25 Sturdy Pumpkin Trellis Ideas For Vertical Gardens

Pumpkin is a member of winter squash with a round shape, striped structure, and vibrant orange color. Besides being famous as one of the scary Halloween icons, pumpkins are tasty. No wonder some people try to grow pumpkins in their backyard using trellises. And for that reason, we compile the sturdy pumpkin trellis ideas for those who want to cultivate and harvest their own pumpkins.

Most of these pumpkin trellis ideas are made from materials easily found in the market, such as wood, poles, wire, and iron, that ensure sturdy structures. Meanwhile, your job is to design the framework according to the garden’s location and the cultivar you want to plant. You can build tunnel pumpkin trellis for the small varieties, while the large ones are perfect for short frames. Interested in creating one? Check out the pumpkin trellis ideas below!

Tunnel Pumpkin Trellises Ideas

If you want to build a trellis that also decorates your garden, the tunnel pumpkin frameworks are the ones you need. The dense foliage and striking colors of the fruits naturally provide shade to your garden. However, these frames are only suitable for small pumpkin cultivars. Dare to try? Let’s jump in!

1. Shade Hanging Pumpkin Trellis

pumpkin trellis ideas
Source: Youtube (@minimeadows9641)

If you want to have a dramatic pumpkin trellis, you must try this one! When the pumpkin plants are not yet fruiting, you can get a shade garden because of the dense foliage that covers the trellis.

And once they are fruiting, the pumpkins look like lanterns that light up during the day, thanks to the striking people of colors. Moreover, the difference in maturity level offers a colorful touch to the garden.

2. Welcome Pumpkin Trellis

pumpkin trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@twomenandalittlefarm.blogspot.com)

This pumpkin trellis looks like a welcome gate to your garden. The design is simple but able to offer a green atmosphere with a natural decoration of pumpkins that bear fruit.

For a more captivating sight, you can install these trellis on your lawns to provide a different texture to your garden. Also, don’t make the frame too high so that when your pumpkins ripen and fall to the ground, they don’t take any significant physical damage.

3. Twin-Size Pumpkin Trellis

pumpkin trellis ideas
Source: Youtube (@minimeadows9641)

These twin pumpkin trellises will be your best pick for those with a large garden or backyard! Their sizes are relatively small, so they are suitable to support dwarf pumpkin varieties. You can try to plant several types of pumpkins at different times, so they don’t ripen at the same time.

Thus, the colors of the pumpkins can be different, offering a stunning appeal to tunnels. Apart from being a planting area for pumpkins, they can also be a mini playground for your children to hide and seek.

4. Rustic Pumpkin Gardening

pumpkin trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Valdopro)

The rustic theme is never wrong to give an aesthetic touch to various designs and decorations, including this pumpkin garden. The wooden trellis successfully adds aesthetic value, with hanging pumpkins and lamps that effortlessly adorn the landscape.

Furthermore, the frame also works as a gate to impress your friends who visit the garden. To draw attention, grow the Jack-be-Little pumpkin cultivar that looks like a miniature, even though they are actually edible.

5. Mix Tunnel Trellises

pumpkin trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Dreamstime Stock Photos)

While others prefer poles, iron, and wires to make a sturdy pumpkin trellis, why don’t you try to go beyond with woods? They are more flexible and easy to shape. Try to create a grid like this mixed tunnel trellis. Then grow the pumpkin with the zucchini together.

You will get a beautiful view of the diverse fruit shapes when they bear fruit. In addition, you can plant low-growing plants that produce flowers along the tunnel to elevate its beauty.

6. Dense Pumpkin Vertical Garden

Dense Pumpkin Vertical Garden
Source: Pinterest (@Janelle Sisco)

Unlike other tunnel trellises, this one has a rectangular shape, with a roof over the top to provide crawling spaces for the pumpkin vines. The dense foliage also provides shade for this tunnel garden gate.

Moreover, try to arrange the bricks to create a garden path design under the lattice. You can also use the empty space at the tunnel’s edge to grow other vegetables, such as tomatoes. This veggie will also repel insects that cause trouble to the winter squash.

7. Pumpkin Garden Trellis and Path

Pumpkin Garden Trellis And Path
Source: Pinterest (@Lori Taylor)

You can effortlessly design your garden gate with this kind of pumpkin trellis. The wire and iron material ensures its stability and sturdiness, so you don’t have to worry about strong winds blowing.

In addition, arrange the stone steps under the framework to make a garden path. To offer shade on the way, wait until the leaves grow vines to fill the top of the trellis. Simple but exciting, isn’t it?

8. Pumpkin And Squash Trellis

pumpkin trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Rural Sprout)

Perhaps you think this pumpkin trellis looks similar to our previous collection. But, take a little bit closer. The size of the lattice is broader and more extended, allowing the vines to creep and climb more massively and freely due to sufficient space.

Also, the frame is shorter, so you can try planting a bigger variety of pumpkins. And instead of growing pumpkins, it combines several types of cucurbits, such as watermelon and melon, to offer diverse shapes and colors.

9. Front Garden Trellis

pumpkin trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@EatingWell)

This pumpkin garden trellis will be great to welcome you at the gate! The design adds aesthetic value to your garden, resembling a tunnel with butternut squash and pumpkin growing on the frame. The setting makes the fruits look like attractive garden decorations.

Moreover, long beans also grow among these fruits, providing different textures and shapes to the trellis. You can build this frame right near the door to your garden, so you will feel welcomed by the shady and breathtaking pumpkin tunnel.

10. Winter Squash Trellis

Winter Squash Trellis
Source: Pinterest (@Sunshine Farm)

Pumpkin tunnel trellis is a favorite of many gardeners to grow this fruit. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but this framework is also multifunctional. It can serve as a decoration for the garden doorway.

Although not elongated like previous designs, this trellis is still efficient because it is spaced and allows the pumpkin vines to crawl on the ground. With this habit, you don’t need to plant other vegetables because there is a natural decoration of pumpkins between the two trellises.

11. DIY Pumpkin Arbor

pumpkin trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@ohiothoughtsblog.blogspot.com)

Take advantage of the land next to your house to build a mini pumpkin garden with a DIY trellis. It allows you to grow your own pumpkins without taking too much space.

You just need to prepare sturdy polishes and wires to create a frame. Then, choose a type of mini pumpkin so that when it bears fruit, the structure can still work as strong support. Then, make a small garden walkway next to the trellis to beautify your garden design. Even though it’s small, don’t let your garden look dull!

Backyard Vertical Pumpkin Trellis

In addition to the tunnel trellises, we also include the frameworks that will be ideal for your large pumpkin varieties. They are relatively simple and won’t take up the space of your small garden. You can easily make them yourself, thus saving lots of money. Let’s try, shall we?

12. Simple Pumpkin Trellis

Simple Pumpkin Trellis
Source: Pinterest (@Lisa M Smith)

Jumping from the tunnel trellises designs, we have a simple one that works great to grow regular pumpkin varieties. But don’t worry! This arbor looks captivating despite being a minimalist one. The design is triangular, similar to the house roof, with four wooden supports and a place for the vining plants to climb.

Meanwhile, at the top, additional support is needed to ensure the pumpkin growing on top doesn’t fall to the ground. In addition, the trellis still allows some pumpkins to freely grow on the garden floor.

13. Vertical Pumpkin Arbor

Vertical Pumpkin Arbor
Source: Pinterest (@Matt Schroeder)

At first glance, this standing pumpkin arbor looks like it was built on a well, thanks to the stone arrangement. But actually, it doesn’t stand there. The rocks setting serves as a barrier to the trellis, so they don’t grow out of the area. It also helps to protect the vines from external disturbances, such as rodents. Meanwhile, the fence background may also help to hold the structure from the trellis by attaching a sturdy tie.

14. Neat Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@hopegardens.wordpress.com)

Who said pumpkin trellis cannot stand in your flower garden? In fact, they can provide additional decorations with a unique roof structure design. Then, grow the large varieties of pumpkins and let them wrap the trellis with thick broad leaves and eye-catching fruits.

You can also grow low-growing flowering plants beside the frame and install a mini garden fence to protect this arrangement. Surprisingly, lawns will look impressive to match with the pumpkin trellis too!

15. Multifunctional Pumpkin Trellis

pumpkin trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.com)

It is a great idea to install a net for each pumpkin fruit growing on the trellis. The netting will prevent the ripe pumpkin from falling to the ground when it is ready to collect, thereby reducing food loss.

This design is exceptionally beneficial for farmers. In addition to netting, you can avoid physical damage by making short trellis. Then, plant lawns at the bottom so the impact on the ground can be minimized.

16. Wooden Pumpkin Planting Frame

pumpkin trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@lovethispic.com)

Suppose you have run out of land to plant pumpkins. In that case, this vertical planting arrangement is made just for you. You can build it in your garden ends using wood materials.

Apart from its strength, the wood has a brown color that blends in with the pumpkins and vines, as if creating a tree support-like the pumpkin never has. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit giant pumpkins, but the dwarf ones will be perfect.

17. Small Pumpkin Trellis

pumpkin trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@houseofnormandy.blogspot.com)

If you want to start gardening, start with a small one, like this pumpkin trellis. Instead of building it alone, you can combine it with other herbs, such as oregano, chives, tansy, and hyssop.

In addition to providing another touch to the garden, these herbaceous plants can also repel pests that often damage pumpkin plants. In addition to the herbs, some flowering plants and a stone retaining wall will spice up and protect your garden area.

18. Creative Pumpkin Garden Trellis

pumpkin trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@coombsdesign.com)

Elevate your garden design by combining a fence and this pumpkin trellis. The arching frame depicts a garden gate with a wooden fence background that adds artistic value. Furthermore, the broad leaves of pumpkin vines densely cover both sides of supports.

At the same time, the flowering vining plants adorn the deep green foliage with orange blooms. You can set a chair underneath the trellis to make the area an ‘aesthetic and natural’ photo spot.

19. Free Standing Trellis

pumpkin trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@fromseedtoscrumptious.blogspot.co)

Not everyone can spend the time in the garden to make pumpkin trellis with various models. Therefore, you include this free-standing trellis for those prioritizing function over aesthetic value.

You don’t need to make arching frameworks like tunnels or roof shapes. Just arrange the woods to form a grid glued together with strong ropes. Then, plug the frame into the ground. Then, place the potted pumpkin seeds under the trellis and let them climb.

20. Minimalist Pumpkin Trellis

pumpkin trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@hgtv.com)

Another minimalist trellis design you can rely on to grow your pumpkins. The wooden materials are plugged into the ground, then glued together using ropes to form a grid. This setting utilizes raised beds with wooden barriers on each side, so the vines do not crawl on the ground.

Other than being a barrier, the wooden planks also offer a little artistic touch to the design, so it’s not too plain. Considering its size, you may only be able to grow smaller varieties of pumpkins.

21. Spaghetti Squash Fence Trellis

Spaghetti Squash Fence Trellis
Source: Pinterest (@Countryfarm Lifestyles)

Do you have a garden fence? Use it as a spaghetti squash trellis support! With the help of a wooden wall, the structure of the trellis can be more robust because it can lean a little on the fence.

You must create a grid outline for the top to prevent crowding vines on the bar. Also, make sure the rope knot to attach the supporting wood is strong, so it doesn’t collapse easily when the plant begins to bear fruit.

22. Backyard Wooden Stairs Trellis

Backyard Wooden Stairs Trellis
Source: flickr (@colleen bell)

In case you have used wooden ladders that are no longer in use in the warehouse, use them to make a pumpkin trellis. It will be way easier for you since you don’t need to make a frame anymore. If your ladder is long, cut it in half and glue the cut ends with nails. Then, the bottom is glued to wooden or metal pegs, so it doesn’t move and ensures its rigidity.

23. Mini Shade Pumpkin Garden

Mini Shade Pumpkin Garden
Source: Pinterest (@Xopher)

Growing shade-loving plants can be tricky, especially adjusting the lighting level since growing trees takes a long time. Well, you can solve it by planting pumpkins on a trellis!

First, design the framework like a table, but the surface is like a grid. Make sure the height of the lattice is adjusted to the type of plants planted below it to allow the plants below to grow appropriately. Then, let the pumpkins grow, covering the roof to provide shade.

24. Pumpkin Backyard Farming

Pumpkin Backyard Farming
Source: Pinterest (@Christine Grant)

Gardening with pumpkin trellis can be a fun way to take advantage of your large backyard. With this setting, you can combine two trellis designs: the tunnel and the roof-shaped. The right and left sides of the trellis are areas for growing pumpkins because the thick foliage can block out sunlight that is harmful to shade-loving veggies in the tunnel. Meanwhile, the upside of the trellis is a great location to place potted herbs. Indeed this design is complicated but worth the hard work!

25. Metal Pumpkin Framework

pumpkin trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@gardeners.com)

Besides the woods, metal and wires are the ideal combos to make the best pumpkin trellis because they have good weather resistance. Moreover, they are sturdy, one of the essential aspects of building a pumpkin arbor because they have heavy fruit.

One of them is this metal pumpkin trellis. It has a gate-like design wired throughout as the vines creep. And when they’re fully grown, you’ll have a comfy shade garden for your dog to hang out with.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What can I use for a pumpkin trellis?

Pumpkin vines can grow on the ground, or you may offer them a pumpkin trellis to support their growth. Instead of buying the arbor, you can create a DIY trellis. Some materials used to make pumpkin trellis ideas are wood, polish, and iron with a combination of wire for the frame.

Depending on the trellis you build, your pumpkin plants can grow on both sides of the lattice. The pumpkin may also creep nearby if you create the framework near a garden fence.

How tall should a trellis be for a pumpkin?

Growing pumpkins vertically means that you need support to ensure their growth. Generally, the pumpkin trellis has a height of about 10 feet or 3 meters. However, it highly depends on the pumpkin varieties.

The small pumpkins, like Hooligan and Baby Boo, may grow on the taller framework. Meanwhile, those cultivars with pumpkins over 5 pounds will need a shorter trellis with more support to the frame.

Why can’t a pumpkin plant climb up support?

Considering the size of the fruit, pumpkin plants cannot climb up the support or trellis. It is also a creeper plant, so climbing is not their natural habitat. However, some small cultivars may climb the trellis because the size and weight of the fruit are lighter than the typical pumpkin cultivars. But remember, you may pay attention to the trellis height to match the type of pumpkin you grow.

How do you make a homemade trellis?

Instead of buying one, you can make a homemade trellis with simple materials and equipment. How? Check out below!

  • Prepare the materials. You can use wood (like cedar), sturdy poles, and iron with wire.
  • Measure the size. It is important to know what kind of pumpkin trellis you wanna build. Hence, you can cut the materials according to the size of the framework.
  • Sketch the designs. It will act as a guide to creating a trellis. Usually, the first thing to do is design the grid. Use chalk to make the frame.
  • Start to assemble the material to the frame with screws. Make sure you install it carefully and meticulously according to the design you made earlier.
  • Now it is ready to grow your plants. Adjust the cultivar to your trellis design if you want to grow pumpkins.

How do you anchor a trellis in the ground?

One of the challenges in making a trellis is keeping it stable. Especially if the lattice is used to grow pumpkins vertically, given the fruits are relatively heavy.

Generally, you can anchor the trellis to the ground by anchoring the woods or metal stakes to support the trellis frame. Then, plug it in and secure it with a rubber mallet, leaving six inches of the peg above the ground. Then, tie the trellis to the pegs with a strong string. Make sure they don’t wobble.

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