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best evergreen shrubs for north carolina

10 Best Evergreen Shrubs for North Carolina Climate

Native evergreen shrubs are gaining popularity in North Carolina for their year-round greenery. Some of them even produce exquisite flowers and edible fruits that are attractive to the owners and local wildlife. Most shrubs are generally low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, withstand a wide range of soil types, and tolerate the North Carolina climate. Some best evergreen shrubs …

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Daphne Mezereum

Daphne Mezereum

Common name: February daphne, mezereum, spurge laurel or spurge olive Family: Thymelaceae One of the best known members of this family is Daphne mezereum, which covers itself with fragrant purple-red flowers on bare stems from mid to late winter, a time when any form of color is very welcome in the garden. The genus contains approximately 50 species, both …

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Growing Lettuce in Greenhouses

Growing Lettuce in Greenhouses and Frames

The lettuce Lactuca sativa is increasing in importance as a greenhouse crop since the breeding of short-day varieties has made year-round production possible. The quality of greenhouse lettuce, furthermore, is better than that of lettuce grown out of doors and it needs only relatively cool conditions for cultivation. Lettuce thrives in a fairly rich soil, pH …

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Growing Clematis in Garden Pots

Clematis Care: Growing Clematis in Garden Pots and Planters

Growing plants in garden pots and planters or containers is a method of gardening that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is partly because modern gardens tend to be much smaller, but also because nowadays there are so many different types and styles of container available, which means gardeners can be increasingly creative …

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