25 Low Maintenance Snake Plant Decoration Ideas

Planning to renew your patio or room view in your house? You don’t have to do much effort to have indoor or outdoor decoration ideas. Let’s take a look at the living creatures that you can use for decoration. There are plenty of houseplants that you can choose or have for decorating your house, such as snake plants.

This kind of plant becomes the most popular among houseplant lovers since it is easy to grow, requires minimum maintenance, and has a few benefits for your house as you grow them there.

So, snake plant decoration ideas are not only for beautifying your room, but also you can enjoy its benefits that come directly for you and even for your health.

Curious what are the benefits of growing snake plants? Let’s keep reading!

What are the benefits of a snake plant?

Growing snake plants (Sansevieria) will give you a bunch of benefits for your house. Yes, this plant, although the appearance is pretty simple and not that attractive for some people, its benefits make people still love this plant.

Planting snake plants in your house can help filter the air circulation even at night. While some plants tend to absorb the oxygen at night, snake plants still convert the Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen. So, it is safe to place this one in your bedroom!

Furthermore, snake plants can be used as an air purifier since it not only converts the CO2 into O2, but also absorbs harmful and toxic pollutants around your house. So, your indoor area will always have clean air and reduce allergies for you.

Another thing is, you will feel more relaxed seeing the green spot daily as it can heal your anxiety for a while and let your eyes rest after seeing the monitor for a long time. 

Indoors Snake Plant Decoration Ideas

As we mentioned before, placing Sansevieria indoors is a good idea. Many benefits above can be felt instantly. Also, you don’t have to take care of this plant that hard since it is an easy one to grow and adapt in a new environment.

So, let’s check out the ideas below.

1. Modern single pot

snake plant decoration ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Patch Plants)

Beside the shelf, drawer, or any furniture in your house, you can fill the empty space by placing a modern single pot filled with snake plants.  A medium size of pot, complete with wooden bottom, attracts the room to be fresher and stunning in the minimum effort you take.

It fits for all themes that your house uses as well.

2. Between the lamps

Between the lamps
Source: Pinterest (@youtube.com)

Adding a living decor for your room in the house is always exciting. This snake plant decor idea can be your new center point since you can put it above the drawer. If you have a table lamp, the view will be more gorgeous once the lighting from the lamp is on.

Warm vibes can be instantly felt.

3. Hanging macrame

snake plant decoration ideas
Source Pinterest (@Better Homes and Gardens)

There is nothing wrong with hanging the snake plant inside the macrame pots. You can do it yet you have to place the snake plant inside a smaller pot first to avoid the soil getting messy. Also, it is easier to water it outside if the plant is inside the smaller pot.

4. Triple pots in a table

snake plant decoration ideas
Triple pots in a table

Triple white pot of snake plants to decor your room? It is fabulous. The clean look, pretty, and can absorb dirty air inside the room. This plant is suitable for you who are looking for a green spot above the table as well. So, instead of buying artificial, why not go with the real one?

5. On top of table

snake plant decoration ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Brit Morin)

A modern and minimalist concept for snake plant decoration ideas like this is probably the best thing you can do for your bedroom or living room. You don’t have to get the big pot because you want to place it above the dresser.

So, a mini to medium pot will be okay. Don’t forget to choose the ceramic material since the shiny effect will add the accent to your room.

6. Modern and clean

snake plant decoration ideas
Source: Pinterest (@by Brittany Goldwyn)

A display case full of books or photos? It is too ordinary. A display case full of living plants? It is incredible. But snake plants are not suitable inside the display case, so you can put the pot above it. It can be a good air purifier for your house as well although the pot is not that big.

7. Ceramic mini 

Ceramic mini 
Source: Pinterest (@Romkje Lichthart)

Need something fresh to decor your desk? Why not go with a mini drought tolerant plant like this one? Snake plants inside a mini pot are fab! It requires minimum maintenance and can freshen your office room instantly.

Choose the cute pot to make it more stunning.

8. Fresh corner

Fresh corner
Source: Pinterest (@Anna Toomsalu)

A fresh corner in your living room will answer your need if you lack an idea about what to put in order to fill the emptiness. Placing the standing lamp and a few pots of snake plants are a good one. This houseplant is simple and ready to provide fresh oxygen for you.

So, the air circulation will always be clean.

9. Boho chic

snake plant decoration ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Succulents Network)

Adorable pots with a touch of boho style are suitable for your snake plants. Especially if your house has the same concept too. So the matched concept between the house and decor can excel the interior view without too much effort.

No need for a big one because medium size will be the best fit.

10. Two sizes in a place

Two sizes in a place
Source: Pinterest (@Civil Engineering Discoveries)

As for the lobby room inside the building, choosing a snake plant decor idea like this is simple and fits the budget. The living decor inside big clean pots can be a center point in the lobby although you put it on the corner.

Choose different sizes yet in the same color to create a layer between them.

11. Green spot

snake plant decoration ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Darryl Cheng)

There will always be a new room for a new plant. You can put it on the shelves or on the corner of your room. The green spot like this is like a dream come true for plant lovers.

Especially if you have a snake plant as your living decoration, it not only beautifies your room, but also purifies the air circulation.

12. Next to the desk

snake plant decoration ideas
Next to the desk

Instead of placing the pot on the desk, you can put it next to your desk. So, you don’t need to buy expensive furniture to decorate the room. Your eyes and nose will love it since you can heal from the monitor in a while. It fits for minimalist decor as well.

A mini succulents above the desk is still suitable as the companion of snake plants.

13. Your frame companion

snake plant decoration ideas
Your frame companion

No more empty or bored decor if you have a mini snake plant like this as your frame photo companion. It can be done as you do propagate to your snake plant. So, the mini size of Sansevieria can be showcased beautifully above the shelf.

It can be your self achievement as well since many people think you buy the mini size, in fact, you propagate them and repot it by yourself in a mini size of pot. Isn’t it lovely to do?

14. Mini snake plant

Mini snake plant
Source: Pinterest (@Sonia Kondo Shimoyama)

It is a very adorable pot with a snake plant inside. You can place it above your dresser or inside the bathroom. Adding the pebble to cover the soil will be great too. So, no more messy look around the pot. Select the solid or neutral color to match any wall paint in your room.

15. Adorable container

snake plant decoration ideas
Adorable container

Your result of repotting the snake plant can be placed in small pots like this one. You can have a few mini pots and place the pots in square containers if you have these at home. Place it on the spots where the sunlight comes enough to the plant.

So, your snake plant can continue growing perfectly inside. 

16. Bedside table

snake plant decoration ideas
Bedside table

Your morning will be great and fresh since the first thing you see in the morning is something green like this. You will feel recharged and ready to face the day because your bedside table is provided with snake plant pots.

Although it comes in small sizes, it still helps you get fresh air every day. Interested to try?

Outdoors Snake Plant Decoration ideas

This versatile plant can be a decoration for semi or full outdoor areas in your house too. Still less requirements to maintain and the benefits are still the same. The good thing is you can combine it with other succulents if you want to.

17. For your patio

For your patio
Source: Pinterest (@Design Milk)

If you run out of space, why don’t place the snake plant as the decoration of your patio? You don’t have to take much space or effort to do this idea since you just need rectangle pots or planters, place the snake plant and cover the soil with pebbles.

You can have two or more pots if you like.

18. Botanical flowers

Botanical flowers
Source: Pinterest (@botanicalblitz.com)

Various plants inside one pot is a great idea. You can grow snake plants, succulent, and other drought tolerant plants in one large pot. It is possible since the soil type for them is the same. Also, the color combination between those plants can be a new stunning view for the corner of your patio.

19. Copper pot

Copper pot
Source: Pinterest (@Petite Cecile)

Copper pots bring classic vibes for your outdoor area. You can place the snake plants inside copper pots and put them on the stairs. The light from the sun will make the pots shine more and your plant will grow more.

As they grow bigger you can repot them to the larger pots.

20. For your backyard

For your backyard
Source: Pinterest (@Annette Estrada)

Classic, simple yet colorful backyard. Snake plants, aloe vera, and other bed flowers can be the decoration along the path walk in your backyard. The plants are low maintenance and functional. So, as a busy person, having a snake plant decoration idea like this is pretty useful.

21. Wood planter

Wood planter
Source: Pinterest (@rheba_benitez2012113)

To those who are looking for rustic and simple snake plant decoration, you can look for woody planters like this one. If the pot has an inside to put the snake plant first, then it is good for you. If there is any, you have to put the plant inside the smaller pot first before moving it to the wooden planter.

Put it on the corner of your patio.

22. Monochrome

snake plant decoration ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Viva Decora)

Monochrome colors in various sizes can be chosen to grow snake plants as home decor. When you are not a fan of colorful items, plain black is always a good idea. You can place it on your patio. Arrange it based on your favorite layout, then let the snake plants grow happily.

If you like, you can cover the soil with white pebbles to give a contrast between the pot’s color.

23. Abundant snake plant in your backyard

Abundant snake plant in your backyard
Source: Pinterest (@RCV)

Having no idea about what to plant for your backyard? Growing the snake plants will turn your yard into something different in a good way. Although it is not colorful, it is good for your air circulation. So, while you open the door or window, the fresh air can be felt instantly.

24. Classy pots

snake plant decoration ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Cris Martinez)

Have a spacious patio and you need to add new furniture on it, you can have some big pots complete with snake plants inside and other succulents. Snake plants can grow well with succulents because they need the same type of soil and lighting.

So, they can get along together in one pot. Just make sure the size of pot is big enough to accommodate both plants inside.

25. Down to the stairs

snake plant decoration ideas
Source: Pinterest (@s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com)

Bed raiser can be placed indoors if you are willing to. Concrete bed raisers for growing snake plants is an excellent choice for office or any building decor. It can be built below the stairs and be a quick seating area as well for some guests.

The outdoor lobby area will look fresher too without planting too much greens.


Plants like Sansevieria are not only the green plant to spoil your eyes, but also versatile enough to filter air circulation around. So, if you are willing to have them as the decoration plant, you can check our recommendations above.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you make a snake plant look pretty?

By placing them in an adorable pot. Ceramic, wood, or hanging planter from macrame will be a good one. For the ceramic, you can choose the simple design to fit the theme of your room.

What goes well with a snake plant?

Snake plant goes well with succulents. So, it can be a perfect combination for you to have snake plants and succulents as your indoor decoration ideas. Both of them are drought tolerant and need water only when the soil is getting dry.

Where should snake plants be placed home?

You can place it in most of the rooms of your house. You can place it in the living room, bedroom, open kitchen, or bathroom as long as the light is there. This plant can thrive in most conditions, so you don’t have to worry much about it.

How much sunlight do snake plants need?

Any light level of sunlight can be adapted by snake plants. But if you place it in a brighter area where this plant can get enough sunlight – for instance besides the window, they can grow faster.

How often do you water a snake plant?

Once for two weeks is enough for watering snake plants. You have to check whether the soil is completely dry before watering. Because overwatering can cause root rot. When the winter comes, you can water once a month.

Do snake plants attract bugs?

Fortunately, no. Snake plants don’t attract bugs or insects. This plant contains an insecticidal chemical named Saponin. It will prevent bugs from coming to your house.

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