best way to grow grass fast

How to Grow Grass Fast: Some Easy Tips and Tricks

Everyone often wishes for a magic formula to grow their lawns lush and green overnight. There isn’t one, of course, but by using a few tricks and tips, you can grow a full lawn or fill in bare spots faster than your neighbors who don’t.

The first trick for speedy grass growth involves choosing a climate-appropriate variety and planting the seeds at the correct time of the year. Plant varieties that prefer the cool weather in the fall or spring to ensure the fastest germination. Germination times for grass seed vary from three to 28 days.

best way to grow grass fast
Watering The Lawn

Varieties that prefer cool weather include Kentucky bluegrass, creeping bentgrass, and ryegrass. Kentucky bluegrass can germinate in 14 days. For really fast growth, you can choose ryegrass and see the seeds sprout in as little as 5 to 10 days.

But keep in mind that ryegrass was developed for foraging animals; its fast growth will require more frequent maintenance.

best way to grow grass fast
Nice Autumn Grass Field

Some Tips and Tricks to Grow Grass Fast

If you are going to grow grasses that germinate faster in warmer temperatures, sow the seeds in the summer. This includes Bermudagrass, zoysiagrass, and bahiagrass. Other than these, the ideal time to plant grass is at the beginning of fall.

At this time, the soil is still warm enough for the seeds to germinate, and the cooler nighttime air encourages dense roots. Experts say two weeks after Labor Day is the optimal time.

best way to grow grass fast
Field with Green Wheat and Blue Sky Spring

The next trick is to fertilize. But don’t use just any fertilizer. Use a lower nitrogen starter fertilizer or slow-release fertilizer. A fertilizer high in nitrogen should be avoided when germinating grass seeds.

They will only nourish the weeds that will be trying to grow and compete with the seedlings. Save them for when the grass has about three months of growth behind it.

You can see the comparison table to go to our top recommendation about fertilizer. Let’s get started:



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Another factor in growing grass fast is proper soil aeration and composition before planting the seeds. Grass seed must be in direct contact with the soil to germinate. It is important to till up or loosen the soil. For compacted soil, use a rototiller, shovel, or rake.

Try adding some powdered gypsum to the soil. It will improve the soil texture and encourage drainage, both of which can lead to growing grass faster.

best way to grow grass fast
A Plastic Watering Can, for Watering Garden Plants

If only filling in bald spots, spread a layer of potting soil over the planting area. For an entire lawn, use a thin layer of loam. Then add a layer of grass seed. A layer of mulch on the top will hold in moisture and keep the birds from munching on your seeds.

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Now for the most important tip of all for growing fast grass: give the grass seed a deep soaking for a good 20 minutes. Do this every morning for a period of two weeks, and if you reside in a very dry climate, also water in the evening after the sun goes down.

best way to grow grass fast
Garden Sprinkler with Water Hose In The Backyard

When the initial two-week period has passed, you can cut the watering down to twice a week for four weeks. When the grass is two inches tall, water deeply once a week for 20 minutes.

If you restrict traffic on the planted lawn for six to eight weeks, your efforts should be rewarded with a lush green lawn in record time.

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  1. That is a great idea. I’ve been starting seed on ground with a little bit of top cover dirt and it takes like almost 2 weeks to get a decent growth.

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