25 Creative and Efficient Tomato Planter Ideas To Try

Are you planning to grow tomatoes in your yard? Or do you really want to experience cropping the tomatoes in your house, even if you don’t have space to plant it? We can grant your wish by showing the recommendation of creative and efficient tomato planter ideas here.

From now on, running out of space will not be an issue anymore. Because you can build your mini garden for your favorite veggie based on your preference after seeing our ideas below. 

Save Space Tomato Planter Ideas 

In order to save spacing, you can do an upside down growing method for tomatoes, or using a hanging basket, bucket or modern containers. It allows you to grow tomatoes without thinking about the limited space anymore.

Check out how to do it!

1. Green Metal Tomato Basket with Small Chains

tomato planter ideas
Source: Pinterest (@ThriftyFun)

Planting tomatoes in a hanging basket? Why not! This is suitable for having cherry tomatoes on your patio. So, you can harvest them easily.

When you think that having a vegetable garden requires a lot of space like the conventional one, through this idea, you can refresh your reference for having a mini yet functional garden in your house.

2. Rattan Hanging Tomato Basket

tomato planter ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Better Homes and Gardens)

A cute one who loves rattan baskets and hanging them while growing tomatoes or other plants.

While your yard is full and there is no more space to plant this one, hanging the basket and letting them grow will be the best choice. When you want to harvest it, simply just put down the basket and cut the ripe ones.

3. Beautiful Container Tomato Planter

tomato planter ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Better Homes and Gardens)

This is one of the elegant tomato planter ideas. You can grow it on top then let the tomatoes hang below without disturbing other plants while the tomato starts growing.

Moreover, since it is planted upside down, you can plant another houseplant on top too! So, there are two kinds of plants in one spot.

Lovely to see, isn’t it?

4. Steady Plastic Tomato Planters

tomato planter ideas
Source: Pinterest (@hydroponicfarm.blogspot.com)

Imagine you want to eat tomatoes then you just have to pick it up from the hanging pots. Isn’t it lovely to do?

If you want to do it, you can start planting the tomatoes using the hanging pots like this. It is simple, easy, and no need for extra care since you know the requirement in growing this veggie. 

5. Rolled Tomato Planter

Rolled tomato planter
Source: Pinterest (@thedragonsfairytail.blogspot.com)

This idea might be tricky because you need to roll the stem of tomatoes and let the part that can grow hanging as it is.

If you are experienced in planting it, you can do it by yourself, but for the first timer, guess you need some help to roll the stems. It can make the plant look neat and your patio always clean.

6. Upside Down Quatro Pots

Upside down quatro pots
Source: Pinterest (@Gardenerd)

The upside down tomato planter idea like this is not only easier for you to harvest, but also beautiful as a decoration of your yard.

Since the planter is pretty high, then your tomatoes can grow healthy and without disturbance.

When the crop season comes, you can just pick it with ease. One thing you have to be aware of is, always check when the windy day comes, make sure the pots are still hanging properly.

7. Ornamental Pot for Hanging Tomato

tomato planter ideas
Source: Pinterest (@AliExpress)

The upside down planters should be cute and beautiful too. So it will attract your guest to see your veggie hanging perfectly on the patio. We guarantee they will ask about how to do it. So, prepare for some simple answers!

8. Old Bucket Planter Idea

Old Bucket Planter Idea
Source: Pinterest (@growingpeople.wordpress.com)

Don’t throw your old buckets yet because you can substitute the pots to grow tomatoes by using these items.

Especially if you can hang it in your patio, it will be good to have fresh tomatoes from your yard to make a salad or tomato sauce. Don’t forget to make enough holes, so the stems can grow down with ease.

Also, make sure the air circulation on top is enough for this plant to grow.

9. A Couple of Metal Buckets Planter

A couple of metal buckets Planter
Source: Pinterest (@atasteoftheearth.blogspot.com)

Hanging the pots or bucket is easy to do, including when you already plant fruits or veggies inside. The planters can save space and there will be no animals or pets that can taste the tomatoes before you do it.

Metal bucket like this can be the best option since it is uncommon and gives another vibe for your yard. 

10. Upcycled Bottles Tomato Pot

Upcycled bottles tomato pot
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

You may cut the budget by using this big bottle as the tomato planters. To make it more efficient, you can hang it, so your space is still spacious.

If you have a few old bottles, don’t throw it away because you can make your own garden like this idea.

Compact and Versatile Tomato Planter Ideas 

You can make the planters extraordinary and versatile by choosing the right medium for your tomatoes. Therefore, you not only build the garden, but also beautify your house.

They not only accommodate your tomatoes to grow well yet it can be a stunning decoration. 

11. Rolling Planter

tomato planter ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Plow & Hearth)

Medium pot, rectangle shape and there are wheels on the bottom will make it easier for you to plant tomatoes. This tomato planter idea is suitable if you have a narrow yard or limited porch.

Because nowadays, you can start planting and harvesting tomatoes no matter how small your space is, you can do it as long as you want. Also, the wheels will allow you to move it in order to get better lighting especially in the morning.

Don’t forget to apply a wire tomato cage to let the veggie grow freely.

12. Medium Tomato Grow Bag

tomato planter ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Dave’s Garden)

The pot like this not only fits for houseplants, but also for planting tomatoes. This is good for beginners, including those who have limited space for planting this one, because you can start a new experience without having extra preparation.

With this medium pot or grow bag, planting tomatoes in a small space is possible.

13. Medium Rectangle Tomato Planter Idea

tomato planter ideas
Medium rectangle tomato planter idea

The ordinary planters can have an extraordinary look once you place it on the corner of your patio. The tomatoes will get enough sunlight although not direct (but it is good for them).

The medium size of rectangle planters makes it easier for you to water them and see the pest if any.  

14. Self Watering Tomato Planter

tomato planter ideas
Source: Pinterest (@gardeners.com)

For the busy person like you, this one is the solution for taking care of your tomato plants easily. This container plant includes a self watered feature, so that your tomatoes will always watered frequently, although you are busy or even forget about it.

By growing tomatoes in this kind of container, you can harvest the fresh one while the time comes, also it can be the greatest decoration in your patio.

15. Plastic Tomato Planter with Trellis

tomato planter ideas
Source: Pinterest (@The Joy Of Plants)

A collection of small pots can be more entertaining and amazing to look at if you compile them in the wire grid like this one, including tomato planters. The view will be more colorful, fresh and easier for you to crop the veggies based on your needs.

Also, you don’t have to move your bodies that much while watering them. 

16. Tiered Tomato Planters

tomato planter ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Cooking Light)

What you need for growing tomatoes in planters is a tiered version like this. No need to put extra effort for this one.

You just have to start planting tomatoes and let them grow upside down since there is a tiered on the pot, the tomatoes can grow freely there. 

17. Simple Planter with Trellis

Simple Planter with Trellis
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

At first, you might think it is just an ordinary plastic pot to grow tomatoes.

Yet, you can make a cage to keep the tomatoes growing on the track. Also, it can be a solution for you who doesn’t have a tiered or set pot cage for this veggie. 

18. Modern Container Planter

tomato planter ideas
Source: Pinterest (@oakparkhome-hardware.com)

This pot is very pretty and modern due to its white clean color. If you have a dwarf variety of tomato, you can grow it inside this one. Then place it in one of the rooms in your house.

It can be a perfect center point that is favorable and enjoyable.

19. Container Plant Set

tomato planter ideas
Container plant set

Adding a fresh look on your seating area by growing tomatoes. Any kind of tomato plants can be grown neatly and beautify your seating area instantly.

Since it is located semi outdoors, guess no issue for this idea to still get enough light and watered frequently.

20. Plywood Pot Planter Idea

Plywood pot planter idea
Source: Pinterest (@Hip2Save)

Through its medium size, this planter can be placed on the corner or as the center point of the room or patio. It can be put on the floor or on the table since the shape is versatile.

The shape will remind you of a tissue box but it contains fresh tomatoes. 

21. Ceramic Pots with Cage on Top

Ceramic pots with cage on top
Source: Pinterest (@gardensmart.tv)

This big pot reminds you of something classic that fits for your big and spacious patio. Moreover, you can add the cage on top to protect tomatoes while they grow up.

So, the veggie will stay still and you can pick them up safely while everything is ripe.

22. Raised Bed Planter

Raised bed planter
Source: Pinterest (@potted houseplants)

Making tomato planters inside raised beds looks neat, easy to maintain, and no issue to crop the ripe ones. You just have to add the wooden sticks, so the tomatoes will creep freely and grow healthy.

You can have some raised beds for tomatoes only or another veggie that you want to grow by yourself too. Make sure you already identify the characteristics of each plant before seeding them.

23. Metal Bucket Pot Planter

tomato planter ideas
Metal bucket pot planter

Having a plastic bucket is common, but these metal bucket pots will enhance your patio as the tomato planters. Also, you can hang it on the fence in order to save space.

It really fits you who have a small patio yet want to have a veggie garden that you can crop them during the cold season.

24. Colorful Tomato Planters

Colorful tomato planters
Source: Pinterest (@Balcony Garden Web)

Ever wondered how to get this pretty and stunning balcony in your house? The answer is planting veggies such as tomatoes in a few varieties and flowers.

Also, choose the colorful pots and dining set to create a different vibe although you just stay at home

25. Concrete Planter with Wire fencing

tomato planter ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Country Living Magazine)

Imagine the roof is full of ripe tomatoes like this! You cannot wait to cut them all and make it for a salad or soup, right? Yes, you can plant the tomatoes like this and support the structure by setting up the wire cage on top.

It is not only beautiful to look at, but also safe from your pets.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best container to grow tomatoes in?

Concrete containers will be the best one. Because you still can plant the tomatoes right to the ground. Making a concrete container is quite easy as well as long as you have enough space. 

How big of a planter is needed for a tomato plant?

The best planter for growing tomatoes can hold 5 gallons of soil and the width is around 20 inches or more. Also make sure the planter has good drainage on the bottom.

So, you can plant it conventionally or upside down.

How deep does a container for tomatoes need to be?

Generally for growing tomatoes, you need a container that is 24 inches deep. For dwarf varieties of tomatoes you can have less because usually you want to grow it in medium or small pots. 

Can 2 tomato plants be planted together?

It is better to grow one kind of tomato in one pot. It will avoid diseases or any problems that may occur. Furthermore, the tomatoes can grow properly if inside one place, the variety is the same. 

Do tomatoes prefer deep or wide pots?

Deep pots are good for tomatoes because they can accommodate the root system of tomato plants. Usually, the standard depth for pots is around 30 cm.

So, if you decide to plant tomatoes in the pots, make sure the depth of the pots meets the requirement. 

Do tomato plants grow better in pots or in the ground?

It is better to grow tomatoes in the ground because it requires less maintenance and effort. The best soil for growing tomatoes in loose, well-drained and rich soil.

Growing this veggie directly to the ground will allow the tomato to grow happily with no limitation. 

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