25 Peony Garden Design Ideas You Will Love In A Heartbeat

Bring back dormant life after a long winter with peony garden design ideas! These lovely settings will adorn your landscape from spring to summer, thanks to the striking flowers of the herbaceous peonies. In addition, they also grow lush green foliage that creates a wonderful match with the colorful blooms.

Moreover, you shouldn’t worry about what to plant with peonies as they can easily grow and adjust with other companion plants, such as foxglove, iris, lupine, and clustered Bellflower. Succulents can also be planted side by side with peonies.

In addition, they are relatively low-maintenance, not fussy about growing conditions, and can certainly liven up a more festive atmosphere for plants. What are you waiting for? Check out our peony garden design ideas below to get inspired!

Lush and Colorful Peonies Landscaping

If you love colorful garden settings, our curated peony garden design ideas below will satisfy your taste! Not only interesting for you, but the butterflies don’t hesitate to stop by your garden while sipping on the nectar of your peonies. Interested?

1. Garden and Pond Decoration

peony garden design ideas
Garden and Pond Decoration

Despite the size, the garden is an important asset for home landscaping because it can enhance its overall appearance. It also attracts the interest of your guests. Especially if your garden has a pool setting with rocks arrangement and peonies that make one of the best garden decors. Choose hot pink or red tree peony blossoms with white irises to make them glow against leafy green plants in the background.

2. Sunny Perennial Garden

peony garden design ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Huestis Tucker Architects)

A perennial garden with peonies can make a stunning focal point under the sun. Their rounded flowers with faded pink shades add a feminine touch and lush purple iris. If you plant this beautiful combination on your lawn, make sure the setting is on the outskirts as a garden border, so it doesn’t look too crowded. Then, create an intersectional peony layout with the iris to highlight each other’s colors.

3. Exquisite Summer Peonies Garden

peony garden design ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Garden Blog)

Summer flowering annuals can’t be better with peonies! The striking magenta flowers look almost like lanterns among other plants. In addition, the sage plants provide unique silvery green foliage so that this garden design is full of layers of different colors and textures. Meanwhile, the spike flowering plants among peonies stand out, catching attention thanks to the emerging stalks.

4. Colorful Peony Landscape

peony garden design ideas
Source: flickr (@Van Swearingen)

If you love colorful garden design, this idea is one of a kind. The herbaceous peony blossoms seem to invade your lawn with their beauty, adding vibrant touches to the landscape with red, pink, yellow, and white shades. Despite having lavish flowers, somehow, they are not too flashy. To balance the setting, you can plant the shade of the trees around it. Also, Iris will do great as a companion plant to offer other variations.

5. Mini Landscaping with Peonies

peony garden design ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Fine Gardening Magazine)

Unlike the previous layout, this design is simple yet no less exciting! The peony is the real star in the garden with soft yellow opening blooms and dense ornamental green leaves. In addition, the low-growing tiny purple flowers add a layer below the peony plants, balancing the setting without overpowering. You can grow them along the garden paths as borders with limestones.

6. Patio Gardening

peony garden design ideas
Source: Pinterest (@vwgarden.blogspot.com)

A patio can represent your overall house look, so don’t let it empty! Instead, grow coral peonies whose enormous flowers will effortlessly spice up the front yard with their beauty. The vibrant color beautifully dominates the spring landscape, while the fresh foliage forms a dense background. You can plant the peonies with purple sage, and other ground covers next to your porch stairs to decorate the plain area.

7. Pink Shades Peony Gardening

Pink Shades Peony Gardening
Source: Pinterest (@Fine Gardening Magazine)

Are you a pink lover? If so, we have a garden design for your creativity channel in arranging a pink landscape with peonies. Instead of choosing one shade, try to explore some pink arrays, starting from the bold to the pale ones. After that, plant them in your garden according to the shade. In addition, let the leaves grow to make a thick shrub that will serve as the color background.

8. Terrace Peony Decor

Terrace Peony Decor
Source: Pinterest (@Designing Dreams on a Dime)

This is an ideal peony garden decor for your large front yard. The tall magenta peonies with the spike stalks add a touch of bright color to the lush greenery. Meanwhile, the viburnums offer textures and evergreen foliage that stay on point through the seasons. To support this design, you can also plant ornamental grasses and lawns around your garden area.

9. Spring Peony Landscaping

Spring Peony Landscaping
Source: flickr (@Pia´s GardenFollow)

The pink peonies make a highlight in this spring landscaping. Although there are not too many of them, they are the most striking plants because of the beautiful color of their flowers. Plant it behind a round trimmed viburnum. Then, combine it with the ornamental grass next to it. We assure you that this setting offers a lush statement but is not overwhelming to the surrounding area.

10. Backyard Peony Setting

Backyard Peony Setting
Source: Pinterest (@livemaster.ru)

Besides pink, you can create peonies in other colors, such as white and red, to decorate your garden. The combination of these two shades is very striking, offering a bold statement yet still looking lovely and soft at the same time. In addition, the yellow centers of the white blooms add vibrant colors but are not flashy, ideal for contrast amid the greenery.

11. Intersectional Peonies Landscape

Intersectional Peonies Landscape
Source: Pinterest (@Gardenia)

You can combine your lovely peonies with other flowering plants. But the most stunning ones are spike flowers because they have tall stalks to make an intersectional peony landscape. Furthermore, choose companion plants with different color arrays. Thus, they don’t seem monotonous. Suppose your peonies are corals or white. In that case, the best pick is plants that grow purple, white, or yellow blooms.

12. Colorful Peony Border

Colorful Peony Border
Source: Pinterest (@Fine Gardening Magazine)

Instead of using a too mainstream fence, bordering with peonies seems interesting to create an out-of-the-box garden boundary. It will surely elevate your garden design because of the beautiful colorful flowers. Let alone the lawns and stone path setting next to the edge that adds aesthetic value to your yard. You can pair the border with evergreen shrubs so that the atmosphere of your garden is not too packed with flowers.

13. White Peony Border Garden

White Peony Border Garden
Source: Pinterest (@Susie Dentt)

Some people favor a vibrant garden with a bunch of flowers, while others keep it low-key with white blooms. If you don’t like to overflow the front area of your home with a wide array of colors, it is better to grow white peonies all along the fence. Apart from looking luxurious and soft, these flowers are in tune with your garden theme and the white color of the wooden fence. Don’t forget to also install a retaining wall to keep it looking neat and clean.

14. Mini Front Yard Gardening

Mini Front Yard Gardening
Source: Pinterest (@t.me)

Growing peonies doesn’t have to be in a large garden area. You can turn a piece of land next to your house into a mini garden to plant peonies. With other leafy plants, your peonies look super stand out to balance the lush green leaves. The selection of pink, red, and white colors is quite interesting because they provide a variety of soft and not too flashy colors. In addition, the variety of foliage from companion plants offers a variety of textures in this small garden.

15. Deck Porch Gardening

Deck Porch Gardening
Source: Pinterest (@Rachel Elizabeth)

Another peony garden design for those who only have a narrow garden area. You can try growing dwarf peony varieties that can thrive in the containers so you can hang them on your deck porch. Usually, this design is hype in the summer, when people compete to decorate their homes with various kinds of beautiful flowers. Now, it is time for you to display your peonies!

Peony Cottage Garden

It must be fun to have a cottage design for your home garden, especially with vibrant peony blooms. To create a lush setting, you can mix and match the tree peonies with other landscaping plants. Not to mention the herbaceous peony foliage that adds green touches against striking flowers. Wanna try one? Find out below!

16. Mix Perennial Garden

peony garden design ideas
Source: flickr (@Rachel James)

Even though you can see some plants grow with peonies, they strangely don’t bother you. Precisely because the variety of types of plants with different flowers, leaves, heights, and habits makes this cottage garden design look absolutely captivating. The flowering shrub creeps out on the retaining wall while the ornamental grasses dance with the wind. Moreover, the peony blooms seem sparkling against the spike flowering plants that are no less beautiful.

17. Private Cottage Style Garden

peony garden design ideas
Private Cottage Style Garden

Similar to our previous collection, the lush garden is still the gem here. This idea focuses on bright peonies with a blend of ornamental grasses that grow white flower heads. Thus, it appears to form a natural border that encloses the exquisite peonies. In addition, the viburnums grow behind the peony plants, add an evergreen layer, and become a background to make the flowers stand out.

18. Beautiful Spring Garden Design

peony garden design ideas
Beautiful Spring Garden Design

Do you want to plant peonies in your home garden? Well, try this one! It is not only an ordinary peony garden but makes a perfect arrangement by layering with other plants. The pink peonies are planted next to silvery green plant beds, offering an intersectional setting with delicate color contrast. Meanwhile, the red foliage looks like a pattern on the beds, adding a bold statement.

19. Border Gardens with Peonies

peony garden design ideas
Border Gardens with Peonies

Diverse peonies are indeed stunning, but the white peony flowers are captivating! They display white on the petals and a combination of soft yellow centers that blend in beautifully. This part is also what distinguishes these peonies from others. In addition, the dark green foliage further adds to the beauty of this border. Thanks to these fantastic features, planting peonies for a cottage garden border without companion plants is not a big deal.

20. Flower Backyard Landscaping

peony garden design ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Gaonou Xiong)

This idea is best applied to those with a relatively large backyard. The color of coral peonies looks bright against the greenery that grows dense at the back. Moreover, the circular setting allows you to be creative with stone borders, so the design is not too stiff. Also, add gravel around your garden. Wanna elevate the design even more? Place two sets of chairs and a table with an umbrella to spend your time in this area.

21. English Cottage Garden

peony garden design ideas
English Cottage Garden

We believe that this arrangement will capture everyone’s hearts because it looks simple but charming. With a combination of ground cover, tropical plants (spot on the bananas in the corner!), ornamental grass, and peonies, this English cottage garden setting looks too good to be true. Let alone the natural garden path with the bare soil will make you feel like you are in other realms. Cool, isn’t it?

Stunning Peony Garden Paths

Adorning your garden path with peonies? Why not? They will surely offer a pleasant experience for those walking through the garden to your home. The cheerful flowers can draw a smile to your guest’s face that perhaps, also elevate their moods. Try one and prove it yourself!

22. Garden Path with Pink Peonies

peony garden design ideas
Garden Path with Pink Peonies

With peonies, it feels like all garden settings will never go wrong, including making it a garden path decoration. The bright red color of the flowers flamed up the landscape, striking among the lawns and ornamental grasses. Furthermore, the purple flower heads of spike flowering plants provide a subtle touch of color that harmonizes with the peonies.

23. Lavish Peony Blooms

peony garden design ideas
Source: Pinterest (@The Telegraph)

There is nothing wrong with decorating a garden path with leafy plants. But a touch of peony flowers will make the setting more attractive for the passerby. Moreover, they are famous for their exquisite large blooms with colorful shades that are suitable to be combined with small shrubs, ornamental grasses, and even succulents. We recommend dense leafy plants and ornamental grasses for this arrangement to highlight the blooms.

24. Minimalist Peonies Path

Minimalist Peonies Path
Source: Pinterest (@Fine Gardening Magazine)

Minimalism does not mean that the design is not attractive. Take a look at this one! It is just a garden path with magenta and pale pink peonies growing along the way. But, interestingly, they look captivating. It is because of creativity in arranging variations of peonies based on color. Not to mention the low-growing plants and stone path arrangements that make the layout even more beautiful. Moreover, the mini garden lamps next to the peony border will elevate the landscape at night.

25. Suburban Garden Design

peony garden design ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Amanda Hurd)

Trying to create fun peony gardening? We have one design of a peony plant idea that is worth adopting. It combines three shades of peony flowers: magenta, pink, and white. You can grow pink next to white because their color palette is not too flashy. Then, you can plant the magenta near pink. Among these arrangements, you may try to grow lavender. If it is too dense, plant it in the front, directly adjacent to the garden path, to create a natural border.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What can I plant next to peonies?

The best companion plants for peonies to create diverse layers for your landscapes are foxglove, delphinium, lupine, and clustered bellflower. They belong to the spike flowering plants that balance the rounded peony flowers. But if you prefer non-flowering plants, try succulents with various shapes to grow together with peonies. In addition, some evergreen shrubs like viburnums will make a great addition to your peony garden design ideas.

How do you make a peony landscape?

If you are interested in landscaping with peonies, you can try the following tips:

  • Find the ones that match your hardiness zones. Peonies generally grow in the US hardiness zone 3 to 8, but sometimes it can be 4 to 9, depending on where you live and the cultivars.
  • Choose companion plants. They will grow beautifully with spike flowering plants like foxglove, lupine, and delphinium. Additionally, succulents, flowering perennials, and evergreen shrubs may add their beauty to the landscape.
  • Prepare their planting areas. Plant tree peonies and their companion in a spot that receives 6-8 hours of full sun exposure.
  • If you wanna plant peonies in the containers, pick ones 18 to 24 inches in diameter to allow the roots to develop properly.

What side of a house should a peony be planted?

Given peony plants love full sun, the right side of the house or south-facing areas are the best places to plant them. In this spot, your peonies will thrive because they get the sunlight they need, which is about 6-8 hours per day. Lack of sun will harm perennials because they can be susceptible to disease. In addition, this condition can also cause them to fail flowering.

What is the best time to plant peony?

The best and most ideal time to start planting herbaceous peonies is between October to March, or let’s say, around fall. During this season, the weather is mild and has not touched frozen temperatures, making it suitable for peonies who like the cool climate. However, it may not be applied to potted peonies because they can be grown throughout the seasons.

Can you grow peonies in raised beds?

Peonies are not fussy about their growing locations as long as you provide the planting requirements. You can grow them in large raised beds, pots, and gardens without having problems. They also thrive in a wide variety of soil types, even clay soils, but they must be well-drained. And for the light intensity, make sure you plant them in the full sun areas.

How do you keep peonies blooming all summer?

Generally, peonies bloom from late spring to early summer. However, you can make your peony garden bloom all summer by growing late-season varieties of peony plants and the early-growing in the same area. Thus, you can extend the blooming for up to six weeks. In addition, you can also provide preferable growing conditions, such as cool temperatures, if you want to extend the blooming.

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