25 Inexpensive Raised Garden Bed Ideas You Can Build At Home

A garden is one of the house’s highlights in providing a green landscape. But unfortunately, not all homes have a large yard to plant the various plants they want. Several solutions are offered, such as a container garden and a trellis. However, its use is costly and limited to certain plants or vegetables. And so we bring you inexpensive raised garden bed ideas as an ideal alternative to solve this issue.

They are pocket-friendly and mostly use wooden materials and cinder blocks you can find easily and cheaply in the market. In addition, the design makes it easy for you to grow various plants in one place. Sounds good, isn’t it? Without any further ado, let’s jump into the list!

What Is A Raised Garden Bed?

As the name suggests, a raised garden bed is the process of growing plants on a bed raised a few inches from the soil surface. Depending on the plant varieties, soil depth may vary from 8 to 24 inches. The materials used to make the raised garden bed must be decay-tolerant to ensure its durability.

In addition, they must be pretty sturdy to accommodate soil and plants that will continue to grow. Some popular wood materials that work great to make DIY raised garden bed ideas are cedar, oak, redwood, and locust. Meanwhile, the cinder blocks can be an excellent option for those who want a quick design.

What Vegetables Go Together In A Raised Bed?

Apart from planting perennials or herbs on a raised bed, you are welcome to grow your own food, the veggies! Usually, one large bed can accommodate several types of vegetables with no issues. Some that can work as companion plants are carrots and lettuce, tomatoes and carrots, beets and onions, and radishes and kale.

However, not everything can be planted close together. For example, you can’t grow squash plants next to each other as there is a risk of sharing the same pests. Additionally, cabbage, broccoli, and kale can’t grow together with tomatoes as they can make the plants stunt.

Raised Vegetable Garden Beds

Who thought that vegetable gardening can be this easy with raised garden beds? You only require to prepare materials, soil, and veggies you want to grow and you are all set! Curious how to landscape your garden with these veggies? Read them all to the end to get new inspo for your garden.

1. Metal Raised Veggie Bed

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas
Metal Raised Veggie Bed

Maybe you are familiar with the wooden garden bed since it is the most popular one. However, the metal one will be a fantastic alternative for those who don’t want the hassle of chopping wood. It is easy to arrange, having a medium hole that allows you to accommodate soil and plant in one go. Besides, the design is sturdy. So, you won’t be troubled with weathering that often occurs on wood. For an attractive appeal, grow some veggies with companion plants and arrange the snacks one meter apart on the outskirts of your garden.

2. Raised Trellis Vegetable Garden

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas
Raised Trellis Vegetable Garden

What’s wrong with combining a trellis and a raised garden bed? It will be a perfect combo to grow Cucurbitaceae, such as squash and zucchini. Both are mutually beneficial, where the trellis will support vertical growth while the bed is the growing medium. With this trellis, you can quickly harvest the veggies as they won’t mess you up with crawling vines on the ground. Another advantage is that it looks clean and neat in your backyard! Add a garden path and black gravel to enhance its appeal.

3. Tall Raised Garden Bed

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas
Tall Raised Garden Bed

Sometimes, having children and pets who like to play in your vegetable garden is annoying. They love to run and step on the precious crops you care for dearly. Luckily, you won’t see any of these troubles when you have a tall raised garden bed! Instead, your children can learn how to grow veggies with you by looking at the vegetables growing in the bed. Install warm lights on the edges to elevate the wooden bed at night. In addition, design a small pathway around the bed so they can walk around with no probs. Spread gravel to avoid slipping and add charm to your garden.

4. Outdoor Kitchen Garden

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas
Outdoor Kitchen Garden

Harvesting your own food must be a fun activity to do. And even cooler, you can create one in your backyard! Just prepare two cedar blocks and a metal trellis for additional support. Next, arrange them with a distance of about half to one meter, where you leave a small path in the middle. Then, install the trellis that attaches to both boxes. Now, add soil based on your veggie preference. Don’t forget to spread gravel, so it doesn’t get muddy when it rains. When it’s the season, you can pick and cook delicious cuisine with veggies!

5. Vegetable Garden Bed Landscape

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas
Vegetable Garden Bed Landscape

Get away with the classic vegetable garden. Try to explore your creativity by building one that will give you both plentiful harvests and beautiful landscapes. In the wooden boxes, plant veggies like kale or lettuce with different green leaves. Thus, it can provide a beautiful color gradation when they are ready to be harvested. In addition, you can also grow perennials opposite the veggie-raised bed to provide vibrant shade. Or, if you prefer herbs, catnip and dill will make a great addition as companion plants. Make a small garden walkway between boxes with natural and black stones for the last touch.

6. Wooden Garden Bed

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas
Wooden Garden Bed

For those who just want a raised garden bed without paying too much attention to aesthetics, it is a must-try! You don’t need to prepare a lot of stuff, only wooden boxes. Then, arrange them in three rows horizontally, leaving a little space as a path. Then, plant your favorite vegetables in the wooden planter. Ensure that the vegetables you grow do not compete with each other for nutrients. Also, growing companion plants will help you solve pest issues. 

7. Pocket-Friendly Vegetable Beds

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas
Pocket-Friendly Vegetable Beds

It is an ideal pick for those with narrow space and a low-budget. The setting combines small and tall wooden boxes, a perfect match for low-growing veggies like tomatoes. Meanwhile, you can install a mini trellis in case you want to grow trailing veggies, like zucchini. To avoid other people stepping on your vegetables, build a border of natural stones around them. Then, install a net on top of your vegetable plants to prevent pests, especially for leafy vegetables like kale and lettuce.

8. Veggie Garden Boxes

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas
Veggie Garden Boxes

Wooden boxes are reliable for building a raised garden bed. We have another one that may capture your interest, particularly for those with large backyards. You can create boxes with several sizes that match the plants’ habits. Now, place each box at a distance of about one meter. Add soil to it and grow your plants. Cover the ground outside the box with gravel to highlight a clean look and prevent waterlogging.

9. Backyard Raised Veggie Bed

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas
Backyard Raised Veggie Bed

Green landscaping doesn’t just have to be planting shrubs and trees. You can try to grow green vegetables in the raised garden bed. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the scenery, you can also enjoy the harvest of vegetables that you grow yourself. Arrange the short, vertical boxes that you can use to grow herbs. Then, set the big ones as the border that limits the garden with the garden path. To make it more attractive, you can grow lawns as an outdoor layout.

10. DIY Raised Garden

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas
DIY Raised Garden

Even though it may not suit everyone, we assure you, it’ll be worth the effort. While other beds tend to stand on one tier, these will give you more space to grow plants by having three levels. Fortunately, it is not that tricky to make. First, make six wooden boxes from wooden blocks. Adjust the size according to the area of your garden and the type of vegetable plants you want to grow. After that, fill the planting and plant the vegetables. Arrange three boxes at the bottom, two at the top, and one box at the top. Spread gravel on the ground for an aesthetic touch.

11. Minimalist Garden Bed

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas
Minimalist Garden Bed

You may think that this raised garden bed is expensive. In fact, this is just a creative boxing game, so it looks fancier. The only materials needed are wood to grow your vegetables and black paint. Meanwhile, long wooden blocks are necessary to build a house-like structure. The black color makes it somehow striking but not overwhelming with the surrounding landscape. In addition, the roof design will allow you to build protection later during the rainy season. Want to make it more artistic? Install a Tumblr lamp that will beautifully shine on the area at night.

12. Green Veggie Landscape

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas
Green Veggie Landscape

Besides being able to grow your own food, vegetable gardens can also steal the spotlight in your home! It is easy with raised garden bed design. All you need to do is to prepare wooden or metal planters. Grow green, leafy veggies in them. Then, arrange them against both sides of the fence that limits you to your neighbors in your backyard. Next, put a small box in the middle where herbs grow in it. After that, spread stones around and place a pair of chairs facing the backyard gate.

13. Simple Vegetable Garden Bed

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas
Simple Vegetable Garden Bed

You only have a small space garden, it’s not a problem! With this raised garden bed, you can create a vegetable garden with no issues. It doesn’t take tons, just wooden boxes and bamboo trellises. You can create a rectangular shape that sits on the ground and two other squares. Put the rectangle against the fence, then a square planter on top to make a two-tier design. Install two trellises on top to support the vining plants. Meanwhile, the other one can stay next to this setting.

14. Cheerful Veggie Bed

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas
Cheerful Veggie Bed

If you like colorful decorations, this raised garden bed setting will match your energy. It combines several wooden boxes planted with several types of vegetables and flowering companion plants alternately. Of course, this layout ignites a cheerful vibe in the area. Not to mention the warm lighting bulbs installed around the raised bed underneath that provide an additional vibrant atmosphere. Growing and harvesting vegetables just got so much more fun!

Creative Garden Bed Designs

Some people want to go the extra mile. If you are one of them, try one of the creative garden bed designs below! Besides planting, the setting also serves as a decoration for your outdoor space.

15. Combo Garden Bed And Trellis

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas
Combo Garden Bed And Trellis

If the previous settings used trellis as support vines, this time hits differently. You can be more playful with the support that also serves as a welcome garden gate. Of course, the raised beds are there to back the structure and grow flowers to adorn the garden. Furthermore, it is better to choose the arching trellis and grow thick leaves to cover it. Also, we recommend fruit-bearing ones so the fruit can decorate the trellis during harvest season. Then, plant flowering plants with vibrant blooms, like orange, yellow, or pink, on the beds.

16. Unique Wooden Bed

Unique Wooden Bed
Unique Wooden Bed

Not everyone wants to make large garden beds because the land is narrow. Some want to make a small one that can stand out, like this unique wooden bed. Instead of buying new materials, you can use the wood in your basement as the structure’s base. Cut them into several sizes of varying lengths. Arrange from the shortest to the longest in a circle and rotate upwards using the principle of an inclined plane. Don’t forget to leave room to add soil and plant herbs or flowers you want.

17. Fencing With Raised Garden Bed

Fencing With Raised Garden Bed
Fencing With Raised Garden Bed

Take advantage of the space near your backyard fence to build a raised garden bed. But make it chic! No worries, we guarantee this design is still within your budget even though it’s not as cheap as others. First, build the raised wooden bed against the fence. Make it tiered to offer room for tall plants to grow properly. Then, create another one in front of it with a smaller size to provide more growing space. To make the setting look neat and fresh, sand the wood and paint it brown.

18. Lovely Flowers Bed

Lovely Flowers Bed
Lovely Flowers Bed

It may seem complicated, but take it a little bit closer! This design actually only features wooden boxes of various sizes arranged in layers. Also, the position is varied, so it has a unique setting. Unfortunately, due to the narrow spaces, it won’t be suitable for plants with deep root systems. But don’t be sad! You can plant flowering plants or herbs in every corner of the remaining space. Build one in the middle of your lawn to be the center of attention.

19. Mini Enclosed Garden Bed

Mini Enclosed Garden Bed
Mini Enclosed Garden Bed

People sometimes worry that wild animals will damage their gardens to look for food. And for that reason, this design is here to answer your worries. It’s pretty simple, actually. The wooden boxes are arranged into the letter “U”, where the fence is also placed around the layout. Moreover, you can build a door to access the area and work as protection. In addition, install a latch and padlock to make it more secure.

20. Landscaping Garden Bed

Landscaping Garden Bed
Landscaping Garden Bed

Another affordable raised garden bed setting that looks so fancy! It only needs two rectangular wooden planters placed parallel to each other. Leave a distance of 1 meter to give room to build a path. Next to the bed, place two wooden chairs you have. In addition, gravel would be an interesting addition to spread around this layout. If you have more funds, build a tiny dog house to pamper your pet and hang around with them in this area.

21. High Raised Tropical Garden 

High Raised Tropical Garden 
High Raised Tropical Garden 

Tall beds are easily noticeable. No wonder they are the best option to avoid trampling on your garden. Using cinder blocks or wood, you can easily load this setting next to your house. Prepare the materials you want to use and form the letter “L”. Determine the height based on the type of plant you want to grow. Place the beds in every corner of the land that you have specified. Provide distance between each other as a way to access this park. To add tropical touch, growing palm trees around is a brilliant idea!

22. Perennial Garden Bed

Perennial Garden Bed
Perennial Garden Bed

Perennials are one of the best inexpensive raised garden bed ideas if you are not a person who likes to plant vegetables. Besides, most of them grow stunning flowers and come back every year. So, you don’t have to bother to stimulate their blooms. To make one, you can simply arrange woods that have been painted black into a rectangular shape. Then, add soil inside the area and plant your flowers. You may also build an additional structure to install Tumblr lights to make it glow all night.

23. Modern Raised Garden Bed

Modern Raised Garden Bed
Modern Raised Garden Bed

Limited funds will not prevent you from making something extraordinary. Though you may not adopt all the details, at least you can follow the concept of this modern raised garden bed. It consists of four large boxes painted in gray that highlight the minimalist theme. In addition, a mini fountain modernizes this setting even more. You can skip the fountain and change it to a bird bath for a cheaper alternative. Additionally, gravels or rivets are a must to spread around to make it look neat.

24. Narrow-Raised Veggie Garden 

Narrow-Raised Veggie Garden 
Narrow-Raised Veggie Garden 

Not all garden beds have to be high because the setting depends on the variety of plants you want to grow. This is one example that has a short and low design. Unlike others with mostly wooden boxes, this raised bed uses bricks to provide a border for the plants. You can replace them with cinder blocks as they are also cheap. In addition, the combination of a round metal pond provides a water feature in this setting. To repel birds, install a scarecrow in the center of the garden.

25. Fancy Raised Bed Garden

Fancy Raised Bed Garden
Fancy Raised Bed Garden

Last but not least, we have a fancy garden bed that remains lowkey. The charming setting makes the raised bed look more luxurious than others. Instead of aligning all the boxes, you can place one of them in the middle while the rests serve as borders. We recommend the center one be planted with flowering plants with cheerful flowers to make it stand out. Then, arrange the flat stones with black, crushed limestones as a garden path. And you’re all set!

Final Thoughts

Building inexpensive raised garden beds with limited funds may seem challenging. But when you know what to do and be more playful with your creativity, you can make one easily. These raised beds may be your best option if you have small areas in your home, as they don’t take up so much space.

However, you must consider the design and size of the beds based on the plants to ensure they happily thrive.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best material to use for raised garden beds?

If you are interested in creating raised garden beds, you can try wood materials made of oak, cedar, or black locust. Not only are they sturdy, but these trees are also decay-resistant. Thus, you won’t see the troubles of termites or fungi that much when the humidity is high.

Meanwhile, natural stones will make a great appeal to designing a natural but fancy garden setting.

Are cinder blocks safe for raised beds?

Cinder blocks are safe to use for garden beds as they are basically concrete. They are also easy to arrange with center holes that allow you to plant your veggies or flowers there. Generally, people will arrange them into a square, where they can add soil in the middle and grow plants in the cinder blocks for the border. 

Do vegetables grow better in raised beds?

It is no surprise that you can plant vegetables with no issues in raised beds. In fact, you will have an outdoor kitchen garden full of veggies, herbs, and maybe fruits you can harvest during the seasons. Just ensure that vegetables you plant can grow next to each other.

Moreover, it’s better to choose companion plants to get rid of bugs and share benefits between vegetable plants in your raised garden beds. 

How deep should a raised garden bed be?

To provide space for the roots growth and development, you’ll need to prepare at least 8 inches soil depth for raised garden beds. Some veggies, like tomatoes, even require 24 inches! So, make sure you know what kind of plants you want to grow. Besides, a proper soil depth allows better air circulation and water absorption. 

How cheap can you build a garden bed?

Don’t worry if you are out of money but want to make one garden bed. You can find the raised garden bed kit for only $30 at the store now! It usually comes with wooden materials, like cedar, and all the necessary supports (e.g., nails) to arrange the bed. Another option is to build one with cinder blocks that roughly cost $1 or $2 per piece.

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