54 Beautiful Aglaonema Varieties for Indoor Plants

Aglaonema, or Chinese Evergreens, is a flowering plant known for its distinctive and eccentric foliage color and pattern. It is also known as the Lucky Plant that will bring fortune to the keepers, according to Feng Shui’s belief.

They have different varieties that bear diverse sizes, shapes, colors, and motifs, making aglaonema a great addition to your indoor plants. And thanks to those qualities, aglaonema varieties are popular among plant lovers. 

Moreover, aglaonema has 20 to 24 species, of which the cultivar names are recognized much less than their botanical names. And for that reason, aglaonema species identification and classification is not an easy task.

However, to make it easier for you to determine the aglaonema varieties you have or want to keep, we have divided them by color. Want to know more? Let’s dive into it!

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How Do Different Aglaonema Varieties Vary in Care Requirements?

While all Aglaonema varieties thrive in similar conditions, there are slight variations in care requirements. For instance, darker varieties like ‘Super White’ can tolerate lower light levels than the brightly colored ‘Pink Dalmatian’. However, all varieties prefer well-draining soil, high humidity, and temperatures between 60°F – 85°F.

What Are The Benefits of Having Different Aglaonema Varieties?

Different Aglaonema varieties not only add aesthetic appeal to your space but also purify the air by removing toxins. Plus, their diverse color patterns and leaf shapes can provide a unique learning experience for plant enthusiasts.

Pink and Red Aglaonema Varieties

Most aglaonema varieties feature green foliage with pale silver-green stroke patterns. Nonetheless, some of these Chinese evergreen varieties bear striking pink to red colors that look eye-catching and are perfect as an indoor plant collection. 

If you are looking for some inspiration to choose the most beautiful aglaonema, then you have come to the right place! We have prepared 21 pink and red aglaonema varieties that you can’t even take your eyes off of them. 

1. Aglaonema Prestige

aglaonema varieties
Source: Pinterest (@Allegro)

The Aglaonema Prestige features large, waxy leaves with mottle green, red, purple, or cream. This Chinese evergreen plant also bears bright pink stems that further enhance its beauty. Moreover, it is native to tropical and subtropical climates, particularly in Asia and New Guinea.

2. Aglaonema Widuri ‘Red Peacock’

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Widuri ‘Red Peacock’

Thanks to its distinctive pink to red veins and streaks against the green foliage, this aglaonema variety is known as the Red Peacock. The pattern indeed closely resembles the beauty of the peacock wings, making Aglaonema Widuri one of the most stunning aglaonema varieties for your home.

3. Aglaonema Harlequin

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Harlequin

The hallmark of Aglaonema Harlequin lies in the intensity of light that affects the color of its leaves. If it is exposed to light, the leaves will be dominated by yellow with pink tones. However, if it is placed in the shade, the pink color will be more prominent on the veins while only a yellow blemish will appear.

4. Aglaonema Creta

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Creta

Display a dramatic look in your space with Aglaonema Creta, which offers pale pink flowers that contrast with the bright red edges on the leaves. Moreover, you can put it alongside your other green foliage plants to create a colorful atmosphere for the surroundings.

5. Aglaonema Anyanmanee

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Anyanmanee

Highlighting hot pink tones to its broad upper side leaves with dark green edges that bloom all year long makes Aglaonema Anyanmanee ideal in a small vase. Moreover, you can place this plant under shady light since the bright-direct one can scorch the beautiful foliage.

6. Aglaonema Red Gold

aglaonema varieties
Source: flickr (@amanda M)

It is one of the aglaonema varieties that highlight the beauty of its foliage. The leaf margins, midrib, and veins seem to be meticulously painted using red ink with green leaf as the canvas, making colorful foliage. Furthermore, Aglaonema Red Gold can thrive in warm temperatures with high humidity yet keeps away from bright light exposure.

7. Aglaonema Georgi’s Ruby

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Georgi’s Ruby

Not only famous because of its beautiful pink markings on the dark green leaves, but this classy variegated plant can also help reduce toxins from the environment where it grows. According to NASA, Aglaonema Georgi’s Ruby can absorb benzene and formaldehyde and reduce irritant compounds for humans.

8. Aglaonema Lady Valentine

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Lady Valentine

A huge splash of warm pink inside the leaves will warm your heart only by staring at this exquisite aglaonema plant. It is undoubtedly called Lady Valentine since it will make people fall in love at first sight. It may live for many years under proper growing conditions, for instance, placing it in bright indirect light to retain its pink color.

9. Aglaonema Sparkling Sarah

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Sparkling Sarah

Even though it has no entirely pink foliage, Aglaonema Sparkling Sarah is worth including in pink aglaonema varieties. It bears pink splotches on the upperside narrow green leaves. This bushy aglaonema variety has dense foliage and is often cared for in the home or office since it favors low light conditions.

10. Aglaonema Siam Aurora

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Siam Aurora

Aglaonema Siam Aurora is a less popular aglaonema variety relatively newly introduced among lovers of this ornamental plant. It boasts bold pink on the foliage border, contrasting deep green leaves to spice up your living space. To retain its beautiful leaves, make sure it has bright indirect light exposure and well-draining soil.

11. Aglaonema Commutatum ‘Wishes’

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Commutatum ‘Wishes’

Among all pink aglaonema varieties, Aglaonema Wishes seems to impersonate Lady Valentine, only with light pink that blends away its green leafage. And so, it is considered one of the most beautiful aglaonema varieties that are worth showing off in your living room. To take care of it, place it under moderate to bright indirect light with moist soil.

12. Aglaonema Chocolate

aglaonema varieties
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

As cool as its name, this plant stands out because of its dark green chocolate color with astonishing red veining undersides. Moreover, it loves moist soil, just like other aglaonema varieties. Since it is a relatively rare species, Aglaonema Chocolate isn’t as widely available as common aglaonema varieties.

13. Aglaonema Pink Moon

aglaonema varieties
Source: Pinterest (@Adrian’s Synergy)

Perhaps, it is the only aglaonema variety that brings the moon’s beauty into its pink and white freckles that stand out against the dark green leaves. The light pink midrib also adds charm to the pink moon’s appeal. Additionally, aglaonema pink moon is a thirsty plant; thus, watering them frequently on warm days is necessary.

14. Aglaonema Favonian

aglaonema varieties
Source: Pinterest (@Heidi Johnson)

The Favonian is among the Aglaonema varieties that are easy to care for. Its pink sprinkle on top of the leaves with deep green edges is the specific character of this aglaonema. Therefore, it is no doubt that this aglaonema is a perfect choice for houseplants, considering its attractive appeal, growing size, and adaptability to low and medium light.

15. Aglaonema Pink Dalmatian

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Pink Dalmatian

Like other pink aglaonema varieties, Aglaonema Pink Dalmatian highlights hot pink splinters on the leathery and glossy dark green leaf. However, the Pink Dalmatian is moderately toxic to pets and humans, contrary to its enchanting look. Hence, it is best to place them in an open-air space, such as your patio.

16. Aglaonema Green Papaya

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Green Papaya

Despite bearing a “green” name, this aglaonema variety shows dark green to yellow foliage with bright pink veins that create a vibrant sight. Its dripping dappled leaves on clusters of small stems give this flowering plant a graceful appearance. Moreover, Aglaonema Green Papaya is toxic to cats and dogs; thus, keep them away from them.

17. Aglaonema Golden Fluorite

aglaonema varieties
Source: Pinterest (@Planting Man)

Featuring golden yellow on the light green foliage, this variety is known as Aglaonema Golden Fluorite. In addition, you can also witness a touch of pink stems and midrib that adds another color saturation to one plant. Unlike other aglaonema plants, it can tolerate low humidity yet appreciate if you take care of its soil moisture well.

18. Aglaonema Pride of Sumatra

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Pride of Sumatra

Its name speaks loudly about the plant’s origin – Sumatra, Indonesia. Unlike most aglaonema varieties, Aglaonema Pride of Sumatra has red undersides foliage, while the top bears dark green with bright red marks. In addition, this Chinese evergreen plant likes low lighting, making it a great additional collection for houseplants.

19. Aglaonema Bidadari

aglaonema varieties
Source: Pinterest (@Home Garden Deko)

Bidadari, in the Indonesian language, means a beautiful angel, which truly represents Aglaonema Bidadari cultivar. Pink is its signature color that looks so prominent that each leaf seems an extraordinary work of art! Its huge glossy oval-shaped leaves feature dotted pink, light green, and cream hues markings that create exquisite variegated colors.

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20. Aglaonema Butterfly

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Butterfly

The narrow leaves that hang beautifully like a butterfly are why this variety is called Aglaonema Butterfly. This Chinese evergreen also forms dense light green leaves where each of them is like a painting with a dominant dark green color with splashes of pink. In addition, this tough plant can survive under direct morning sunlight, while most aglaonema varieties only thrive in low light conditions.

21. Aglaonema Etta Rose

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Etta Rose

Showing off deep green edges with white sparks on top and a touch of pink hues takes Aglaonema Etta Rose to the next level of beauty. Moreover, it features short pinkish stems that are perfect for indoor houseplants. If you plan to collect them, make sure to put it in shady areas but still get enough light to grow.

Green Foliage Aglaonema Varieties

Although they don’t have bright colors like pink or red aglaonema varieties, the green foliage of these aglaonema plants must not be underestimated. Their specific markings with cream, green, and silver color combinations are precious characteristics of these Chinese evergreens varieties.

Hence, we will further discuss one by one the aglaonema varieties that will blow your minds away.

22. Aglaonema Maria

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Maria

This aglaonema has long lance-shaped leaves with dense clumps, giving a tropical vibe to any place it belongs. Moreover, its dark green glossy leaves with pale green stripes give a distinctive appearance that attracts many. And like many other aglaonema varieties, it prefers low light levels to retain its beautiful foliage.

23. Aglaonema Super White

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Super White

When you look at this aglaonema, you may think that it dies due to drought. In fact, the entirely white oval leaf with bare green veins reflects the elegance of Aglaonema Super White. This new cultivar favors an adequate amount of dim sunlight. Thus, placing them south-facing window is the best way to allow the plant to thrive.

24. Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor

You may be reminded of the soldier uniform if you take a glance at Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor. It has a combination of three green hues, which are light, medium, and dark. Moreover, this rare Chinese evergreen is a slow-growing plant; thus, keeping it under shady lighting is the best option to retain its striking colors.

25. Aglaonema First Diamond

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema First Diamond

If you prefer lush plants, then Aglaonema First Diamond may be your very first option to go. Its highly variegated green, cream, and white foliage that rest on short stems will bring a bright atmosphere when the plant is fully grown. Even though this variety is easy to thirst, do not water it as it may cause rot.

26. Aglaonema Silver Queen

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Silver Queen

True to its name, Aglaonema Silver Queen really has a luxurious appeal with the contrast of silver and green leaves, making it look elegant. In addition, the dark green color following the veins offers exotic markings on the upper side foliage. To ensure a happy plant, keep the soil moist but not drain too much as the roots can rot quickly.

27. Aglaonema Silver Bay

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Silver Bay

You may be confused between Aglaonema Silver Bay and Diamond Bay since they closely resemble each other. It is understandable because it is the parent of Diamond Bay. Aglaonema Silver Bay features silvery-green glossy foliage with dark green dashes on the veins, while gracefully dangling oval-shaped leaves give this Chinese evergreen variety its charm.

28. Aglaonema Cutlass

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Cutlass

Having long, narrow, lance-shaped leaves make this Chinese evergreen live up to its name. The mixture of silver shades with deeper green edges makes Aglaonema Cutlass look like a beautiful painting on canvas. If you don’t want to ruin its beauty, keep it moist all time.

29. Aglaonema Diamond Bay

aglaonema varieties
Source: Pinterest (@Planting Man)

This sapling from Silver Bay has broad bright green leaves with silver brushes in the center. It is a new Chinese evergreen variety that is a favorite because of its fantastic markings and dense foliage. Moreover, Aglaonema Diamond Bay care is quite simple, just keep it moist and out of direct sunlight.

30. Aglaonema Brevispathum

aglaonema varieties
Source: flickr (@Universität Göttingen)

Slightly different from similar aglaonema varieties, Aglaonema brevispathum has dark green with creamy dots on top, which gives it a distinct style on its leaves. It is also known as a floor plant since it is best grown on the bathroom floor to keep humidity. If there is not enough moisture, the leaves can be poorly unfolded while the tops and edges dry.

31. Aglaonema Frozen

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Frozen

Pale green stems and leaves are two things that can be easily identified in this Chinese evergreen variety. The back of the leaves is yellowish with light pink midrib and veins as if this plant is freezing. Additionally, this rare aglaonema is drought tolerant yet still requires water when it gets dry and low light growing.

32. Aglaonema Nitidum ‘Curtisii’

Aglaonema Nitidum 'Curtisii'
Source: Pinterest (@Jess Domokos)

Curtisii is one of several cultivars of Aglaonema nitidum that have been discovered. It bears dramatic variegation where silvery stripes go along the foliage veins, contrasting the jade green shade. Thanks to its ornamental leaves and low light preference, Aglaonema nitidum ‘Curtisii’ is suitable for offices and home decor.

33. Aglaonema Rotundum

aglaonema varieties
Aglaonema Rotundum

Similar to the previous one, Aglaonema rotundum is aglaonema species that have different cultivars. It is also a parent of Aglaonema Red Gold. Moreover, this native Sumatra plant is characterized by dark-glossy foliage with pink to red midrib and veins, offering a stunning appearance.

34. Aglaonema ‘Stripes’

Aglaonema 'Stripes'
Aglaonema ‘Stripes’

This aglaonema cultivar is a hybrid of Aglaonema ‘Manila’ and Aglaonema nitidum ‘Curtisii’. Hence, it has a silver-white stripes pattern on the veins, which are similar to Curtisii but much more intense, and the leaves are also more rounded at the tips.

35. Aglaonema Modestum

Aglaonema modestum
Aglaonema Modestum

Unlike other aglaonema species, Aglaonema modestum is highly popular due to its large, waxy, non-variegated plain green leaves, giving a tiny tropical rainforest vibe to indoor spaces. In addition, it needs regular watering to keep the greeneries alive.

36. Aglaonema Silver Frost

Aglaonema Silver Frost
Aglaonema Silver Frost

With its silvery brush from the edges and pale green stems, the leaves of this Chinese evergreen plant indeed seem like frosting. The beauty of Silver Frost’s foliage is a splendid descendant of Emerald Beauty and Silver Queen. And considering its enchanting appeal, it is not surprising that this aglaonema cultivar has been patented.

37. Aglaonema Emerald Bay

Aglaonema Emerald Bay
Aglaonema Emerald Bay

The foliage of Emerald Bay looks like Aglaonema ‘Stripes’ but with a vast transplant brush all over the center, providing an exotic color mix appearance. Regarding its growing conditions, the Emerald Bay best thrives in dim light exposure, just like its fellow aglaonema varieties.

38. Aglaonema Maria Christina

Aglaonema Maria Christina
Aglaonema Maria Christina

Don’t be confused between Maria Christina and Maria Aglaonema because they are different. Maria Christina has pretty dense deep green wide leafage with impressive silvery strokes. Interestingly, it is cold-tolerant, unlike other aglaonema varieties that love warm weather.

39. Aglaonema Black Lance

Aglaonema Black Lance
Aglaonema Black Lance

Black is only its name. In fact, silver and deep green shades dominate the foliage color of Aglaonema Black Lance, creating magnificent patterns. Also, as the name implies, its glossy leaves have a sharp, spear-like shape. Additionally, partial shade and moist soil are perfect for their maximum growth.

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40. Aglaonema B.J. Freeman

Chinese Evergreens types
Source: Pinterest (@mashrita.com)

Most of the upper leaves of Aglaonema B.J. Freeman like a mixture of green and white, resulting in a unique silver-green creamy shade of color. Its dense-dangling leaves give nature vibes to the room where it is potted. Make sure to mist them regularly to keep the leaves looking fresh.

41. Aglaonema Brilliant

Chinese Evergreens types
Source: Pinterest (@mashrita.com)

Despite not having striking patterns like our previous aglaonema varieties, it does not mean that Aglaonema Brilliant is not worth noticing. One of its advantages is its drought tolerance, making it a tough plant among other aglaonema plants. Furthermore, its mini size makes this variety suitable as a houseplant.

42. Aglaonema Cory

Chinese Evergreens types
Source: flickr (@NISMAH RUMZY’S AGLAO)

There are many Aglaonema cultivars, and you may be unfamiliar with Aglaonema Cory. It has a typical foliage motif to other aglaonema varieties, highlighting silvery veins with deep green shade as the background – only it features ellipse-shaped leaves. Furthermore, it requires sufficient moisture and light to grow properly.

43. Aglaonema Deborah

Chinese Evergreens types
Source: Pinterest (@mashrita.com)

This cultivar of Aglaonema crispum grows erect stems with a lush variegated leafy blade shape. Uniquely, its mature plants can produce berries! Something that other aglaonema varieties don’t have. However, it is still under the low maintenance plants category, a perfect starting point for beginners.

44. Aglaonema Emerald Star

Chinese Evergreens types
Aglaonema Emerald Star

Maybe, you are so familiar with the look of Emerald Star. Yes! It closely resembles Pink Moon, only the dots are all white. The midrib is also beautifully painted-like with a brush, creating a matching color with its stars-like freckles. And to maintain its color, keep it under diffused light.

45. Aglaonema Abidjan

Chinese Evergreens types
Source: Pinterest (@mashrita.com)

Have no clue about Aglaonema Abidjan? It is considered a rare aglaonema variety where its name was taken after its origin – Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa. This cultivar grows stunning white flowers that pop up from the center of its variegated leaves. Moreover, the Abidjan is hardy as it can handle drought better, although it prefers moist soil.

46. Aglaonema Amelia

Chinese Evergreens types
Source: Pinterest (@tropicopia.com)

Medium pots seem suitable for planting Aglaonema Amelia which has leathery leaves that grow thick and lush. The greenish patternation with a touch of silver gives this plant an exciting look. Moreover, its easy maintenance is suitable for those who want to start gardening with the Amelia cultivar.

47. Aglaonema Tigress

Chinese Evergreens types
Source: Pinterest (@Fleur & Co.)

Say no more to dull spaces once you start keeping Aglaonema Tigress. Its lovely long foliage, complete with a blend of green and silver unique patterns, will radiate calmness when you need it most. There is no need to worry about its maintenance because it is one of the easiest aglaonema varieties for houseplants.

48. Aglaonema White Rain

Chinese Evergreens types
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

At first glance, the leaves of Aglaonema White Rain are indeed green with whitish marks like they have faded in the rain. But, the smudging turns out into a fantastic color gradation. Additionally, keeping it away from direct sunlight will help maintain its beautiful foliage.

49. Aglaonema Golden Madonna

Chinese Evergreens types
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

We can acknowledge its charming and unique green-silvery patterns that go along with the name Madonna. The maintenance is not complex. Just keep the light low to medium with proper humidity. Your plant will grow happily; thanks for your caring.

50. Aglaonema Spring Snow

Chinese Evergreens types
Aglaonema Spring Snow

Blooming like in spring and having snowy markings is all we can witness in one plant – Aglaonema Spring Snow. In spite of its tiny leaves, the beauty of the pattern is no less beautiful than other aglaonema varieties. In addition, you will only need a small pot under dim light to grow properly.

51. Aglaonema Emerald Beauty

Chinese Evergreens types
Aglaonema Emerald Beauty

Bearing ‘Emerald’ on its name does not mean it has a similar appearance to other fellow Emerald aglaonema varieties. Emerald Beauty features pale green markings on top of a darker shade of its lush foliage. It is also an easy plant, making it a great indoor plant to take care of.

52. Aglaonema Leprechaun

Chinese Evergreens types
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Taking a closer look, Aglaonema Leprechaun has green leafage with white color that seems to melt away down to the base. Its small stems make it suitable for planting in small pots to further display on your desk. Furthermore, you can mist it regularly to refresh the leaves and maintain their moisture.

53. Aglaonema Silverado

Chinese Evergreens types
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

The combination of three different shades of green on the foliage stunningly turns the plant into a mesmerizing houseplant. Thanks to its bright foliage, it can turn the sparks on in your shady areas. Additionally, don’t expose it direct sunlight as the leaves are prone to burn.

54. Aglaonema Gemini

Chinese Evergreens types
Source: Pinterest (@New Garden)

Its medium size makes Aglaonema Gemini an ideal choice for indoor plants since it does not require many spaces. Plus, the dazzling green-silver-cream markings of this plant are irresistible. Nonetheless, it is easily broken compared to other aglaonema varieties; thus, be gentle on this one when moving it.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many varieties of aglaonema are there?

There are around 20-24 aglaonema varieties, although exact numbers vary according to botanical registers. They bear diverse sizes, shapes, colors, and motifs, making aglaonema a great addition to your indoor plants.

Which aglaonema is best for low light?

Plain green varieties, such as Aglaoneme modestum and Aglaoneme simplex, can be grown perfectly well under very low lighting. Yet, most aglaonema can thrive under low light.

Can you grow different aglaonema varieties together?

Absolutely! Growing different Aglaonema varieties together can create a visually stunning display. Just ensure that all varieties have similar light and water requirements to ensure they all thrive.

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