14 Best Low Light Indoor Plants Safe For Cats

Cats are adorable and gentle animals, so don’t be surprised if they become one of your favorite pets.

Unlike dogs who love to play outside, cats prefer spending their time at home, sleeping all day long, or playing with toys and shade-loving indoor plants. And for that reason, growing low-light indoor plants safe for cats are essential to ensure their safety, knowing that they may chew on the flowers or leaves.

Besides considering the safety and well-being of the cat, these non-toxic plants are also generally low-maintenance because of their minimal need for light. Most of them also feature attractive characteristics you can display as home decors.

Check out our list of the best low-light indoor plants safe for cats you can grow. We guarantee that your furry friends will love it!

BEST Low Light Indoor Plants for Cats

1. African Violet (Saintpaulia)

Bearing stunning purple flowers, this African Violet or Saintpaulia will not only amaze your cats but also become a great centerpiece in your living room.

low light indoor plants safe for cats
African Violet (Saintpaulia)
African Violet Flower
African Violet Flower

Even though they thrive best under bright, indirect light, this flowering plant tolerates shade and cannot stand under direct sunlight. Pot them in a small container and place them in the void corner of your home to brighten it up.

2. Baby Rubber Plant (Peperomia obtusifolia)

Basically, the Baby Rubber Plant is a popular name for Peperomia Obtusifolia. They have beautiful leaves with green, cream, and white gradations as they grow older. It loves bright light but is indirect and tolerates low light.

low light indoor plants safe for cats
Baby Rubber Plant (Peperomia Obtusifolia)
Baby Rubber Plant
Rubber Plant

Since it belongs to the low-light indoor plants safe for cats, you should not worry if they occasionally chew or lick on the leaves. Moreover, this mini leafy plant looks stunning to grow in a tiny pot. Thanks to their size, you can showcase them in narrow places.

3. Bird’s-Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus)

Even though it is commonly grown outdoors, Asplenium Nidus or Bird’s Nest Fern will do great as an indoor house plant. This pet-friendly plant grows well in filtered sunlight and medium shade.

low light indoor plants safe for cats
Bird’s Nest Fern (Asplenium Nidus)
Bird's Nest Fern
Young Bird’s Nest Fern

If you wanna give them some sun, place it east or north-facing window to have the morning sun exposure. Considering its growing size, a medium container will do great.

4. Brazilian Orchid (Sophronitis spp.)

Generally, orchids thrive in low light conditions and this Brazilian Orchid (Sophronitis spp.) is no exception. It features tiny red flowers and waxy deep green foliage that highlights its blooms.

low light indoor plants safe for cats
Brazilian Orchid (Source: Pinterest / Nurelias)
Brazilian Orchid
Brazilian Orchid or Sophronitis Spp. (Source: Pinterest / Afriorchids)

In addition to red, some Brazilian orchid cultivars also have purple and pink flowers. Furthermore, almost all the orchid families are safe for pets, including cats and dogs. Hence, you can grow them indoors with zero concerns.

5. Bromeliads (Bromeliaceae)

Bromeliads are monocot flowering plants, having about 3590 species that have been discovered so far. They produce colorful flowers that are captivating to grow in your indoor garden. And most importantly, bromeliaceae or this bromeliads, are harmless for your cats and dogs.

low light indoor plants safe for cats
Bromeliads (Bromeliaceae)
Bromeliad Plant

Moreover, this low-light plant thrives in a wide range of lighting levels, including full sun and shade. However, too much shade may cause the beautiful leaves to turn green.

6. Burro’s Tail (Sedum Morganianum)

For those who love to collect succulents, maybe Burro’s Tail or donkey tail or Sedum morganianum, is worth considering in your collection. This succulent perennial grows around 60 cm fleshy and waxy blue to light green foliage, mimicking an animal tail.

low light indoor plants safe for cats
Burro’s Tail (Sedum Morganianum)
Burro's Tail
Burro’s Tail or Donkey Tail

Meanwhile, the pink to red flowers will stunningly bloom in the summer. Additionally, this non-toxic plant is best grown in the hanging baskets allowing the leaves to dangle beautifully.

7. Calathea Peacock (Calathea makoyana)

Calathea, or prayer plant, has many cultivars; most include low-light indoor plants safe for cats, including Calathea Peacock or Calathea makoyana. They grow variegated, contrasting green foliage that is exquisite.

low light indoor plants safe for cats
Calathea Peacock (Calathea Makoyana)
Calathea Peacock
Calathea Peacock Flower

Many plant collectors like this type of Calathea because of its unique pattern, similar to peacock wings. In addition, it is a low-maintenance pet-friendly house plant that will not get you in trouble in taking care of them.

8. Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra Elatior)

low light indoor plants safe for cats
Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra Elatior)

Native to Japan and Taiwan, Cast Iron Plant is a hardy plant that thrives in a filtered, shaded area. Do not expose them to direct sunlight because it will score their leaves. It is also not a poisonous plant, or in other words, safe for your pets. Thus, growing them as indoor plants will not be a problem.

9. Green Ripple Peperomia (Peperomia Caperata)

Green Ripple Peperomia or Emerald Ripple Peperomia is a cultivar of the Peperomia family that is non-toxic for cats, just like most other cultivars. It has a textured leaf surface with a heart-like shape or reddish stems.

low light indoor plants safe for cats
Green Ripple Peperomia (Peperomia Caperata)
Green Ripple Peperomia
Green Ripple Peperomia Flower

Regarding the growing conditions, this Green ripple peperomia or Peperomia caperata, is sun-loving plant withstands low-light exposure. Hence, we include them in the low-light indoor plants safe for cats.

10. Haworthia

Belonging to the same family as aloe vera, Haworthia is a small succulent species endemic to Southern Africa. With their tiny size and compact structure, many people think they are artificial plants.

low light indoor plants safe for cats
Haworthia Plant

Contrary to toxic aloe vera for cats and dogs, Haworthia is a pet-friendly plant that is safe to grow indoors near your cat’s playground. Suppose you are afraid that your cat will break the pot, put him in a higher place out of their reach.

11. Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica)

At first glance, the Money Tree leaves look like bills. Perhaps, this is why it is popular with the name instead of Pachira aquatica, its scientific name. They are commercially available and are usually sold as bonsai due to their medium size.

low light indoor plants safe for cats
Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica)
Money Tree
Money Tree Leaf Close Up

Despite coping well in the low light indoor area, the money tree still needs morning sun to thrive. Therefore, the windowsill is the best spot to place this cat-friendly plant.

12. Nerve Plant (Fittonia Albivenis)

low light indoor plants safe for cats
Nerve Plant (Fittonia Albivenis)

Fittonia albivenis, or Nerve Plant, is a tropical plant that likes to grow under indirect light, such as in its natural habitat in the tropical forest. The veins are white with dark green foliage, giving a fantastic contrasting color combination.

This small, non-toxic plant will also be a great addition to your patio, living room, or kitchenette decor to liven up the space.

13. Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea Elegans)

low light indoor plants safe for cats
Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea Elegans)

This one is one of the favorite low-light indoor plants safe for cats that grow lance-shaped, dark green leaves, adding greenery to the corner of where it resides. It loves bright, indirect light but copes well in low light. 

In addition, this pet-friendly house plant cannot tolerate frost, so keep it away from the windowsill when the winter comes.

14. Staghorn Fern (Platycerium)

As an epiphyte, Staghorn Fernn or Platycerium, grows attached to tree branches. If you want to grow them indoors, this fern is best hanging on a wooden board that has been arranged to resemble its habitat.

low light indoor plants safe for cats
Staghorn Fern (Platycerium)
Staghorn Fern
Staghorn Fern

Additionally, you must regularly spray water to maintain the humidity. It also needs spraying with the diluted fertilizer in the water to support its growth.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What herbs are safe for cats?

Basil, thyme, and rosemary are safe and favorite plants for cats to grow as indoor plants. They thrive under the full sun; thus, placing them on your windowsill will be the best idea to let them flourish.

Are succulents safe for cats?

Most succulents are safe for cats when ingested. However, there are some that can cause irritation or other discomforts, such as aloe vera, pencil tree plant, panda plant, mother of thousands, chandelier plant, jade plant, and silver jade plant.

For additional information, do not ever grow snake plants around your cats since they are toxic to them.

Why do cats love catnip?

Cats love catnip because the plant releases nepetalactone, a chemical substance that can cause a euphoria effect when they rub their body on this herb. Many believe this chemical acts like a pheromone, a hormone that stimulates a social response to fellow species.

What sun-loving plants are safe for cats?

There are some sun-loving plants safe for cats you can grow outdoors, such as spider plant, friendship plant, polka dot plant, watermelon plant, rattlesnake plant, and catnip. Some of them can also grow indoors though you may need to pay more attention to their lighting needs.

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