10 Best Plants For Arizona Summer To Grow In Your Backyard Garden

Living in Arizona makes you wonder about the plants that will grow well here. The plants that will thrive the heat especially during summer strikes. Because not many plants will tolerate not only drought conditions but also the heat climates in Arizona.

The best plants for Arizona summer are what you are looking for to create a fresh view and even a fresh taste to enjoy during fall and winter. 

Here, we give you the best 10 plants for you to grow in the Arizona summer. You can start in late spring or early summer to grow them all. Consider your space too so that the plant will grow well and properly. 

1. Watermelon

Although you do not plant it right in the summer heat of Arizona, this watermelon can survive under the warm temperature of Arizona heat. And to overcome the hot summer climate in the low desert of Arizona, you can choose the short-season varieties such as Desert King and Hopi Yellow.

These types of watermelon will need a short time to harvest. But still you have to prepare for plenty of room or space, because some vines will reach up to 20 feet or more.

best plants for arizona summer

So, to let the watermelon grow well, the space is what matters the most. 2 – 3 weeks after the last frost has gone will be the best time for growing the watermelon. You can water the watermelon with seaweed emulsion after planting. So the plant will be stronger to grow.

best plants for arizona summer
Watermelon Tree

2. Armenian Cucumber

Arizona is the area where Armenian Cucumber will grow well. This plant is heat-loving and you will not be disappointed having this kind of cucumber in your Arizona garden. Moreover this one is fast growing, so it will be a fresh topping for your salad or any meals you have for summer. 

best plants for arizona summer
Armenian Cucumber

You just need space and fertile soil, and the Armenian Cucumber will grow all on its own. The taste of this veggie is not bitter and you don’t have to peel the skin before eating it. If the cucumber has already reached 15 inch up to 36 inch, then it is ready to harvest. Cucumber is one of the best plants for Arizona summer

best plants for arizona summer
Armenian Cucumber Tree

3. Pumpkin

Yes, before the fall comes and you need more pumpkins to welcome the spooky season. Then, you can plant the pumpkin first in the Arizona summer. Early summer in Arizona will be the best time to plant it. It is around late May through June. 

best plants for arizona summer

Planting a pumpkin in Arizona is not just seeds and waiting for it to grow, because you have to prepare the bed container first since you have to start the pumpkin seeds indoors first within three weeks before moving them outdoors. Pumpkins need 100 – 130 days to produce the fruits.

So, you need to water them regularly especially when the hottest temperature in Arizona just reached. But make sure, the soil is not soggy.

best plants for arizona summer
Pumpkin Tree

4. Sweet Corn

If you plan to have sweet corn from your garden in Central Arizona, then you can go in late May to mid July. Yes, summer heat in Arizona is what sweet corn needs to grow. Usually, the sweet corn needs 65 to 90 days to harvest.

So, before fall, you can enjoy this full nutrient plant in your kitchen.

best plants for arizona summer
Sweet Corn

This summer crop which is native to America is very suitable for Arizona dry climates. Also, make sure you plant it at least 4 rows because it is hard for corn to grow only in a small amount.

best plants for arizona summer
Fresh Sweet Corn

5. Peppers

If your garden in Arizona is small, then you can plant the peppers in containers or grow bags in the ground. During summer or the hot climates in Arizona, you have to move the peppers around the shade area to avoid the full sun exposure, although they will be happy after receiving 6-8 hours direct sun exposure. 

best plants for arizona summer

The well drained soils but with plenty of water will make peppers thrive in the hot summers in Arizona. Don’t forget to mulch around plants to keep the soil moist and cool it.

Moreover, you can grow this plant until winter if in Arizona, usually, the winter is mild one.

best plants for arizona summer
Peppers Tree

6. Hydrangea

When you think it is impossible to plant hydrangea in Arizona during summer, then you can choose these species of hydrangea. There is bigleaf hydrangea, oakleaf hydrangea, or smooth hydrangea. These species will thrive in Arizona just by fulfilling their needs during summer.

Smooth and Oakleaf will be happy if you place them in a partial shade area. 

best plants for arizona summer

While bigleaf loves direct sun exposure, you have to prepare for the shade during noon. Or if you don’t want to move the hydrangea for the shade area, you can have panicle hydrangea since this variety will withstand the desert heat among any hydrangea species.

For hot summers, you can water 2 inch water per day for the hydrangeas to keep them moist and grow well.

best plants for arizona summer
Hydrangea Tree

7. Sunflower

In hot weather areas, one flower that you cannot miss is the sunflower. Yes, this flower is well-known as heat loving, including in Arizona. You can have this beautiful one during February after the last frost until July.

best plants for arizona summer

When you think Arizona’s hot weather will come brutally in summer, sunflowers don’t mind it. You just need space to let the sunflowers bloom and grow bigger. Your Arizona yard will be fresher and more stunning with this one.

best plants for arizona summer
Sunflower Garden

8. Bougainvillea

Another beautiful flower that will thrive in the dry heat and of the best plants for Arizona summer is bougainvillea. You can have these purple flowers in your front yard. This plant can thrive at 110′ temperatures.

So, there is no worry about having bougainvillea particularly during summer in Arizona.

best plants for arizona summer

This flower can be one of the best plants for Arizona summer. But still, you have to pay attention to the soil too, since bougainvillea needs good drainage for the flowers to bloom beautifully.

The best thing is, you just have to water them once per week or once every two weeks. Because this plant hates the soggy and wet soil.

best plants for arizona summer
Bougainvillea Tree

9. Adenium

You can call this flower Desert rose. This one will be the best plant for Arizona summer since it can store the water within its stem and branches. Therefore it fits hot summers in Arizona.

You can have it inside the containers or pots and place it outdoors under the full sun.

best plants for arizona summer

For watering adenium, you do it regularly, but you have to wait until the soil is almost dry at 1-2 inch deep. When you think that they will bloom in summer, well no, adenium will bloom in late winter or early spring.

best plants for arizona summer
Adenium Flowers

10. Celosia

Stunning celosia will complete the look of your front yard in Arizona. This flower likes the sun and belongs to a hardy plant. There are two famous varieties that you can have, New look or ChinaTown.

Celosia produces striking spires with a unique twisted form and will produce summer sunset colors.

best plants for arizona summer

You can have them inside the pots or plant containers. Once they bloom, you can make a flower bouquet through these cut flowers indoors. Well-drained soil with moderate water is what makes celosia happy.

best plants for arizona summer
Celosia Flowers

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What grows well in Arizona summer?

From the veggies, grass, flowers, and fruits. You can grow them well in the Arizona summer. There are tips and tricks for having a good harvest when you plant them in your Arizona garden. Although the heat makes it impossible to plant during summer, if you follow the guidance, then you can be more productive during summer. Then in fall, you can harvest and enjoy them right from your garden.

What flowers can survive Arizona heat?

Sunflowers, bougainvillea, celosia and many more can survive Arizona heat. You just have to see how to plant them carefully. For instance about the soil, the frequency of water the plant and the fertilizer to keep the soil fertile and moist. Also the spot to plant the flowers can be recognized too.

How often should I water my grass in Arizona summer?

You can water the lawn or grass two or three times per week. Make sure you water the grass in the early morning or in the evening to avoid the grass turning yellow. Although in a hot summer, avoid watering them more because grass doesn’t need to water often, including in Arizona.

Can hydrangeas live in Arizona?

Yes, hydrangeas can live in Arizona. There are some hydrangeas varieties that can thrive in Arizona. For instance, Bigleaf Hydrangea, Oakleaf Hydrangea, or Smooth Hydrangea. All of the varieties are drought tolerant plants. Panicle Hydrangea suits the best for Arizona summer. 

What potted plants do well in Arizona?

Celosia and adenium will do well as the potted plants in Arizona. You can have them inside the pots even if the summer comes. Also, it is easy for you to move them during the frost season because both of them don’t like cold temperatures.

How do you keep plants alive in Arizona?

By paying attention to how to water the plant and give the mulch around the plants in order to keep the soil moist and cool. Watering the plant in Arizona is a must. Also, you have to pay attention to the shady area since the plants usually need a part shade spot during the noon to avoid direct sun exposure although the plants tolerate drought.

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