25 Unique Tree Stump Ideas To Decorate Your Garden

A tree stump is a small remaining portion of the tree left after you cut it down. Some people try to burn it down because they think it is useless. On the other hand, we choose to think out of the box by compiling some tree stump ideas to challenge creativity. Instead of wasting this precious old stump, you can create decorative art like flower pots, planters, a fairy garden, and even chair and table sets.

Furthermore, others even go beyond by making a fire pit from a large stump. If you are interested in tree stump craftings and want to make one for your outdoor living space, you better look at our tree stump ideas below! Each has unique and aesthetic value, which is a pity to miss.

Tree Stump Ideas For Flower Pots

Flower pots are one of the most popular tree stump ideas. They are easy to make and low budget yet offer unique beauty in your garden. In addition, tree stump flower pots are also easy to combine with other knick-knacks, such as decorative stones and bird baths. Are you curious? Go check them out!

1. Flower Vase Of The Stump

tree stump ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Review This Reviews!)

Flower vases are generally used as living room decorations to give a colorful touch to the area. However, what happens if the flower base is made of a tree stump? It turns out that the vase can be a focal point in your garden. With the addition of flowers planted on top of it, the tree stump looks like a wooden vase crowned with flowers. In addition, the circular arrangement of decorative stones makes a retaining wall look eye-catching.

2. Natural Hanging Pots

tree stump ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Plant Care Today)

Among other tree stump ideas for flower pots, this design seems to attract attention. It is because the flowers seem to grow attached to tree trunks. If you want to make a tree stump flower pot version like this, find a tall, large tree stump. Then, make a hole about 3/4 of its height from the ground. Furthermore, fill the gap with your best quality of garden soil and then plant your beautiful flowers. We recommend yellow, orange, pink, or purple blooms whose color creates impressive contrast against the pale brown background of the stump.

3. Recycle Garden Beds

tree stump ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Creating Through Chaos)

Utilize your used things and old tree stumps in your garden to make these exquisite recycled garden beds. The stunning yellow and pink flowers with green foliage perfectly create striking color diversity in the landscape. Meanwhile, the plastic bowl offers a medium to grow those pretty flowering plants. Some succulents will be ideal for providing different textures and shades. With such beauty, butterflies and ladybugs will not hesitate to visit your garden.

4. Bird Bath With Flower Pots

Bird Bath With Flower Pots
Source: Pinterest (@Deborah Shannon)

Narrow space is not an excuse not to be able to decorate your garden beautifully. In fact, you can hone your talented sculptor’s soul by creating a lovely bird bath with flower pots around it. Not only does this arrangement attract people’s attention, but birds will love to take a sip of water whenever they get thirsty. Meanwhile, other pollinators, like butterflies and bees, will happily hang around the flowers growing on the edges of the stump surface.

5. Stump Flower Bucket

tree stump ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Bless My Weeds)

Have small tree stumps in your front yard? Why don’t you try to make a flower bucket out of it? It is so simple yet fascinating! The vibrant pink flowers with the greenery of the leaves lushly grow on the old stump surface, creating an image of a rustic bucket. Also, the tiny structure of the stump suggests the easy hand-grip for the bucket you can bring for your loved ones. In addition, it will be better to spread pea gravel at the base to highlight its presence in your garden.

DIY Natural Tree Stump Planter Ideas

In addition to flower pots, tree stump ideas include DIY natural planters. Slightly different from flower pots, the natural planter allows you to freely decorate the stump with the support used to attach hanging baskets. And most importantly, they are budget-friendly!

6. Rainforest-Inspired Flowers Planter

Rainforest-Inspired Flowers Planter
Source: Pinterest (@Empress of Dirt)

Imagine you have this unique planter in your garden! It looks whimsical with ornamental grass growing downwards, resembling a weeping willow tree. It is striking because it is tall and has a flat surface like a simple table where flowers grow. Given its towering height, it’s no wonder this planter will easily attract the attention of people visiting your house.

7. Swinging Flower Planter

Swinging Flower Planter
Source: Pinterest (@Julie Derakis)

Similar to the previous one, this flower planter takes advantage of the height of the tree stump to make your flower collection stand out. The baskets are hung at different heights and tend to zig zag so as not to look stacked. Choose long wall hangings to make these flower pots look dancing around the stump. Furthermore, build a small wooden fence at the base to protect your precious planter from wandering pets.

8. Vehicle-Like Flower Planter

tree stump ideas
Vehicle-Like Flower Planter

If you have a long and large stump, it is your chance to create a distinctive planter no one will ever think of. Let the natural motif of the wood fibers exist while painting abstract patterns on the surface to enhance its appearance. Next, crave a hole to make a planting spot for your flowers. Then, make two elongated wooden wheels as supports at the bottom. Glue with nails to ensure a strong structure. Display it in your garden and let the passerby give their impression.

Lawn Ornaments Made Of Tree Stumps

For those who want something other than flower pots and planters, we have collected some tree stump ideas for charming lawn ornaments in your garden. There are four different items that will, hopefully, inspire you to make one on your own. Find them below!

9. Bird Nest On Tree Stump Ideas

Bird Nest On Tree Stump Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@DIYnCrafts.Com)

Invite your avian friends to take a rest and maybe reproduce in your outdoor space by providing a comfy tree stump bird nest. It has two mini houses where they can access the entrance from the front door to take shelter from the summer heat or cold at night. Other than that, this exquisite ornament will indeed become a center point in your garden. Hence, we recommend you create a mini fence to protect the structure and allow the birds to rest peacefully without disruptions.

10. Wooden Stump Path

Wooden Stump Path
Source: Pinterest (@Cherry Park Design)

It is one of the simplest tree stump ideas for those who want to add a wooden touch to their home. To make this garden treasure, you will only need tree stumps of different sizes, pea gravel, or river rock. Install the stumps randomly on the blocks that you want to decorate. Make sure not to place tree stumps of the same size in one area as it will take up too much space. After that, spread the stones between the stumps. And that’s it! This arrangement will provide various colors and textures to the landscape.

11. Cat Figure On A Tree Stump

tree stump ideas
Source: Pinterest (@tools.linksynergy.com)

We guarantee cat lovers will adore this tree stump idea since it features the animal they love the most. In addition, this ornament can also be used to commemorate their dead cat. It only takes the medium-sized tree stump and the cat statue. You can customize the figure as you wish and install it on the top. Try to display it in the center or near the garden entrance to make it a focal point.

12. Glow In The Dark Tree Stump Design

Glow In The Dark Tree Stump Design
Source: Pinterest (@solebich.de)

Another no-effort tree stump idea to adorn your garden. While others will make you spend the effort to create beautiful garden decorations, this one only requires fairy light or lighting bulbs. Wrap the glow of your choice on the tree stump. Ensure the lamps are not concentrated in one area so that the light is evenly distributed. Try warm tones instead of colorful lights to offer a mystical atmosphere in the dark gardens at night.

DIY Gnome House And Tree Stump Fairy Garden

Good news for fairytale lovers because your old tree stump can make a wonderful gnome house and fairy gardens! These tree stump ideas will bring the atmosphere of a fairy tale right in front of your eyes as if the fairies live there.

13. Minimalist Gnome Tree Stump With Fairy Garden

Minimalist Gnome Tree Stump With Fairy Garden
Source: Pinterest (@UPcycled City™ the Upcycling Community)

For fairy world lovers, making a gnome house from an old tree stump will be an ideal choice for their garden decor. It will take extra effort compared to other tree stump ideas, but it will be worth it! The key is your creativity to make a foundation resembling a house with a triangular roof. Then, choose a light color to distinguish it from the house building, especially for the fence and windows. Also, build a mini ladder as an access road from the front door. Don’t forget to grow flowers around to create a mini fairy garden.

14. Eccentric Nerd Gnome House

tree stump ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Unsplash)

Unlike other gnome houses, this one looks weird yet exciting. The shape of the house resembles a human face. The nose is made of a carved tree trunk, while the glasses are from a used vintage bicycle. In addition, the hat looks unique because it is made of woven wood with ornamental shrubs on the top. There is also no window, only one huge door at the stump’s base. If you have a tall tree stump, this one will be a great deal to make.

15. Fairy Tree House

tree stump ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Dawn Wornhoff)

If you have a tall enough tree stump, it’s time to realize your childhood dream by making a fairy tree house! Build a window, front door, triangular roof foundation, and balcony as the main components of the house. Instead of emptying the roof, create a hole as an upper window and decorate it with rocks or wood chippings. Also, attach some fairy figures to give the impression that they live in it. Don’t forget the bells and flowers as the hallmarks of the fairy-tale world.

16. Simple Fairy Hut

tree stump ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Milena Schnobl)

Some people like earth tones for garden decorations. If you are one of them, you can try this simple fairy hut. Build roofs, doors, and windows from wood and install them on the tree stump. Also, the little fence beautifies the look of the house. Attach the vintage lamp under the side window. To enhance its aesthetic appeal, add flagstone shards around the front page and put two plant containers on the right and left sides of the front door.

17. Rustic Gnome House

Rustic Gnome House
Source: Pinterest (@Nancy Schmalz)

Gnome house and garden are whimsical childhood treasures that are cool to be garden decorations, like this rustic home design on this one. It features an enormous wooden roof whose color is in tune with the tree stump. On the other hand, the windows have a bright red color synonymous with fairy tale gnome houses, making for gorgeous color contrast. Meanwhile, the gray garden path has a minimalist design that adds different shapes to the landscape. The welcome door sign is also there to greet the tiny-winged creatures.

18. House of Tiny Winged Creatures

tree stump ideas
House of Tiny Winged Creatures

Transform your abandoned pond in the garden into the limelight with this old fairy house. Instead of stacking the stump on the ground, you can remove it and use the aesthetics of the roots as a fairy house decoration. This structure also allows you to build wooden stairs that lead to the pool. Also, add a mushroom-like chimney to enhance the vintage vibe of the house.

Garden Chair And Table

If you like items with functional value rather than aesthetics, garden chairs and tables made of tree stumps are the right choices. You can carve the stump into a garden chair to relax or a table to put your cup of coffee and books. Besides, you can make a multifunctional fire pit and table as an additional piece to your outdoor area.

19. Easy Outdoor Table

Easy Outdoor Table
Source: Pinterest (@cosmopolitan.com)

Instead of buying a new garden table, why don’t you make your own table from a tree stump? It will save you a lot of money, but only if you want to spend more time patiently craving this old piece. Choose a medium-size, tall tree stump to make it ideal for most table sizes. Then, put a circle of wooden boards on it and glue it with nails. Sand the surface to make it smooth. And done! It is ready to use.

20. 2-in-1 Fire Pit And Table

2-in-1 Fire Pit And Table
Source: Pinterest (@Stonewood Products)

While our previous collection features an easy-made table, this 2-in-1 fire pit also displays a fancy design that covers the table. The advantages lie in function and high aesthetic value, considering the vast and old tree stump is rare. If you are lucky enough to find such a tree stump, start by sanding a hole in the top to fill it up with charcoal. Leave space so that it can function as a table. Then smooth the surface. After that, coat the sides with wood varnish to make it last.

21. Patio Table Set

tree stump ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Pam Freedman)

In addition to the garden, the tree stumps table set is also suitable for the patio. It’s just that you need to adjust the design to match the patio design you have. We recommend choosing small tree stumps because they are easier to carve and sand. Also, look for one that has a unique wood pattern, so this piece can be a decoration too. Add a circular glass on top, so the wood grain pattern is visible. Then place a comfy chair facing this table and two additional tree stumps if you want to enjoy coffee in the afternoon.

22. Clean Tree Stump Table

Clean Tree Stump Table
Source: Pinterest (@Hometalk.com)

This tree stump table looks clean and neat. Unlike some previous table collections, this time, the shape looks like a perfect tube without any traces of roots and tree fibers on its body. Instead, it adds a horizontal pattern with white painting in the lower quarter. And it turns out to look gorgeous too! You can use this table in your room to display your nightlight, a flower vase, or put your favorite books down after reading them.

23. Wooden Rustic Plant Table

tree stump ideas
Wooden Rustic Plant Table

Those who have a house with a large backyard will definitely like this layout. Moreover, there is an accent tree stump table that adds to the rustic impression of this tropical backyard. The color of the table is very in sync with the fire pit and pea gravel with earth tones color, which looks clean and tidy, looking great on both sides of the wooden bench. Add two potted plants above the tables to add a tropical feel to this spot.

24. Mini Open Air Dining Area

tree stump ideas
Mini Open Air Dining Area

Build your children a fantastic open-air dining area that makes them feel like they are in a fairy tale world. It features six chairs that allow them to invite their friends to play in your backyard. Alternatively, you can create a long tree stump bench to provide space for more children. Meanwhile, the table provides space for snacks, drinks, or toys. Create a mosaic pattern on the table surface to make it more child-friendly with colorful vibes.

25. Unique Set Of Garden Table And Chairs

tree stump ideas
Unique Set Of Garden Table And Chairs

A set of tree stump chairs is ideal for those who make their garden a favorite place to hang out. They will provide a comfy spot where you can spend time chatting with your family while having snacks and drinks. We suggest making a wide surface design and positioning it closer to the table, so it is easier to access the items you place on it. In addition, the river stone floor will be a perfect addition to add more texture to the garden.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you make a tree stump look good?

Instead of leaving your old tree stump behind, how about making easy DIY tree stump ideas to challenge your creativity? You can try to create flower planters with hanging baskets on top of the stump, then grow flowering plants in the containers.

If you want something simple, sand the top until it’s even. Then, make the tree stump a table to put books or a flower vase.

What do you do with tree stumps once removed?

The most important thing to do after tree stump removal is to fill the hole with loam or sawdust. It is crucial to prevent soil from collapsing since the former tree soil may become unstable after you remove the stump.

If you don’t want to use it, you can burn it. But please remember to find out whether burning is legal in your area. However, exploring tree stump ideas and making a cute handicraft from your old tree stump is better than burning it.

What do you do with a tree stump in the front yard?

Suppose you have a tree stump in the front yard. In that case, you can try to find the best tree stump ideas to create something unique with the old piece. One of the most popular tree stump ideas is to make DIY flower pots as they are easy and low-budget.

First, you must carve out a stump surface basin to create a hole. Then, fill it with garden soil where you can plant your flowers. If you are lucky enough to find a rotted surface of the tree stump, remove the wood chips, add soil, then start planting the flower seeds.

Is it bad to leave a tree stump?

Unfortunately, leaving a tree stump to rot is terrible for the surroundings. Since the tree dies, it often encourages fungus to grow all over the stump. Besides, it provides preferable soil conditions for the fungus to spread and infect other trees.

What are tree stumps good for?

A tree stump can make various handicrafts, like flower pots, planters, and a delightful fairy garden. Also, a large tree stump makes a great alternative to stepping stones.

However, it also makes your garden chores difficult since it can potentially damage your mower. In addition, some weeds that grow near the stump are hard to remove thoroughly. 

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