25 Eye-Catching Lantana Container Ideas For Garden Décor

For flowering plant lovers, lantana is definitely one of their favorite flowers. They have exquisite blooms with various colors in one plant, creating a unique and vibrant color contrast. That’s why we’ve specially collected the most eye-catching lantana container ideas to decorate your garden to make it look more alive.

As lantana provides three different cultivars: trailing, dwarf, and bush types, you can easily choose which one to grow in containers and suit your garden best. These varieties also allow you to take the most suitable pots to plant lantana and even make a lantana container garden.

Okay! Let’s find the best lantana container ideas that will match your garden!

Lantana Bush with Tree Arrangement

Lantana plant for a tree arrangement? Why not? Choose the lantana bushes to adorn your garden with a cheerful atmosphere, thanks to the colorful flowers. Then, stick a cane to let them grow like a tree.

Anyway, check out the lantana container ideas with tree arrangements you can get inspired from below!

1. Vibrant Lantana Bush

lantana container ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Plant Care Today)

Do you want to enliven your summer garden? Try this vibrant lantana bush. Growing on the cane makes the bush lantana varieties stand out. So, the flowers look even more eye-catching! Let alone the deep green foliage as the background that creates an exquisite contrast. You can put them on your patio or design a lantana container garden with their stunning blooms.

2. Rainbow Lantana Plants

lantana container ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Balcony Garden Web)

While the previous one highlights orange flowers, this one is way more colorful. Highlighting pink with a mix of yellow and orange blooms, you can spot the flowers from a far away. It is also thanks to the wooden stick that elevates the lantana bush. In addition, the tiny clusters of white and red flowers at the base ignite the cheerful vibes to the fullest! To avoid crowds, prune the blooms when it gets too dense.

3. Stem-Potted Lantana Plants

lantana container ideas
Stem-Potted Lantana Plants

A simple yet enchanting is a perfect definition when you get to see this lantana plant. It does not display a bunch of flowers. Instead, it shows off the bright orange and yellow blooms with dark green leaves in a balanced way—an excellent match for those who do not prefer the lush growth of flowers. As for the base, you can grow another lantana with different colors or lime green vines to give a distinctive accent.

4. Lantana Plants Featuring Hydrangeas

Lantana Plants Featuring Hydrangeas
Source: Pinterest (@tehandon.com)

Adorn your patio garden with this lantana container design. It features pale pink hydrangeas in beautiful bloom while lantana seating on the base with other ornamental plants. To make it more vibrant, grow lantana in various shades, like yellow, pink, and purple flowers. Or, be more playful with the hydrangeas blooms by planting other varieties than pink.

5. Tropical Lantana Arrangements

Tropical Lantana Arrangements
Source: Pinterest (@Garden Riot)

Bring tropical vibes to your garden with lantana container ideas. Featuring tall canna varieties with orange blooms and broad variegated foliage, this arrangement looks so fresh and stunning. Meanwhile, the pink and purple lantana plants add a lovely touch to the tropical theme. Grow green vines as the contrasting background at the base. Also, choose large pots with a neutral color to boost the colorful shades.

6. Striking Lantana Container Ideas

Striking Lantana Container Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@birdsandblooms.com)

The surface of your soil pot looks empty? Grow lantana plants instead to enhance the beauty of the canna lily. Harmonize the colors by choosing lantana with golden yellow and orange flowers. So, it doesn’t overpower the canna’s red flowers. Prune the lantana plants following the shape of the ceramic pot to make it look attractive. We also recommend choosing a container with a dark shade so that the bright flowers shine brighter.

7. Stunning Pink Against The Green Lantana Flowers

Stunning Pink Against The Green Lantana Flowers
Source: Pinterest (@Lisa Patburg)

The choice of colors for lantana plants in this container design is brilliant. Despite being surrounded by green leaves, the lantana flowers are still the center of attention, thanks to the hot pink blooms. In addition, a touch of yellow on the flower center provides a unique contrast that further enhances the appearance of the lantana. And oh! The yellowish lime green plants around the lantana, you better grow to lighten up the arrangement.

8. Dense Sunset Vibes Lantana Container Plants

lantana container ideas
Source: Instagram (@seoanegardencenter)

If you want to attract butterflies to your garden, this lantana container idea is yours. We admit that you will need a huge terracotta or ceramic pot. But, guess what? It will be worth it as this container allows you to be more creative in arranging your lantana plants. You can choose dwarf and bush lantanas, then grow them in this pot. To make the design more captivating, pick colorful varieties with red coleus plants to add other accents.

9. Lavish Pink Lantana Blooms

Lavish Pink Lantana Blooms
Source: Instagram (@thesoleofthegarden)

Calling for pink lovers who happen to love planting, this lavish pink lantana container design will match your energy. Dominated by various pink tones, from pale to hot pink, you will be satisfied to look at this arrangement. How to make it? Prepare a stick, then choose the lantana bush varieties with pink bloom and yellow flowers. Next, grow coleus, vines, and other flowering plants to decorate this pot at the base.

10. Tree Arrangement Of Lantana Plants

lantana container ideas
Source: Instagram (@contained_creations)

Contrary to the previous bushy lantana, this time, the container idea highlights the green color of the shrub but still with a touch of pale pink lantana flowers. You just need to shape the shrub into two circles of the same size. Then, grow the lantana near the circle at the bottom. After that, plant another purple flower plant next to the lantana to balance the dominance of green.

Hanging Baskets Lantana Plants

Do you prefer hanging baskets to planting lantana? Well, it will work great for those with narrow spaces as they do not take much space. Just hang them on the wall of your patio with small containers. Or, you can also hang them indoors. But, ensure they have bright indirect sunlight to make them thrive. Interested? Find these lantana container ideas with hanging baskets below!

11. Dwarf Hanging Lantana Plants

lantana container ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Southern Living)

It is a mini lantana planter that will be perfect for hanging on your patio wall. The shape is unique, resembling an ice cream cone with flowers on top, just like ice cream. Even though it is small, it can fit several types of plants in a container with lantana. Only, they have to be dwarf varieties. Choose plants with different flowers. Grow vines that will stick out from the pot to add aesthetic value. Hang it against a white wall to create a distinctive contrast.

12. Yellow Lantana Setup

lantana container ideas
Yellow Lantana Setup

This is a minimalist setup but will work great as home decor. The turquoise planter gives a striking variation against yellow flowers and a white wall. As for the hanging rack, you can make it yourself using steel and shape it into a circle. Make sure the size matches your pots, not too big or small. If you want to make a stunning layout, attach several small containers on the wall with colorful lantana flowers next to each other. Give distance between one another so that it is not too crowded.

13. Common Lantana In Earthenware Container

lantana container ideas
Common Lantana In Earthenware Container

Offer an artistic touch to your garden with this lantana camara in the earthenware container. Not only does lantana look exceptionally pretty, but the pot is also attractive. Untuk memanfaatkan ruang yang lebar pada pot tersebut, the bush lantana varieties are the best to grow here. As for the color, we recommend red, orange, or pink lantana as the flowers display bright shades that make a fantastic appeal. Put the pot on your patio or, if you wish, exhibit it in your living room to fill the void space.

14. Beautiful Hedge Lantana Flowers

lantana container ideas
Beautiful Hedge Lantana Flowers

Suppose your home has a minimalist design with earth tones or neutral colors. In that case, you will need this lantana container idea to liven up the atmosphere. The bright pot harmonizes with the vibrant orange and yellow hues of the lantana flowers that grow above it. Plus, the colors of the dark green lantana leaves provide a new color variation, adding a cheerful vibe to where it resides.

Lush And Colorful Lantana For Your Garden

The variegation of lantana plants makes them look great for any garden, including a balcony garden. Besides that, the balcony provides bright sunlight favored by this tropical plant to fully bloom. In addition, lantana is drought-tolerant, so you don’t have to worry about how often to water lantana on your balcony. You can also put lantana in the window boxes to brighten the summer. Go check them out!

15. Stunning Lantana Mix Plants

Stunning Lantana Mix Plants
Source: Pinterest (@CraftGossip.com)

Who says that lantana container ideas cannot include lush foliage? Look at this one! It is a blending of orange-yellow lantana, geranium, and bright green, heart-shaped leaves that lushly cover half of the pot, creating a charming combination. The color and texture differences also offer different accents to the landscape. You may display this arrangement on your balcony, garden path, or patio to decorate the spaces.

16. Bright Lantana Container Plants

lantana container ideas
Source: Pinterest (@National Garden Bureau)

It is a mini-size lantana container idea but speaks the loudest, thanks to its bright blooms! Even though you can’t grow other plants with lantana, the tiny wooden or ceramic pots provide space to freely highlight the plant’s beautiful flowers. The size is also suitable for dwarf varieties of lantana, so you can display its beauty in narrow areas, such as balconies, windowsills, or window boxes.

17. Caribbean Lantana Arrangement

Caribbean Lantana Arrangement
Source: Pinterest (@Proven Winners Plants)

Feeling the tropical island vibes by arranging this Caribbean-inspired lantana container design! By growing the yellow and orange lantana flowers, you can liven up the atmosphere of your summer garden as if you are on a summer holiday. You may also add purple flowers to make this arrangement stand out. In addition, choose the metal or ceramic container with dark brown color for a chic combo.

18. Purple Yellow Lantana Potting

lantana container ideas
Source: Pinterest (@hortaplantandosaude)

Usually, summer is the perfect time to plant flowers in containers. And so, we recommend a rustic lantana container idea for your balcony garden. The variations of purple and soft yellow shades look so beautiful to the eye. Moreover, this type of container plant is woven with a brown color that has a rustic feel, adding aesthetic value to its appeal.

19. Summer Prettiest Lantana Container Design

Summer Prettiest Lantana Container Design
Source: Pinterest (@threedogsinagarden.blogspot.com)

So many textures and colors are offered by these enchanting arrangements of lantana plants. The orange lantana ignites the vibes among purple and yellow flowers. Meanwhile, the mini-tree with grass-like foliage adds a unique accent to the overall appearance of this container. In addition, the red blooms create a striking color diversity against a green background. Place them along the garden entrance and see how your guests will be captivated by these lantana container ideas.

20. Variegated Lantana Flowers

Variegated Lantana Flowers
Source: Pinterest (@Christine Freitag)

If you prefer to only grow lantana as a single plant in your container, then this one will suit you best. Instead of planting other ornamental plants to accompany lantana, you can be more playful by choosing colorful varieties of this stunning plant. We recommend pink varieties with a hint of yellow shades and purple-white lantana to grow together. Why? Because they will amaze you with their most beautiful flowers once they are all blooming.

21. Mini Lantana For Container Garden

lantana container ideas
Mini Lantana For Container Garden

A container garden is ideal for mixing and matching lantana with other plants. One of them with hardy hibiscus. Considering the hibiscus’ medium-sized flowers, it is better to pick the mini lantana varieties. It will be easier for you to care for them as the hibiscus alone grows dense. If your hibiscus bears bright flowers, you can try the opposite for lantana with lighter flowers to balance the pot’s appeal.

22. Lush Green Foliage With Lantana

Lush Green Foliage With Lantana
Source: Instagram (@pikenurseries)

Selecting flowers to accompany your lantana is indeed impressive, but it is too common, isn’t it? Well, how about introducing sweet potato foliage instead? It may sound crazy. But believe us, it will look fantastic! The variation of lime green from the leaves with lovely pink lantana and the purple and white flowers make a perfect center point for your balcony garden. To create such a design, you will need a large-sized container. So please, prepare one!

23. Exquisite Lantana Container Ideas

Exquisite Lantana Container Ideas
Source: Instagram (@justdancinggardens)

To have a bold lantana garden, you can grow lantana flowers in various color arrays. For instance, choose the lantana’s hot pink, purple, and yellow flowers. Then, plant them together where the pink and yellow blend in one spot. Meanwhile, grow purple lantana next to the variegated coleus to create a diverse color contrast. Now, it is ready to display on your patio deck, balcony, or even living room!

24. Orange Blooms Lantana Camara Container Design

lantana container ideas
Source: Instagram (@gardens_kw)

Bush lantana is the greatest cultivar to create such a design with spreading habits and dense foliage. The gold pot gives a glamorous impression. In addition, the vibrant red, yellow, and orange lantana flowers enhance the appeal and light up the atmosphere. If you wish to hang them on the baskets, choose smaller pots and prune the lantana following the container’s shape.

25. Neat Lantana Container Arrangement

lantana container ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Southern Living)

Lastly, we have simple and neat lantana to grow in containers. It will be a perfect addition for empty spots in your home, like a balcony. Even though it only has one flower color, it does not seem dull as the composition of the green leaves helps make the arrangement more attractive. Furthermore, the pot also looks gorgeous with very artistic flower carvings.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does lantana do well in containers?

As much as they thrive beautifully in the garden, lantana also does well in containers. If you are considering growing lantana in containers, adjust the pot size to the cultivar.

The dwarf lantana needs only small to medium pots (6-8 inches). Meanwhile, the large cultivars that can reach up to 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide may need a big one (12-14 inches).

Does lantana do well in hanging baskets?

For those without vast gardening space, you can happily grow lantana in hanging baskets.

Choose the trailing or spreading cultivars as they give a unique appeal to the hanging container, thanks to the dangling flowers. Then, hang the pots on your patio to decorate the area. You can also hang lantana in window boxes of your bedroom if it is on the second floor.

How do you make lantana bushy?

You can grow lantana in containers and make them bushy at the same time!

  • Ensure you provide their growing requirements, like full sun, moderately fertile, acidic, well-drained soil. Avoid high fertile soils as it will encourage lush growth with fewer blooms.
  • Deadhead the lantanas whenever they grow too dense, or the faded blooms appear. These flowers usually occur in late spring to early frost.
  • Additionally, cut off the new tips of the branches to stimulate more flowers.
  • How often do you water lantana? One inch a week is preferable for the new plantings. It also helps the plant thrive.

Can you keep lantana small?

Yes! You can. To keep lantana plants small, remove one-third of the plant while pruning. Pruning is crucial to making them thrive and encouraging more flowers to grow. You may also cut back the stems to 6-12 inches. Generally, the best time to prune lantana is in early spring or late winter.

When should I repot lantana?

The best season for repotting lantana plants is early spring. How to do it?

  • Fill the new container with small gravel, around 7.5 inches above the base. It will help the pot with good drainage.
  • Then, fill it again with potting soil.
  • Carefully take out the lantana from the old container and transfer it to the new one.
  • Add the rest of potting soil to the container.
  • Water the soil well, but please not be too soggy as it will rot the root.

What do you do with lantana in the winter?

If you live in the US hardiness zone 9 and 10, you don’t have to worry about growing lantana in containers outdoors. They can thrive through winter as those zones offer warmer temperatures. But how if your home is in the colder zones?

  • Provide shelter indoors when the frost comes.
  • Then, place it in an area with bright indirect sunlight and cool temperatures.
  • Keep the soil moist by watering them properly but not too much to avoid soggy soil.
  • When the winter is over, regularly introduce the plant outdoors on a spring night.

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