The Best Way of Growing Orchids in Water- helpful advice

Growing orchids in water are fantastic, and you can enjoy doing it. They are fascinating plants that you can grow either indoors or outdoors. They are unique plants to give your friends or family as a gift. Sometimes, they can prove challenging to grow, but you can keep them alive for many years if you understand their growth pattern.

Most gardeners have adopted this as their new norm because they are unique plants to have in your home. Orchids water culture is the best method for propagating them without using soil. The technique is effective and reliable because you only need water, a container such as a glass vase, sterile equipment, and commitment.

Let’s take a look at my comparison table, you can find one of the most glorious glass vase for your orchids:



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MyGift Rectangular Glass Trough Vase

- Brand: MyGift
- Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7.87 x 3.93 x 3.93 inches
- Item Weight: 3.75 pounds
- Material: Glass
- Color: Clear
- Shape: Rectangular
- Plant succulents, cacti, herbs or a terrarium for a fresh green atmosphere
- Easy to display on desk, table, shelf, windowsill and counter top surfaces

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Table Glass Vase

- Item Dimensions LxWxH: 6.3 x 6.3 x 7.5 inches
- Item Weight: 1.35 pounds
- Material: Glass
- Color: Clear
- Shape: Cylinder
- Combine LED lights with wooden base to make this modern vase
- Warm white LED lights and work on 3xAA batteries(excluded)
- Timing function, the timer is 6 hours on ,18 hours off

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Ivolador Propagation Glass Hydroponic Vase

- Brand: Ivolador
- Package Dimensions: 2.4 x 4.8 x 5.2 inches
- Item Weight: 4.8 Ounces
- Material: Wood, Glass, Metal
- Color: Retro Wooden
- Shape: Round
- Mini bulb shape vase with wooden stand
- Smooth surface, good permeability, beautiful shape.
- Breakage-Proof Package, guarantee FREE replacement for any damaged product

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Can orchids grow in water?

This is the most frequent question among most gardeners. But they are the most unique and attractive plants to grow hydroponically through water culture. Therefore, you can collect and propagate various kinds of orchids. But most gardeners are not sure about this method of growing orchids in water.

To answer your question, yes, it is possible to grow your houseplants in water. They can be quite fussy regarding the environment you are propagating them. If your growing medium is infected, you should remember that it can diminish their health and eventually become weak and die.

Therefore, this mechanism is simple, and it enables your plants to be healthy and strong. Most orchids are mainly epiphytic, while others are terrestrial. Different varieties have their preferred growing medium, but most of them go well in water.

Some orchids uprooted from the nursery are enveloped in sphagnum moss. This maintains the moisture of the roots and prevents them from harboring harmful pathogens. But if you notice your plants becoming peaky, remove them from the container and assess the conditions of the roots.

 You can use visual inspection to determine if your orchids have developed root issues such as rot or pseudo bulb. Hydroponics is the best method for growing your plants. They greatly depend on plant rotation, such as soaking them in water for about two days and allowing them to dry out for approximately 4 to 5 days.

Never grow your orchids by removing them from potting mix directly into the water. They need some time to adjust to changes, although they are known to be highly adaptive. Do you know that it takes approximately eight years for them to blossom?

And propagating them without using the soil is becoming a popular endeavor among many gardeners. So it is possible to grow your plants in water; all you need to do is follow the steps highlighted below.

How to Grow Orchids in Water?

You can know how to propagate them through various mechanisms. One virtue that you should have while practicing orchids hydroponics is patience. If your plants seem to be weak, then this is the only useful and reliable remedy.

You should keep in mind that these houseplants are epiphytes; therefore, you need to be careful and meticulous while growing them. Growing orchids in water offer a cultural state that enables the circulation of adequate moisture. Follow the steps below and learn how to grow your orchids.

Step #1: Prepare your Orchids

You need to prepare your plants for water culture. First, remove them from the vase and examine if their aerial roots are intertwined, be gentle while untangling them. Rinse the aerial roots thoroughly and check if some of them are rotten.

Use a sanitized pruner to trim out the rotten roots or discolored parts, and your houseplants will be ready for water propagation. Some gardeners prefer to use cinnamon or hydrogen peroxide to wash the roots further. Although it is not necessary, rinsing the roots with distilled water is highly recommended.

This first step is critical because root rot can negatively affect the success of growing orchids in water. After you are satisfied with the rinsing process, the next step is to deep them in a container full of water. But ensure the container can spacious to accommodate the roots.

Step #2: Prepare the Container

A glass vase with high curved sides is the perfect container for growing your orchids. It should be transparent for viewing of dirt that accumulates at the base. The glass container enables your orchids to be stable and inhibits flopping during growth.

You can also support the roots to maintain their uprightness by placing clay pebbles beneath the container. Moreover, this also can prevent rotting since the plants get enough moisture. Therefore, you should be very careful when choosing the best glass vase for them.

Step #3: Pour Water in the Container

Now that you have acquired your preferred growing medium (glass vase container), the next thing you should consider is water. Do not use tap water because some municipalities treat it with harmful chemicals that might kill your orchids instantly. 

Therefore, it is advisable to use distilled or filtered water. Another better option is also using rainwater. So, before you start planting your plants, ensure your distilled or rainwater is lukewarm to prevent root shock.

Step #4: Orchid Maintenance

When it comes to caring for your plants, it’s pretty much straightforward. It is imperative to change your water once or twice a week to prevent pathogens or harmful contaminants. This is also the best time to fertilize them. 

Prepare fertilizer mix in a separate container with water in the ratio of 1:4. Remove the orchid from the container, submerge it in the mix, and soak for about 15minutes. Then place it back in the original glass container after changing the water.

You understand that orchids need oxygen for growth. So, use the best airstone to supply enough oxygen if you notice that the air is depleted. If you want your plants to blossom, you propagate them in a greenhouse to accelerate the process.

Orchids also require temperature, and it is easy to control indoor temperatures. Apart from that, they need bright distilled light for proper growth. Therefore, you should always check for all the requirements needed for growth and adjust them according to your environment.

The Best Glass Vases to Grow Orchids

You never know when you can receive fresh orchids; therefore, you need to keep some glass vases. There are different kinds of vases you can buy from the shop. Below are some of the best vases you can use;

1. MyGift Rectangular Glass Trough Vase

This is a rectangular transparent glass vase for growing orchids in water. It is a versatile vase that easily displays the roots of your plants, thus giving you an easy time to monitor them. There it is suitable for any gardener that is interested in growing different varieties of tropical plants.

This vase is perfectly designed to meet the needs of your plants, succulents, and flowers. It has different dimensions; it has a height and diameter of about 4-inches and a width of approximately 7.9-inches.

It has proper drainage at the base to allow a constant flow of air. This can help the root system enhance its capability to absorb enough nutrients that don’t contain excess moisture. It provides a green and refreshing atmosphere for your houseplants.

You can display it in any place, such as windows, tables and countertops. It weighs about 3.75 pounds; thus, you can carry it easily. You can choose from different ranges to use for hydroponic gardening.

In addition, you can get them in different colors depending on your taste. It is constructed from glass, and the roots cannot tumble from it easily. This glass vase is rated highly due to its robust structure and ability to protect your houseplants.

If you purchase it, you might discover that the quality of glass used to make it is superior. It is strong and sturdy, unlike plastic vases. It is transparent, allowing you the watch the roots closely to prevent any issue that might arise.

Ultraviolet rays cannot affect it; thus, your plants cannot burn due to the sun. It is an excellent value for your money because it is relatively affordable. Get yourself MyGift Rectangular Glass vase and enjoy propagating your indoor plants.

Transparent thus easy to monitor the roots
Rectangular shape
A great value for your money
Made of high-quality glass
Highly reliable and effective

2. Table Glass Vase

The table glass vase is designed perfectly to fit in the interior of most homes. It is made of strong glass with a modern look. It is an exquisite addition to your home, and it is easy and straightforward to use; you plant your orchids, and you are done.

It has a drainage hole beneath it, and it comes with LED light and a wooden base, which is used to empty excess water. It’s perfectly designed to grow your houseplants because it is transparent. Thus, their roots can absorb enough light for healthy growth.

The transparency of the vase also allows you to monitor the roots of your plants so that they cannot become root-bound. This glass pot is available in different colors according to your taste and preferences. It uses a battery to provide the plants with enough light. And they have a timing function.

You might like its look and appearance, but it does not cost much because you can afford it. If growing orchids in water with this vase, they can be happy. This is because their roots receive adequate light, and it has proper drainage.

Most users have attested that it is quite heavy to prevent your houseplant from tumbling over. The wooden base is steady enough to inhibit any accidental slippage. It is packaged perfectly to prevent breakage. You are guaranteed 100 percent satisfaction and a product warranty of six months.

The manufacture also provides valuable information that can help you to use it correctly. The company manufacturing this planter offers you outstanding customer service. The main disadvantage of this glass vase is that it is not perfectly ventilated, thus affecting the root system.

It is affordable
It’s transparent, allowing you to monitor the roots
It’s perfectly packaged
It’s perfectly packaged
It comes with a supportive wooden base
Poorly ventilated

3. Ivolador Propagation Glass Hydroponic Vase

Ivolador is a substantial vase for your houseplants because it has a transparent glass planter and wooden stand. The vase has a smooth surface with a beautiful shape. It has a good permeability which allows water to flow through the holes.

It has a suitable size that can fit well in your home. The wooden stand has different dimensions with a height of 5-inches, a width of 4.9-inches, and a diameter of 2.5-inches. The wooden frame is made of natural and robust wood.

It is great for orchid arrangement in your home, thus making it ideal for you. It is relatively easy to set up and pour distilled water by removing the glass bottles. It is easy to clean; you have to use a small brush and a minimal amount of toothpaste.

Its design allows you to water your plants through various options. It will enable the water to reach the roots; thus, it is quite reliable and highly effective. You will love using this vase because it is lightweight and substantial.

Its wooden stand protects the glass vase from slipping, which you can find to be helpful. Your orchids can be extremely happy if you grow them in this vase. This is planter has an excellent value for your cash because it is durable.

The good thing is that the manufacturer can replace it if it breaks within one week. Thus it has a product warranty of about one month. This is a good glass vase for growing your orchids with minimal problems.

Constructed with premium quality glass
Steady wooden stand
It has a simple product design
It enhances the health of your orchids
Needs proper ventilation


Orchids are attractive flowers, and they can survive the different growing mediums. Growing orchids in water are easy and straightforward in the four basic steps. First, you prepare them, acquire a glass vase container, add distilled water to it and lastly, provide necessary maintenance.

They are ideal for water culture and thrive in moist conditions; therefore, they grow healthy and strong. This hydroponic method is easy and simple for starters. Nevertheless, you can also try other techniques. Have fun!

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