About Lara author

Hello and welcome to our gardening haven! My name is Lara, and my journey with plants began when I was just 15. Enchanted by the dream of a lush, sprawling garden, I took my first steps by planting flowers under the gentle guidance of my mother. While my initial attempts were less than successful–a testament to the steep learning curve gardening often presents–it ignited a passion within me.

Over the years, I found that while the internet was overflowing with gardening content, the quality was often lacking, leading to more questions than answers. Determined to fill this gap, I delved deep into the world of horticulture, arming myself with knowledge, both academic and experiential.

Today, at 29, I’ve taken my dream to the next level. This site is my endeavor to ensure fellow gardening enthusiasts have access to trustworthy, expert-backed information. Every article here is a labor of love, a reflection of my journey, and a testament to my commitment to providing only the best for our community of gardeners.

Join me in making the world greener, one garden at a time. Happy gardening!

Q. What’s your favorite plant?

A. It is absolutely hard for me to answer this question. But, to pick my favorite plant, I want to say I love tomato plants so much! They are beneficial for both edible and ornamental gardening.

Q. What is your gardening dream?

As I said, I would be a dream of big plants, flowers, and vegetable gardening. I want to grow my garden and share everything related to gardening with my big gardening friends.