11 Fruit Trees in Louisiana You Can Grow By Yourself

If you want to grow a fruit tree in a weather climate area, it somehow feels a bit tricky. You will always wonder whether the tree can thrive in the climate or not. Then thinking about the possibility of fruit being born when you already wait for years.

Those are the common thoughts that we always have when thinking about fruit trees in Louisiana as well.

Wondering the fruit trees that fit Louisiana’s hot summer and warm weather might need some tips. Here, we give you the recommendation of fruit trees in Louisiana to grow by yourself. 

1. Fig

This fruit, actually, is a must have fruit tree in Louisiana because this tree is pest-resistant! Also, you can plant it indoors or outdoors based on the space you have in your house.

Most gardeners usually plant it outdoors using pots, then move it indoors to avoid the cold season. Once you decide to plant the Fig, then you can let it be and just water it once a week. 

fruit trees in louisiana
Fig Tree
fruit trees in louisiana
Fig Fruits

2. Citrus

You have to understand that when you want to plant Citrus, the fruit is not yet produced for five or six years. Louisiana is one of the best places to grow Citrus. You can start planting the fruit tree inside well-drained soil with a good spot of direct sunlight, but be careful when the winter comes since Citrus does not go well with cold seasons.

Then, make sure you water the tree for two weeks when the dry climate or rain doesn’t fall. 

fruit trees in louisiana
Citrus Tree

3. Blueberries

When most people think there is no chance for Blueberries to grow in Louisiana, you have to try Rabbiteye Blueberries. This fruit is a perfect match with Louisiana’s weather since the USDA zones are the same, both are in zone 8 and 9. Full and direct sunlight and good drainage will make Blueberries happy to grow.

You can start planting after the summer heat has just finished, so fall and early winter will be the best time to plant this fruit. 

fruit trees in louisiana
Blueberries Tree

4. Pomegranate

Start preparing for well drained soil and sunny spot areas to grow pomegranates. Although some people say that Louisiana’s weather is less fit for growing pomegranates, there is nothing wrong with trying. Especially in North Louisiana, the chance for pomegranates to bear fruits with better quality is available compared to the South.

Hence, you can try to grow this fresh fruit tree now in your garden.

fruit trees in louisiana
fruit trees in louisiana
Pomegranate Tree

5. Pawpaw

Fertile and moist soil is what the Pawpaw tree is looking for. For the first three years, the Pawpaw tree loved to be placed in the shade area, although they can grow better in a full sun location. This tree is a cold hardy, they need winter cold temperatures below 45′ F.

fruit trees in louisiana
Pawpaw Fruits

Therefore, you won’t be afraid if the winter comes, since it is a good start for this fruit tree to continue growing. Pawpaw tree is also called India Banana, its fruity and floral aroma rich in nutrients for your skin. 

fruit trees in louisiana

6. Apples

These crisp fruits still grow well during winter in Louisiana. This crisp fruit grows better during cold spring and cool fall. If you are a forgetful person, planting apples is your solution. The reason is because you can just plant the apples in any type of soil and just let the tree grow.

Apples will thrive and bear fruit with no fertilizer or pruning. This is the main reason you have to plant apples in Louisiana. 

fruit trees in louisiana
Apples Tree

7. Avocado

South Louisiana’s weather will let the Avocado tree perform best in order to bear fruit. A location with full sun will be the favorite spot for Avocado trees. Make sure there is no water around the root that can cause a soggy Avocado tree, because this tree cannot tolerate wet conditions around the roots.

fruit trees in louisiana
Avocado Tree

Therefore, you don’t have to set standing water around this plant. Avocado trees will start to produce fruit in spring after around 5 years of growing. So, you have to be patient to see this tree produce a fresh avocado. 

fruit trees in louisiana

8. Persimmon

Easy to care for and only a few pests are the good points to grow Persimmon fruit trees in Louisiana. The climate in Louisiana really fits the Persimmon tree to grow. Usually, this fruit tree will bear the fruits in fall, so you can enjoy the fresh fruit in a cool breeze.

You can grow persimmons in full sun, the shady part will be okay too. Choose well drained soil, moist and slightly acidic soil will be a good place for Persimmon to grow. 

fruit trees in louisiana
fruit trees in louisiana
Persimmon Tree

9. Pear

Planning to grow fruit trees in Louisiana that are cold hardy but still go well through summer heat? Pear is the real answer! Humidity and high heat can be tolerated by Pear fruit, while during the cold season, Pear still continues to grow.

This tree is very easy to adapt to Louisiana’s weather. But, you have to pay attention with insects since Pear doesn’t recover easily and quickly once the insects attack. 

fruit trees in louisiana
Pear Tree

10. Plum

Looking for a fruit tree that not only can tolerate heat, but also thrive in it? Go for plum! This fruit tree will love the heat in Louisiana because it will produce fruit during summer. Furthermore, you don’t have to be worried about insects and disease, Plum trees will go against the diseases that try to attack.

Planting a Plum tree requires a small space in your backyard because the tree is quite slim compared to Apple or Avocado trees. 

fruit trees in louisiana
Plum Tree

11. Nectarine

If you like to grow fruit trees with a slim shape, then a Nectarine tree will be your best choice. This plant loves heat and it is suitable with Louisiana weather. The hotter the climate, the better Nectarine grows and bears the fruit.

fruit trees in louisiana
Nectarine Tree

You can start planting this fruit a week after the last frost has gone, so the weather is not too warm for the first time.

Then, when the climate becomes hotter since the summer strikes, you can see how beautiful it grows. One thing to remember, you have to wrap the tree with burlap when the winter starts to come, because Nectarine cannot thrive in the cold. 

fruit trees in louisiana

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you grow fruit trees in Louisiana?

Select the area with a minimum of 6 hours of full sunlight. Well-drained soil, loamy and good drainage will be the best one for planting fruit trees in Louisiana. Avoid watery or wet spots when planting the fruit trees. 

What time of year do you plant fruit trees in Louisiana?

The best time to grow fruit trees in Louisiana is around mid November until February. The trees will go dormant but they will continue to grow once the frost has just finished. So, in spring, you can see them grow beautifully.

What is Louisiana’s state fruit?

Louisiana’ state fruit is strawberry. More than 380 acres of strawberries are harvested in Louisiana. This fruit was chosen as the state fruit in 1983 only for one year, then in 2001, the government made it permanently for strawberry as the state fruit of Louisiana. 

Can you grow lemons in Louisiana?

Yes, you can grow lemons in Louisiana. The best lemon variety to grow in this state is Meyer Lemon. Do not forget to water this fruit tree if you already have this in your yard. Five to ten minutes watering a week will be enough.

Can you grow avocados in Louisiana?

Yes, you can grow avocados in Louisiana. Especially in South Louisiana, this fruit tree will grow better. The fruit will bear in spring. 

Can Mangos grow in Louisiana?

Mango cannot thrive in the climate of Louisiana. Therefore, it seems impossible to grow mango here. The temperatures between 10 – 25′ F will kill this tree. 

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