flowers in your pink tire pot for your moss rose garden.

24. Moss Rose In Pot with Holes

Moss Rose In Pot with Holes
Source: Pinterest (@Carolyn Insley)

Surprise! You’ll never know what happens to moss roses when you put some holes in your pot. Yes, some tiny flowers try to grow outside, finding the sunlight they love. Besides, it will make an artistic moss roses style to grow! Therefore you should choose bright and vibrant flowers to grow in this unique pot. We recommend you to choose red, yellow, and pink flowers.

25. Moss Rose Braided Tree

Moss Rose Braided Tree
Source: Pinterest (@Meetu Singh)

This adorable moss rose bonsai cutting can be a perfect idea to adorn your garden. If you are still new to braid moss roses, simply purchase sculptured moss roses in your flower shop nearby or on the internet. The plant has a neat braided tree shape in a pot so that it is easy to organize in your garden.

Final Thought

Moss roses are low-maintenance flowers that benefit from carelessness. Whereas many other plants might struggle, these plants produce colorful flowers in poor, dry soils. Therefore, there’s no better way to add color in your house with a moss rose garden. We hope some ideas above can inspire you to create your moss rose garden!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When should you plant moss rose?

Usually, you can start planting moss roses in the summer. Check the soil’s warmth and plant your moss roses in early June. The plants may become lanky and bear few flowers by the middle of the summer. The stems should re-grow and flower more for late summer and fall if you pinch them back to a side shoot and fertilize lightly.

Does moss rose take full sun?

Yes, it does! As long as the soil is well-drained, moss roses can be grown in full sun in most soil types. It works well in rocky, gravelly, sandy, or lean terrain. For an earlier bloom, grow from seed that is directly sown in the ground or started inside 4–8 weeks before the typical last frost.

Does moss rose come back each year?

All season long, the moss roses will continue to bloom without any more maintenance. However, the plants do generate a lot of seed, so if you plant them once, you can get volunteers coming back every year.

How fast does moss rose spread?

In fact, moss roses bloom all season and germinate in 10 to 14 days. Moss roses are low-maintenance flowers that benefit from carelessness. In reality, too much care contributes to the majority of ailments. Wet soils, for instance, make root rots worse. This issue is typically resolved by planting moss roses in arid soil that drains effectively.

How do you get more flowers on moss rose?

Moss roses prefer arid, dry soil that drains well. If they don’t blossom, the soil can be too fertile or too wet. Keep the soil dry to encourage greater flower blooming. Although you can amend the soil with sand or a tiny bit of compost, it could be simpler to start over in a different place or containers.

Moreover, the sunlight also gives a significant impact. Although the plant can survive in complete shade, it will only have leaves and no other colors. Instead, plant or set a tool where moss roses will get at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight every day. They will blossom further as they receive more sunlight!

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