25 Simple and Useful Vegetable Garden Fence Ideas

Planting vegetables of course is very interesting to do, especially for the plant lovers and you who love to pick the veggie right from your own garden. But planting veggies should be placed in a safe and potential location. Therefore, if your garden doesn’t have a fence, you should build one. It is not like building a big fence, it is a simple and useful vegetable garden to protect the greens. 

It is done because many animals can come to your garden when you are not around. So, if you want the veggies to be safe and sound until harvest time is coming, then building the vegetable garden fence will be an excellent idea. We have categorized the fence type based on your needs.  So keep digging!

Rustic Vegetable Garden Fence

It is the common one yet still functional and easy to build. You can create the fence according to your best imagination and the size can be adjusted easily based on the garden size you have. You can make the new one, using the old wood, bamboo, or find out the secondary items to re-use it again. 

1. Tall wooden fence to avoid the deer

vegetable garden fence ideas
Tall Wooden Fence To Avoid The Deer

This is a perfect vegetable garden fence for you. Tall, made of wood and there are smaller wood/logs that are arranged neatly and ensure the rabbits or gophers to come. If the winter comes, you can easily set the cover at the top. It is a good spot to build the garden too, since there is a shady area and a full sun one. You can place the vegetables based on their needs.

2. Wooden Fence Like Home

vegetable garden fence ideas
Source: Pinterest (@images.app.goo.gl)

If your kids love to play around the open field, you can build this adorable wooden and wire vegetable garden fence. There are two sides of the entrance, so you can have fun together while watering the veggie with your children. For the bottom part, you can set the wire if you don’t want any animals to come in

3. Log Stick Fence 

vegetable garden fence ideas
Source: Pinterest (@pioneeringthesimplelife.org

You can use the old logs for your vegetable garden fence as an excellent idea. No need to buy new materials if you have many logs in your garden. You can unleash your creativity to build a useful fence. This one is very simple and high enough for the deer to come. Also, you can plant the vegetable a bit far from the fence to make the animals don’t want to come.

4. Traditional Woven Branch

Traditional Woven Branch
Source: Pinterest (@Rustica)

For those of you who like something traditional and conventional, then this vegetable garden fence idea can be your best choice. It really is suitable if your garden or field is too far from home and the area is a bit wild. This log fence is strong and ready to drive away the animals to come inside. The natural fiber of the woods, how tight the arrangement, and the irregular shape of the log makes it harder for the animals which want to see your greens inside. You can safely plant your favorite vegetables inside without any disruption.

5. Rustic Log fence with scarecrow

Rustic Log Fence With Scarecrow
Source: Pinterest (@Sherie Smith)

Creating a scarecrow for your vegetable garden fence will be a great idea! So, your garden will always be safe from the animals including the birds. But, you can’t only build the scarecrow only, but also the fence. The log or wooden garden fence will be suitable with the scarecrow. It gives a rustic theme and vibe throughout the garden.

6. All White Fence 

All White Fence
Source: Pinterest (@brookegiannetti.typepad.com

This vegetable garden fence idea fits your needs and uses a combination of modern and chic. The white color, not that tall fence including the entrance, and you can apply the wire to avoid the small animals coming in. Besides, you can add the chair and table to let you see the growth of vegetables after you water them. It is so calming for sure.

7. Wooden Log Fence

Wooden Log Fence
Source: Pinterest (@Champagne and Mudboots)

Beautiful rustic log garden fence to protect your vegetables in the field. This is made with enough height and the wire is set along the fence. The garden entrance is made of the same material too. If you need a functional vegetable garden fence, this idea should be yours.

8. Japanese Vegetable Garden Fence

Japanese Vegetable Garden Fence
Source: Pinterest (@imgur)

Inspired by the Japanese entrance, this vegetable garden fence is hard to resist. You can ask the expert to make it together with the entrance door. It is very cool and meets your need for the garden. You can let your dogs come too if you want. Such a perfect veggie garden fence idea, since it is located at the corner of your house.

9. Bamboo Fence

Bamboo Fence
Source: Pinterest (@sunset.com)

Simple, adorable and so rustic vegetable garden fence idea. You can choose to use wood or bamboo to build the fence. And for the garden entrance, you can use the same material or different one to distinguish when you already close the door or not. For the pattern, you can create based on your creativity and favorite patterns.

10. Elegant Fencing

vegetable garden fence ideas
Source: Pinterest (@FlexitarianNutrition)

This is not only beautiful, but also functional to protect your veggie from deer. The diamond pattern for the fence is elegant and classic as well. The height is enough to fully protect. If you also don’t want any groundhog or gophers to come, simply add the wire or vinyl on the blank space. It might ruin the aesthetic, yes, but it helps your veggie to grow happily.

11. Beautiful In White Garden Fence

vegetable garden fence ideas
Source: Pinterest (@reshgala.com)

Oh, it is like you walk in a private park if you have a vegetable garden fence idea like this. If your bed container plants are already stunning, complete with the lamps, you can build a simple white or black wooden fence like this one. To cover the blank space, you can cover it with vinyl or PVC to avoid the animals to come.

Greenhouse For Vegetable Garden Fence

Building a greenhouse might seem different from building a fence, but a greenhouse can act as your vegetable garden fence as well. Moreover, it is usually safer and easier to maintain. There is no reason that your veggies will not love this place. 

12. Greenhouse Concept

vegetable garden fence ideas
Greenhouse Concept

Building a greenhouse is like building a whole house for your veggie, hence the name. You can have a vegetable garden fence including the roof to protect them based on the season that will come. Although they grow in a room, you can open the space easily. So, the veggie will get the proper sun and air exposure. You should have this greenhouse as your vegetable garden fence. 

13. Polycarbonate or Netting Greenhouse 

vegetable garden fence ideas
Polycarbonate or Netting Greenhouse

Having a greenhouse made of polycarbonate or net will make it easier for you to build the garden because you don’t need a fence anymore. The greenhouse itself can act as the vegetable garden fence. If your space is not that large and spacious, you can build the greenhouse to let the veggies grow safe and sound. Also for the winter, you don’t need to cover it in a hurry. It is very versatile yet simple, right?

14. Minimalist Greenhouse

vegetable garden fence ideas
Source: Pinterest (@imoutsidelookingin.tumblr.com)

It is so calming to see a greenhouse like this as your vegetable garden fence. Black and white paint, windows and roofs made of glasses. You can add the lamp inside. While the material for the greenhouse is similar to the real house to make it sturdy and steady.

15. All Black Greenhouse

vegetable garden fence ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Architectural Digest)

The monochrome and minimalist enthusiast should have this vegetable garden fence idea. Even if outside of the greenhouse is different and quite conventional, you can create the new vibe inside the greenhouse after you build the fence. It is very modern, simple yet advanced. 

16. White and Modern Greenhouse

vegetable garden fence ideas
Source: Pinterest (@meillakotona.fi)

This vegetable garden fence idea will surely brighten up your house vibe. With all white painting, complete with the glass to let the sunlight come in easily. Guess your vegetables will grow inside happily. Moreover, no interruption from the animals. Isn’t it lovely to see your veggie in full protection like this?

17. Wooden Greenhouse

vegetable garden fence ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Dee Nash)

No, you are not entering the cafe, you enter the greenhouse with a wooden and chic concept. This vegetable garden fence idea is like building a small house near your house, but cuter than ever. By building a fence like this, you can have a fence with full protection. You are safe to put the bed container or plant the veggie directly to the ground. Choose your best method to plant.

Wooden and Wire For Garden Fence

Yes, it is a combination between two materials for one fence. A wooden fence with wires to fill the space and avoid the small animals to come and try your veggies. When you think it is difficult to set, well, it is quite simple and easy once you know the design. 

18. Wooden Entrance Garden Fence

vegetable garden fence ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Remodelaholic)

It is like entering heaven with this amazing vegetable garden fence. It might be simple and ordinary if you don’t plant the green one along the entrance because the thing that makes it more stunning is the foliage around the gate. Having a lamp for the cool season will be a good idea too. 

19. Simple Wooden Fence 

vegetable garden fence ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Andrea S)

Whether you plant veggies in a bed container or directly to the ground, you can set the vegetable garden fence like this idea. It is easy to check your veggies even from the far. It is made of wood and there is wire too for the bottom part. For the entrance, you can create it conventionally or based on your own preference.

20. Black Vegetable Garden Fence

vegetable garden fence ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Simply Living NC)

Although it looks more like a baby box, this vegetable garden fence idea cannot be missed. You can build the fence with all black color, the wood is pretty thick and to fill the space that is usually filled with the glass, you can set the wire or pvc for the easier process. Don’t forget to set the lock at the garden entrance.

21.  Wooden and Wire Fence

Wooden and Wire Fence
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.com)

The wood fence really matches with the bed containers. So, you just have to expand the height and set the wire along the fence and the garden entrance. There will be no chicken or dogs that can come, while the gophers will find it difficult to dig the soil.

22. Wire Fence With Greenhouse

vegetable garden fence ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Home Awakening)

If you want to plant in a very spacious field, while you can plant inside the greenhouse and outside the greenhouse, you should build another vegetable garden fence outside. A wooden fence with wire and a garden entrance made of steel would be a good idea. It will protect your veggies in both spots.

23. Art Bespoke Fence

Art Bespoke Fence
Source: Pinterest (@THIS IS GLAMOROUS)

Beautiful, artsy, and one of a kind vegetable garden fence that you can have for your own garden. Also, it helps you to avoid animals such as rabbits and deer. So, your veggie garden will be safe until harvest time. You can choose the natural color like this brown one or go for your favorite color. 

24. Double wood garden entrance 

Double Wood Garden Entrance
Source: Pinterest (@deborahsilver.com)

If your vegetable garden is located a bit far from home. You can have this full protection garden fence. The door is double with wire as well, just like the fence. For the wood material, you can choose the natural color or darker one. It is simple, useful, and tall enough to protect the veggie from deer.  

 25. Chicken-proof Vegetable Garden Fence

Chicken-proof Vegetable Garden Fence
Source: Pinterest (@Modern Farmer)

If you are raising chicken and don’t want them to visit your vegetable garden, then you have to build this fence. It is made of wire to make it difficult for the chicken to come and try how delicious the veggie is. You can make it short for the fence if there are no deer or groundhog around your house. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Should I fence my vegetable garden?

Yes, you should fence your vegetable garden to keep them growing properly and well until harvest time. Setting the fence on your vegetable garden also protects the veggie from pests such as deer, gophers, groundhogs, or even your pets. Because you can lock the garden entrance and set the wire or vinyl to cover the space between the fence. 

How can I fence my garden cheaply?

You can use old logs or bamboo to build the fence for your vegetable garden cheaply. Also, it is environmentally friendly because you just re-use the old materials for the new functions. Just unleash your creativity to create beautiful and amazing patterns of your fence. It will look fresh and functional. 

What vegetables can I grow against a fence?

The tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and cantaloupe can continue to grow as long as there is space for them. Fences don’t matter for them as long as there is space for them to grow. So if you plant them all, make sure you really set the border. 

What type of fencing is best for a garden?

Wood and bamboo will be the best type of fencing for gardens, including the vegetable garden. You can find wood and bamboo easily, so no matter the design for your fence, you can create it right away.  

What is the best height for a garden fence?

To avoid deer coming, a fence with 6 feet tall will be a great idea. It delivers a good looking one for your garden and full protection for your veggies. You can create this height if you want.

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