flowers that grow well in north carolina

11 Vibrant Flowers That Grow Well In North Carolina

If you wonder about the flowers that grow well in North Carolina, then you come to the right place. Growing native plant, wildflower, or perennial flower can be your best option after reading this. Also, you can see the soil type before considering what plants you want to choose.

In Spite of its beauty, they are mostly low maintenance plants. So you don’t have to worry about the flowers that grow well in North Carolina. You can get it for your house as soon as you read this.

1. Zinnia

The colorful flowers of Zinnia can be seen when the early spring comes. Also, you can create bouquet arrangements with these cut flowers since they have a wide range of colors. This plant is easy to grow.

Zinnia,(Image credit: mydesired home,the gardening world/Pinterest)

You can plant it using well drained soil under the full sun. Because it can thrive in the full sun. Although they are drought tolerant, it doesn’t mean they don’t need water. Kindly make sure the soil is not getting too dry.

2. Vinca

If you want to grow flowers in your patio under the canopy, then have these Vinca flowers with you. Or you may call it Periwinkle. The foliage is glossy with a contrast color of flower.

Vinca,(Image credit: cyndie gish,drdanslandscaping blogspot/Pinterest)

Planting it using clay, loamy, or sandy soil with high organic matters. Don’t forget to pay attention that this plant requires good drainage. Place it under the dappled sunlight or partial shade. It is an attractive flower that will attract bumblebees too.

3. Daffodils

Seeing Daffodil blooms will warm your heart since its yellow flowers are suitable during spring time. Yes, the bloom time of this plant is during spring. Its shape is like a trumpet.

Daffodils,(Image credit: tn nursery,dutchgrown/Pinterest)

Hence, it feels like you have a very vibrant trumpet garden in front of your house. Also, you can plant it inside the container for your North Carolina garden.

4. Daylily

Talking about perennials, you can choose Daylily as the best flowers to grow in North Carolina. These flowers attract butterflies and birds.

Daylily,(Image credit: the spruce,american meadows/Pinterest)

High organic matter for the soil is the most important one to get the best blooms for this one. The flowers you can easily find around mountain areas, or coastal areas. Enjoy the beautiful blossoms of this trumpet like flower during spring to summer.

5. Peonies

Ever wonder why many beauty brands use essential oils of Peony? It is because the flowers are very fragrant and beautiful as well. You can start to see the blossoms from spring to summer.

Peonies,(Image credit: thisismygarden,longfield gardens = flower bulbs/Pinterest)

It is a pretty cut flower too, so if you like to create flower bouquets, it is time to get the various sizes of Peony in your yard. This plant can be found easily in the Piedmont region.

6. Echinacea purpurea

You may know another name for this one, it is Purple Coneflower. These herbaceous perennials are low maintenance plants and will be a good one for a landscape garden just like in your house in North Carolina.

Echinacea purpurea
Echinacea purpurea,(Image credit: waltersgardens,promesse de fleurs/Pinterest)

Echinacea purpurea can adapt to any soil, but they prefer well drained moist loamy soil. You can see it blooms during summer and fall.

7. Verbena

A bunch of tiny flowers will create a flower cluster. These annuals can be grown in North Carolina. The color range are wide and very vibrant through its simple size.

Verbena,(Image credit: wilsonbrosgardens,outsidepride/Pinterest)

Place it under the full sun or part shade for the best bloom. Loamy or sandy soil will make them happy. From summer to fall, you can see its beauty through your garden.

8. Thimbleweed

This perennial wildflower is adorable to plant as the ground cover in your yard. It is drought resistant, it loves sunny spots, but still adaptable in part shade areas.

Thimbleweed,(Image credit: wildflower,en.wikipedia/Pinterest)

Also, this plant loves dappled light too, so it must be good if you plan to place it under the canopy of your patio. The white petals will fill your heart in almost all of the seasons.

9. Blue Star

Another perennial that has flower clusters to beautify your garden. Guess no one can deny the stunning blue ice colors star-shaped like Amsonia Blue Ice.

Blue Star
Blue Star,(Image credit: gardenia,therese nelson/Pinterest)

These perennial plants will open to star shaped blue to lavender in late spring to early summer. Also, it is a low maintenance plant that is suitable for any theme of your garden.

10. Cosmos

This plant is a true definition of low maintenance plant since it can reseed by itself. The white petals of Cosmos are quite wider than any flowers.

Cosmos,(Image credit: the rhs,the telegraph/Pinterest)

This annual flower will be happy if you plant it using clay or loamy soil. Also, your garden will be more beautiful since it attracts butterflies and pollinators. Make sure you place it under the full sun too!

11. Bloodroot

Growing native plants in your garden can be an excellent idea. For the landscape theme as the ground cover, it is suitable for you.

Bloodroot,(Image credit: etsy/Pinterest)

Although it belongs to a wildflower, it still has a spot for the plant lover. Place it under the partial shade or deep shade for the best growth. Coastal, mountain or Piedmont regions are the best areas to find this one.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What flowers grow in North Carolina?

You can have Zinnia, Vinca, or native plants such as Bloodroot. All of the flowers we mention above are the flowers that you can grow in North Carolina. You just have to adjust with the soil type before planting it.

What flowers grow year-round?

Vinca, Cosmos, Blue Star can grow year-round. These perennials not only beautify your garden, but also can be the best companion for your home. Of course, when the frost comes, they will not grow, but for most seasons, they will bloom its beauty. 

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