25 Strawberry Trellis Ideas for Sturdy, Stable and Easy Growing

Planting strawberries is always a fresh idea. Although sometimes the problem is lack of space since what we usually see is growing this fruit requires a big space. Yet, no worry since we have 25 strawberry trellis ideas to grant your wish on harvesting your own strawberries directly. It is sturdy, stable and easy to do!

When your space is big enough, we also give you some recommendations to grow this juicy fruit for you. So, big or small space is not a problem. We’ve covered it for you.

DIY Strawberry Trellis

Building the strawberry trellis might be tricky, but you can see the inspiration that you can choose and fit it for your space. Whether the space is limited or not, you can find the best suit for your garden.

1. Arch trellis

strawberry trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Better Homes and Gardens)

The trellis with arch shape like this will give you a bunch of strawberry harvest in spring. The trellis is not that tall but can protect the strawberry from the pets. Just make sure the wire is strong enough when the strawberry bushes appear.

2. Grid trellis

strawberry trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Adventures of a Caregiver)

It looks like a planter and trellis in one set because you plant it inside the pots first then let the fruits climb the trellis as they grow. The planter is separated by 3 containers as well, so it avoids crowding seeds in one place. Also, it will give you so much ease to maintain and check if there is an issue on one of them.

3. Wire tower

strawberry trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Awesome)

Planning to make trellis yet you only have pot in your house? No worries because you can make your own trellis using this wire. It doesn’t require too much material because the wire is easy to find in the market or just buy the grid wire like this, then stick it on your pot after seeding.

4. Strawberry on the pergola

Strawberry on the pergola
Source: Pinterest (@Van Meuwen)

Growing strawberries vertically like this idea is a good one you can be inspired by. It can be your gate as well to welcome the guests and show them how you love planting strawberries. If you wonder how to grow strawberries like this idea, you can see there is a planter below, so the strawberries still get the soil.

5. Chevron trellis

Chevron trellis
Source: Pinterest (@hollishomestead.com)

No, it is not a fence. It is a chevron trellis that you can use for growing strawberries. Although it can be a fence and used as a privacy screen as well, it is stable enough to hold the plants while they are mature. Also, you can create it using old wood. So, no need to buy a new one.

6. Strawberry arbor wire trellis

Strawberry arbor wire trellis
Source: Pinterest (@mikkisenkarik.wordpress.com)

Oh, a gigantic trellis for you to harvest abundant strawberries! Also, you can imagine how fresh, smells good, and attractive once the fruits appear and fill all the trellis beautifully. It is time to make all the meals from strawberries. It can be a gate of your house as well, a stunning gate to welcome your visitors. Guess it can be the most amazing gate full of strawberries ever!

7. Spiral trellis

strawberry trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Hometalk.com)

As for beginners, you can create spiral trellis to begin growing strawberries. The height can be adjusted as well based on your need. Creating a trellis like this will save your time since you can make it easily and no need to do it that much. The material of trellis can be a wire or sturdy plastic. Just make sure the material is strong enough while the growing strawberry is getting bigger.

8. Climbing the wooden stick

strawberry trellis ideas
Climbing the wooden stick

Although the base is using pots, the trellis still can be done by sticking the wood on the soil. By doing that, the trellis can be a place for strawberries to climb. If the plants grow until mature and the fruits turn to ripe, we are sure the spots will turn into bushes full of red strawberries. Then, you can make strawberry milkshake or strawberry jam only by starting a small garden like this.

9. Old tree trellis with wire grid

strawberry trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@theblissfulgardeners.com)

When you experience making a shelf, then you can create this one too since you just have to change the wire grid and set it like this one. The size is enough for strawberry bushes and you can put it inside your garden. You can start planting it from the bottom and let the fruits emerge from the grid. Then, you don’t have to down yourself only for picking up the fruits.

10. Trellis for winter

strawberry trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Dishin & Dishes)

When you are out of space, setting up the trellis for growing new fruits, like strawberries, is a solution. It is like adding a new playground in your garden yet you can enjoy it when the harvest season comes. The trellis is pretty simple and requires less material. It can be a preparation for winter as well since you can cover it easily.

11. Small pyramid bushes

Small pyramid bushes
Source: Pinterest (@greenesgardenthings.forumotion.com)

It is like a pot yet in pyramid shape. Since the size is not that big, you don’t have to stake the planters first. You can just create a pyramid as it is. If you cannot do it by yourself, you can order for building this one. Then, after it is done, start seeding the strawberry plants and maintain it. When it is the time to harvest, don’t forget to invite the kids to pick the strawberry to be enjoyed with your whole family.

Beautiful trellis you can find easily

When you have no time to build your own trellis, buying outside is not wrong. You can select what’s best for your garden. Measure what really fits for the space and time to gardening!

12. A cage for strawberry

A cage for strawberry
Source: Pinterest (@pomonafruits.co.uk)

Look how fresh the strawberries are on a cage trellis like this. The fruits can grow and climb perfectly. Also, you can move the trellis easily in order to get perfect lighting and water them. Just be careful to keep the balance while moving this when the fruits are full like this one.

13. Strawberry streams

Strawberry streams
Source: Pinterest (@Suttons Seeds)

Imagine the ripe strawberries streaming beautifully in your garden. It is like a gate to heaven. You can set the trellis in order to let the fruits climb or creep on it. Once the plants turn into bushes, you will be amazed at how beautiful and fresh your garden will be.

14. Rectangle trellis mini garden

strawberry trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Gardenista)

A long tunnel of trellis is really suitable for you who have a spacious yard and want to grow various fruits, including strawberries here. The trellis is made of metal and your kids cannot reach the top of it. You can have it for your house by ordering a trellis model like this if you don’t have time to make it by yourself.

15. Strawberry tower

strawberry trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

It is like building towers in a cartoon world because the tower is made of strawberry plants. You have to set up the trellis first to hold the strawberry once they grow mature and ripe. This is very beneficial and complete if the space is big enough so the view will be lovely. This fits for strawberry lovers like you.

16. Wooden teepee

strawberry trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@A Piece of Rainbow)

A big teepee frame that you can use for growing strawberries like this might be helpful. You can place it on the ground, so you just have to start seeding inside the soil and let the fruits climb to the top. One thing to remember is you have to ensure the teepee frame is placed inside the soil deep enough.

17. trellis for strawberries bushes

trellis for strawberries bushes
Source: Pinterest (@gardening.stackexchange.com)

Beautiful strawberry trellis for your front yard that make everyone drool while the harvest time comes. You can use an iron trellis to ensure it is sturdy and can hold strawberry bushes. Because iron material is strong enough to hold the plants and you don’t have to change it regularly. Let’s see how amazing your patio will be with this item.

18. A pack of wooden trellis

strawberry trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@rexgarden.com)

The wooden frame to grow your favorite fruits is easy to find. The shape is like mini stairs, then you just have to arrange based on this idea. When the strawberries grow, you will have an abundant harvest of fruit from this trellis. If you want to add another plant, you can use another side of this trellis. So, there are various plants on one trellis.

19. Wire trellis for fruit protection

Wire trellis for fruit protection
Source: Pinterest (@vitis-in-situ.be)

Planting strawberries with this medium will be helpful for you who have a big space in the yard or garden. You can focus on planting strawberries like this one. Using wire fencing will not build the strawberry plants into towers, but you can make it higher by supporting the fruits to creep using the stick from bamboo, wood, or stainless steel.

20. Strawberry Trellis support

strawberry trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@gardeners.com)

This is such a first step to make a strawberry trellis. Because you need to build the support first, so that the strawberry can grow properly. You can choose the medium size for the first trial. Buying some of these will be great, so you can maintain it easily.

21. Wood and wire Trellis

Wood and wire Trellis
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

A combination of wood and wire will be the best solution. The wire can be set as the grid or just an ordinary trellis. Combining it with wood will give a new accent for your garden. Don’t forget to add mulch too in the soil to increase the fertile soil. Also, you can plant various plants in one spot as long as the soil type is the same.

22. A mini tower trellis strawberry

A mini tower trellis strawberry
Source: Pinterest (@m.ok.ru)

Can you imagine how fresh and sweet those red strawberries are? This strawberry tower is a good option. Growing this fruit in your front yard can be another attraction. The bushes will be the favorite spot for your kids as well. So, when the harvest time comes, it is the best time to invite your kids to pick the fruits before making the jam or candy.

23. Iron trellis

strawberry trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Peak Prosperity)

Iron trellis across the container bed is a good idea. So the left space can be used as another vertical garden. The trellis is made of iron so you don’t have to question its strength. It can be a mini gate as well for your garden. The visitors or your kids might be happy while the fruits grow well in the future.

24. Rattan trellis

strawberry trellis ideas
Rattan Trellis

Wooden trellis, ah it is very common, metal is the same. But rattan can be different. Yes, you can try using rattan as the material for strawberry trellis. Different, rustic vibe, and functional. This fits for home with a country style theme too. Then, it feels like you live in a village with a fresh and juicy garden.

25. Wooden srawberry trellis for front yard

strawberry trellis ideas
Source: Pinterest (@The Spruce)

If you have a stair, you can make it shorter and turn the stairs for strawberry trellis. It is simple, you can place it anywhere as long as there is the right soil for the seeds. Then let them grow until harvest time. This trellis can be placed anywhere in your yard. Even if the space is not that big, you can plant using this idea.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it better to grow strawberries vertically or horizontally?

Growing strawberries in a vertical turn is the best one. It can allow you to have the most delicious crop fruits at harvest time. Also, it helps you to avoid rodents or any pest to come.

Do strawberry towers work?

Yes, it works. You can make strawberry towers in various ways, such as using wire fencing, wooden, metal and many more. It is also a solution for you who want to grow strawberries in a small space.

How do I train my strawberries to climb?

Since in the beginning strawberries are actually not a climbing fruit, you can train them by doing this step by step. The main thing is, you have to focus since it is not an instant way.

  • First, you can spread fertilizer first over the planting size. 
  • You can add climbing strawberry varieties to the same method. Don’t forget to give space between them.
  • Make sure you water regularly.
  • Provide the medium to climb, such as the trellis we recommend above.
  • You can monitor them for around a month to see if the strawberries start to climb. 

How do you make a cheap strawberry tower?

By upcycling the material, for instance wood, wire or rattan that you already have. You can arrange it like a frame, stair or a grid. Make sure the trellis height meets your needs.

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