Best Wood Chipper For Small Farm

Top 5 Best Wood Chippers for Small Farm – Complete Buyer’s Guide

If you have a garden full of trees, there are many leaves, tree branches, and twigs lying around the farm. Therefore, as a farmer, you should maintain your farm. Your farm requires proper care from the leaves, bushes, and fallen trees that litter it.

Best Wood Chipper For Small Farm

The best way to eliminate pruning waste and make it useful is by turning it into mulch using the wood chipper machine. It reduces the amount of time spent cleaning your farm and enhancing its yield with the debris’ rich in nutrients.

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Patriot Products CSV-3100B

- Brand: Patriot Products
- Product Dimensions: 35 x 24 x 37 inches
- Item Weight: 139 pounds
- Engine Horsepower: 10 HP
- Chipping branch diameter: 3''
- Reduction Ratio: 20:1

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SuperHandy Wood Chipper

- Brand: SuperHandy
- Product Dimensions: 29.5 x 25.7 x 40.6 inches
- Item Weight: 120.7 pounds
- Engine Horsepower: 7 HP
- Chipping branch diameter: 3''
- Reduction Ration: 15:1
- 212cc Horizontal 4-stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Powered Engine
- Hopper Volume: 1/2''
- Max Capacity: 0.7 gallons
- 3-in-1 Multi-Function

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Detail K2 Commercial Wood Chipper

- Brand: Detail K2
- Product Dimensions: 85 x 37 x 48 inches
- Item Weight: 395 pounds
- Engine Horsepower: 14 HP
- Chipping branch diameter: 6''
- Reduction Ration: 15:1
- Cutting blades: 13-inch
- Auto-adjust cutters for brush up to 6.25 diameter trees.
- Tire size: 17.5-inch diameter x 5.2-inch wide grease bearing rims

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Sun Joe CJ603E

- Brand: Sun Joe
- Product Dimensions: 8 x 15 x 31 inches
- Item Weight: 38.6 pounds
- Motor: 15 amp
- Reduction Ratio: 21:1
- Cutting Diameter (max): 1.73 in
- Reduces your yard waste into 1/21st of its original size
- Compact design with 7-inch wheels for easy portability
- Zero carb emissions for cleaner air

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Landworks Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

- Brand: Landworks
- Product Dimensions: 34.6 x 32.2 x 22.8 inches
- Item Weight: 99.8 pounds
- Engine Horsepower: 14 HP
- Reduction Ratio: 15:1
- 7HP 212cc Horizontal 4-stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Powered Engine
- Fuel w/ 87+ unleaded gasoline
- Max capacity: 0.7 gallons
- Type of Metal Structure: 6" x 30" Steel Earth Auger included

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What is the Best Wood Chippers for a Small Farm?

A kemp wood chipper is an incredible piece of equipment that collects the twigs, leaves, branches, and various solid farm materials and shreds them into small pieces. You can use the small chips for different things depending on their sizes, such as garden mulching, lighting fire pit, and creation of pressed wood for furniture and other fundamental carpentry works.

The best wood shredder for your small farm must accommodate the tree branches and twigs you are feeding it and should fit your power requirements. Power take-off (PTO) and gas wood chippers are the best because they enable you to cut through branches and leave faster. Electric wood chippers can be connected with your home power supply and operate quietly.

Suppose you intend to purchase an electric, gas-powered, or power take-off wood chipper, then the products below present some of the best wood chipper for the small farm:

1. Patriot Products CSV-3100B

If you want to shop for a wood shredder with a high rotating force and grind tough hardwoods quickly, you should go for a patriot wood chipper. The machine has incredible performance features, such as a 10 horsepower (HP) commercial engine from Briggs and Stratton Vanguard. This equipment can shred wood, leaves, and branches effectively.

It has a super low-tone muffler enabling it to produce insignificant noise during operation. It can make mulch from steady 3-inch diameter wood branches efficiently and smoothly. The machine has a direct drive system, so no need for pulleys and belts.

You can operate this machine comfortably due to its Y-hammer flails, allowing you to mince the twigs and branches into smaller pieces than the original size. You can chip woods at equal measures due to its double steel cutters.  You can remove both the twin cutters and Y-hammer flails easily during maintenance.

Patriot wood chipper/shredder can run at 3600 RPM full throttle. The operator actuated throttle enables you to turn off the machine when idling to save gas. It has an oil sensor that alerts you if you need to change the oil to avoid damaging the device.

It has large wheels for mobility, and it weighs about 139 pounds; hence, you can quickly move it around your farm. Therefore, the patriot gas-powered wood chipper is reliable equipment for chipping wood and shredding leaves faster.

High performance commercial and powerful engine
It can be assembled easily with detailed manufacturer’s instructions.
It shreds smoothly and faster.
Heavily built.

Relatively expensive
It isn’t easy to start and only chips straight woods.

2. SuperHandy Wood Chipper

SuperHandy wood chipper is an outstanding machine that offers you the high-level performance, safety, and excellent efficiency that you need. It has a large top hopper that can chip and mulch debris into small pieces. Its reduction ratio is 15:1 and can chop woods up to 3-inches in diameter.

The slanted housing feed technology (SHFT) is designed to minimize jamming during mulching, shredding and chipping. It has a powerful and heavily-built 7HP engine that does all the chipping activities. The engine runs at 3600 RPM full throttle, equipped with a cooling system to prevent overheating.

The chipper can hold up to about 0.7 gallons of oil that can last you for a long time. It is entirely constructed for longevity and operates under minimal noise, and it comes with a warranty of three years.

Heavy-duty construction
Powerful well-built engine
Relatively cheap and great value for money
Easy to use and starts under three pulls
3-in-1 multi-functionality (shredding, chipping, and mulching)
Inconvenient oil cap location
Small collection bag.

3. Detail K2 Commercial Wood Chipper

Detail K2 wood chipper is an outstanding workhorse and is the best wood chipper for small garden use. It is a small wood chipper that enables you to maneuver easily around your farm during operation. It is powered with a high-performance 14 horsepower (HP) Kohler powerful engine and comes with a three-year warranty.

It has dual 13-inch reversible cutting blades for chipping woods up to the diameter of 6-inches. It is equipped with double swing open chutes to clear any blockages and maintain or replace the cutting edges.

The blades of this machine can pull in woods and feed themselves with softwoods. Therefore, it requires assistance feeding it hardwoods. The Kohler engine runs at 3600 RPM when used in full throttle. It comes with an in-built toolbox for keeping all the essential farm tools and items such as gloves, bottle oil, safety glasses, and ear protectors. The housing of this machine is made of ¼ thick and steady steel for durability. It is also equipped with a changeable 36-inch tow bar with a quick drop for movement and steady balance. The DK2 wood chipper is the best wood chipper for small farm gardeners who effectively manage twigs and tree branches.

Powerful Kohler engine that has three years’ warranty
Chips wood of about 6-inch diameter maximum
Can feed itself softwood
It has a safety lock key.
Has tow bar for movement and big wheels for steady maneuverability
It can be assembled easily.
It’s quite heavy

4. Sun Joe (CJ603) Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder

If you want to operate in silence without causing noise disturbance to your neighbors, Sun Joe electric wood chipper is what you need. You can easily reuse, minimize and recycle dead woods and rubbish on your farm.

It has a powerful electric motor of 15-Amp that provides energy to the cutting blades for mulching, shredding and chipping leaves, branches, and woods about 1.7-inch maximum diameter. It has wheel blades that are star-shaped and a counter plate with a vertical rotation. It operates in silence due to the speed of 60RMP.

It has a fascinating reduction ratio of about 1/20 original size. The machine is easy to use due to its ergonomic design. The big squared and the cushioned handle is designed to manoeuvre around your farm.

There is safety, forward and reverse switches below the squared handle for operating the machine. Its 7-inch wheels provide stability and efficient mobility in your terrain and have a shredder stand for comfort balancing. It weighs 26 pounds for easy storage and transportation.

This equipment is safe to use because there is no need to assemble it. To be realistic, it saves your money, and you get the most out of it. It has a perfect safety mechanism that stops the motor automatically when the hopper is open, reducing the risk of any injury in case of an accident.

It chips and shreds very smoothly
Easy to operate
It is sturdy and well built.
Not heavy
Relatively cheap and gives you great value for your money.
Quite a small ejection chute
It chips and shreds to the diameter of 1.7-inch maximum.

5. Landworks Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

Landworks mini wood chipper shredder is a powerful machine and the best wood chipper for a small farm that suits you perfectly. The machine is gas-powered with a top hopper that can shred twigs of 0.5-inches and a side chute for grinding ranches of up to 3-inches.

You can hook it up with your tractor or a lawnmower using the hooking port. It has large wheels for mobility and transportation. The 7 horsepower (HP) engine produces about 8 pounds of torque; hence the cutting blades can shred, chop and mulch the debris.

Safety is a top priority while using land works mini wood chipper because it is designed with an On/Off switch for automatic shutdown in case of emergency. It is imperative to protect your ears using a hearing protection gadget because it produces loud sounds during operation.

It’s relatively cheap.
Strong and powerful engine
Quite light
Has emergency safety switch
Adjustable and stable discharge chute.
The leaves always get jammed.
Plastic wheels

Importance of a Wood Chipper

Importance Of A Wood Chipper

It can be a challenge to get rid of debris from your farm. There are numerous ways to remove them, but the best way is using a wood chipper. A wood chipper is an equipment used for grinding the branches and leaves into small pieces. It has the following importance:

  1. It produces useful materials: A wood chipper converts large pieces of wood into a small fine and valuable pieces used for mulching and mulch for gardening purposes. The small pieces contain moisture and enrich the soil, regulating soil temperature and water absorption used by plants.
  1. It removes the unwanted wastes: When a tree is cut down on your farm, the chipper can easily remove the debris without any mess to your garden. It makes the cleaning process effective with minimal time.
  1. Requires little effort: Using a wood chipper is not complicated as most of you think. Rather than cutting down trees and burning firewood, you can pass them through a wood chipper to produce useful materials for your farm.
  1. Friendly to the environment: Some methods used for getting rid of trees, branches and twigs seem destructive to the environment, such as burning. Poisonous gas-fumes ascend to the atmosphere that results in global warming. So, it converts large pieces into small chunks without affecting the environment.

Types of Wood Chippers

Types Of Wood Chippers

Wood chippers are classified into three main categories: gas, electric, and the power take-off (PTO). But there are various types of chippers depending on the chipping mechanism:

Drum Wood Chippers

This type of chipper uses the mechanism of a large steel drum powered by a motor. The drum of this chipper is placed parallel to the top hopper and spins towards the chute. The cutting blades mounted on the outside shred the wood in small pieces and propel the little pieces into discharging chutes.

Drum chippers are very powerful, and they are powered by either a gas or fuel engine. You must attach them to a vehicle for easy mobility. Hydraulically powered wheels regulate the rate at which the material is fed into the drum. 

Disc Wood Chippers

An electric engine can power a disc wood chipper. They have a freewheel equipped with cutting blades for chapping and then chipping the wood. You can use it for commercial purposes because it is an excellent machine.

They produce a lot of noise during the operation. They use wheels powered hydraulically, which carry waste materials to the disc from the top hopper. They are very heavy, and you must use a vehicle to move them.

Power Take-off (PTO) Wood Chippers

This type of wood chipper does not have its engine. They draw their power from a tractor’s driveshaft to chip woods. A gas engine indirectly powers them. One of the disadvantages of this type of wood chipper is that they only function when attached to a tractor. Therefore, having a vehicle is a must condition.

How to Use a Wood Chipper?

How To Use A Wood Chipper

Wood chippers have been used as useful farm cleaning tools. When it comes to using a wood chipper, the user manual is pretty straightforward. Therefore, this simple, quick guide can make it easy to use:

  • Put the chipper on the level ground: Start by positioning your machine on the ground to prevent movement during operation. 
  • Adjust chip deflector and chute: Ensure you adjust the chip chute and deflector to enable you to control the direction and distance the small chipped pieces are thrown. Clamp knobs on the chip deflector are adjustable to control the distance. You can rotate the chi chute in your desired direction.
  • Set the parking brake before starting the wood chipper: Make sure you set the parking brake before starting your wood chipper. When using a tractor or any other vehicle, activate the parking to prevent your tractor’s chances of moving during a chipping operation.
  • Feed blunt end: You should first feed the blunt end because the debris will be fed through the machine much quickly and effectively.
  • Feed-in the mixture of green and dry limbs: Add a mixture of green and dry branches and woods. The moisture found in green limbs assist in lubricating and cooling cutting blades.
  • Please stay away from the hopper: Stand far away from the hopper when you are feeding the chipper with branches, and it starts the chipping process. Back out and to the side to reduce the possibility of the ejecting pieces hitting your eyes.
  • Make use of wood chips: Maximize wood chips after you have finished chipping and shredding your materials.

Things to Consider When Buying a Wood Chipper

Things To Consider When Buying A Wood Chipper

Before you shop for the best wood chipper for a small farm, take your time to research the most significant features to keep in mind:

  • Bag Capacity: Some wood chippers do not have bags for collecting chipper discharge. Therefore, you should buy a chipper that has a bag with a large capacity. You should also consider a storage container. A small farm requires a small bag, but it needs frequent emptying.
  • Power source: A wood chipper uses a powerful motor to turn the grinding and cutting blades to cut through tough woods. Torque is a significant force that drives the cutting blades and is measured in foot-pounds.
  • Reduction ratio: This is a ratio that shows how small the debris will be after the chipping. Most of the wood chippers have a reduction ratio ranging from 8:1 to 20:1. More energy is needed for the materials into small sizes. Therefore, consider purchasing a chipper/shredder that suits your reduction ratio of the materials.
  • Shredding chute: It is a useful extra chute for cleaning leaves, twigs and branches. A wood chipper with an additional and in-built shredding chute is cost-effective and saves you space. It is an incredible feature when doing general garden work.
  • Cutting blades: The blades’ ability to cut through the materials is an essential factor you should not ignore. If you are using your wood chipper for small branches and trees, consider shopping for an electric machine. They cut the materials up to 2-inches in diameter.


In reality, everybody loves it when their farms are clean and well maintained. The products we have reviewed above can help you keep your farm clean and provide you with quality mulch to improve plant growth.  Therefore, you must carefully choose the best wood chipper for a small farm that suits your needs and consider the essential factors when shopping for one.

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