25 Brilliant Orchid Hanging Ideas For Your Wall Garden

Want to add to your orchid collection but are confused because the house area is full? Don’t worry! We prepared 25 orchid hanging ideas to help orchid lovers show off their collection while saving space. Most of them use planters, pots, and wooden materials to make good planting places for orchids. Hence, you can hang it indoors in the living room, backyard, or even near the dining table.

Furthermore, those who prefer to display their orchids outdoors can create an orchid corner or simply hang orchid planters on the trees you plant in your garden. They also work great for decorating your patio or balcony. Interested? Let’s check our stunning orchid planter ideas below!

Indoor Hanging Orchid Planter Ideas

Besides outdoor, indoor areas can be the right choice for hanging orchid planters. Their blooms will indeed exquisitely adorn the spaces they inhabit. Wanna try one? Find one that matches your taste below!

1. Orchid Terrariums

orchid hanging ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Better Homes and Gardens)

These orchid planters look like mini terrariums that hang on the ceiling. The idea of making the shape round with a metal frame alloy is brilliant! Your orchid blooms can peek out between the frames, making them look elegant. In addition, the bottom, which is made without glass, makes the roots freely access oxygen and sunlight optimally. We recommend hanging it near the window so the morning sun can greet your plants daily.

2. Hanging Bamboo Orchid Planter

orchid hanging ideas
Source: Pinterest (@anyone4curryandotherthings.com)

Do you have no trees in your garden? No worries! With these bamboo planters, you can create conditions for planting orchids like in their native habitat. Try to grow several orchids in one stem with different colors to make it look more eye-catching. Let the roots hang without cover so they can ‘breathe.’ Next, give a hanging rope on one side of the bamboo to hang on the ceiling.

3. Purple Orchid Wreath

orchid hanging ideas
Source: Pinterest (@sara)

Have you ever thought that orchids could make the best wreath to welcome Christmas or Thanksgiving? With such a wreath-like planter, you can make one by decorating it with purple orchids. You just need to tie the orchid on the planter with rope. Choose the right and left sides, then watch them grow. If it’s still not conspicuous, add the top and bottom sides. It is the best decor to display and hang on your doorstep.

4. Simple Orchid Planter

orchid hanging ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Annbel)

Those who prefer simplicity but love aesthetics will really love this design. Even though it seems so tiny, the lime green hanging planter has a color that matches your kitchen theme. Apart from that, it works fine for the orchids, especially at the bottom there is an open gap for the roots to grow properly. We recommend putting them on the wall near your windows, so they get enough sunlight.

5. Climbing Orchid Arrangement

orchid hanging ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Ия Китасова)

Clear pots are ideal for orchids because the roots need sun exposure to thrive. And for that reason, you can count on this climbing orchid arrangement to adorn your blank wall. Instead of buying the planters, you can use unused plastic cups in your home to create orchid glass vessels. Then, punch holes in them to allow you to hang them on the nails stuck in the wall. As the background is white, you can try growing orchids with different colors to make a beautiful contrast.

6. Dangling Orchids

orchid hanging ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Helga Roth)

Adopting these ideas will make your home feel like a tropical rainforest, with hanging orchids everywhere. You just need to take advantage of a firm ceiling. Or make a metal grid as support, then install them on the ceiling. Then, prepare mini-sized potted orchids, so they are not too heavy when hanging. Also, choose those with color varieties to create stunning decor.

7. Tropical Heaven Hanging Design

orchid hanging ideas
Source: Pinterest (@pamela-crawford.com)

Interested in imitating the atmosphere of a tropical forest but don’t have a large area of land? Well, you can try to create this natural work of art by utilizing orchids and ferns. The ferns will serve instead of sphagnum moss, retaining the moisture the orchids need. They also add a fresh green touch to this arrangement. Meanwhile, the orchids grow beautiful blooms that will make your room full of cheerful vibes.

8. Clean And Neat Orchid Planters

orchid hanging ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Urban Outfitters Europe)

Take advantage of the space in your bathroom to plant orchids with hanging orchid pots! In fact, restrooms can provide their growing conditions, thanks to their high humidity level. The best place to hang them is near the bathroom window or the ventilation hole. Besides adding to your collection, you also decorate your bathroom with stunning flowers and add a tropical atmosphere. Enjoy your bath while gazing at your orchid collection! Well, that may be the best feeling ever!

9. DIY Hanging Orchid Planter

orchid hanging ideas
Source: Pinterest (@plantinghuman.tumblr.com)

DIY ideas never fail to amaze you; we guarantee it! And so, we suggest you try this DIY hanging orchid planter that will look amazing on your living room’s wall. You can make them from used ice cream sticks, arrange them to form a square planter, and then glue them together. Next, tie the wire at each bottom end of the planter as support. Then, plant the orchid you want in it. Make sure the orchid size fits your planter because if it’s too small, it won’t allow your orchid to grow well.

10. Grid Orchid Planter

orchid hanging ideas
Source: Pinterest (@amazon.com)

It is one of the simplest orchid planters you can try to grow your orchids on. The grid shape makes it easy to tie the orchid to the frame. In addition, it also shares aesthetic value with a brown color similar to the original shade of the tree, where the orchids naturally grow. You can hang it in any area, such as the living room, bedroom, or terrace. However, displaying in an open space is better to impress your guests.

11. Multilevel Orchid Pots

orchid hanging ideas
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Do you prefer to create a lush orchid corner with its striking flowers? Maybe this design is for you. This multilevel orchid hanging design will spoil the eyes of anyone who sees it as long as you manage to combine the colors of the orchids well. Let us give you tips! Try planting contrasting color combinations, such as pink, purple, white, yellow, and some with markings on the flowers. Then, position them randomly. Don’t hang those with the same colors too close together.

12. Easy Orchid Planter

orchid hanging ideas
Source: Pinterest (@nzepiphytenetwork.org)

For this design, you don’t even need pots or baskets to hang it. However, you need them to shape the roots into a unique round shape. So, grow the orchids in the round planter for quite some time. When the roots start to establish, prepare them to hang. Tie a rope at the roots. Make sure the ties are strong enough to support the weight of the plant. Then, hang them on your ceiling.

Orchid Hanging Ideas For Outdoor Space

Outdoor areas offer more space to hang your orchid planters. You can freely display them on the trees, patio, balcony, and garden. However, arranging them to become focal points is something that not everyone can do. Hence, we share orchid hanging ideas for outdoor spaces from which you can always get inspired!

13. Colorful Wall Garden With Orchids

orchid hanging ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Blog da Gle)

You can make a colorful wall garden with orchids in your outdoor backyard. All you need to do is a mounted hanging rack on the wall. Then, grow your favorite orchids with various shades in small pots. If you want to make an eye-catching color gradient combination, place those with pale pink blooms in sequence with the deep pink ones. In contrast, for the striking color combo, grow orchids in contrasting colors, like yellow and pink.

14. Rustic Orchid Hanging Planters

orchid hanging ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Lulu Rivera)

Don’t let your terrace look empty because this is the place to show a great impression to your guests. Instead, hang some orchid planters on the edge of the patio roof. In addition to pampering guests who come to your house, those orchids are a stunning decoration for your outdoor space. In addition, placement on that particular site provides benefits for orchids. When it rains, the water will flow to the orchid planters, while the sun will shine on the roots in the morning.

15. Reusable Orchid Hanging Container

orchid hanging ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Balcony Garden Web)

Notice cans of paint pile up in your basement after renovating your house? Don’t throw them away! You can utilize them to make unique orchid planters. But first, you need to drill holes in it to mount the reusable planter on the wall. Now, put your orchid inside the cane and add sphagnum moss, orchid bark, or perlite. Even though it is made from used goods, this simple orchid planter makes a great addition to your outdoor space.

16. Semi-Outdoor Orchid Garden

Semi-Outdoor Orchid Garden
Source: Pinterest (@iyayruyatnasih)

Sometimes, you find an empty spot outside your home area but are confused about decorating it. Calm! Thanks to their captivating flowers, these orchids will transform that dull space into so much more color. How? It’s easy! Prepare the shelf and mount it on the wall. Next, plant the orchid in the terracotta pot and arrange them neatly on the rack. If you want to create dramatic views, choose the varieties with dangling flower stalks.

17. Orchids Hanging On The Tree Stump

Orchids Hanging On The Tree Stump
Source: Pinterest (@www.hangapot.com)

Orchid collectors will never lose sight of their love for those precious flowering plants. One thing that can be done is to display the collection on the tree stumps with the pots mounted. It doesn’t take much time to make; you only have to prepare potted orchids in a terracotta pot. Then, tie the pot to the stump with wire as support. You can also create a wooden rack to support the weight of the plant.

18. Levitating Potted Orchids

Levitating Potted Orchids
Source: Pinterest (@Handyman Magazine)

Hanging baskets may be familiar. But what if those pots look like they’re levitating? It will definitely attract more attention, like this hanging orchid idea. It uses a rope that has a color similar to the wooden fence background. Thus the colors blend in smoothly. In addition, the color of the terracotta pot and the bamboo supports also match the fence, making this arrangement look even more attractive.

19. Coconut Shells Orchid Planters

Coconut Shells Orchid Planters
Source: Pinterest (@twitter.com)

Suppose you live in a tropical country with a bunch of coconut palm trees. In that case, you must try to plant your orchids in coconut shells! Then, mount or tie them with wires on the trees, thus giving the orchid space to grow like in its natural habitat. However, choose the right size of the shells for your plant, considering some varieties may have relatively large sizes.

20. Pink Orchid Hanging On The Tree

Pink Orchid Hanging On The Tree
Source: Pinterest (@Orchid Bliss)

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a ceramic planter or chalkboard-painted orchid pot to plant your plant. You can grow orchids the way they are! To provide them with their growing conditions, you can wrap the roots with a cloth. Then, tie them to the tree trunk with rope. The fabric or coconut midrib will keep the moisture needed for roots in case the humidity levels are too low. It’s easy, peasy, right?

21. Floating Orchids In The Backyard

Floating Orchids In The Backyard
Source: Pinterest (@Edinalva Valverde)

Explore your creativity in utilizing the backyard to hang your orchids collection. The round roots make them look neat, unlike most orchids that look messy with crowded roots. In addition, the flowers look colorful but not too overwhelming, so they are suitable for any home theme. We recommend choosing the lengthy varieties for this design because they show the elegant side of the orchid.

22. Balcony Gardening With Orchids

Balcony Gardening With Orchids
Source: Pinterest (@Yamileth Parafita)

There is nothing wrong with combining hanging orchids with some other plants. In addition to adding variety and enlivening the atmosphere, they also offer various textures. You can put orchids with white, purple, and pink flowers in the center as the center of attention. Meanwhile, the leafy plants at the bottom and top are ornamental grass with dangling stalks.

23. Lovely Orchids Hanging Layout

Lovely Orchids Hanging Layout
Source: Pinterest (@potted houseplants)

We understand that orchid lovers want to collect as many orchids as possible. Some of them even have a special place to display their potted orchid plants. This orchid hanging layout will be your favorite if you are one of them! It doesn’t take up space, yet it takes advantage of the empty roof by hanging baskets with colorful orchid blooms. With such an arrangement, you are like having a mini exhibition of orchids in your.

24. Orchids Fence Arrangement

Orchids Fence Arrangement
Source: Pinterest (@yarnigras.blogspot.com)

A garden fence can be one of the best spot options for hanging orchids, as it is sturdy and allows you to hang pots of various sizes. In addition, your orchids can decorate this area with deep green foliage and a bright atmosphere when they start to produce flowers. To avoid being too plain, choose terracotta planters as the color brightens up the pale background.

25. Minimalist Orchid Corner

Minimalist Orchid Corner
Source: Pinterest (@marlenepaisagista.blogspot.com.br)

With an orchid corner, you can plant multiple orchids in the same place! The grid frame is a fantastic idea as it allows you to hang many pots in one area. Not to mention the white color that makes this space look bright and eye-catching. To elevate the corner, growing orchids with various blooms is recommended. And instead of leaving it empty, add some pots on the roofs. It has not always been orchids. Some tropical plants like Calathea or ferns will adorn this space a lot!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do orchids do well hanging?

Orchids grow well hanging on pots or planters as they are epiphytes. In their native habitat, these tropical flowering plants grow attached to the branches of trees to meet the necessities of life, such as sunlight. They have an open root system that makes it easy for the roots to absorb the sunlight. If you consider hanging them, choose the ceiling or walls. And remember to pick planters with drainage holes or transparent ones.

How do you hang an orchid on the wall?

You can try hanging the orchid anywhere, including on the wall, with the help of planters, wires, and strings. How to do that?

  • Prepare the nail and mount it on the wall with a hammer or drill.
  • Then, choose a pot, planter, or grid that already has a hole to hang. Or you can punch a little hole in it with a drill. Adjust the hole with the nail that is already on the wall.
  • Next, plant your orchid in the planting container. If you are installing orchids on the grid, tie the plants with string to the grid.
  • Please wrap the roots with sphagnum moss to retain moisture and mimic its growing conditions.
  • Hang the orchid on mounted nails. If you use rope or wire, ensure you attach them to the holes you made. Also, tie the straps tightly so they don’t fall off.

Finally, you are all set!

How long can orchids go without water?

Even though orchids thrive best in a humid environment, they can grow without water for about two to three weeks. However, you shouldn’t go more than that period if you don’t want to lose your precious plant. Ideally, orchids will perform best with weekly watering during winter, and twice a week in the summer months.

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