25 Super Easy Low Maintenance Garden Border Ideas

Choosing the border or fence for the garden somehow is a bit tricky, especially if you cannot decide which material that is easy to maintain and which one that is easy to find. Garden border has a main role for your plant growth since it can protect your plants from pests, keep your garden layout stay still, and match with the concept of the garden you already choose.

Therefore, we sum up low maintenance garden border ideas below. All of them are super easy to set up and quick!

You better read it thoroughly to see the best garden border you can build. Whether for the low growing plants, high growing plants, flower bed or veggie garden, you can pick it here. Plus, there are some ideas that you can do together with your family! Interesting, isn’t it?

Garden Border Using the old stuff

Who said you have to buy new material for building garden borders? You can reuse your old stuff for creating borders in your garden. It can be old wood, old logs from wooden stairs, empty water bottles, up to the old roof or old pots. Want to know how to make it? Check this out!

1. Wooden fence

low maintenance garden border ideas
Wooden Fence

Yes, this is the easiest and of course low maintenance garden border for your house. You can easily find log wood like this as the border or fence of your garden. Either your garden is small or big, there is no issue with this material. Moreover, you can arrange the border zig-zag or with the same height, you can choose. By using this one, seeing your garden still can be seen clearly, but the layout will be more beautiful. 

2. Recycle bottle for garden border

low maintenance garden border ideas
Recycle Bottle For Garden Border

Do you have many empty bottles in your trash bin? Now, you don’t have to throw it away since you can recycle the used bottles as the garden fence. Yes, you are right! It is an excellent way to build a fence with eco-friendly material. If you like colorful one, you can paint the bottles first before setting it as the fence. Then, stick the bottles upside down to the ground. Isn’t it easy to do?

3. Same height wooden fence 

low maintenance garden border ideas
Same Height Wooden Fence

Simple but still amazing to look at. This garden border idea fits for the small garden and for you who have plants that can grow high and beautiful. You can cut the log wooden into the same size and apply it to your garden. By having this log wooden as the fence, you still can enjoy the view but your garden will always look neat.

4. Conventional wood fence

low maintenance garden border ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Plant Care Today)

Your used woods, especially if they are short, you can still have it as the garden border to protect your flower collections. No need to paint it if you want a rustic look for the yard. It will look stunning and also, you don’t have to put extra money for this border. Find out the used wood and let’s create the border that you want.

5. Combination of stones and wood

Combination of Stones and Wood
Source: Pinterest (@Prima Inspirace)

When you want to border your garden using stones but in different ways, then this idea will fit yours. It can be a bit higher than usual stones because you can arrange the stones up to the exact height you want by setting the woods and wire first as the frame for your garden border. It is, of course, inexpensive, low maintenance, and fast to do it. A quick tip to make it more adorable, you can choose colorful stones for the border. Time to invite your kids to arrange this too.

6. Gabion retaining wall

low maintenance garden border ideas
Source: Pinterest (@gabion1.co.uk)

Using gabion as the garden border? Why not! One thing to take note of having a fence with a gabion wall is make sure all the material inside can stand under the full sun and absorb the water quickly. From the sample, you can fill the gabion wall with roof, bricks or log. All of them are good for the fence. Also, there will be no pest that can come to your garden anymore.

7. A combo fence 

A Combo Fence 
Source: Pinterest (@Family Food Garden)

Building this garden border is not that difficult. You can reuse the old ironing plate and wood, then you can shape it like a box. So, you don’t have to shape it to be a complicated one. As long as you already measure between the plants and the border, you know you can have a great border with this material. 

8. Rustic wood border

Rustic Wood Border
Source: Pinterest (@Mydesired Home)

Very classic and old school for those who are looking for some rustic theme in the garden. It fits for your villa or your small house. Rustic wood borders like this one are easy to create, you can use new or old wood based on the easiest one to find, then create the border once every material is prepared. Choose whether to make it two rows or three rows according to the height you want.

9. Reuse the pots

Reuse The Pots
Source: Pinterest (@medfingrarnaijorden.blogspot.de)

Instead of stacking your old pots in the warehouse, you can stack your old pots and put it as the border for your small garden. Never think about it before, right? No more messy garden, no more messy old stuff if you do this garden border idea for your small garden in your house. Staking it horizontally can be a fun thing to do too because it doesn’t seem like building a fence, it is more like doing an art project in your house. 

10. Old roof

Old Roof
Source: Pinterest (@lagringasblogicito.blogspot.com)

Having old roofs sometimes makes you wonder how to reuse it again. Now, you can reuse the old roof as the garden border. This idea is pretty simple and easy, as long as you know how to turn the old stuff into something useful again. Just decide the layout and the border between the lawn and your garden, then put the roof along the edge of your garden. Make sure you arrange it closer between each other and your garden is protected perfectly. This concept matches for you who have low growing plants, such as succulents.

11. Long wood triangle border

Long Wood Triangle Border
Source: Pinterest (@Plant Care Today)

Yes, using creativity for building the garden border is fun! For the garden that has been created along the fence, you can add long wood that you shaped into triangles for each plant. So, it looks like a new container plant, in fact, it is a border. To make it more beautiful, you can paint it first based on the theme that you prefer. For instance, if you use modern concepts, you can paint it with gray or white color.

Garden Border Using New material

If you don’t have any old stuff that can be used for your garden border, there is no worry because you can buy new material to build the fence. Choosing the material can be tricky sometimes, but you can have natural borders such as the natural one like pebbles, gravel, or planting the lawn. For the solid material, you can have bricks, concrete, or any plastic material. 

12. Brick set border

low maintenance garden border ideas
Brick Set Border

You don’t have to dig the ground although you want to apply a garden border using concrete brick. You can do it only by setting up the layout area to be a fence, then apply the concrete brick neatly along the edge. To make the border stick properly, don’t forget to add the cement in between the bricks. 

13. Herbaceous border

low maintenance garden border ideas
Herbaceous Border

If you don’t want to use the brick, then no worry. There is another easy and low maintenance garden border that you can make as the fence for your stunning garden. By using gravel and throwing it along the edge of your plant collection, it can be your quick way to change the old fence into a fresh one. 

14. Modern bricks

low maintenance garden border ideas
Modern Bricks

Planning to set the layout garden with an unusual border style? You have to check this out! It can be an astonishing garden bed with sharp and neat garden borders. Before planting your favorite flowers, you can build the container bed including the border as well. So, you don’t have to create the garden and border twice but only once and everything will be beautiful.

15. Rocky border

low maintenance garden border ideas
Rocky Border

As you build the border for the garden, you can simply arrange the rocks that you already have. It is like playing the puzzle because you have to adjust the shape and size, then make it into the sturdy and low maintenance garden border. The border is not only natural since the material is stone, but also helps to avoid wet and overwater around the garden because stones are really quick to absorb the water. 

16. Corten steel border

low maintenance garden border ideas
Corten Steel Border

For some people, using corten steel as the garden border is uncommon. Now, you can start using it since it is easy to find, although you still need professional help to set it up. The material is sturdy and your plant will be perfectly protected from other pests. Moreover, it suits the garden with high growing plants. Pretty!

17. Pebbles border

low maintenance garden border ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Decor Home Ideas)

There is nothing wrong with bordering your garden with pebbles or gravel. It is simply just throwing them by following the layout of your yard. It can be a border between your plant collection and lawn. It fits you who doesn’t like adding any material that will make your garden cannot be seen clearly. So, having the gravel will be the best idea for creating a garden border. 

18. Big rocks as the center point

low maintenance garden border ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Liz Lynch)

A flower garden as the center point of your yard will create a different ambience for you and your guest. Because usually the garden is made on the corner or at the edge of your yard. But if you want to do something different, don’t forget to add the big rocks as the border. So that everyone can enjoy the beauty of your flowers once they visit your house. Planting zinnia, lavender or any cutting flower that suits under the full sun will be a great one. 

19. Stone flower border

Stone Flower Border
Source: Pinterest (@White and Woodgrain)

A small and cute flower beside your house will surely attract everyone who goes to your house. Fresh flowers, fresh view, and it can be a good background for the photo spot. If you directly plant your flowers, you can create a border by placing the stone along the garden. Since your garden is small, you don’t have to prepare too many stones as the fence. Also, no need to dig the ground because you just have to arrange it neatly and close between each other. 

20. Cute fence

Cute Fence
Source: Pinterest (@Holly Hammersmith)

Your kids must be in love with this cute fence as the garden border. The color is attractive, so the kids will always want to go to the garden to water the plants or check out the growth process together with you. You can order the border first, then paint it based on your kids’ favorite color. Don’t worry if the colors will seem too bright, because there is nothing wrong with choosing color by the kid.

21. Simple concrete

Simple Concrete
Source: Pinterest (@The Unlikely Hostess)

It is very simple because you just have to buy a low border like this, then set it up along your garden. This kind of border fits a small veggie garden. So you can check out the progress of your plants easily. But still, you have to watch out for your pets or any pest that may come. If your house is safe from the disturbance, then go with this idea!

22. Modern concrete fence

low maintenance garden border ideas
Source: Pinterest (@flowergardengirl.co.uk)

A modern concept for your garden border! Of course you need a garden specialist to do this one, because it needs professionals to build this type of border. Also, if you seek for a professional to do that, it will save your time because you only have to monitor the working progress although you need extra money to make it perfect. But it is worth every penny because it is not only the border, but you can sit down there to see your plants during the weekend.

23. Plastic edging

low maintenance garden border ideas
Source: Pinterest (@gardeners.com)

A super easy garden border idea! Why? Because you just have to choose this style of border in the store and set it up easily by sticking it into the soil. It is suitable for the garden and lawn since all of the yard is still covered with soil. Make sure you choose the lightweight yet sturdy material for the garden border. Then, you can do it yourself to apply all of the sets. 

24. Natural border

Natural Border
Source: Pinterest (@BobVila.com)

Beautiful natural borders for cute gardens like this. It might take extra effort since you have to plant the grass along the edge, but it is worth trying. Moreover, if your yard is already covered with concrete, this border will give a natural ambience for your yard. Choose the low maintenance grass or slow growing one, so you don’t have to trim it often. 

25. Monochrome border

low maintenance garden border ideas
Source: Pinterest (@farmfoodfamily.com)

These cylinder pipe shapes as the border are amazing. For the material, you can choose the log, stainless steel, or plastic one. The monochrome color like this makes it look more stunning. It seems simple but eye-catching at the same time. Perhaps the layout of your garden influences the whole look too. Plus, no need to dig the soil to set this up.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I make a simple garden border?

By setting up the log wood as the border. There is no extra effort in order to beautify your garden. It is simple, easy to do, and the material can be found anywhere. Moreover, you can reuse the old wood if you have some for your yard.  

What is a good low-growing border plant?

You can have Armeria Maritima, Astelia, Geranium and many more. The flower beds can be your favorite low-growing plants in your garden. If you are still confused about what to plant, you can read our other article to see the right plant for your house based on the location you live!

What is a good border for a garden?

A good border is the border that can protect your garden from pests and keep the layout still in shape. Also, a good border should thrive under the sun and no issue if the rain falls.

How do you make a natural border?

By placing the rocks or granite along the garden. Throwing gravel by following the layout will be a great idea too! It doesn’t only seem natural, but also helps the water absorb quickly to the ground. 

How can I make my garden borders look good?

Adjusting the height between the plant and your garden borders. If the height between them does not match, then your garden will look messy. Pay attention to your plant collection, whether it is full of flower beds or shrubs. Because different kinds of plants will have different styles of borders.

What should I Border my flower bed with?

Stones or bricks are the low maintenance garden border you can have. It also fits for the low growing plants if your garden is already existing. If your plants has more height, then you can go with the log or wooden material.

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