25 Climbing Rose Garden Ideas For Colorful Living Spaces

Are you trying to add a colorful touch to your garden but don’t know where to start? Well, you have arrived on the right page! We have the most exquisite climbing rose garden ideas that will beautifully adorn your outdoor space with their striking flowers and glossy, dark green foliage. Not only do their blooms are stunning, but they also emit pleasant fragrances.

Besides, they are easy to grow and maintain, making them one of the ideal choices to plant in your yard. You just need to prepare the support canes and the rose bushes, and you are all set! Check out our collection below for insight into designing your own formal rose garden!

What is the best long flowering climbing rose?

Rosa’ Pippin’ is one of the best and most beautiful climbing roses you can grow in your rose gardens. It bears exquisite, double bloomed flowers with cushion-like soft pink petals. Besides having stunning appeal, the roses also emit sweet scents that invite pollinators to perch and pollinate the flowers.

Meanwhile, the glossy foliage gives deep contrasting colors, with dark green shades enhancing the rose’s beauty through the summer months. To have the most vibrant blooms, grow Rosa ‘Pippin’ in the area with full sun to dappled shade and fertile soil. Ensure the soil has good drainage to avoid root rot. You can make a beautiful rose garden design with proper care and growing conditions with Rosa ‘Pippin’ growing 2.5 meters tall, and 1.2 meters spread.

How do you train a climbing rose against a fence?

If you want to train climbing roses, growing them against a fence is the best way. You can try using a trellis and a straining wire. For the trellis, install it against your garden wall. Then, tie the climbing roses to the trellis and watch them grow.

Another alternative is installing a straining wire. Prepare the wire, then put the lowest one about 60 cm above the ground. Do the same thing by leaving a distance of 30-45 cm from the fence until it reaches the height of the blooming roses. Ensure the width of the straining wires can give the roses space to flourish. To prevent sagging wires, you can use the vine eyes every 1.5 meters as support.

Romantic Backyard Garden Roses Ideas

Roses are identical to romantic scenes. And if you want one in your garden, you better look at our romantic backyard full of roses that will spark a nostalgic and whimsical atmosphere in your living space.

1. Charming Outdoor Dining Area

climbing rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@hydrangeatreehouse.com)

Explore your creativity by designing a charming outdoor dining area with climbing roses! The dense white flowers give such a stunning garden decor that also works as a natural roof. You only need to provide straining wires or an arbor formed into a gate. Next, place a pair of wooden chairs and a table to create a cottage garden style. Lastly, hang a vintage lamp on the arbor that will magically shine on your dining set at night.

2. Japanese Rose Arch Garden

climbing rose garden ideas
Japanese Rose Arch Garden

If you prefer to have a dense roof full of roses, then this Japanese rose arch garden will suit your taste best. It features pink, magenta, and white climbing varieties that will liven up your void backyard. In addition, the circular pavement setting allows you to set an outdoor dining area. With such a design, you can arrange a romantic dinner with your beloved partner effortlessly. Add a warm-light lamp to the ceiling, and you are all set!

3. Stunning Rose Arbor

climbing rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@sunset.com)

Instead of straining wires, you can build an arbor with sitting spaces to support your climbing roses. Those pink flowers exquisitely adorn the frame, offering beautiful color contrast against the white background. Let alone the deep green leaves that highlight the beauty of the roses. In addition, the dense growth also provides shade to anyone sitting under the minimalist trellis. You can install this arrangement in front of your front door or as a garden gate.

4. Dream Courtyard Gazebo

climbing rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Southern Living)

Spice up your gazebo with vigorous rambling rose. The pink color of the roses amazingly blends in with the courtyard setting, adding a cheerful touch without overwhelming the garden design. You can use your wooden gazebo pillars as the roses’ support to climb. Then, place a cozy sofa with pillows that have soft colors to match the greenery.

5. Classic Backyard Patio

Classic Backyard Patio
Source: Pinterest (@twitter.com)

For those fancy classic settings, this backyard patio will be their ideal pick to get inspired from. The design is effortless by combining the green from the foliage and the white and pink colors of the climbing roses. Plant the roses on the right and left sides of the hallway to welcome your guests with their beauty. Moreover, you can try the ceramic floors to enhance the elegant vibes. Also, a set of metal-made chairs and tables will do well in this theme.

6. Minimalist Semi-Outdoor Space

Minimalist Semi-Outdoor Space
Source: Pinterest (@gardenstory.jp)

Everyone loves the minimalist design for its simple look. And if you are one of them, this semi-outdoor dining area with climbing roses is a perfect choice. The soft pink flowers are in tune with the white background of the interior walls, creating a clean and neat impression. Besides, the green grass and leaves add a fresh touch, making you feel homey when hanging around in this area.

7. Splendid By The Pool Dining Set

Splendid By The Pool Dining Set
Source: Pinterest (@splendidsass.blogspot.com)

Don’t leave your poolside empty! Instead, you can use this section to create a romantic, relaxing area by planting climbing roses. Build the support with a white window-like design. The color will make your roses look more prominent. Next, choose delicate-colored roses, like soft pink or white, to match the background. Then, arrange chairs and a table of the same color at the bottom.

8. Cottage Backyard Design

Cottage Backyard Design
Source: Pinterest (@:-)♡(-:BellaBella BoBella)

White is never wrong in offering a romantic, elegant, and feminine atmosphere, like this cottage backyard design. The white nuance that dominates the setting and the delicate pink climbing roses make this garden design captivating. Suppose you want to enjoy the garden atmosphere longer. In that case, it is better to place a mini bench and a table to sip a cup of coffee in the afternoon while reading a book.

9. Vintage Rose Garden

Vintage Rose Garden
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Climbing roses are indeed stunning to feature with clematis. But for those who favor greenery, you can actually grow them next to leafy plants, like in this vintage rose garden. While the pink roses offer a colorful touch, the green foliage adds a sense of purity to the arrangement. Besides, some herbs, such as parsley, thyme, and culinary sage, are also great companion plants for climbing roses. You can grow them in pots and then put them on the white table.

10. Rustic Flower Ceiling Ideas

climbing rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@L’Essenziale)

Having this flower ceiling will make you forget that the clock is ticking! The choice of the wooden frame is a brilliant way to highlight its rustic style. Moreover, the climbing roses that stunningly wrap the woods liven up the area with pink touches. Also, growing lawns can be a fantastic idea if you have dogs or kids who like to run around, as they are doggy and children-friendly, offering soft and safe floors to sit on. Plus, build a wooden bench where you can watch them while playing.

Beautiful Rose Garden Gate Ideas

Transform your garden gate to the next level with climbing roses! Not only do they adorn the gate, but they also become an exciting focal point in this area. Interested? Go find yours below!

11. Pink Suburban Style Gate

Pink Suburban Style Gate
Source: Pinterest (@Viktoriya М.)

This garden gate has a design like in a fairy tale. With a short wooden fence and hanging oil lamps, you can feel the solid rustic vibe in this area. Meanwhile, the pink climbing roses charmingly decorate the doorway so it doesn’t look empty. You can plant shrubs that function as a privacy hedge on each side of the gate to make it look more natural.

12. Simple Garden Doorway

Simple Garden Doorway
Source: Pinterest (@greensnap.jp)

Simplicity at its finest might be the right impression when you see this garden gate design. While others prefer wooden trails, you can always go to the next level with the metal ones. They offer a sturdy structure that can ensure your climbing roses happily thrive. To make the flowers a center point, choose a neutral-colored arbor, such as black or white. Then, grow roses with striking blooms, such as pink, yellow, or orange.

13. White And Lush Gate

White And Lush Gate
Source: Pinterest (@angel-kiyoss.tumblr.com)

Most people choose colorful roses to decorate their garden. But some prefer white blooms as they look more elegant. If you are one of those, you will fall in love with this garden gate. First, you can create an arching trail on the garden path. Then, grow the white roses on one side to provide a unique aesthetic value when growing thick. The combination of white and dark green from the leaves will amaze anyone who passes by your garden.

14. Striking Pink Rose Arbor

climbing rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@mycottagegarden)

This design proves that you don’t need a large area to make a beautiful gate. You can simply build a white frame with grids as support along the way to your front door. Then, plant climbing roses with a color contrasting the frame so it’s not too plain. Once the flowers and leaves grow dense, they will cover the upper part and provide shade for the gate.

15. Bright Red Rose Garden Gateway

climbing rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@simply-beautiful-world.tumblr.com)

Although it has a variety of attractive colors, for some people, the color red is the hallmark of roses. Hence, they love to feature bright red flowers in their garden. You can try to adopt such an idea by creating a striking garden gate with thick, vibrant red roses. With such a color, it will easily be the center of the passerby’s attention. However, we recommend growing lush deep green foliage to balance the reds.

16. Shades A Bench Gate

Shades A Bench Gate
Source: Pinterest (@silversurfers.com)

Well, it’s actually not a garden gate. But we can’t help to include this climbing rose trellis because of its exquisite design. By utilizing an empty spot in your backyard or garden area, you can place an old wooden bench and build a simple arbor on it. Then, plant soft pink or orange climbing roses, which will give you a shade that protects you from the sun when they are already growing and covering the support.

17. Arching Rose Garden

climbing rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@HGTV)

Getting bored with pink or white roses to make an alluring gate? Try to explore the peach ones! In addition to their unique colors, peach varieties give your garden a festive but warm touch. Hence, it’s not too overwhelming, especially if your garden doesn’t have a lot of flowers. You can combine it with low-growing shrubs that serve as borders for other plants growing underneath the garden gate.

18. Colorful Rose Trellis

climbing rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@simply-beautiful-world.tumblr.com)

Thinking of how to make your new rose garden more eye-catching? You can creatively enliven the landscape with a garden gate that features colorful climbing roses! Bearing yellow, red, orange, and soft pink flowers, the roses strikingly greet you with their most beauty. Not to mention the red-colored frame and dense greenery of the foliage enhance the attractive appeal in the summer months.

Cottage Style Gardens

A cottage garden always brings such a cheerful vibe to your outdoor space. To make it even spicier, you can try growing climbing roses with vibrant blooms to decorate your garden fence, walls, or even arbor. Let us walk you through the most amazing ones below!

19. English Cottage Garden

climbing rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Debs H.)

Spotting such beauty in the summer? You can create one in your home! With a cottage style, your garden will not look boring, thanks to the climbing roses that spectacularly cover the front door pillars and window frames. The broken white color of the walls makes the pink flowers look more flaming. Not to mention the wooden brown door, which makes this set even more perfect.

20. Natural Wall Cover

climbing rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Ideal Home)

Cleaning the stubborn moss that sticks to your house’s walls is annoying. So, growing a climbing rose can be a solution to cover up the mess. The roses not only disguise the moss but also beautify the front of your house with colorful flowers and dense green leaves. Also, you can be more creative by building rose arches in front of the front door.

21. Rose Door Decorations

climbing rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@David Austin Roses)

Color up your dull front door with pair roses of pink and red flowers! The vibrant colors glow against the golden brown walls. You don’t need to build a trellis to follow this design. Instead, you can use the walls as a buffer for the roses. Plant them on either side of your front door to balance the landscape. Avoid choosing orange or yellow flowers because the color tone is too disguised with the background.

22. Wall Rose Garden

climbing rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@David Austin Roses)

Growing roses can be a great alternative to fill in the blank space on your plain walls. The pink shades perfectly decorate the void area, while the green leaves offer a solid background and a fresh touch. You can pair the flowers with lavender or sage at the base to give more texture to the setting. Also, set up a white bench on each side to provide sitting places. Moreover, this exquisite wall makes a natural and free background photo in your property!

23. Old English Cottage Setting

climbing rose garden ideas
Old English Cottage Setting

Despite having an old design does not mean you cannot decorate your home with beautiful climbing roses. In fact, these flowers will give a new touch to the vintage building, thanks to their colorful blooms. Considering the blue-colored door and broken white walls, try to make an eye-catching contrast with pink and red roses. Grow them on each side of the front door with lavender on the floor to create a dramatic arrangement.

24. Traditional Cottage With Climbing Roses

climbing rose garden ideas
Traditional Cottage With Climbing Roses

If you have a property similar to this traditional building, this is your chance to revive the atmosphere by planting red climbing roses. Just grow them on the left of the front house. One is behind a vintage bench sitting on the ground, while others are next to the front door. The red color of these flowers blends well with the golden brown stone walls. You can also add other flowering plants around the bench to elevate the arrangement even more.

25. Window Cottage Arrangement

climbing rose garden ideas
Window Cottage Arrangement

It is a simple arrangement you can always rely on if you don’t have time to decorate your old stone wall. The vine rose dangles beautifully above the window frame, adorning it with its pinkish red flowers that bloom beautifully with green foliage. You can pair the roses with different colors, such as yellow or white, that can highlight each other. However, don’t let them grow too thick to not bother you when you open the window.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What to pair with climbing roses?

Climbing roses make a lovely pair with clematis. They have a symbiotic mutualism, where the climbing rose gives the fragrance of its flowers to the clematis. Meanwhile, the clematis helps roses to cover their stems. Among all climbing roses, the rambling roses are the ideal one to match with clematis.

What is the best month to plant climbing roses?

The best months and seasons to plant climbing roses are between early fall to early spring. During this time, their roots began to grow and establish, preparing themselves for the flowers to flourish in spring. But actually, you can plant potted climbing roses at any time of the year as long as you provide well-drained soil and ensure the ground is not frozen.

Where is the best place to plant climbing roses?

Any site with full sun exposure is the best place to plant climbing roses. But, we recommend the east-facing area to grow them since it allows your roses to get the light they need while protecting them from the excessive afternoon sun. However, this trailing plant can tolerate light shade though the flowers may not be as many as those planted in the sun.

What is the easiest climbing rose to grow?

Zephirine Drouhin is one of the easiest climbing roses to grow. They have a long blooming period, from late spring to late fall. Apart from blooming time, this rose is popular for its exquisite raspberry flowers that have a strong scent. If you wish to have more blooms, an area with open shade is the best place to grow them. In addition, they thrive in the US hardiness zone 5-9.

How far from fence to plant climbing rose?

You need to provide around 6-7 feet or 2 meters of space from the fence to grow the climbing roses. This space is necessary to allow proper root growth and development. Meanwhile, they must also be planted 3-5 feet apart from each other to avoid being crowded and spread out optimally.

How do I get my climbing roses to bloom more?

To produce more blooms, you can try to provide them with lateral trails or fences than vertical ones. This simple hack has been applied to grow fruit trees with bountiful harvests. When you grow them horizontally, they will have shorter spurs, meaning more flowers will flourish in spring. It will be better if you also prune, deadhead, and fertilize your climbing roses to make them bloom longer.

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