25 Most Innovative Monstera Support Ideas That Work Effectively

Are your monstera plants starting to grow against the walls? Or do their aerial roots start showing? Perhaps, it is the right time to introduce support!

It will help them bear the weight and train them to grow vertically to save space. For that reason, we have compiled the most innovative monstera support ideas to effectively support your plant growth.

monstera support ideas
Staking Monstera Plant on a Coco Pole

Moreover, the support can be in the form of moss polish which is often used for Monstera plants. However, other supports, such as bamboo canes, coir poles, and trellis, are also excellent choices as they have a strong structure for your Monstera to lean on.

So, without any further ado, let’s check out our collection!

Key Takeaways

  • Various support options like moss poles, bamboo trellis, and metal grids are effective for Monstera plants.
  • Moss poles are popular for mimicking Monsteras’ natural climbing environment.
  • DIY watering moss poles allow easy water access to the plant’s aerial roots.
  • Different support structures suit Monsteras of varying sizes and growth stages.
  • Creative support ideas, like circular trellises or cactus arbor designs, add aesthetic value while supporting the plant.

Most Easy And Simple Monstera Trellis

If you are a beginner training your Monstera growing vertically, these simple trellis will help you a lot through the journey. They are easy and quick to install. Also, they ensure your plant effortlessly adjusts to a new habit.

Interested? Let’s jump in!

1. Moss Poles Support

monstera support ideas
Source: Pinterest (@houseplanthouse.com)

Let’s start our monstera support ideas with moss poles. It is the most popular one to help Monstera handle the heavy stalks and leaves.

The pole wrapped in moss will provide an environment suitable for the plant, as it resembles its natural habitat. All you need to do is install it in the middle of the pot. Then, tie your plant on the support loosely to prevent choking.

2. DIY Watering Moss Poles

monstera support ideas
Source: Pinterest (@lokilovesyou)

Although they look similar, these two types of moss poles are actually different. This DIY support allows you to easily pour the water into the plant without being messy.

In addition, the design provides quick access for the water to reach the Monstera’s aerial roots. The key is you need to install a small pipe. Then, glue the moss with a wire shaped like a grid, so it is tight.

Now, you can inject the water through the tube!

3. Monstera Bamboo Trellis

monstera support ideas
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

If your Monstera is growing tall and wide, you may need this bamboo trellis. The grid shape is in your favor to easily adjust your plant’s broad leaves and tie them closely to the support without causing harm.

In addition, the flexible nature of bamboo can adapt to the shape of your plant, unlike stiffer metals. However, this support is strong, so it can withstand the weight of the big Monstera.

4. Mini Bamboo Stakes

monstera support ideas
Source: Pinterest (@plantify.co.za)

Still talking about bamboo, this one has a small size suitable for the newly propagated Monstera. It is super simple and easy.

You just need to find bamboo and cut them into smaller sizes. Remove the greenish stem skin and thin the stem. Don’t forget to sand the surface to make it smoother and not hurt your hands when installing it into the pot.

Finally, tie your plant to the support.

5. Giant Moss Pole Support

monstera support ideas
Source: Pinterest (@BuzzFeed)

Suppose you have a huge potted Monstera plant. In this case, you must provide support to prevent the stems and leaves from swaying.

You can try the moss pole, but please find the giant one to ensure all the stalks and leaves can access proper support. Then, tie the stems to the stake with string or wire. If they get too big, you may consider pruning them, so they don’t struggle to maintain the structure.

6. Easy Support Design

monstera support ideas
Source: Pinterest (@plantshopmanchester.com)

Monstera adansonii is a vining plant. Hence, if you have one growing in your pot, you will need to buy or make a stake to support its growth. It is convenient, easy, and effective!

Just put the moss pole, bamboo cane, or trellis, whatever you prefer, in the center of the pot. Then, let the vines climb on it. With this size, you can also try to add a watering pipe inside the pole to allow easy water access to the roots.

7. DIY Monstera Adansonii Support

monstera support ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Green Experiment Company)

Buying a stake or trellis is a one-go for those who don’t have time to create monstera support. However, making DIY support is not that hard, actually!

An example like this one. It is made of wire shaped vertically to resemble a rod. Then, inside, it is filled with river rocks that will keep your plant moist all the time.

Next, set it on your pot and see how your plant adapts to it!

8. Tall Monstera Stake

monstera support ideas
Source: Pinterest (@ZoSammieEnzo)

This Monstera stake is a perfect choice for those who want to create a mini indoor jungle in their house. Thanks to its slim size and height, it can reach your ceiling, mimicking trees in the rainforest where your plant used to crawl.

Considering the size, it will be best for Monstera adansonii with vining habits. You can use wire or rope to tie stalks and leaves to the support.

9. Metal Grid For Monstera Plants

Metal Grid For Monstera Plants
Source: Pinterest (@stamenandstemblog.com)

Some people love wooden materials to create a trellis for Monstera. However, others argue that such support is not hardy. Hence, they prefer metal to ensure sturdiness and long-lasting use.

If you are one of them, we have a simple yet effective design to make a great support structure! Instead of staking one directly to the pot, you can try to make it into a grid. It has more surface area for your Monstera.

Thus they can lean on and grow better upright.

10. Thin Stake For Young Monstera

monstera support ideas
Source: Pinterest (@ohiotropics.com)

It may look similar to our previous collection. But let’s take a look a little closer! Actually, they are a little different. The other is a single stake, while this one is made of three thin stakes forming a triangle.

This design aims to offer more robust support for your Monstera leaves as they grow higher and more expansive. To make it very easy, you just need to glue the top end with a rope. Then plug it into your potting soil. And you are all set!

Unique And Creative Monstera Support Ideas

Are you a master in training your Monstera? Or are you simply the plant keeper who wants to try something out-of-the-box? We have a bunch of unique and creative monstera support ideas you can adopt to help your plants grow upright.

Not only are they attractive, but they also work great with strong structure. Let’s check them out!

11. Circular Monstera Trellis

monstera support ideas
Source: Pinterest (@DIY in PDX)

Jumping from the basic collection of Monstera support ideas, we have a circular Monstera trellis that will make you fall in love with it! It has an aesthetic design, with a golden color and circular form that can effortlessly match your home interior.

You can even hang it on the wall to decorate your living space. Unfortunately, it only fits smaller, vines varieties like Monstera adansonii. But it is worth trying!

12. Bonsai-Like Support

monstera support ideas
Source: Pinterest (@plantshappen.com.au)

You can be more creative in designing your Monstera support with a moss pole! Instead of only staking the vertical one, how about creating a bonsai-like shape to make it more attractive?

The monstera vines will grow to wrap the support with dark green leaves, making the appeal look eye-catching. Furthermore, the white background highlights the plant’s beauty even more.

13. Tiny Branches Stake Design

monstera support ideas
Source: Pinterest (@annikahwall)

This Monstera support goes beyond the mainstream, especially in support of new plants. It doesn’t follow the common trend of providing a bamboo stake as an initial identification for the young plant.

Yet, it tries to highlight the aesthetic value with a unique branch design. For this one, we cannot guarantee its strength to withstand the weight of your plant. Hence, you may need to replace the cane as they grow bigger.

14. Stairs Trellis

monstera support ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Love & Renovations)

Do you have stairs that are not used in your home but still look well-maintained? Use it as trellis support for your vining Monstera!

Unlike other trellises that need to be installed on the pot, it won’t bother your plant as the stairs will rest on the floor while leaning on the wall. You only have to ensure your potted Monstead sits under the stair to allow vines to climb to the support.

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15. Natural Wreath Trellis

monstera support ideas
Source: Pinterest (@PLNTS.com)

Well, it looks unreal! But in fact, it is a mini trellis you can try if you have a small variety of Monstera adansonii.

No need to buy this kind of support as it is easy to make. Prepare wire and pot. Then, braid the wire to form stakes and circular trellis. Next, put it in the container where your newly planted Monstera grows.

Watch them grow, covering the frame, and create a natural wreath.

16. Geometry Grid Support

monstera support ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Glasswing Shop)

This design features a geometric structure that looks so fine for a Monstera trellis. However, it doesn’t ignore the function. The grid serves as a support for your vining plant to grow vertically.

Meanwhile, the quadrangle offers artistic touch, which also works as additional support to the frame. Luckily, it doesn’t only look great for the vines varieties, but you can also use it for Monstera deliciosa.

17. Cactus Arbor Design

Cactus Arbor Design
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Another creative design of Monstera supports you can try is the cactus arbor! It does look like a Mexican cactus with three body parts that will serve as a sturdy trellis for the vines.

The metal materials ensure a robust structure. So, you don’t have to worry that it is a trip over while your Monstera is growing. And the best part is you can start introducing the frame to the newly repotted plant.

18. Sphagnum Moss Pole

Sphagnum Moss Pole
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

This one is basically made of a moss pole but brings it to the next level. The tree branch design makes the support looks like a magical work of art. Moreover, the sphagnum moss covering the stake creates a natural environment for the Monstera, as if it grows in rainforest trees.

To make a dramatic effect, it is better to plant the vining one as the bigger varieties will cover the support with their broad foliages.

19. Tiny Stairs Support

Tiny Stairs Support
Source: Pinterest (@Love & Renovations)

Despite being tiny, this stairs trellis will work just fine for your Monstera adansonii. The grid shape offers more space to tie the stalks, ensuring the plant has balance support.

And from an aesthetic value perspective, the distinctive design looks appealing and will match every corner of your house. However, it is better to place it in an empty corner or together with other plants that do not creep in to avoid being crowded.

20. Arching Metal Monstera Trellis

Arching Metal Monstera Trellis
Source: Pinterest (@Mama Botanica)

Instead of using basic support for your precious Monstera, try to level up the trellis by creating an arching one. Apart from being unique, the arching support also ensures that your Monstera grows well following the frame.

But don’t forget to tie the stalk loosely to the support, so it doesn’t dangle. With this trellis, you can create a green corner indoors with several potted plants under your vining Monstera.

21. Monstera Vining Plant Trellis

Monstera Vining Plant Trellis
Source: Pinterest (@houseplanthouse.com)

Who says Monstera cannot sit on the table? The big Monstera deliciosa is impossible, of course! But the smaller one, like the Swiss Cheese plant (Monstera adansonii), can do just fine as a houseplant decor. And with this kind of trellis, the plant will look exceptionally captivating.

The vines can cover the golden trellis with beautiful leaves, offering an exquisite color contrast. Nonetheless, you must do regular pruning if they grow bigger, as the leaves may mess up your desk.

22. Wooden Monstera Support

Wooden Monstera Support
Source: Pinterest (@blog.mytastefulspace.com)

Due to its short size, this wooden Monstera support may only work for young plants. But it doesn’t matter! You can use it to train your plant to get used to growing upright.

Besides being a useful one as support, the choice of wood material makes it look beautiful, with stunning monstera leaf carvings. And so, you can easily display it in your living room to impress your guests, thanks to this design.

23. Leaf Trellis And Pot Hanger

Leaf Trellis And Pot Hanger
Source: Pinterest (@planters pots hangers)

Unlike our recent one, whose trellis resembles Monstera, this one has a leaf-like design. They are also much larger and taller, making them suitable for your vines or broadleaf Monstera.

Furthermore, the many leaf structures in this frame make it easier for you to attract the vines or stalks. This one will also be worth displaying in your living room; that will easily turn into a focal point in this area.

24. Bee Comb Monstera Trellis

Bee Comb Monstera Trellis
Source: Pinterest (@old.reddit.com)

We guarantee you cannot resist this one. The honeycomb design makes it look striking and suitable to showcase. Not only that, but it also allows the vines to actively explore every corner of the comb.

Compared to the single vertical stake, the frame offers more space in case their leaves grow wider. Besides vines, you can install this trellis for your Monstera deliciosa, thanks to its strong metal material.

25. Miniature Stairs Houseplant Support

Miniature Stairs Houseplant Support
Source: Pinterest (@Balcony Garden Web)

Don’t get bored with the stairs design because we have another one left! Even though they have more or less similar structures, they have different details.

This one is slimmer and taller, with a light brown color that will blend in with any room design. Other than that, your vines can climb higher. So, no need to change it shortly after installation.

On the other hand, it doesn’t fit wider varieties due to its size. But for display on the table, it will work excellently!

Final Thought

After exploring various Monstera support ideas, it’s evident that the right support structure can greatly enhance the growth and beauty of your Monstera plant. Whether you opt for a moss pole, bamboo trellis, or a more creative solution, each offers unique benefits to suit different plant sizes and growth stages.

Now is the perfect time to choose a support that not only caters to the needs of your Monstera but also adds an aesthetic touch to your space. Embrace these innovative ideas and watch your Monstera thrive!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Should Monstera be supported?

Monstera plants need support if you want to grow them vertically, as they have broad and relatively heavy leaves.

In addition, several varieties of monstera are vining plants, such as Monstera adansonii (Swiss Cheese Vines). In this case, they need trellis or stakes to grow properly.

Some trellis materials that are commonly used are moss polishes, bamboo stakes, and metal or wooden trellis.

Why is my Monstera falling over?

If you notice your Monstera is starting to fall over, it may be a sign that they need support because they have begun to object to bearing the leaves. How come? In their natural habitat, they live leaning on trees.

You can start to induce them to moss polishes or bamboo stakes and adjust the size to suit your monster. Tie them to the support so their growth can later rely on it.

What can I use instead of a moss pole?

Some other materials as an alternative to moss poles are coco coir polishes, bamboo canes, tree slabs, and metal trellis. They are sturdy, so they can support the Monstera’s weight, which gets more prominent with age.

Should you rotate your Monstera?

As tropical plants, Monstera loves to grow under the sun. Thus, they will always look for sun exposure, especially if you keep them as indoor plants.

You may also notice that the part exposed to the sun will be much denser than the rest of the plant. And so, you must rotate your Monstera to allow balanced growth on every side of the plant.

What do you do when Monstera gets too big?

In the wild, Monstera can grow up to 60 feet tall, while as indoor plants, they grow 1-2 feet per year, reaching 6-8 feet tall at max.

Hence, it is recommended to prune them if they get too big and tall. Pruning can also promote new growth and ensure a healthy houseplant. Also, you can offer support with a robust structure, so they don’t lean over.

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