9 Best Kids Gardening Tools for Your Little Gardeners

Gardening is an excellent outdoor activity for children. Not only they get to enjoy the fresh air and nature, but it also keeps them active. It’s more than just a random outdoor activity, and kids can indeed learn a lot from gardening. From developing various skills to boosting one’s self-confidence, gardening can play a crucial role in the overall development of a child.

As kids love playing with toys, the best way to introduce gardening to your children is to get them some real gardening tools. However, there are hundreds of different types of kids gardening tools, and finding the right implements can be confusing and exhausting. But you need not worry because we have many ideas to help you find the best ones for your kids.

We have listed the features that you must consider while choosing the kits, and also made a list of the best kids gardening tools.

Best Kids Gardening Tools for Your Little Gardeners

Given below is a list of the 9 best kids gardening tools, from which you can choose one that you liked the most. We have personally analyzed each product on our list precisely, and have put an honest review of each product.

1. G & F Kids Garden Toolset

If you are introducing gardening to your little one for the first time, then the G&F gardening set is an excellent choice for you. The toolset comes with a shovel, rake, trowel, and a vibrant and trendy tote. The tools are of the best quality, with a solid, comfortable grip for their tiny hands. With this toolset, you can enjoy quality time with your budding gardeners while building their love for nature.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 3 distinct and colorful tools in a set. It includes a 6-inch hand rake, an 8-inch shovel, and an 8.5-inch trowel.
  • Comes with a fashionable and multicolored tote for easy storage.
  • All the tools have solid wooden handles, and the heads are made of real metal. You can rely on their durability as these tools are made from the best quality materials.
  • Ideal gardening set for children of age 5 and above, under adult supervision.

2. The Storybook Kids Explorers Club Kids Gardening Tools

This amazing gardening kit is ideal for the young gardeners who love to spend several hours having fun in their little garden. It comes with a shovel, rake, trowel, 4 garden stakes, small gloves, and a watering can. This gardening kit has all implements that your little gardener needs. If your kid seems to have a keen interest in gardening, then this is the perfect gift you can get for your kid.

Key Features and Benefits

  • It’s a complete garden toolset, specially made for kids who love to play outdoors.
  • Heads of the shovel, rake, and trowel are made of real metal with no sharp edges and contain plastic handles.
  • All the tools are colorful, and the set also includes a tote for quick and effortless storage.
  • The 4 stakes are none sharp and splinter-free.
  • Watering can is made of good quality plastic. It’s leak-proof and lightweight, easy for kids to carry around.
  • Gloves are designed for small hands and have rubber grip dots for a comfortable grip.
  • Each tool has been crafted from the best reliable, non-hazardous durable plastic and metal materials for utmost lasting performance.

3. Taylor Toy Children Gardening Kit for Boys

Give your little boy another reason to play outdoors with this terrific toolset from Taylor Toy.  You can put your kids and their imaginations to work while playing safely with this basic gardening kit. It comes with just the right implements to give them a little push to create a fun tradition of planting and enjoying nature. It includes a shovel, fork, rake, watering can, garden gloves, and tote.

Key Features and Benefits

  • All the tools have sturdy heads made of metal and strong wooden handles for long-lasting use.
  • The heads have rounded and non-sharp edges to ensure the safety of your kids.
  • The handles are sized to fit perfectly in their tiny hands for a comfortable grip.
  • The metal watering can is lightweight, so kids can effortlessly carry it around.
  • The tools come in blue shade specially customized for little boys.
  • The tote comes with many pockets for tidy storage.

4. Born Toys Gardening Set for Kids

The Born Toys gardening set is a two-in-one toolset that can be either used for real outdoor gardening or as an indoor gardener role play costume. The complete set consists of a stylish and elegant apron, gardening gloves, hat, water spray bottle, shovel, trowel, and rake. This outstanding garden tool kit encourages your child to go outdoors and have fun in the garden while exploring nature at the same time. It lets your kid’s imagination soar while playing the role of a real gardener.

Key Features and Benefits 

  • Three distinct metal tools with wooden grips with non-sharp edges. These are reliable and safe for kids.
  • Vibrant and fashionable, machine-washable apron. It has adjustable straps at the neck and waist to allow a perfect fit. The apron also has separate pockets for every tool.
  • The hat can be worn in two different ways, and it comes with adjustable drawstrings to fit. It offers optimal protection against the sun.
  • A durable, leak-proof spray bottle enables hassle-free and effortless watering.
  • Stylish and cute carry bag with a zipper for safe and clean storage.
  • Supreme quality and durable tools and costumes ensure long-lasting durability.

5. Click N Play Garden Tools

If you are looking for large real-life size kids garden tools, then this toolset is an ideal option. The set includes a garden hoe, shovel, rake, and leaf rake. These tools are different from other small garden tools as they have exceptionally long grips. These functional, high-quality kid garden tools are designed for outdoor fun while helping their parents in the garden.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The kit includes four real-life size garden tools, each measuring around 27.5 inches.
  • The tools have real metal heads and long wooden handles, along with a leather loop at the end for hanging the tools vertically when not in use.
  • Made from sturdy and durable metal and wood, strong enough to pass the test of time.
  • Each tool has a distinct and vivid color to keep the kids entertained.

6. Liberty Imports Kids Garden Tools & Wagon Toy Set

This adorable and colorful garden tool set has everything that kids need for great outdoor fun. The remarkable garden toy set comes with 15 unique tools that will make your little one a pro gardener. It also includes a portable and light wagon that your little gardener would love to carry around.

Key Features and Benefits 

  • It comes with 8 gardening tools, including garden scissors, hand fork, hand shovel, garden hoe, weeder, and 3 rakes.
  • It also has other secondary tools, including 4 flower pots, a water spray bottle, a water pail, and a portable wagon.
  • All the tools are made from non-hazardous and superior quality, plastic material, and guarantee long-lasting durability. 
  • The toy set can also be used as a beach toy for building sandcastles, towers, and much more. 
  • The garden tools are precisely-sized for their little hands and safe for kids.

7. Fun Little Toys Kids Gardening Tool Toy Set

This 16-piece gardening tool toy set is another impressive toy gardening kit for kids who love to spend several hours outdoors and have fun. These gardening tools for kids are sturdy and come in vibrant colors and shapes to engage the kids. With a wagon to pull around and numerous tools to play, this garden set is quite popular among younger kids.

Key Features and Benefits

  • This 16-piece gardening toy set comes with a large garden wagon, 9 small and large gardening tools, a watering can, a water spray bottle, and 4 flower pots.
  • All the tools are made of thick, solid plastic. These are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and safe for children.
  • The pull wagon has sufficient storage space for all the garden tools, so the kids can grab its handle and carry their things easily wherever they go.
  • It’s also one of the best tool kits for the beach, where they can have fun building sandcastles, towers, and figures with these tools.

8. E-lishine Gardening Tools

The E-lishine gardening toolset is one of the best real gardening tool kit available for kids in the market. It comes with a shovel, trowel, and rake. If you want to give your kids the experience of a real gardener, then this could be an ideal toolset for you. With durable construction and eye-catching vibrant shades, this set of tools would be a decent addition to their gardening tool collection.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 3 unique tools with each one measuring 8 inches long and vibrant colors will give the kids a delightful experience while having some fun in the garden.
  • The tools have real metal heads and wooden handles that are crafted using a durable method and can be used for actual gardening work.
  • High-quality materials are used in their construction to deliver extended durability.
  • These gardening tools are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and safe for children.

9. Roca Kids Gardening Tools for Girls

If your little girl loves pink, then get her this cute gardening toolset in her favorite color. This beautiful set has a shovel, trowel, rake, watering can, and a fashionable tote. Roca also provides a STEM learning guide to help your kids learn new things and some basic life lessons such as responsibility, empathy, and respect for nature. With this garden tool kit, they will not only have a joyous time outdoors but also learn to be skillful and responsible.

Key Features and Benefits

  • These pink color tools are ideal for little girls who want to have some outdoor fun.
  • Perfectly sized garden tools to fit the tiny hands of kids.
  • These tools are made from top-quality, durable, and non-hazardous materials.
  • The tools have non-sharp rounded metal heads and plastic handles with a smooth grip.
  • STEM learning guide helps them to understand nature and promote outdoor playtime.

Why is Gardening Important for Kids?

Gardening can be beneficial for kids in many ways. Here are some of the advantages of garden-play.

Parent-Child Bonding

Most working parents barely get to spend time with their children, and with the passing time, the bond between them fades away. As the kids grow up, they start to keep things to themselves, which can lead to dire consequences.

Outdoor activities like gardening not only allow parents to spend quality time with their kids but also improve the bond between them. As the parents act like their kids’ playmates, they get a chance to understand their children better. This way, they can build a friendly relationship, which is relatively significant for the stability of a child’s mental health.

Discovering New Things

It allows the kids to learn new things, such as different types of plant species, fruits, and flowers, and understand the process of life-cycle. They discover several tiny organisms living in the garden, including insects and animals.

They become familiar with temperature, weather, and seasons. It also helps them in understanding colors, numbers, and shapes better. For instance, counting the petals of a flower improves the numeric skill of your child. A tiny garden can teach them many life lessons. 

Improves Sensors

Gardening helps in enhancing all the senses.

  • Touch: The kids get to touch unusual things such as soil, flower, seeds, and more. As they become familiar, they can remember the texture of these items even without looking at them.
  • Smell: They learn the essence of various elements like soil, different types of flowers, mud, and many more.
  • Sight: Kids learn to differentiate between colors and shapes of items in the gardens.
  • Sound: They discover new sounds made by various objects, plants, insects, and animals in the garden.
  • Taste: When they produce fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, strawberries, peas, and many more in the garden, they start to understand the different types of flavors.

As gardening activity mostly includes digging, carrying, and lifting, it helps gain physical strength that enhances their motor sensors as well.

Boosting Self-confidence

When your kids invest their time and energy in their garden and finally achieve a beautiful outcome, nothing can be more satisfying for them than that. It will automatically boost their self-confidence.

Building Social Skill

Gardening with friends teaches them teamwork and allows them to interact with each other, which helps in the early development of their social skills. Gardening also allows kids to learn to help others and care for each other.

Learning Patience, Empathy, and Responsibility

Gardening is a great way to teach children to be patient, responsible, and sensitive. A seed can’t just grow into a plant overnight. It needs regular attention, care, and watering. 

Letting your kid sow their seeds and take care of them teaches them to be responsible. They learn to be empathetic by taking care of the plants. As they wait and watch their plants grow and finally produce flowers and fruits, they learn the importance of patience. It teaches them that all good things need time and effort.

Promotes Healthy Eating Habit

When kids grow vegetables and fruits of their own, it encourages them to eat them too. From an early age, they practice healthy eating habits and continue to do so throughout their adulthood.

Learning to Respect Nature

Imagine if every kid in the world grows a tree, how much greener the earth would be. It not only teaches valuable life lessons to the children but also helps our earth heal. If they realize that plants play a significant role in our existence at a young age, they will grow up to be responsible and compassionate towards the environment.

Criteria for the Best Kids Gardening Tools

Adult gardening tools are not safe for children. There are many gardening tools available for kids these days. Every parent wants the best for their children, but many are not familiar with the aspects of the best gardening tools for kids, and they often end up purchasing the wrong tools.

First of all, you need to know the right criteria. Here is a list of the features that you should look out for while choosing gardening tools for your kids.

1. Complete Gardening Toolset

Gardening requires various tools such as a shovel, leaf rake, spade, watering can, and many more. A single gardening tool is not useful for all the gardening tasks, so get a toolset that has a minimum of three unique items. It’s also more expensive to buy the tools individually, so purchasing a complete set is a wise choice.

2. Durable

Always purchase a brand that is sturdy, durable, and likely to last for a lifetime. Good brands may cost a few extra bucks, but at least it will be less expensive than having to buy the tools repeatedly.

3. Lightweight

The tools must be compact and lightweight so that your young ones can hold and use them effortlessly. If the implements are heavy, they will get exhausted too soon, and won’t want to continue with the activity. So, make sure the tools you buy are ideal for their body-weight, size, and age.

4. Safe for Children

The safety of your kids should be your priority. Look for a gardening set that is safe for your children, and won’t cause any injuries. Minute injuries are inevitable during outdoor activities like gardening, but you must always make sure that the tools are safe enough for your little ones.

5. Colorful

Kids can quickly get bored if their surrounding is dull, so the best way to keep them engaged is to buy them the tools that are colorful and vibrant. This way, you can make gardening more of a fun game than just an outdoor activity.

6. Budget-friendly

Choose a garden toolset that is affordable for you. It makes no sense to buy something that will burn a hole in your pocket. Just make sure that whatever brand you purchase is the best you can get, and worth every penny.

7. Easy Storage

If you are purchasing a complete garden toolset, make sure it comes with a storage container or a tote. It makes it easier for you to organize and store the tools, and the kids won’t misplace them either.

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Final Thoughts

Gardening is as significant to kids as other outdoor activities. It helps build both physical and mental strength while playing a crucial role in their overall development. But for that, they need a decent toolset so that they can have a good experience and achieve more from the activity.

Buying a gardening tool kit is not like picking any random toy. The tools must be safe for your kids, durable, and value for the money. So, you should choose it carefully. After all, you would only want what’s best for your little ones. 

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