25 Attractive Front Yard Dahlia Garden Design For Your Dream House

Nowadays, garden landscaping is becoming popular among homeowners to decorate their homes and give a stunning impression to visiting guests.

Some of them grow various beautiful plants and flowers, such as dahlias, which will fully bloom in summer, adding a colorful accent to the landscape. And for that reason, we have compiled the most stunning front yard dahlia garden design you can take inspiration from.

Apart from being beautiful, the dahlia is an easy maintenance flower, so it won’t make your hands full of caring for it. You can also grow them with other flowers such as roses, peonies, and geraniums to enhance the front yard even more. Are you curious? Let’s check out our list of front yard dahlia garden designs below!

1. Fencing With Dahlias

front yard dahlia garden design
Fencing With Dahlias

You can always rely on Dahlias when it comes to the fencing for your gardens. The beautiful and colorful blooms will surely amaze pedestrians who pass by your front yard. 

Not to mention the contrasting color with their leaves which make the petals stand out. Plant taller varieties of dahlias to balance the height of your fence and make it look eye-catching. Plus, choose the white color for the fence to add aesthetic touch to the garden.

2. Magenta Dahlias For Garden Border

front yard dahlia garden design
Magenta Dahlias For Garden Border

Besides the taller varieties, the shorter dahlias are no less interesting to add to your front yard. The advantage of short types is that they can be planted anywhere, such as near your bedroom window that directly faces the garden.

Plant them like they form a border. Then, spread white or creamy pea gravel around it as a garden path. You can also add a small water fountain to add a water feature to your garden. What’s a better feeling when you wake up, open the window, and enjoy the beautiful view of the magenta blooming dahlias?

3. Colorful Summer Dahlia Garden Design

front yard dahlia garden design
Colorful Summer Dahlia Garden Design

Growing dahlias will be your best decision to decorate your gardens, thanks to the vibrant flowers! You can spoil the eyes of anyone who looks at it by combining various varieties with different flower petal colors. We recommend the yellow, pink, white, and orange combination because the four colors provide a striking contrast. 

In addition, the touch of green from the grass and the flowering groundcover, like Lady’s Mantle, will be a fantastic addition! Don’t forget to provide a wooden fence as a barrier between the dahlias and the groundcover so they don’t overlap.

4. Burst Of Dahlias Garden Design

front yard dahlia garden design
Burst Of Dahlias Garden Design

If you have ample land, this will be the most appealing front yard dahlia garden design you could’ve dreamed of! You can freely create a layout of dahlia flowers on the edge and center of the garden as a two-way road divider.

Moreover, install square stones such as tiled floors and the dahlia flower that grows in the middle as a barrier with grass. In case you want some greeneries, you can plant juniper in pots.

5. Pink Flower Dahlia Pond Border

front yard dahlia garden design
Pink Flower Dahlia Pond Border

Suppose you have a pond in your garden but have no idea what to do to adorn it. In that case, you will love this front yard dahlia garden design with exquisite pink blooms. 

Choose low-growing varieties as you don’t want them covering the pond, then plant the flowers surrounding the wooden path next to the pond. Some foxgloves and leafy plants will also be stunning companion plants to add diverse texture to the front yard. 

6. Potted Dahlias For Front Yard Or Patio

front yard dahlia garden design
Potted Dahlias For Front Yard Or Patio

Do you want a beautiful garden with dahlia flowers but don’t have enough space to grow them? Don’t worry! You can still make it happen by creating container gardens instead.

You just need to buy tubers of short dahlias varieties and plant them in small to medium pots. Put them on your front patio or front yard, where they can get enough sunlight. Arrange them in different floral colors to create striking, captivating color contrasts.

7. Vibrant And Shade Garden Designs

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Pinterest (@David Domoney)

The combination of the green of the tree’s leaves and the colorful dahlias is indeed pleasing to the eye. Thankfully, it is manageable and easy to create! How to make it?

First, build concrete edging for your garden as a barrier for planting and grass locations. Second, pick the tubers of dahlia flowers with different colors and then plant them in your specified area. Ensure the site gets full sun and is not far from the trees you have, as they provide shade for the flowers in case the weather is too hot.

8. Fall Dahlia Cottage Landscaping Style

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Pinterest (@theartofdoingstuff.com)

Not only in summer, but dahlia flowers are ideal for growing in your fall cottage garden. To match the color of autumn leaves, choose the yellow, orange, and red blooms of dahlias to plant behind your white garden fence. Furthermore, don’t forget to pick the taller varieties so they can grow higher than your fence as decorations.

9. Summer Dahlia Garden Design 

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Pinterest (@Val Nelson)

Summer is the best time to plant some flowers as the weather gets warmer. Plus, it is a perfect season to landscape your flower garden with dahlias! But before that, ensure you’ve grown manila grass or similar grass in your front yard.

Next, shape the grass like a beer bottle, where the neck leads to the front door as a way to the center of the garden. After that, colorful dahlias surround the grass layout that has been made. We are 100% sure that your guests will feel like they are walking on the red carpet when they visit your home.

10. Landscape Hedge With Dahlia

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Pinterest (@Backyard Boss)

In case you have an extraordinary, luxurious home, you will need a proper garden hedge to protect your front yard. And dahlias will be an excellent addition to add a cheerful touch to the greenery.

You must first prune the garden hedge plants into squares as “the natural container”. We recommend boxwood as they are the most popular hedge plants and grow not too tall. Create a hole in the middle for planting dahlias. Install the lamps at the base of Dahlia to make them look luxurious at night!

11. Cottage Garden Landscaping Design

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Pinterest (@cuttskathy)

Besides growing in a closed garden space, dahlias are also beautiful to grow in an open front yard area with a cottage garden landscaping style. You will only need to prepare some colors from your favorite dahlia flowers.

First, plant them in your front yard horizontally along with other companion flowers like New England asters or Coneflower to add another beauty to the landscape. Next, put a couch on the grass facing the flowers you planted. In this spot, you can enjoy your dahlias while sipping a cup of tea in the morning.

12. Decorative Dahlia Landscape

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Pinterest (@alltomtradgard.expressen.se)

Thanks to a wide variety of dahlias, you can still plant this gorgeous flower even if you don’t have a large garden. With just a small area and a concrete border, you can plant dahlias to beautify your front yard.

To make it even more stunning, plant them with lavender, whose leaves give your garden a unique texture. Moreover, if you grow the tall varieties, attach additional wood to support the dahlia stalks. In addition, you can place a set of chairs and a table next to your dahlias to spend time in your garden while reading a book or listening to music.

13. Rock Wall Gardening

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Pinterest (@Henry Machal)

It is a simple front yard dahlia garden design that will keep you on a budget. You will only need to buy rocks and dahlias to arrange and plant. Arrange the rock to form a rectangular dividing wall against your garden hedge. 

Furthermore, make sure the arrangement is lower than the hedge plant, so it doesn’t get in the way of the green accents. Next, plant dahlias on the plotted spot inside the rock wall you have prepared. When it’s time they are fully blooming, you will see a lovely combination of purple blooms and greenery. 

14. Romantic Dahlia Garden Layout

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Pinterest (@Shiplap And Shells)

Express your romantic side by designing the front yard with a beautiful arrangement of dahlia flowers. If you wonder how to make it, let us guide you through creating an amazing one! To begin with, you should build a concrete border to divide the grass area and the site you want to plant the dahlias later. 

After that, choose dahlias varieties whose blooms are pink, red, and peach since the three colors symbolize love, then plant them in the selected location. Next, install tiny bulbs with black string on top of the dahlias using white poles. Finally, enjoy this warm vibe of a romantic garden with your loved ones!

15. English Countryside Garden Design

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Pinterest (@KarlGercens.com)

Despite not living in England, you can create an English countryside garden design with dahlias of your choice. You just need a location close to the entrance to your garden.

After determining the area, make a barrier between the spot and the path, then plant your dahlias. Considering the growing area close to the entrance, choosing dahlias with striking blooms is better to amaze your guests. You can also grow vines if the location is close to the wall.

16. Garden Seating Ideas With Dahlia Blooms

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Pinterest (@thepastwhispers.com)

If previously we talked a lot about landscaping with dahlias as a garden border or entrance, we found you a mesmerizing front yard dahlia garden design this time.

It is so classic yet enchanting, like in a fairy tale! A wooden garden bench on the grass surrounded by a burst of dahlia flowers will captivate anyone who sees this in your garden. In addition, place the bench under the trees if you want to provide shade.

17. Tropical Style Dahlias Front Yard Design

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Pinterest (@The Middlesized Garden)

Even though dahlias are cool-climate flowers, they can make a great centerpiece for your tropical garden. In fact, it will be one of the best tropical garden ideas that are worth trying.

In the midst of greenery, dahlias add a cheerful touch to the landscape by providing enchanting red blooms that will last through summer. You can grow them next to white mugwort to create an excellent white-red contrast. 

18. Autumn Front Yard Dahlia Garden Design

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Pinterest (@The Middlesized Garden)

In the autumn, you will experience another kind of beauty from the orange and red leaves that are about to fall. But before that happens, you can welcome this season earlier by growing dahlias in your front yard.

Harmonize the color of autumn by choosing red, orange, and yellow blooms to adorn your garden. If you have a tree whose leaves start to turn bronze, you can plant the dahlias next to it to make the vibes more alive. And if you don’t, grow them around the front door as beautiful, natural garden decor.

19. Bordering Front Yard With Dahlias

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

Instead of creating complicated garden designs, how about playing with the color of dahlia blooms to make an outstanding front yard landscape? You don’t need much equipment, only the dahlias of your choice.

Prepare the site on your front door’s right and left. Pick your dahlias and plant them on both sides of your yard edges. If you have a backyard, do it all the way to the backyard. Once the guests come, they will be stunned by the beauty the dahlias offer.

20. Dahlias Planters

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Pinterest (@Liz Bongiovanni Piccione-Volger)

Have you ever thought of creating a planter from dahlias? Because here, we found an interesting dahlia planting design to decorate your front yard.

This arrangement will be perfect for those with a small garden area because it won’t take up much space. You are only required to prepare three large wooden pots, tiered with two containers below as support and one above. Then, carefully plant the dahlias and ground cover to enhance the appearance of the planters.

21. Striking Hill House Garden Design

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Pinterest (@This Old House)

Do you have a house on the hill with surrounding greenery? If so, we have a perfect dahlia garden landscaping idea to turn on the colorful vibes that will make you feel like you have a dahlia garden on your own.

Before starting to plant, we recommend choosing a rather large location in your front yard to give the dahlias room to grow. Next, select dahlia flowers with four to six colors to make them stand out among the greenery. Plant them in the chosen site and watch them slowly grow into the summer.

22. Dahlia Garden And Patio Ideas

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Instagram (@homebyhanna)

Some people like to separate the site for planting flowers in their garden from the grass area to make maintenance easier. In that case, you will love this front yard dahlia garden design as it won’t take up much space in your grass area. We guarantee that these blooms will enhance the cheerful atmosphere of your garden and patio.

Initially, you can build a long container from black or gray bricks as a medium for planting the dahlias on the garden edge that leads to the terrace. After that, plant the flowers and leave enough distance of about 12-18 inches between one another.

23. Welcome Door Dahlia Garden 

front yard dahlia garden design
Welcome Door Dahlia Garden 

While other front yard dahlia garden designs are more focused on beautifying other areas around the front yard, this time, you will be pampered with fresh flowers of dahlia right after you open the front door.

Please select a location next to the garden lamp so the flowers can still radiate their beauty at night when it turns on. Then, plant bright-colored dahlias, red, pink, yellow, or orange, to make them stand out in your garden. It is simple yet incredible!

24. Front Yard Dahlias Garden Entrance Design

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Instagram (@iamcelinem)

With such a front yard dahlia garden design, not only will you have an astonishing garden, but also you can make your aisle at your wedding! The pavement arrangement with grass growing at the edges is a clever idea. 

Plus, the dahlias that grow along the road to your front door make this design even more stunning. If you want to go beyond, you can add fairy lights around the dahlias that will look exceptional at night.

25. Garden Fairy Dahlia Landscaping

front yard dahlia garden design
Source: Instagram (@sondra_j)

Last but not least, we have another light feature idea for your garden, with dahlia as the main character. The tall varieties of dahlias catch the attention here amidst the surrounding low to moderate-growing plants. Moreover, the color combination of red leaves, green plants, and orange peach flowers of dahlias liven up the atmosphere of your garden. In addition, the selection of garden lights also adds an aesthetic accent to your garden.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where should dahlias be placed in the garden?

As a sun-loving flowering plant, Dahlias grow in the full sun areas where they can get as much sun exposure as possible. Hence, the south or west-facing garden border is the best place for Dahlias to thrive.

How do you use dahlias in landscaping?

The first thing that you should know before planting Dahlias is they don’t like to grow in a flower garden next to other trees or shrubs. Considering this matter, it is best to display their colorful blooms in the containers and place them on your patio as a centerpiece.

However, if you insist on growing them to add to your garden designs, it is better to plant them next to dying tulips as they will benefit from the dry leaves that eventually fertilize the soil.

What happens if you plant dahlias too close together?

Planting Dahlias too close to each other will lead you to mildew issues. As they grow older, more blooms will be produced where they need a proper airflow, which is generally available when they have enough space to develop, especially the taller varieties.

Unfortunately, the powdery mildew will start to appear if they do not meet this specific condition. You must provide at least 12-18 inches of space between one another to provide airflow properly.

What kind of mulch is best for dahlias?

Even though Dahlias do not fussy about the soil, mulching will benefit them since it will keep the roots cool and lock in moisture. The best mulch materials for dahlias are a mixture of pine chips, straws, and peat moss.

If you are a newbie, you can add leaves to your mulch and put them in the base of dahlias to maintain the soil moisture.

Can you plant dahlias with other flowers?

To adorn and enhance your garden designs, you can plant Dahlias with other flowers, such as roses, geraniums, salvia, and peonies. Their colorful blooms will surely create striking color contrasts in any garden they grow.

Besides, those flowers can also attract pollinators and repel pests that will be an issue for your precious dahlias.

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