25 Arizona Garden Ideas: Stunning and Drought Tolerant

When it seems impossible to create a landscape in your Arizona garden, this idea will change your mind instantly! You can have stunning and drought tolerant through these Arizona garden ideas. Simply choose the right plants or flowers that can thrive in Arizona hot summer, then everything can be done effortlessly.

As you know, in Arizona, when the summer just strikes, it is frustrating to maintain the flowers and keep them alive. It is because the temperature is getting higher and hotter, but through this reading, you can find the solution to have the Arizona garden as you wish. 

Arizona Front Yard Garden Ideas

The front yard garden is the best spot to showcase your Arizona landscape. It is not only you who enjoys the view, but also the guests and your neighbor to see how beautiful and fresh your landscape flowers are. Start planting them now and see your front yard into the stunning view. 

1. Colorful Flower Shrubs 

arizona garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@sunset.com)

Colorful flower shrubs for your garden are not only lovely but also a favorite spot in your home. Pink flower shrubs, daylilies and celosia in one place will be an attention stealer for your neighborhood.

2. Small Beautiful Garden

arizona garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@HGTV)

Celosia, black eyed susan, and bougainville can thrive in your Arizona garden. For planting them in your front yard, it doesn’t need complicated soil since all of them are easy to maintain plants. It is so refreshing that you can see them every day especially in blooming time.

3. Rock and Gravel Landscape

Rock and Gravel Landscape
Source: Pinterest (@Gardenia)

Oh, an astonishing view from your Arizona garden. Red flowers, snake plants and agave will be the best one to create a landscape for the small garden. Also, no need for high maintenance for this one.

4. Corner Landscape Garden

Corner Landscape Garden
Source: Pinterest (@Noelle Johnson)

Sunflowers, daisies, and many drought tolerant plants in one corner place are a must! This landscape garden is simple yet beautiful. Green and other colors of flowers will make everyone who comes by cannot take their eyes off of this one.

5. Around The Door Garden Ideas

arizona garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@designscapescolorado.com)

Before reaching the gate, your front yard will be more beautiful by planting the flower beds there. You can divide it into two parts in order to fill the lawn. Such a stunning view even if the background is plain.

6. Attractive Garden Landscape

Attractive Garden Landscape
Source: Pinterest (@Deavita.net)

Along the stairs, you can plant the flowers, so the view when you get up to your house is not that boring and plain. Whether you choose shrubs or cutting flowers with drought tolerant features, all can be yours. You can plant lantana, geranium or pentas along that way. All of them are drought tolerant and effortlessly beautiful. 

7. Mini Garden

Mini Garden
Source: Pinterest (@Audrey)

When your front yard is dominated with the lawns, you can fill the edge along the fence with flower shrubs. Usually, for the flower along the fence, you can grow a cutting flower as long as the plant can thrive in the hot temperature of an Arizona garden. If it is a drought tolerant one, you can have it in your front yard. 

8. Mini and Simple Arizona Lawn

Mini and Simple Arizona Lawn
Source: Pinterest (@lawnlove.com)

Yes, you can build this small Arizona garden idea as a stunning landscape in front of your house. It seems as small as the garden but better small than none. Bed flowers, succulent, agave, small grass and celosia can fill this landscape beautifully. 

9. Blooming Through The Stairs

arizona garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Houzz)

Beautiful landscape for your front yard in Arizona garden. This idea is very amazing and marvelous. Because it looks fresh and can charge your mood every day. The landscape is neat although the variety of plants are not that much. By planting the bed flowers, pam, and spider plant, your front yard can be this beautiful. Oh, don’t forget to cover the soil with rocks to protect them from heat and help them absorb the water too.

10. Flowering Tree Arizona Garden Ideas

Flowering Tree Arizona Garden Ideas
Flowering Tree Arizona Garden Ideas

If your front yard is pretty spacious, then planting the tree flower might help to give a new accent and layer in front of your house. Also, it gives a new vibe and atmosphere throughout the dry season in Arizona. You can have it in your bed container or directly to the ground. Everything is beautiful. 

11. Around The House Garden

arizona garden ideas
Around The House Garden

For your front yard, cactus with marigold or portulaca will be a good match. Since portulaca has various colors, you can plant more than one color in your front yard. Beside the flower you can have cactus as well. Because in Arizona, a yard without a cactus seems incomplete. So, you can have a fresh yet tropical vibes too.

12. Bougainville Garden Ideas

arizona garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Landscaping Network)

Yes, bougainvillea is always a good idea, including the spider plant or small grass to fill the space. This might be simple yet your Arizona garden will turn into something stunning and fresh even if the hot summer just strikes. You can have them in your front yard to attract the guests and your neighbor to plant the flower too.

Arizona Backyard Garden Ideas

For you who wants to enjoy your landscape garden in private, planting the flowers in your Arizona backyard seems the answer. You can plant your favorite flowers in the backyard and the backyard becomes the best spot to heal your anxiety and stress. Therefore, take a look at our backyard garden ideas in Arizona. 

13. Native Arizona Landscape

arizona garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@wattersgardencenter.com)

In your backyard, you can get a new vibe by planting cactus and another flower bed. This is suitable for Arizona hot weather because cactus will have no problem with summer temperature. Combine it with a few rocks, then you will have a perfect Arizona garden.

14. Arizona Backyard Garden

arizona garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Landscaping Network)

The beautiful shrubs or even lavender for your backyard will never go wrong. This Arizona garden idea is colorful, fresh, and of course it is easy to maintain. Once they bloom, your backyard will turn into a rainbow yard.

15. Arizona Container Garden

arizona garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@mccumberfinegardens.com)

You can have zinnia, pansies, and bougainville in your Arizona garden since both of them love full sunny locations. They are easy to maintain as well. Also, when the summer comes, no need to worry as long as you give them enough water. When it is time to bloom, your backyard garden will be colorful and joyful.

Arizona Garden for Cactus and Succulent

Yes, this is the best plant that you can have in Arizona. Although it makes your house look like a desert, you can arrange and mix it with the palm tree. Moreover, succulent also has a unique pattern and shape that you can choose too. 

16. Succulent In The Front Yard

arizona garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Legna)

Succulent and Arizona hot weather are always a perfect match. Therefore, you can have this Arizona garden idea for your landscape plant in your own home. You can have a landscape of these drought tolerant plants in your front yard.

17. Arizona Garden Landscape

Arizona Garden Landscape
Source: Pinterest (@Food52)

A combination of drought tolerant plants for your Arizona landscape small garden. There are agave, succulent, and cactus will beautify and freshen your front yard. Although your garden is not that spacious, this compact landscape will be a great one.

18. Succulent Pots Garden Ideas

Succulent Pots Garden Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@kkagrawal.com)

Mini cactus will never go wrong for an Arizona garden in mini size. You can start planting it in various sizes of pots. In summer time, you can imagine how stunning your front yard will be. Plus, it is not that difficult to maintain cactus in Arizona. 

19. Desert Arizona Flower Landscape

arizona garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@trademarklandscapeaz.com)

No, no, it is not in a true desert. You can create this tropical vibe in your own house actually. Fresh, very tropical, and describes how hot yet stunning Arizona garden is. Pick your favorite desert plant and start growing them now. 

20. Mini Succulent Arizona Landscape

Mini Succulent Arizona Landscape
Source: Pinterest (@Tram Dao)

What a colorful mini garden that you should have! Flower beds with soil covered up by the rocks will enlighten the vibes for your Arizona garden. This idea might be simple, yet your guests will love it whenever they visit your house. 

21. Flower and Rock Desert Landscape

arizona garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com)

Yes, you will never get bored of cactus for Arizona garden. The rocks, soil, and drought tolerant plants in the pots like this idea are a perfect match. You can place it at the corner of your yard. So, your house will be colorful and bright!

22. Arizona Cactus Garden Ideas

arizona garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Mydesired Home)

This landscape is very suitable if it is placed beside your house. When you are not so into a small river, you can fill the landscape with the succulent, mini cactus and rocks to cover the soil. Make sure kids cannot come to this one or they will get stuck at the cactus.

23. Arizona Cactus Landscape in Greenhouse

arizona garden ideas
Arizona Cactus Landscape in Greenhouse

Even if you already have a greenhouse in an Arizona garden, you can still maintain the landscape by planting cactus in a greenhouse. So, they will grow happily and potentially. However they just love Arizona hot summer, but having a special landscape of cactus at the corner of the greenhouse makes it more exclusive too. 

24. Cactus Besides Your House Landscape

arizona garden ideas
Cactus Besides Your House Landscape

This backyard view can be yours instantly! Planting drought tolerant plants like this Arizona garden idea is easy as long as you still have a space even if it is a small one. Although it seems like a desert view, it can give a fresh atmosphere every morning. Also, you don’t have to water them every day since cactus can store water inside their foliage. 

25. Higher Level Arizona Desert Yard Idea

Higher Level Arizona Desert Yard Idea
Source: Pinterest (@Sonia)

Having this high cactus will create a new atmosphere besides your house. It is very attractive, adorable and one of a kind. Even if you plant it next to your house, with this height, your cactus can still be a center point of your house view. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it hard to garden in Arizona?

It is not that hard to garden in Arizona, especially to have a flower garden. You can select the flowers that require a full sunny location in your garden. For instance, you can plant succulent, cactus, zinnia, celosia, or black eyed susan. As long as you know the plants that are drought tolerant and love full sun exposure, it is not impossible to have a flower garden in Arizona. 

How to have a successful garden in Arizona?

You need various plants that can thrive in desert conditions or drought tolerant ones. Also, easy to maintain plants can be your best option to have a successful garden in Arizona. If you need it, you can create a combination of compost, coconut coir or peat moss. But usually, drought tolerant flowers don’t need much compost to grow. 

Can you have a vegetable garden in Arizona?

Yes, you can have a successful vegetable garden in Arizona. There are two categories for planting veggies in this state. Cool season crops and warm season crops. You have to know first about the characteristics of the vegetable before starting to plant it then find out the best time to start seeding. Because the most important factor in planting veggies is the time. 

How often should I water my plants in Arizona?

During 100’ F you can water your plants 4 to 5 times a week to keep them moist and have enough water. For the subtropical varieties, it should be watered around 3 to 4 times a week. While for the desert plant, watering them for twice a week will be enough. 

How do you landscape in Arizona?

Of course you have to choose the right size of plants and determine whether they need the low water or high amount of water because Arizona tends to always be in a hot temperature. Also check out the irrigation or drainage to make sure the roots of your plants don’t rot. If it is needed, you can hire an Arizona landscape professional to create the best landscape in your home

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