25 Tractor Tire Garden Ideas To Beautify Your Yard

When you are too lazy to tidy up unused things, for instance arrange the old tractor tire in your warehouse, you can have an interesting thing to do with that old stuff. How? By turning the old tractor tire to beautify your yard. We’ve got a bunch of list tractor tire garden ideas that are worth trying and can be your options to make bonding time with your family.

You can adjust the tire and the theme for your garden with our ideas below. Don’t forget to ask your family to get involved in beautifying and freshening your yard together.

Single Tractor Tire Garden Ideas

Placing the tire planters one by one in your space must be a great one. For those who love to arrange the items, these ideas below will give you another inspiration to set up your planters in your garden. Make it colorful or plain; it is up to you!

1. Tire Backdrop Garden

tractor tire garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Helen Maydew)

The theme of this adorable garden is less waste since every element in this idea is reusing old stuff, instead of throwing them to the trash bin. You can use an old tractor tire, paint it into pastel color and make it as the background to place upcycled mini boots that are already filled with beautiful flowers inside. You can stick it using nails or small wood to hold the boots on the tire. Pretty attractive for your kids to see it, for sure.

2. Tire Gigantic Planters

Tire Gigantic Planters
Source: Pinterest (@pam fletcher)

Big pots fit for a big garden. So, if you have many unused tractor tires like this one, don’t hesitate to turn them into bed planters for your plant collection. When you usually have to build concrete bed planters, by using this one, you just have to place the tires on your own rather than start planting your favorite plants inside. Since the size of tires is pretty big, you can plant shrubs in it.

3. Big Black Plain Tire for Lilies

Big Black Plain Tire for Lilies
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

When you are too lazy to beautify your old tires, no worries since you can still make the view look beautiful by planting colorful flowers like this. The big black plain tires can be this stunning while the flowers bloom. It fits your spacious backyard, also, you still can sit on the edge to enjoy the view for a while!

4. Aqua Color for Tractor Tire

tractor tire garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Rebecca Gulley)

Painting  the tire with this aqua color will not only refresh the view, but also give a pool look like, due to its circular shape. When you grow flower beds inside, it looks like a flower pool. Stunning, fresh to look at, and attractive! You can do it for another tire or choose another refreshing color like sky blue or sunset orange. It really fits to welcoming spring from your backyard.

5. Beautiful Spring Garden

tractor tire garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Newsner)

It is time to turn your garden with a spring theme to welcoming the new season with this tractor tire for your garden! After repainting all the old tires, you can turn the tires into something useful again in your yard. For instance, you can make planters from those big tires or stack the tires and put the cushion on it for the seating area. If you still have more, you can hang the smaller size of tires on the wall and place the plant on it. The idea is very cool, less waste, and fun to do with your whole family!

6. Succulent Planters with Tire

Succulent Planters with Tire
Source: Pinterest (@Joanne Grimes)

Create a mini succulent garden by placing all of them inside the big tractor tire like this. You may repaint it first or not, it is basically up to you. It really helps if you run out of space to put them one by one using a single pot. Don’t forget to put gravel on it since your succulent will love it. Also, you can place this big ‘pot’ in your patio or backyard.

7. Pastel Color Raised Bed Tire for Front Yard

Pastel Color Raised Bed Tire for Front Yard
Source: Pinterest (@Kay Keith)

One thing to attract your guests or anyone who passes by your house is this colorful front yard. The big tractor tires can turn into that amazing after you paint them and use them as the planters. Furthermore, if you grow the beautiful and colorful flowers as well, your yard is not different from the park. Guess everyone cannot resist visiting your yard only to enjoy the view.

8. Single Tire with Fence

Single Tire with Fence
Source: Pinterest (@Coco B. Loco)

Creating a view that looks like a fountain from old tires seems easy and unique! You can put a single tire as the center point, add the soil, and set the fence as the border of your garden. For the flowers or plants, you are free to choose as long as the type of soil that your plants need is the same. It is easier to maintain them, such as watering and fertilizing them.

9. American Theme Tractor Tire Garden

tractor tire garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Lushome)

This fits to celebrate the 4th of July if you plan to decorate your yard based on occasional events. You can show your spirit of nationalism through decorating the pots from old tractor tires in your yard. Don’t forget to set the flag on it as the center point. By doing this simple idea, you can have your yard fit the theme and be suitable for holding the small gathering on 4th of July.

10. Repainting The Used Tractor Tire

tractor tire garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@share.smartnews.com)

Drawing flowers on the pots before growing the real flowers inside will create another attractive vibe for your garden. It also brings out your creativity through drawing and painting. Don’t forget to prepare for the exact soil for growing your flowers. Having the right type of soil for your plant is the key to getting a stunning garden.

11. Polkadot Tractor Tire Garden

tractor tire garden ideas
Polkadot Tractor Tire

This is when you want to beautify the pots yet are too lazy to do it. Simply just remove the plant including the pot after you paint the tires into this energizing color. Adding a polka dot pattern can make the tire look more modern and artsy. The tire itself can be a border to avoid your pot crack due to the plant getting bigger.

12. Colorful Tractor Tire for Vegetable Garden

tractor tire garden ideas
Colorful Tractor Tire for Vegetable Garden

When most people put the tires directly to the ground, you can do another way, such as placing the tires on the bench as the border of your garden as well. So, it will look different yet still beautiful and functional. So, if you want to put the tires on top, you have to consider the plants you want to grow inside them. Choose the bed flowers or small plants.

13. Kitchen Garden with Upcycled Tire

tractor tire garden ideas
Kitchen Garden with Upcycled Tire

Having an area where it is covered with concrete and lack of soil doesn’t stop you from growing your favorite veggie and other greens. By using the old tractor tires, you still can make your own veggie garden in your area. Prepare enough soil in order to fill the tires inside, and you can start planting them all. Make sure the time is right.

14. Tractor Tire for Flower Pots

tractor tire garden ideas
Tractor Tire for Flower Pots

Such beautiful flower pots that you can have for your porch or patio. You can unleash your creativity and imagination by upcycling the old tires into the pots, and make your tractor tire garden ideas. Painting them with pastel color or your favorite colors. Then, you can propagate your existing plants or new plants inside the tires.

15. Red Pots for Palm Ring

tractor tire garden ideas
Red Pots for Palm Ring

Vibrant color with cute shape of tyre planters. It is like blooming flowers for your plant collections. If you love to do DIY, then you must be excited to make this idea. For the amount of tire planters, you just have to adjust the amount of tires you have and the available space that you need. It must be a good feeling to have a garden with DIY items from unused stuff.

16. Upcycled Tractor Tire for Tree Ring

tractor tire garden ideas
Upcycled Tractor Tire for Tree Ring

It is like making a tree ring but using the tractor tires for your backyard. Also, it fits for trees with slim trunks or the young trees. By reusing the old tires, you don’t have to throw them away and your backyard turns out to be more attractive to look at. For those who plan to create a tree ring, this idea can be your inspiration too!

Unique Tractor Tire Garden Ideas

If you think of stacking up the tire planters to save space or create new stuff from the old stuff, then we’ve got some ideas that you can make. Especially for the artsy person like you, this quick brief will inspire you to beautify your yard.

17. Double Up Tire Planters

tractor tire garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@cookiebuxton.com)

Who can expect that bed flowers can be this stunning when you place it inside old tractor tires? It is not that hard to upcycle your old stuff, such as tractor tires in order to turn your yard to be more amazing to look at. It is as simple as stacking up two old tractor tires, the upper one is smaller to create a layer, then it is time to grow a chrysant flower there. Once spring comes, you can see a combo color of yellow and black shine in your garden. For a simple and busy person like you, it is an excellent idea to upscale your mini garden.

18. Triple in Colorful Upcycled Tire

tractor tire garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@LTD Commodities)

For your backyard or mini yard, this idea is a genius one. You can arrange the old tires after painting them into this colorful one. Ask your kids about their favorite colors, so they can maintain the flowers too since the colors will attract them too. Cutting flowers will fit the tires, so it is easier for you to cut once you need to make a mini flower bouquet. Beautiful and undeniable!

19. Unique Giant Cup Tire Planters

Unique Giant Cup Tire Planters
Source: Pinterest (@Civil Engineering Discoveries)

As a creative person and those who are art enthusiasts, this one should inspire you to create an unforgettable and undeniable giant cup from old tractor tires. It needs patience and creativity for sure to make this one, yet the result will give you another level of garden. The entire material for making this cup planter is made of old tires, so you have to prepare around three old tires in order to make this one.

20. Tractor Tire for Lilac Flower

Tractor Tire for Lilac Flower
Source: Pinterest (@Civil Engineering Discoveries)

Pastel color, like lilac, is really hype nowadays, and you can apply it for your garden or yard too. Moreover, this idea is not that difficult to modify, if the material such as unused tractor tires are available and ready as the pots. You just have to cut the tires in half, arrange it like a petal flower and put the smaller one on as the center. Plant the flowers you want and make sure the soil type is the same if the flowers are different.

21. Tractor Tire Tiered Vertical Garden

Tractor Tire Tiered Vertical Garden
Source: Pinterest (@youtube.com)

A solution for limited garden space is creating a tier of pots like this. It will save space and you still can maintain the plants easily. You may repaint the tires first or not, it depends on your own preference. By making tier pots ideas from tractor tires like in the picture, your garden will escalate into something eye-catchy yet useful as you wish.

22. DIY Impressive Tire Planters

tractor tire garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@youtube.com)

It can be a surprise for your daughter creating this unbearable DIY teapot planter from old tires. As the one who loves to explore creativity, this teapot idea for planters of your daughter’s favorite flower is the greatest. The polka dot pattern, adorable pastel color and unique shape of teapot, will make her undeniably happy. It can be placed on a corner of a garden.

23. Cute Tire Green Froggy

Cute Tire Green Froggy
Source: Pinterest (@founterior.com)

A beautiful froggy fits the green spot due to the same color yet, it is deeper and cuter of course. The way to make these unused tractor tires for your garden is not that difficult. You just have to repaint the tires with a deep green color, drawing the cute lips and adding fake eyes complete with the lashes that you can make from other unused plastic items. You can place three plants inside those three tires. Simple and cute!

24. Stack Up Tractor Tire Planters

tractor tire garden ideas
Stack Up Tractor Tire Planters

A matching color is a key to having an impressive garden look even if you fill them with upcycled items for growing your plants. Just like this idea, you can build a remarkable view by painting the tires with a matching color; you can look at the pantone color in order to have a matching one if you want to. Set them up in your space, then you are ready to get impressed by others after seeing your garden.

25. Tractor Tire for Flower Beds

tractor tire garden ideas
Tractor Tire for Flower Beds

This is the answer to avoid more waste if you have many tires, from tractor tires to wagon tires. You can create a garden corner for your plant collection by using them. How? These old tires can be your pots substitution, so you don’t have to buy more pots if you want to add the plants. It is time to grow bougainvillea or other beautiful flowers inside. You may throw small gravel if you like to prevent hot temperature directly from the soil. Painting the tires with various colors will make them more eye-catching and fresh!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What plants grow well in tires?

Vegetables like potatoes, lettuce and peppers grow well in tires. They love warm soil and inside the tires, the soil will always be warm. If you plan to grow flowers, you can choose pansies or petunias. Some shrubs are also good to grow in tires.

What do you put in the bottom of a tire planter?

You can put stones or pebbles before adding soil inside the tire planters. Especially if you want to hang them on a wall, you have to fill the pebbles first in order to hold the soil.

Is it safe to grow potatoes in tires?

Yes, it is safe growing potatoes in tires. Potatoes love warm soil. But you have to ensure the harmful chemicals that may appear from tires. So, you can check the chemical level of the tires first. Overall, you can grow the potatoes in tires.

What kind of paint do you use on tire planters?

Non toxic outdoor paint will be the best option for painting your tire. Light colors will brighten your yard, or you want some sweet looks, then go for pastel colors. You can draw on the tire planters too in order to decorate them and turn them from dull looks.

Can I grow strawberries in tires?

Yes, you can grow strawberries in tires. Because strawberries can grow even in a small space. The thing that you have to remember is, don’t forget to water the plant regularly since usually the tires will absorb more heat from the sun.

How many potatoes can you plant in a tire?

You can grow three or four potatoes in a tire. Planting potatoes needs space, so you have to measure first when seeding. But usually, one tire will be good for three potato plants.

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