11 Fast-Growing Bushes in Illinois To Create Privacy Easily

Having a house but no fence can make your house look more spacious, but there is another issue you should face. It is about the privacy of your home sweet home. Well, as the plant lovers, we’ve got you a solution to solve this case. Because you can have fast-growing bushes in Illinois to create privacy screens easily.

Choosing the bushes or shrubs as the ‘fence’ will be an excellent idea, because the air around your house will be freshen everyday, and your house will look gorgeous and stunning with various native shrubs you can choose.

There are eleven deciduous or evergreen that you can plant inside. Take a look at them one by one here!

What Makes A Bush “Fast-Growing” in Illinois?

In the context of Illinois’s varied climate, a “fast-growing” bush is one that can rapidly expand in both height and width within a season or two. Factors such as the state’s soil composition, average rainfall, and temperature fluctuations influence this growth rate.

Local gardeners often choose these bushes when they’re looking for quick landscaping results. Besides growth speed, these plants also display resilience to Illinois’s specific climate challenges.

BEST Fast-Growing Bushes in Illinois

In the vibrant heart of Illinois, where nature sings its timeless tune, there’s a dash to the top led by none other than… bushes! Yes, these aren’t your ordinary, sit-around-all-day types. These bushes race to the skies, vying for the title of the fastest grower in the Prairie State.

Join us on this verdant journey as we root for our green contenders in the grand lineup of Illinois’s speediest shrubs!

1. Azalea

fast-growing bushes in illinois

You can get the beautiful and vibrant colors of Azalea if you plant it in well drained soil conditions and acidic ones. These bushes belong to the Rhododendron family.

Although the bushes size is smaller, you cannot deny its natural beauty once it blooms. Usually, Azalea can grow up to eight feet tall, so you can cover your patio with this native shrub.

Guess this is one of fast-growing bushes in Illinois too.

2. Spirea

fast-growing bushes in illinois

This evergreen shrub is another popular plant that you can choose as the fast-growing bushes in Illinois. You can have a groundcover with long-last blooming with Spirea flower.

Its green foliage and stunning flowers love full sun and well drained soil. Its height is pretty similar to the Azalea, since it can reach up to eight feet tall. So it means that this one is a compact plant as the bushes in your yard.

3. Honeysuckle Bush (Lonicera Maackii)

fast-growing bushes in illinois
Honeysuckle Bush (Lonicera Maackii)

When you are looking for a fast-growing bushes in Illinois that is suitable in any soil type, then you can choose Honeysuckle bush. The height is still a compact plant because it only reached up to 5 feet.

Moreover, these native shrubs are drought tolerant as well and can attract the hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies.

4. Hydrangea

fast-growing bushes in illinois

This becomes the most beautiful flower in the world. Its stunning colors and attractive flower clusters become a favorite shrub for everyone.

Although some people tend to use it as an ornamental flower, there is nothing wrong if you want to plant it as a fast growing bushes plant in Illinois. You can enjoy its flowers view if you place this under the light shade, damp area with the organic matters for the soil

5. Golden Guinea Kerria

fast-growing bushes in illinois
Golden Guinea Kerria

The bright yellow flower and bright green foliage that is drought tolerant and suitable for the bushes in your garden that provide privacy hedge. You can place it under the full sun but still consider the part shade to avoid the late afternoon sun.

The shape of these shrubs is rounded, which will cover the area in your house.

6. Ivory Halo Dogwood

fast-growing bushes in illinois
Ivory Halo Dogwood

These deciduous shrubs have a compact size and are very hardy shrubs. It has a color combination of foliage that makes you remember the Krimson plant.

You can have it for the privacy hedge, mass planting, or just because you love this plant.

Ivory Halo Dogwood loves full sun to part shade, also it can adapt to any type of soils. Hence, it only requires low maintenance to keep it. The growth rate is considered a fast one.

So, you can have this fast growing bushes plant in Illinois if you want to.

7. Golden Vicary Privet (Ligustrum x Vicaryi)

Golden Vicary Privet
Golden Vicary Privet (Ligustrum x Vicaryi)

An easy to grow dense shrub to add the privacy hedge in your house. The bright green foliage will make privacy screens easier than you think before. The color is vibrant for all years.

Although the fragrant from the leaves are not too strong, it still produces the iconic aromatic leaves through it. It can tolerate dry soil and will be happy if you place it under the full sun to reach the vibrant color for the leaves.

8. Diabolo Ninebark (Physocarpus Opulifolius ‘Monlo’)

Diabolo Ninebark
Diabolo Ninebark (Physocarpus Opulifolius ‘Monlo’)

In all seasons, this native shrub will make you feel excited. The leaves are very attractive and stunning. You can see the deep purple leaves as the privacy screens in your house.

Also, it is pest and disease free.

This fast growing shrub can be yours in Illinois since it is a low maintenance plant as well. Moreover, it will attract wildlife if you have this one. The birds, hummingbirds, and many more will come to these fast growing trees.

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9. Isanti Dogwood (Cornus Sericea ‘Isanti’)

Isanti Dogwood
Isanti Dogwood (Cornus Sericea ‘Isanti’)

This one is more compact than red twig dogwood, but still a fast growing one. Also, you don’t have to think complicated about choosing soil since this one can adapt to any soil type and condition.

But it will be happier if there is a damp spot in the garden. This deciduous tree loves full sun to part shade, so you can choose the best spot in garden areas for Isanti Dogwood to be planted.

10. Japanese Lilac Tree (Syringa Reticulata)

Japanese Lilac Tree (Syringa Reticulata)
Japanese Lilac Tree (Syringa Reticulata)

This is a very large shrub that will bloom in early summer. Japanese lilacs are the other shrubs that are fragrant when they bloom. You can choose whether to plant it in your garden as the cover or beside your window to add the green spot from your house.

Japanese lilac or its Latin name Syringa Japonica is considered as low maintenance bushes, so you have no worry about planting it by yourself. Moreover, this plant is pollution tolerant and thrives very well in well drained soil.

Don’t forget to place it under the full sun, so that it can be tougher and disease resistant as well.

11. Miss Kim Lilac (Syringa Pubescens Subsp. Patula ‘Miss Kim’)

Miss Kim Lilac  (Syringa Pubescens Subsp. Patula 'Miss Kim')
Miss Kim Lilac (Syringa Pubescens Subsp. Patula ‘Miss Kim’)

A very fragrant smell from these deciduous flowering shrubs you can choose for garden areas. This is one of the best plants of fast growing bushes in Illinois. An adorable lilac flower cannot be denied when it blooms.

You can feel released because the flower buds are tough from the damage caused by the frost when the winter comes. Miss Kim Lilac loves full sun, loamy soil, and you can enjoy the blooming period in spring to early summer.

It is pretty exciting to have these shrubs, right?

Final Thought

As our journey through Illinois’s green racetracks comes to a close, remember that these fast-growing bushes aren’t just about speed; they’re nature’s way of giving back beauty in double time. Whether you’re crafting a natural screen, a vibrant hedge, or simply seeking some quick shade, these Illinois favorites deliver.

So, why wait years when nature offers a speedier, leafy solution? Go on, let your garden sprint to life with these swift shrubs!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a good shrub for privacy?

A compact size of shrubs will be a good shrub for privacy. You can choose the fast growing one, so that you don’t have to wait for a long time to see how the plants got your house covered.

There are Japanese Lilac, Azalea, or Isanti Dogwood for the easy to take care of.

When’s the best time to plant these fast-growing bushes in Illinois?

Spring is the ideal time to plant most bushes in Illinois. The ground is workable, and the risk of frost has usually passed. This gives the plants ample time to establish their roots before the winter months. Fall can also be suitable, but ensure you plant several weeks before the first expected frost.

Are fast-growing bushes hard to maintain in Illinois?

While the rapid growth sounds enticing, it can also mean more trimming and care.

However, many of the popular fast-growing bushes in Illinois have been chosen for both their speed and relative ease of maintenance. Regular pruning helps, especially to retain a desired shape. Ensure a proper watering schedule, and these bushes can thrive with minimal fuss!

Do these bushes grow throughout the year?

Fast-growing bushes in Illinois typically have a growth spurt in spring and summer.

This is when they benefit from the state’s warm temperatures and increased rainfall. While some might continue slight growth in fall, the winter months generally see dormancy. Always check individual plant profiles to know their specific growth patterns.

How do Illinois winters affect these fast-growing bushes?

Illinois winters can be challenging, with freezing temperatures and snow.

Fortunately, many fast-growing bushes popular in the state are winter-hardy. They go dormant during the colder months, preserving energy and then bursting back to life in spring. Proper mulching and occasional winter watering can further protect them.

Are pests a significant concern for these bushes?

As with any plant, pests can be a potential issue. However, most fast-growing bushes in Illinois are resilient and can resist common pests.

Regularly inspecting your bushes and addressing any concerns early is key. Organic pest solutions or consultation with local nurseries can offer targeted remedies.

How late can you plant shrubs in Illinois?

Trees or shrubs with balls and tin can be planted in autumn, but plant roots will need early spring planting. You should pay attention first about the bloom period, so that you don’t plant the shrubs at the wrong time, because different plants have different time to bloom.

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