25 Bamboo Garden Ideas To Create Evergreen Landscapes

Some may wonder whether bamboo garden ideas are a great choice to feature in their outdoor space, considering their rapid spread habit is often a problem. But apparently, they made an excellent addition to create privacy in your yard, thanks to its sturdy stems and attractive foliage.

In addition, you can also plant it in a pot to prevent its massive growth. So, no worries about them invading your land. And for that reason, we offer 25 bamboo garden ideas with tropical gardens and indoor garden styles you can choose from.

We guarantee you can’t take your eyes off them after glancing at them.

Is bamboo good for landscaping?

Well, the answer is YES! Though, it depends on where you plant your bamboo. Most bamboo reproduce through rhizome and culm expansion that are easy to grow when they meet their preferable growing conditions. Unfortunately, this habit can sometimes cause trouble as it can rapidly invade the landscape.

But don’t worry! You can still make this exotic plant a great addition to your rock garden or patio furniture by growing it in the pot to limit the spread. In addition, install an HDPE plastic barrier to keep it in place. Moreover, some people love to feature bamboo to create a dense wall, bamboo hedge, and natural screen for their property.

How do you start a bamboo garden?

Before trying to plant bamboo, make sure you live in the US hardiness zone 5 to 9. Next, prepare a location or pots where you want to grow a bamboo plant. Now, follow our step-by-step instructions for a bamboo garden in your home.

  • Prepare a location with a soil pH of around 6.0-6.5 and a depth of at least 8 inches.
  • Add compost to the soil to provide nutrients and improve drainage.
  • Install a root barrier to limit the spread of the rhizome and the culm of the bamboo.
  • Gently remove culm parts of bamboo from the actively growing ones.
  • As it needs space for roots to develop, dig the soil three inches deeper than the root mass and around six inches wide.
  • Put the fresh bamboo inside the hole. Make sure you have made a mound inside before planting. Then, pour and pack the soil carefully.
  • Offer water to keep the soil evenly moist. Watering 2-3 times per week is necessary to ensure they have proper moisture, especially during the hot summer months.
  • Mulch the soil during the root establishment to provide nutrients and lock the soil moisture.

Lush Tropical Garden

Getting confused about mixing and matching bamboo plants in your tropical garden? Don’t worry! We have compiled the best and most lush tropical garden ideas with bamboo that will add everlasting greenery to your outdoor space. Find them below!

1. Small Bamboo Garden

Small Bamboo Garden
Source: Pinterest (@Gardenista)

Since bamboo grows on any site, you don’t need to have a large yard to grow one. Instead, you can plant it in your small garden corner next to the wall fence. Its lush foliage offers shade to your outdoor space, while the stems add texture to the landscape. We also recommend mixing it with other green foliage plants like ferns and flowers to provide a colorful touch.

2. Tropical Backyard Design

Tropical Backyard Design
Source: Pinterest (@Garden Plants Online)

Contrary to the previous bamboo garden idea, here you will have an extravagant tropical backyard design with bamboo as the fence. Grow the bamboo next to the wall, so that they can also work as borders. In addition, you can place a wooden chair with a pair of pillows to complete the layout and highlight the natural vibes. Some additional tropical plants, like bananas, palms, and ferns will spice up the space even more!

3. Courtyard Garden Ideas

Courtyard Garden Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@BillyOh)

This courtyard garden design looks pretty similar to the earlier idea. However, bamboo plants are denser. Thus, they become the center point of the landscape. Besides, the lush foliage also offers shade to the bench, protecting you from the sun while spending your time at this spot. If you want to elevate the tropical atmosphere, grow other green plants like bananas, monstera, or elephant ear plants around your garden.

4. Zen Garden

Zen Garden
Source: Pinterest (@laterreestunjardin.com)

For those who want to add a touch of spirituality to their property, this zen garden is a one-go. It features bamboo plants alongside the garden walkway that serves as borders from the path. The golden yellow stems of the plants radiate cheerful vibes, while the green leaves provide attractive color contrast to the design. You can also try to arrange stones that will perfectly decorate the garden with calming tones.

5. Modern Garden Pathway

bamboo garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@thegardenglove.com)

Who says bamboo cannot make a modern garden pathway? Well, you must see this arrangement! It beautifully highlights bamboo plants that grow along the garden path, providing shade for other low-growing plants under the dense foliage. To keep them looking striking at night, you can install small garden lamps that shine on the plants. Besides, the lamps will also help you walk through the garden easily, despite the darkness.

6. Outdoor Backyard Landscape

bamboo garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Homes To Love AU)

Having a large backyard is such a privilege. Hence, take that advantage to the next level by designing an outdoor space with bamboo plants. Other than decorating the site with their evergreen foliage, they also offer natural protection from the sun. Also, the green atmosphere gives you a sense of freshness every day with abundant oxygen you can breathe for free. Place a pair of wooden benches, ottoman stools, and tables to complete the set.

7. Oasis In The Bamboo Forest

bamboo garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Bunnings)

Creating a tropical bamboo garden doesn’t need to be fancy. Just take a look at this one! Featuring bamboo plants that grow surrounding a mini fountain, this design depicts an oasis in the forest. Moreover, bamboo also works as a natural fence that, at the same time, provides shade to the water feature. If you wish to have more colors, grow potted flowers around the retaining wall. Don’t forget to spread pea gravel under the fountain to prevent waterlogging.

8. Dense Bamboo Landscaping

Dense Bamboo Landscaping
Source: Pinterest (@mobile.twitter.com)

If you don’t have a wide space in your garden but you want to grow bamboo, you may wanna try the smaller bamboo varieties. Despite not having tall stems, the dense foliage adds greenery to the landscape. You can combine them with mini sago palm that gives other textures, thanks to their needle-like leaves. Also, white gravel will work amazingly to provide earth tone color to your garden.

9. Simple Bamboo Garden

Simple Bamboo Garden
Source: Pinterest (@Madeleine Farrell)

Instead of leaving your garden wall empty, why don’t you try growing bamboo plants? They will beautifully adorn the void space with the yellowish stems and lavish green leaves. Besides, they can also decorate the garden path by adding tall textures. To elevate the tropical atmosphere, you can cover your garden wall with moss and grow other plants, such as pandan and aglaonema.

10. Bamboo Garden Walls

bamboo garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Homes To Love AU)

Designing a tropical garden won’t be complete without tropical plants like bamboo. They are the hallmarks that will highlight your garden theme. In case you choose to have a bamboo garden, you can arrange them as garden walls or natural fences. And thanks to their lavish foliage, they also protect you from the sun. Therefore, you can place a bench and a table to enjoy your snacking or reading time without being bothered by extensive sunlight exposure.

11. Cozy Outdoor Space

bamboo garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Katrina Chambers)

Besides shade trees, you can rely on bamboo plants to provide shelter from sun in your outdoor space. You just need to know the right place to grow them and take advantage of their dense leaves. We highly recommend choosing tall varieties and growing them as garden borders. While they are growing, build a long bench in front of the plants. By the time they reach mature heights, you can finally rest your back on the chair without being bothered by the sunlight.

12. Rainforest-Inspired Garden Side

Rainforest-Inspired Garden Side
Source: Pinterest (@Wonderground)

The garden side is ideal for growing bamboo because the limited space will naturally prevent them from massively spreading. You can try growing small cultivars that can give you a tropical touch in such a tiny area. Additionally, the elephant ear plants offer texture varieties to the layout. They also highlight the green atmosphere of tropical rainforests, thanks to the broad foliage.

13. Minimalist Outdoor Dining Area

bamboo garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@est living)

Suppose you have a minimalist home design. In that case, this outdoor dining area featuring bamboo plants will be your ultimate pick to add to your interior layout. No need to grow many tropical plants since the bamboo works as a retaining wall, surrounding your outdoor space with dense, deep green foliage. You can also match the set with palms if you want to introduce more tropical plants. Next, place a long dining table with chairs and enjoy your meals while breathing fresh air.

Semi Indoor Bamboo Garden Ideas

While some people love to grow bamboo in their outdoor area, others prefer to plant them indoors to decorate their interior design. Since bamboo can thrive in pots, they are easy to maintain indoors. Let’s look at indoor bamboo garden ideas to get some inspiration!

14. Wooden Bamboo Corner

bamboo garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Garden Plants Online)

Many people grow bamboo as they make amazing home decorations. One example is this wooden bamboo corner. It features bamboo that grows in the corner, offering greenery among wooden floors. In addition, try to install a mounted lamp so that your bamboo still looks attractive at night. Furthermore, this idea will work best for those who have a semi-outdoor backyard because this bamboo grows tall and needs sunlight to thrive.

15. Bordering With Bamboo Plants

bamboo garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Annika Lunneskog)

Wondering how to make an aesthetic border for your indoor garden? Try bamboo! Without horizontal branches, you can easily plant them close together without worrying that the trunks will touch each other. Moreover, this feature also offers a clean and neat look when combined with white walls and gravel. You only need to do pruning once in a while to keep the foliage in shape.

16. Indoor Bamboo Walkway

Indoor Bamboo Walkway
Source: Pinterest (@johnmini.com)

Even though it looks simple, this indoor bamboo walkway will offer coolness and shade indoors, thanks to its thick foliage. You just need to be more creative and playful in arranging the planting location, so it doesn’t look too crowded. Make sure they’re not on either side of the path close together so that sunlight can still seep through. In addition, place a mini wooden bench to relax and inhale the tropical atmosphere around you.

17. Mini Playground Area

bamboo garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Art in Green)

Children need a special area to play safely. And in case your home has this kind of spot, you can rely on bamboo to create a safe privacy screen. Its dense foliage and tall stems ensure a tight hedge secures the area. In addition, they also offer green accents on the sandy playground. You can also feature a lawn to add more green and safe floors to the set.

18. Warm Common Room

bamboo garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

A warm setting is always preferable to create a cozy atmosphere, like this common room. The bamboo plants are planted in a row to offer texture and green touch to make an open space setting. Meanwhile, the creamy-brown earth tones with yellow lamps give warmth to the surrounding. You can add a fire pit if this setting is designed in your backyard. But, replace it with a fireplace made of lights for the indoors. Also, provide a soft and comfy sofa to relax and chat with your relatives.

19. Side Yard Bamboo Landscape

Side Yard Bamboo Landscape
Source: Pinterest (@trendey.com)

If you have a tight budget to create an elegant bamboo landscape, this setting will be your best bet! Prepare white gravel, warm-tone garden lights, and bamboo varieties you would like to grow. Plant the bamboo side by side at a distance of about one meter each. Then in that space, install the lamps and add gravel. When the night arrives, you will see a classic side yard bamboo garden design that can be ascertained to be the focal point of your property.

20. Fancy Dining Room

bamboo garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@HomeAdore)

This fancy semi-indoor dining room design will captivate your guests when they visit your house. The combination of green from the bamboo plant and brown from the wooden floors and dining set highlights the nature theme in this area. In addition, the white touch offers a clean look, so it doesn’t overpower the landscape. To make it look more luxurious, add small garden lights with a warm white tone at the base of the bamboo.

21. Green Indoor Garden

Green Indoor Garden
Source: Pinterest (@Apartment Therapy )

Create a green open space in your semi-indoor room by planting bamboo as the real star. Its easy maintenance will not make your hands full of jobs in maintaining them. To get the best look, plant them lined up against the fencing wall. Give white color to the planting spots so that the green color of the bamboo looks more striking. You can add a bonsai around the bamboo if you want to give it a touch of other leafy plants.

22. Exquisite Bamboo Terrace

bamboo garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@m.rcarteydecoracion.mex.tl)

Transform your plain terrace into a favorite area by planting bamboo as the fence. Not only is the bamboo easy to grow, but it also makes an astonishing green landscape that makes you wanna stay longer to hang around in this spot. In addition, these bamboo create an excellent privacy border, securing your patio that will make you feel safe at home. Place a pair of chairs and a table to savor the tropical vibes to liven up the space.

23. Bamboo Privacy Screen

bamboo garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Viva Decora)

It is common knowledge that bamboo is a plant that offers a natural privacy screen. If you want to try, you can make one on your patio or balcony. You just need to prepare a horizontal space. Another alternative is to plant them in pots. Then, grow them close to each other. In addition, plant foxtail ferns so the base is covered in dense fronds. To illuminate it at night, install lamps on the ceiling that illuminates the bamboo setting directly.

24. Natural Interior Design With Bamboo

bamboo garden ideas
Natural Interior Design With Bamboo

The solution for those who want to grow bamboo indoors is potted bamboo, like the one in this natural interior design. The tropical atmosphere in the living room feels very thick because of a pair of potted bamboo and banana plants arranged around the sofa. You can also add cacti to balance the desert tone of the furniture. Don’t forget to cover the soil in the pot with gravel for aesthetic value.

25. Indoor Balcony Bamboo Garden

bamboo garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Decoholic)

Though it is pretty small, don’t let your balcony empty! Instead, try to grow bamboo to add greenery to the space. You can start by planting bamboo next to the wall. Then, place a comfy sofa against the plants and a table to put your coffee cups. Choose a chair color that matches your interior but doesn’t blend the bamboo to make a striking contrast. With such a design, you guarantee that you will feel at home sitting in this area for a long time.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is bamboo hard to maintain?

Don’t hesitate to feature bamboo in your garden design because they are easy to maintain, as long as you provide fertile, well-drained soil. You don’t need to offer regular watering because bamboo trees are relatively drought-tolerant, making them effortless to grow and handle. Nonetheless, they will flourish better under proper irrigation and drainage.

How do you stop bamboo from spreading?

There are several ways to prevent the bamboo from spreading. The easiest one is to plant them in pots so that the growth of rhizomes will be limited to the planter. But if you still want to grow them on the ground, providing a subsurface barrier made of HDPE plastic is better for a strong and long-lasting performance.

Where is the best place to plant bamboo?

Bamboo performs best in an area with full sun exposure. It also prefers rich, moist, but well-drained soil to thrive. As for the soil types, you can plant bamboo in almost every kind of soil. Nonetheless, bamboo is relatively tolerant to moderately poor soils. Avoid waterlog or dry soil conditions if you don’t want your bamboo to suffer from root rot.

Do bamboo plants attract bugs?

Despite being an easy tree to grow, bamboo is not resistant to pests. You may find several pests while growing bamboo in your backyard, including aphids, bugs, mosquitoes, ants, and mealybugs. Bugs love to feast on the sap produced by the stems and the leaves. Meanwhile, others also rapidly breed under the plant. If you find that your bamboos are infested with pests, clear-cut the parts and burn them. Also, you can try to spray insecticides on the new shoots, even though it does not assure that your bamboo will be free of those foes.

Can you plant bamboo in the dirt?

Bamboo is a hardy tree that can grow everywhere if the site matches its preferable growing conditions. Surprisingly, you can plant bamboo in the dirt with culm cuttings, a propagation method. You can cut the fresh stem and leaves, then place them in a jar of water for about 5-10 days. Now, watch the stem grow roots. After that, the new bamboo can be grown in the dirt, just like in any other area.

Does bamboo regrow when cut?

Well, it depends on which part you cut your bamboo. When you cut it on the culm, you will have a fresh, new shoot. In fact, you can regrow and plant it in pots or other areas you wish. Unfortunately, cutting the bamboo on top of the cane will not result in new growth.

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