17 Best Flowers That Grow In Florida Year-Round

Florida is a beautiful state all year-round and one of the characteristics that contribute to that are the many plants that thrive in the climate of Florida. The level of humidity in Florida, along with heat, is great for gardeners and a variety of plants and flowers that will grow in Florida year-round throughout the state.

My son lives in Fort Lauderdale and does not have a green thumb yet his landscaping and garden are beautiful. The reason for this is that he opts for plants, shrubs, and flowers that take much less work to maintain than others.

The following detailed list will provide you with the information and photos you need to decide which plants and flowers you want to place in your garden or landscaping while beautifying your home or business. It includes some plants and shrubs that are very low-maintenance, too.

Flowers That Grow In Florida Year-Round

1. Blanket Flower

Resembling a daisy, the blanket flower is a plant that boasts orange petals that are darker at the base and get lighter towards the tips. You will need well-draining soil for these plants to thrive and they do not need a ton of water to prosper.

The blanket flower enjoys full to partial sun but does need to be kept away from too much shade as the blooms will droop if they are not receiving enough sunlight. 

flowers that grow in florida year-round
Beautiful Blooming Blanket Flower
flowers that grow in florida year-round
Blanket Flowers

2. Firebush

A Firebush is more of a shrub than a plant or flower, but it is a wonderful option for gardens in Florida and will even attract pollinators since this bush does produce gorgeous red flowers. For its best flowering potential, this bush needs to be kept in full sunlight, but it can also grow in partial sunlight. The soil will need to be well-drained for the Firebush to grow well

flowers that grow in florida year-round
flowers that grow in florida year-round
Firebush Flower

3. Lantana

A very stunning flower, the Lantana boasts an array of different colors for you to choose from for your garden or landscaping.

With smaller, delicate blossoms, this amazing flower sports a very unique, colored eye and is great at attracting bees as well as hummingbirds and butterflies to your home or business landscaping or garden. The Lantana needs plenty of watering and should be fertilized.

Flowers that Grow in Florida Year-Round
flowers that grow in florida year-round
Lantara Flower

4. Pentas

If you are a Floridian and desire to have beautiful color in your landscaping all year long. Pentas are the way to go. This tropical plant not only has gorgeous blooms but five point E petals on each one .

These flowers are excellent for any garden or landscaping set up and also if you want to attract adorable hummingbirds and butterflies of all colors and patterns. This plant grows slowly that can reach heights up to six feet.

Flowers that Grow in Florida Year-Round
Pentas Flower
Pentas Flower

5. Green Island Ficus (Ficus Microcarpa)

The Green Island Ficus, also known as the Ficus Microcarpa, is a smaller shrub that does not require a lot of work to keep it thriving. It grows slowly in full sun, partial sun, or even partial shade and is very tolerant of salt.

You do need to keep it trimmed if you want it to stay short and be careful of its app that is Milky and potentially filled with toxins that can be very irritating for your skin. The important thing, these flowers could grow in Florida year-round.

 Green Island Ficus (Ficus microcarpa)
Green Island Ficus (Ficus Microcarpa)
flowers that grow in florida year-round
Ficus Microcarpa

6. Persian Shield

The Persian Shield is a really hardy plant that can grow pretty well with little or no care so it is great for someone who wants less fuss when it comes to their garden or landscaping.

flowers that grow in florida year-round
Persian Shield

This tropical shrub has beautiful, deep purple foliage and will grow extremely well whether it is in full sunlight, partial sun, or in the shade. This plant does need a lot of watering to prevent the foliage from beginning to wither in the sunlight and it should be planted with at least a thin layer of mulch around it that will help seal in moisture within the soil.

Persian Shield Flower
Persian Shield Flower

7. Frangipani Tree (Plumeria)

If you are into exotic plants, this colorful tree would be perfect for your garden or landscaping. The Frangipani Tree, also known as Plumeria, is very colorful because it blooms in shades of yellow, pink, and red along with many other colors in the late spring and the blooms continue on until the end of the summer. It can grow as tall as 20 feet if it has full-sunlight and very well-drained soil.

  Frangipani Flower (Plumeria)
Frangipani Flower (Plumeria)

8. Simpson’s Stopper (Myrcianthes Fragrans)

The Simpson’s Stopper is a showstopper for your garden or landscaped area and is a native plant to Florida. It is also known as the Myrcianthes Fragrans and Is a type of shrub that brings butterflies and birds to the locations in which they are planted.

flowers that grow in florida year-round
Simpson’s Stopper (Myrcianthes fragrans)

This plant thrives in any type of sunlight and will grow to about 8 feet tall. It is also very tolerant of dry conditions and of salt. For all those reasons, this flowers can grow in Florida year-round with all the the natural condition there. Its blooms are a beautiful shade of white that appears in the spring and throughout the year it produces berries that are bright red in color.

9. Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnia recurvata)

The Ponytail Palm resembles a palm tree, but it is actually derived from the Agave family and is technically a succulent plant. It is sometimes referred to as an elephant foot tree because it has such a large trunk.

Flowers that Grow in Florida Year-Round
Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnia Recurvata)

But that trunk serves a very good purpose for dry, hotter climates since it holds water for the plant throughout the year. The Ponytail Palm thrives in full sunlight and obviously needs very little water to grow in well-drained soil.

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10. Blue Daze

The Blue Daze has a bright blue flower with ruffly petals along with a very small, white eye in the middle of each one. The Blue Daze boasts smaller blooms that are only about an inch in size, and it does well with high humidity levels and hotter temperatures making it a great option for Florida gardeners and landscapers. It blooms from the summertime into autumn and does well in full sunlight.

flowers that grow in florida year-round
Blue Daze
flowers that grow in florida year-round
Blue Daze Flower

11. Black and Blue Salvia

These spiky, blue-flowered blossoms are known as the Black and Blue Salvia that also sports a ton of lush, green foliage. This Bush thrives well in very extreme heat and does not require much watering.

flowers that grow in florida year-round
Black and Blue Salvia

It grows into a wide cluster that can reach about 3 feet in height and as well-known for its beautiful blooms they arrive in early summer and last through the fall.

flowers that grow in florida year-round
Blue Salvia

12. Texas Sage

The plant known as the Texas Sage is not just for Texans. This plant boasts gorgeous silver foliage as well as a light shade of purple flowers. The blooms blossom in spring and keep going throughout the summer.

Texas Sage
Texas Sage

As the Florida humidity level goes up, more blooms come about which is a win-win for the gardeners of Florida. The soil must have good drainage to it and be fertilized once or twice a year and these plants prefer full sunlight. 

13. Periwinkle

Many people know what the blue Periwinkle plant is but many do not know the Periwinkle plant is often put into landscaping and gardens to choke out the weeds and that it can be grown in an area that is only partially shaded.

 Periwinkle (Apocynaceae)
Periwinkle (Apocynaceae)
flowers that grow in florida year-round

This blue flowering plant is beautiful on a trellis as a creeping vine and you can also find it cascading down hillsides which is why it is sometimes called the creeping vinca. It can make a great ground cover since it is a major spreader and can make even the drabbest of areas perk right up with beautiful shades of blue.

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14. Orange Geiger Tree (Cordia Sebestena)

You cannot think of landscaping or gardening in Florida without ever considering oranges. The Orange Geiger Tree, also known as Cordia Sebestena, is a tree that may not produce actual oranges but it will give you the illusion with its gorgeous orange blooms.

Orange geiger Tree (Cordia sebestena)
Orange Geiger Tree (Cordia Sebestena)
flowers that grow in florida year-round
Orange Geiger Flower

It also does a fantastic job at getting hummingbirds to visit your yard and it is a plant that requires very little maintenance. This tree can grow as high as 20 feet tall but it will need to be protected if weather reports are calling for higher winds. It can grow in full sunlight or just partial sunlight and is very salt tolerant.

15. Mexican Heather

If a dainty, quaint plant is your fancy, the Mexican Heather is for you. This amazing sports little purple flowers on a backdrop of green shrubbery that will make any garden or landscaped area look beautiful. Since this plant re-blooms throughout the summer and fall as well, it can make a great plant for your border and can grow to be about two feet tall. 

Flowers that Grow in Florida Year-Round
Mexican Heather Flower Close Up
Mexican Heather
Mexican Heather

16. Dwarf Poinciana Tree (Caesalpinia Pulcherrima)

The dwarf poinciana tree can add a pop of color to your landscaping as it is a small tree with bright orange and red blossoms amidst foliage that resembles a fern. If you enjoy hummingbirds and butterflies you said definitely place one or two of these trees in your garden.

flowers that grow in florida year-round
Dwarf Poinciana Tree (Caesalpinia Pulcherrima)

This plant can survive drought conditions and prefers to grow in full sunlight. The only thing you may need to do is cut it back some during the fall time of the year to boost its growth for the next spring.

17. Baby Sun Rose (Aptenia Cordifolia)

The Baby Sun Rose, also known as Aptenia Cordifolia, works well as an excellent ground cover, and it thrives in hotter climate conditions. The bright red blossoms need full sunlight to grow and thrive, and this plant is very tolerant of salt which means it is a great choice for people who live near the ocean.

Baby Sun Rose (Aptenia cordifolia)
Baby Sun Rose (Aptenia Cordifolia)

So with that condition, these flowers can grow in Florida year-round. You can trim the plant early in the springtime every year to get rid of any damage from the winter, so it will grow and thrive throughout this spring, summer, and fall.

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Final Thought

In the realm of year-round flowers in Florida, a captivating symphony of colors and fragrances awaits, painting a vivid canvas of nature’s artistry. Step into your personal sanctuary, where the floral residents bloom tirelessly throughout the seasons, whispering tales of resilience and grace. It’s a journey of connection, where each flower becomes a cherished friend, inspiring and uplifting your spirit with its unique charm.

Embrace the intimate dance with nature as you witness the ever-changing tapestry of blooms that Florida offers. Every petal holds a story, a secret whispered by the breeze. Let your garden be a living expression of your soul, as you curate a symphony of colors and scents that resonate with your deepest desires and dreams.

In this magical world of year-round flowers, time loses its hold, and you are transported to a realm where seasons meld seamlessly, and nature’s wonders bloom eternally. Explore the beauty that unfolds before your eyes, celebrate the vibrant tapestry of life, and let the flowers be your partners in creating an oasis that nourishes not only your senses but also your heart and soul.

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