10 Fastest Growing Trees in Minnesota

Talking about Minnesota, you can have shade or evergreen trees in your yard as long as the space is big enough. It is one of the requirements since most of native trees in Minnesota are fast growing and legendary. Moreover the trees can turn into something majestic to see once it is mature enough. Hence we call it legendary because it can be part of your whole life to see the tree grow big and old in the same place you grow as well.

Also, it is not only about the shade and privacy, but also the fruit tree that you can have in a Minnesota garden. So, why don’t you keep reading? After you finish reading this, we guarantee you will go with a good plan for having at least one tree to grow in your blank yard.

1. Maple Tree (Acer)

fastest growing trees minnesota
Maple Tree

It is pretty common to choose a maple tree as the shade tree for your house in Minnesota. This big tree grows very fast in Minnesota. With large branches and leaves, you can plant it on your favorite spots in your yard. Then, you can see the different yet still stunning view during spring, summer and fall.

In spring, you can see the maple tree blooming, then when the summer comes, the fresh green foliage will appear. In the fall, the color is very vibrant and beautiful such as orange, red and yellow.

fastest growing trees minnesota
Maple Leaves

Most people know the maple tree is a sturdy tree since it can live over 100 years by handling all seasons well. But, during its first or second year after planting, the maple tree has not handled the cold yet, that’s why you have to cover the tree with burlap when the frost comes.

2. Oak Tree (Quercus)

fastest growing trees minnesota
Oak Tree

Another fastest growing tree in Minnesota is the oak tree. Yes, it is a famous tree as well that can grow up to 80 feet tall. Oak trees only need a few years to provide shade in your yard. So you better prepare for the very spacious yard when planning to have this tree.

Moreover, you don’t need extra maintenance for growing this one, because oak trees can be planted in many soil types. Also, it can tolerate pollution and do well in extreme heat or cold. Isn’t it very hardy?

Oak Leaves
Oak Leaves

During summer and fall, oak trees will provide you with beautiful shades of orange, red and brown in fall. Since this tree will be a gigantic one while it goes mature, you should take a note that planting an oak tree needs a big space or yard in order to avoid the large branches falling to your house or the underground roots destroying your house’s foundation.

3. Eastern Cottonwood (Populus deltoides)

fastest growing trees minnesota
Eastern Cottonwood Tree

Although some people think growing cottonwood will cause trouble for your yard, this tree is still popular in Minnesota. This tree likes well drained and moist soil, yet it tolerates clay and alkaline soil. It is very unique for this tree because eastern cottonwood can thrive on the road salts yet cannot do well in salt soil.

Eastern Cottonwood
Eastern Cottonwood

If you are looking for a fast growing tree for privacy, this one can be your option. Since the height can reach up to 100 feet high, make sure your house is not that near to this tree in your yard to avoid the branch falling if the storm strikes.

4. Pine Tree (Pinus)

fastest growing trees minnesota
Pine Tree

The evergreen tree that you can see in Minnesota is the pine tree. There are various pine trees in Minnesota. Usually, the best time to plant the pine tree is during spring. In southern Minnesota, people usually do it from early April to early May, while in northern Minnesota, the best time to plant is in late April to mid May. 

Pine Leaves
Pine Leaves

Pine trees like moist soil and cooler temperature to help prevent the young seedlings from drying. If you are looking for fast growers, you can choose jack pine tree and red pine tree. Jack pine trees can reach up to 70 feet tall and the red one can grow up to 100 feet tall. As the shade for privacy, this evergreen tree will be a good choice especially if your front yard is pretty spacious.

5. Ash Tree (Fraxinus)

fastest growing trees minnesota
Ash Tree

Having an ash tree in Minnesota means you grow the native tree here. This one is a fast growing tree. For the height, this tree can reach up to 50 to 75 feet tall. You can see how stunning your tree once the foliage color changes in the fall. It turns yellow for a warm vibe when the temperature is getting cooler.

Ash Leaves
Ash Leaves

The branch of tree can be a perfect shade for your yard although it takes around 20 years to perfectly mature for the ash tree. But it is really worth the wait. You can see it grow while you also grow older. It is like creating a private story for you and this tree in your own yard.

6. Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides)

fastest growing trees minnesota
Quaking Aspen Tree

If you are looking for unique features of Minnesota native trees, then you can see the quaking aspen tree. This fast growing tree can reach up to 85 feet once it is mature. Quaking aspen is known as the unique tree since the leaves are small, circular yet pointed. The stalk is flattened. The bark is pale and almost white but it is still capable of photosynthesis.

fastest growing trees minnesota
Quaking Aspen

Therefore, you have to grow a quaking aspen tree in your yard. Moist and well drained soil will be a perfect place for quaking aspen to grow although it can tolerate wet locations. So you don’t have to worry if rain will fall hard in the yard.

7. Elm Tree (Ulmus americana)

fastest growing trees minnesota
Elm Tree

Looking for drought tolerant shade trees? Then start to consider this elm tree. This plant loves heat, therefore it becomes a versatile tree because you can grow it in most places in Minnesota. Elm trees will provide the old country vibe in your spacious yard.

Elm Leaves
Elm Leaves

A shady, fresh and comfortable atmosphere can be felt if there is an elm tree in your big yard. Furthermore, you can see it grows to 40-50 feet tall.

8. North Star Cherry

fastest growing trees minnesota
North Star Cherry

Growing fruit trees in Minnesota? Why not! You can have a North star cherry tree in your yard. Although it is not that big for the shade tree, it is a perfect one for the versatile tree that its fruit can be enjoyed for your whole family. The fruit is very delicious, and you can use cherry for almost every meal you want. This tree will grow 8 to 10 feet tall and spread up to 6 to 8 feet. You don’t have to worry about the disease that may affect this one, since it is hardy and disease resistant, so it is worry-free to grow. 

fastest growing trees minnesota
North Star Cherry Flowers

Your small yard will fit as the place to plant this fruit tree as well. Placing North star cherry trees under the full sun and inside well drained soil will make them grow happily. Oh, don’t forget to do medium watering for this plant, medium watering means you just have to water it when the soil around an inch down from the surface is dry. Moreover, for northern or southern Minnesota, there is no issue to grow this tree. Already planning what to make after harvest cherry? 

9. Black Walnut (Juglans nigra)

When you usually see black walnut tree in the form of tables or other furniture in your house, now you can start having it in your yard even if you can only grow one tree. The average height for this tree is 50 feet to 60 feet, yet it often reaches 100 feet tall.

fastest growing trees minnesota
Black Walnut Tree
fastest growing trees minnesota
Black Walnut Fruits

The tree is straight and clear of branches for half of its height. So, it is obviously not a shade tree. Well-drained and fertile soils will let Black Walnut grow optimally.

10. White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis)

fastest growing trees minnesota
White Cedar Tree

Probably not many people know that white cedar has another name, it is Thuja occidentalis. It is one of the hardy trees for Minnesota climate. So it means a good one for you to have this in your yard. White cedar will be hardy in warm climates, and then during the cold weather, the foliage will adapt to the season by changing its color to be brown or yellow. 

White Cedar Leaves
White Cedar Leaves

Thuja occidentalis is resistant to winter color discoloration, so the color will always be vibrant and pretty to look at. The low and tall hedges will fit many different garden styles based on your preference.

Although it doesn’t look like an evergreen tree that really provides some intimacy between your yard and house, this one is still the best choice for adding some privacy for your yard. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the fastest-growing tree in Minnesota?

Oak trees are the fastest growing tree in Minnesota. This one can reach the height up to 80 feet tall within several years. No wonder that this majestic tree is easy to be found in Minnesota. Since it is very useful for providing shade. 

What is the fastest growing evergreen tree in Minnesota?

Pines are the fastest growing evergreen trees in Minnesota. It is a very popular tree in this state especially during winter when the foliage remains green. This hardy tree has soft textured twig and smooth bark when it is still young. Usually, this plant will grow for 125 m.

What is the best shade tree in Minnesota?

The maple tree is the best shade tree in Minnesota. It not only provides shade but also the beautiful foliage within all seasons is fantastic to see. Maple is a versatile tree as well, because you can harvest sugar maple if the tree is mature enough. 

What are the white trees in Minnesota?

There are white spruce, eastern white pine, white ash, white cedar, and quaking aspen. Mostly, when the trees do not belong to evergreen in Minnesota, then it becomes the white tree list. Although they are white trees, they are still capable of photosynthesis and grow well too!

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