25 Creative Ideas for Plant Containers – Easy Tips

When you are getting bored with the look of your garden, it just needs some creativity to refresh them all. Moreover, it doesn’t require you to always buy new planters. As long as you know the unused items in your house, you can start to give a different and new look for your small garden. You can check creative ideas for plant containers from us here.

Then, choose whether to do it alone or with your whole family. Because gardening can release stress and reduce anxiety, it seems good to do it on the weekend. The plus one is, your house will look new, fresh, and stunning to look at. However, you just add some planters or rearrange the planters.

1. Strawberry peach hanging container

creative ideas for plant containers
Strawberry Peach Hanging Container

Your strawberry mini garden will look sweet and cute with this peachy container, if you are looking for creative ideas for plant containers. Also, you can hang it on the fence of your patio. It will look stunning once the strawberry is ready to be harvested. And the plus one is, you can pick the strawberry easier for the patio of your second floor. Look how fresh it is!

2. Galvanized Pots Arrangement

creative ideas for plant containers
Galvanized Pots Arrangement

If you have geraniums and other stunning green plants on the front porch, then get our creative ideas for plant containers to arrange your favorite flowers. This is one of the simplest front porch flower pots ideas or door flower pot ideas. Having pots with galvanized style like this is very adorable and neat to look at. Furthermore, it is easy for you to water them or move them for sunlight every morning.

3. Closet Container Plants

creative ideas for plant containers
Closet Container Plants

If you love something quirky and one of a kind, creative ideas for plant containers like this one can be your best option. It is not only an attention seeker, but also an Eco-friendly item because you reuse the closet as container plants. You can plant your favorite flowers, such as Bougainvillea, Rose, or others. When you are too confused about cleaning and reusing the closet, you can start by having the new mini one for your succulents. It looks unique and cute as well.

4. Plastic Bottle

creative ideas for plant containers
Plastic Bottle

This flower pot idea is suitable to teach your kids about reuse of the plastic bottle into this hanging plant container. You can practice it at your yard on the weekend. Start from the simple plant first, then you can move to another plant that can grow bigger.

5. Colorful container and white racks

creative ideas for plant containers
Colorful Container and White Racks

Planting green veggies is a good idea. This hardy cold crisp you can arrange neatly by using a colorful plant container and then stack it together on the white rack. It is not only beautiful to see, but it saves space if your outdoor space is not that big. You can crop them when cooler weather is coming!

6. All is white

creative ideas for plant containers
All is White

You can have a full white shelf for your simple plant that can be stored indoors. You can arrange the view like this by organizing many white containers or you put the pots on the white shelf. And make sure the shelf is bigger than the pots. Although there is no exposure from the full sun, make sure your indoor garden has enough lighting to let the plants grow well.

7. Rattan Basket

creative ideas for plant containers
Rattan Basket

For rustic or traditional style of creative ideas for plant containers, you can plant your favorite flowers inside the rattan planter. Beautiful pansies like this, rattan basket, and another flower you like will fill your front patio with colorful flowers and stunning views. Through the simple planter, your house can turn into a small garden.

8. Never go wrong with pink containers

creative ideas for plant containers
Never go wrong with pink containers

Bright pink planter for a pink daisy that looks irresistible. Moreover, it will save space if you can mount it on the wall. You can have various beautiful flowers on the fence by creating a garden wall like this. Also, it is good for you to water regularly. A simple beauty like this can be your best spot to heal the stress after working as well.

9. White in white

creative ideas for plant containers
White in white

Hanging the smaller pots by collecting them in one bigger basket will be a good idea to save space for gardeners like you. You can have a front porch flower pot idea like this, with a beautiful view yet still easy to handle and maintain. You can reuse your old white basket or find one to organize the smaller pots you have. Then, once the flower blooms, your patio will turn into a colorful view.

10. Mail container on the wall

creative ideas for plant containers
Mail container on the wall

If you love writing letters and save many cute yet spacious envelopes, then you can recycle it into a small planter for your small green garden. Vertical gardening concept with this recycled envelope will look cute and eco-friendly. Just make sure your plants have good drainage.

11. Bamboo container

creative ideas for plant containers
Bamboo container

Planting using a plant will seem confusing, but not anymore after you read this. You can use bamboo that you can find easily around your house then use it to plant some herbs, such as coriander. It doesn’t need much space and you can try for a small amount first. If there is bamboo, you can use bamboo stairs if you have one and it is not used anymore.

12. Big teapot container

creative ideas for plant containers
Big teapot container

Landscaping your small garden by reuse and recycling the unused items from your house seems fun. You can have big pots like this by recycling the tires, then paint it with a beautiful color. It doesn’t look like a tire right? Or if you don’t have time to recycle, but need some refreshment to your small garden, you can have this big cup as your planter to move your favorite plants inside. It is like a vintage enamel mug, but it is suitable for flowers you have.

13. Reuse plastic basket

creative ideas for plant containers
Reuse plastic basket

The easiest yet very practical creative ideas for plant containers that you can do vertically. If you are getting bored of some expensive planters, then you can look at this one. The plastic basket as your hanging planters. It is good to add a green view to your front yard. Also, the plastic basket like this has a few holes that are good as drainage for your plants.

14. Classic Baroque Style

creative ideas for plant containers
Classic Baroque Style

A classic baroque style that you love the most can be used for your vertical garden as well. You can hang the plants on the wall, plus add some decoration for your front porch. Pansies, daisies, or roses are suitable to be planted inside the pots. Moreover, it can be a gorgeous background as well if you like to take some photos for the outfit of the day.

15. Bronze Teapot

creative ideas for plant containers
Bronze Teapot

Have an unused teapot? Well, don’t throw it in the garbage can! You can start planting your favorite flowers by using a teapot. Make sure you make some holes as drainage, then you can hang it on your front porch. We guarantee your neighbor will feel amused by it.

16. Colorful tin baskets

creative ideas for plant containers
Colorful tin baskets

Cheerful vertical garden with colorful tin buckets like this will be your favorite spot around your house. Bright colors of tin pots, colorful flowers as they bloom, what else do you ask for? Don’t be afraid to play with some cute patterns too if you want to paint the pots or just buy as it is.

17. Pots on the bike

creative ideas for plant containers
Source: Pinterest (@Beneath My Heart)

Kids’ three wheels that you plan to throw can be reused to place the small flower pots on your porch. You can arrange the pots based on the size and select the colorful flowers you and your kids like the most. By reusing these three wheels again, there is no memory that was wasted as well.

18. Flowery denim jeans

creative ideas for plant containers
Source: Pinterest (@Nachiappan Sumathi)

Turn your denim trousers into something more beneficial. You can cover your planters with your old denim trousers. So, you can have a one of a kind flower pots idea. Also, it is very easy to do because you don’t have to buy anything. You just cover the pots then voila, your garden will look different with a more country style view.

19. Flower Power Car

creative ideas for plant containers
Source: Pinterest (@Plow & Hearth)

Your children must be in love with cute planters like this one. The pots are car-shaped for the small garden or can be put beside the window to get enough sun exposure. If you have a broken toy car, then you can use it to plant your kids’ favorite flowers. Or you can check this out to find another models and shapes.

20. Grill the plants

creative ideas for plant containers
Source: Pinterest (@A Cultivated Nest)

If you just buy a new tool for BBQ, then your old one can be used as the planters for your backyard. Place some beautiful flowers inside, don’t forget to water them regularly. Also, if there are wheels on it, it is easy for you to move in order to get sun exposure. By doing this, you just save the earth to reduce the waste.

21. Cage of the plants

creative ideas for plant containers
Source: Pinterest (@Empress of Dirt)

Get bored with birds and want to start a new hobby? Then your birdcage can be used as the hanging planters. You don’t have to move the birdcage because the spot will be the same, only changing the birds with the plants. As long as there is no damage when you hang it, then go for this front porch flower pot idea.

22. Pot chair

creative ideas for plant containers
Source: Pinterest (@The Cottage Market)

The old and broken chair can be used as an aesthetic item like this one if you want. You can put a pot filled with flowers and place it inside the chair on the porch. Only by adding the item like this, the view of your porch will be fresher and more stunning.

23. Shabby chic wagon

creative ideas for plant containers
Source: Pinterest (@The Gardening Cook)

It is such a stunning garden view that you can have for your backyard or front yard. The idea of placing cute color combinations of flowers like this is impressive. Adding a medium wagon that you rarely use, will save space if you run out of planters. This shabby chic style will be your wife’s favorite.

24. Flower in a boots

creative ideas for plant containers
Source: Pinterest (@stampington.com)

Nothing’s more useful and beneficial than reuse your favorite items into your new favorite hobby. These unused boots you can put in your garden by placing small greens. The unique shape of the planters will make every person who comes to your house won’t believe that you use boots as the pots.

25. Small house of flower

creative ideas for plant containers
Source: Pinterest (@Lori Bucalo)

Garden design by building small tree houses like this will be unforgettable for your children. You can use a wooden container as the roof. Add some small stones, flowers, and everything you need based on your preference. Then, beautiful house shapes can be seen forever.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What can I use instead of pots for plants?

You can use a teapot, chairs, unused rattan baskets, even a closet for plants. Make sure there is good drainage for your plants and place it where the lights are enough for the flowers and the greens. By understanding and seeing the unused items in your house, you can simply create a small garden, whether it is horizontal or vertical, next weekend.

How do you make plastic plant pots look good?

By choosing the right color, so that the plastic plant pots will always look stunning and elegant. It is all about the colors. Also, don’t forget to choose a unique shape planter. By doing that, people will forget to ask for the material.

How do you display outdoor potted plants?

By doing a tiered arrangement on the shelf, you can display outdoor potted plants neatly. If your space is small and narrow, then you can go for a vertical garden. Choose hanging pots to place your plants outdoors without taking huge space in your yard.

Do plants like to be grouped together?

Yes, they do. Plants like to be grouped together as long as you know the characteristics of each plant. Never group plants whose soil type is different. Also, never unite the dominant plants because one of them will die soon.

How do you group plants in containers?

By understanding the characteristics of each plant and seeing the requirement to maintain each of them. If the plants have different soil types between one and another, then never try to group the plants in the same containers. Your garden will not work.

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