Cub Cadet Rear Tine Tiller: Complete Buying Guide

The pre-requisite for gardening is the proper preparation of your farm. This enables the soil conditions of your garden to be ready for preceding procedures. As a gardener, you need to use Cub Cadet rear tine tiller to ensure all these preparations go smoothly

Tilling is necessary because it helps the nutrients in the soil to cover the entire garden, thus providing suitable conditions required for cultivation. If you don’t have enough information about them, then this article highlights detailed information about these tillers. But first, do you know about Cub Cadet?

Cub Cadet Company

Cub Cadet was established in 1961, and since then, its rear tine tillers have been manufactured in Ohio, Tennessee and Mississippi in the United States. The global operation of their tillers is in Valley City, where their garden tools are designed and produced.

Their experts ensure that all the details of the tillers are correct. This company represents American originality, top-notch quality and pride. They manufacture all types of lawnmowers such as walk-behind, riding and zero-turn mowers.

Nevertheless, their expertise is geared towards producing self-sharpening rear tine tillers and various garden tools. If you purchase any kind of machine from them, you don’t have to sharpen the blades each time you want to work. They also constructed “Strongsville”, which prioritize the native workers. 

Features of Cub Cadet Rear Tine Tillers

When shopping for a rear tine tiller, you must be well conversant with its features. This is the perfect way to determine if the tool is working correctly and efficiently. In this buying guide article, the features are broken down so that you can have a better understanding of what you might expect in most Cub Cadet garden tools.

Strong Engine and Power

The engine is the brain and the main component of this machine. Efficiency and power are the essential aspects that you must consider while shopping for a garden tool from Cub Cadet. Therefore, if you want outstanding gardening output, purchase a machine with a superior quality engine.

Gasoline engines operate most of their rear tine tillers such as Briggs and Stratton or even Honda. Moreover, their tillers come with two types of engines, either 4-cycle or 2-cycle engine. Undoubtedly, its power greatly depends on a solid and reliable engine.

Most of their 2-cycle engine is compact and relatively small. Therefore, for it to operate effectively, you should mix gas and oil. This makes it very powerful, and you can know that from the noise produced while tilling. It is also lightweight, but its downside is that it’s susceptible to breakdown.

A 4-stroke rear tine tiller engine is convenient and beneficial because it’s powerful and produces less noise. There is no need for you to mix gas and oil for it to operate. A version with this kind of engine economizes on the consumption of fuel. Therefore, it’s extremely reliable and desirable for you as an enthusiastic gardener.

When it comes to the power of the machine, that depends on horsepower and engine size. Most rear tine tillers from Cub Cadet are rated 8 horsepower (HP), to mean that they are compelling. Its power is rated 250 cubic centimeters (cc).

If you can get a big engine size, then it’s more powerful and efficient. If your garden is compact, then you need an engine between 200cc to 250cc to break it. The engine’s power also depends on either overhead valve (OHV) or overhead camshaft (OHC). 

OHC and OHV enable your engine to consume less fuel, reduces exhaust emission and more investment. Therefore, invest in a powerful rototiller to break your compact garden soil. A powerful and highly effective engine also influences its spinning speed.

Rotation of the Tiller

A good tiller should rotate in either direction. For instance, Cub Cadet standard tiller has tines that can turn in a single forward direction and have an engine power rated between 100cc and 250cc. Thus, most of their tillers either have one or two rotational directions, either counter or forward rotation.

When the tines and wheels rotate in a similar direction, that is forward style. This enables the tiller to break the topsoil and eliminate the weeds in preparation for planting. In contrast, when they rotate in the opposite direction, then that is described as counter-rotation.

The counter-rotation style is effective in breaking compact soil. Therefore, you can do proper tossing and soil mixing via this style. Moreover, if you plan to use your garden tiller in different applications, you should acquire a version using both counter and forward rotational style.


The rear-tine tiller from Cub Cadet is incredibly designed to handle complex tasks. Thus, its tires are robust, heavy and perfectly structured. Its pair of tires reduce your manual efforts because it can move effortlessly.

Did you know that the tires from this brand vary depending on the power of the engine? For instance, a tire with a large surface area can allow you to manoeuvre easily around your steep garden. The tires are specifically designed to be highly durable and offer great balance.

The tires are about 20cm to 25cm for their small tillers operating on smooth soil in terms of size. Nevertheless, if you want to until a compact and rough ground, acquire a big model with huge tires of size between 25cm to 35cm.

Tread of its tire is another feature used for maneuverability. Purchase a tiller from Cub Cadet with thick treads and can maneuver in all types of terrain such as uneven, rough and muddy garden. 

But if you have smooth terrain, you can save them and get yourself a tire with light treads. Inflated tires are quite easy to use and relatively cheap, thus providing you with smooth movement around your farm.

Handles of the Tiller

You should be able to push your tiller with ease without getting exhausted. Their tillers have either adjustable or fixed handles. Most Cub Cadet tillers with adjustable handles can provide you with excellent flexibility because it enables you to adjust the length you are comfortable with.

There are two main styles of handles, that is revolver grip and plough styles. The pistol grasp handle is two-handed, which enables you to change the force you need. This kind of style also gives you great control while tilling over uneven terrain.

In contrast, the plough style has a bicycle grip handle with a strong crossbar. It enables to operate the tool with one hand while tilling. In addition, it allows to beside it during the operation. Therefore, you should go for a tiller with an adjustable handle when purchasing one in Cub Cadet retail stores.

Drag bar is another incredible aspect that you should look for in a rear tine tiller from this company. Drag bar enhances stability, gives you a constant speed and uniform depth when tilling. Most of their tillers always come with a counterweight for the proper stability of the device.

Best Rear Tine Tillers from Cub Cadet

1. Cub Cadet RT65 Dual Direction Gas Tiller

Maybe you have tried various models of tillers to break your compact garden soil. But, you have not managed to do so. Worry no more, because Cub Cadet RT65 rear tine tiller is the best choice for you. 

It is designed to handle compact soil because it is potent and self-propelled. It can move both forward and backward with a lot of ease. It is highly reliable, and it’s easy to operate, thus making it the most popular product from this brand.

This machine is powered by 208cc OHV, 4-cycle powerful engine that comes with forward and reverses speeds. Although it’s a self-propelled model, it comes with a pull-cord for reliable operation. It provides you 22-inches of tilling width while it can move the soil deeply.

It has about 12 metallic sharp tines to increase the tilling in your garden because you can cut through stones quite easily. It is made of solid metals that feel quite expensive. This machine comes with large tires of about 12 to 15-inches; thus, it has perfect traction and balance on the soil, and it cannot slip in any of the directions.

It has a counterweight which makes it stable and robust. It has adjustable handles that provide comfort while working. Therefore, it gives you an accurate balance irrespective of your garden soil.

Therefore, there is no need to push it while tilling your farm because it is self-propelled. This is also an incredible rear tiller for both commercial and residential purposes. You can prepare your garden for planting using Cub Cadet RT65 and, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Suitable for both commercial and residential properties
Potent and reliable engine
Strong construction
Self-propelled machine
Relatively expensive

2. Cub Cadet RT75 Tiller

It is pretty much difficult to get a machine that can allow you till through tough and rough terrain without any struggle. Fortunately, this tiller gives you sufficient power and energy to manage any kind of job available.

It is powered by Briggs and Stratton 250cc OHV powerful and robust engine, which comes with one revere, one forward and neutral speeds. It gives you tilling width of 18-inches and a tine diameter of about 12-inches.

Its control levers are closely situated to the adjustable handles to speed up the tilling operation. You can walk beside the machine to avoid ruining the newly tilled soil. You can control how faster you want the tilling job done using the adjustable speeds.

The transmission gears are cast-iron covered with bronze for steadiness and vigor for long-term operation. The engine is also perfectly balanced, so you don’t have to struggle to maintain it. It has strong pair of AG tread tires of about 14-inches to maneuver through all kinds of surfaces.

In addition, if you acquire this tiller, you get tilling width of about 18-inches and a depth of approximately 7-inches. This is ideal for handling various residential and commercial farming needs. You can work on your large garden effortlessly, thus speeding up the planting process.

Use this tiller to solve all your gardening needs and plant at the right time. Remember, it also comes with a 3-year warranty. Given that it is easy to operate so don’t waste time if you can afford it.

Air-filled tires with better traction
Well balanced
Powerful and robust 4-cycle OHV engine
It comes with a 3-year warranty
Cast-iron covered with bronze

3. Cub Cadet RT45 Rear Tine Tiller

You can do all the garden tasks with this tiller, from compact ground to light one. It is affordable, and it has incredible performing features. Your money cannot go in vain if you invest in this model because it is the best tiller for your money.

It has a strong and powerful engine of about 208cc OHV with a 4-cycle. This is the best choice for tilling all kind of soil surface. The tines are about 18-inches and are made of strong and long-lasting materials for excellent performance.

It is a self-sharpening machine; therefore, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the tines each time you want to till your land. It has heavy-duty pair of tires of approximately 14-inches. These wheels can withstand different types of land designs.

It has one backward and one forward counter-rotational speed. Therefore, you can operate the machine according to your convenience and requirement. It has a drag bar that enables you to pull it effortlessly. Both backward and forward rotational motion enhances maximum mobility.

It has adjustable handles that allow you to hold it comfortably. You can adjust it to your desired height during operation. This is a handy machine, and it comes with a 2-year product warranty.

The powerful and strong engine of 208cc
Has both forward and backward counter-rotational speed
18-inches strong tines
Adjustable and comfortable handles
2-year warranty


You should till your garden if you know that you are ready to plant. Cub Cadet rear tine tiller is a robust and highly effective machine that makes your work pretty much more manageable. Therefore, Cub Cadet products are the best because they are highly durable and reliable. 

The products reviewed are the best in tilling your garden. Although Cub Cadet RT65 rear tine tiller is the best of all the three highlighted above. Therefore, it is upon you to choose the best garden tool to manage your gardening requirements.

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