25 Coziest Balcony Garden Ideas For Small Spaces You Can Adopt

Don’t worry if you have a narrow area on your balcony! Because we have some fantastic and coziest small balcony garden ideas for small spaces, you can try. Not only are you able to grow flowers and green plants in your balcony garden, but you can also make a vegetable garden that produces bountiful harvests in the summer.

Furthermore, we also provide some tips for arranging pots and containers so that you can maximize your balcony space. Also, some DIY balcony garden designs, the tropical and vertical balcony garden ideas, let your creativity come into play. Of course, they are beginner-friendly and do not need much effort. Ready to begin? Let’s dive into it!

Floral Gardening Ideas For Balcony

Designing a small balcony with flowers will be the best option to color up your space. And in fact, it is an effortless way to decorate the garden as the vibrant blooms add a cheerful vibe. You can also arrange chairs and a table to have a comfortable spot while sipping a coffee and enjoying the scenery.

1. Comfy Flower Garden Corner

balcony garden ideas for small spaces
Source: Pinterest (@Homemy design)

Utilize your limited space on the balcony to become a comfy flower garden. Take a pair of wooden chairs with a comfortable backrest and patterned cushion to fill the dull corner. Meanwhile, some hanging flowers with purple, pink, and yellow in the pots naturally color up your spot with their exquisite blooms. Want something more? Grow dwarf palm varieties to provide other textures and shade.

2. Urban Balcony Garden Layout

balcony garden ideas for small spaces
Source: Pinterest (@Centenary Landscaping Supplies)

Are you a rose lover? Thankfully they can thrive on the balcony. Grow some varieties of flowers with different colors to spice up the small balcony garden. But, if you wish to plant one type, it does not matter but try to make the best arrangement. Place a comfy chair against the corner of the balcony. Add the tall rose plants next to it to provide shade, while the rest can be placed on a table or behind a chair. This layout will make them look more eye-catching despite the single color of the flowers.

3. Balcony Flower Bed

balcony garden ideas for small spaces
Source: Pinterest (@jipsecostudio.com)

If you think roses are too much, you can try tiny flowers instead. They will make privacy on your balcony with their beautiful clusters of blooms. The color combination of white, red, pink, and purple is brilliant to create a focal point in this petite area. Provide a set of benches and a table to spend your time while enjoying the sunset. Add a flower pot to the table to elevate the floral theme even more.

4. Outdoor Natural Decor For Balcony

balcony garden ideas for small spaces
Outdoor Natural Decor For Balcony

Are you living in the countryside where wildflowers and native plants grow? It is time to make your indoor living space come to life! Grab your clay containers and grow different potted plants, such as ferns, dwarf palms, and yellow Iris plants, to offer different textures to the landscape. Meanwhile, hang the terracotta pots on the walls and balcony pillars to enliven the atmosphere of your small garden.

5. Summer Balcony Garden

balcony garden ideas for small spaces
Summer Balcony Garden

Summer is the ideal time to showcase flowers on the balcony. And if your country has such a tradition, you better choose vibrant blooms to liven that void space. Red flowering plants can be a great idea to display as their striking color will captivate the passersby under your balcony. They also contrast with your black vintage fence and neutral color of textured walls. Just arrange them in a row in the brown and black pots. Let them naturally radiate their beauty.

6. Apartment Balcony With Floral Arrangement

balcony garden ideas for small spaces
Apartment Balcony With Floral Arrangement

Nerds do need this kind of balcony garden arrangement. With couples of tiny potted flowers, you can already create a stunning, coziest balcony garden on your deck that makes other book lovers envy. The hanging silver planter box looks enchanting with mixed white, pink, and purple flowers. Besides, the mini containers next to the table and chair will not leave the spot empty. Not to mention the super petite ones on the table to make instagramable pictures of your favorite books you can share with friends.

7. Simple Balcony Pots Layout

balcony garden ideas for small spaces
Simple Balcony Pots Layout

Make a romantic dinner on your balcony? Why not? Try this beautiful balcony garden idea to create a simple yet impressive layout with stunning flowers! Choose five terracotta pots to make a unique color contrast with your balcony and plant different blooms in them. Next, hang them following the balcony fence, but provide adequate space to avoid the crowd. Provide two chairs and a table in red and white colors, facing the fence. And voila! You can take your loved one to this area and see how they respond.

Small-Space Balcony Garden Ideas With Greenery

For those who prefer greeneries over colorful flowers, this balcony garden idea will be your favorite. The plants are not too lush, but they offer a perfect arrangement you can combine with wooden chairs and a comfy mattress. Wanna try? Take a peek at our collection of small balcony garden ideas for small spaces below!

8. Lush Green Balcony

balcony garden ideas for small spaces
Lush Green Balcony

This small apartment balcony garden proves that you don’t need extra space to make a green area. On a narrow spot, grow creeping plants in the hanging pots to provide lush and privacy. Moreover, combining other lush plants and flowers will add interest to the balcony all summer. To make them more captivating, choose terracotta-colored planters that make an excellent contrast against greenery.

9. Café Vibes Balcony

balcony garden ideas for small spaces
Source: Pinterest (@Maya Glick)

A warm and cozy cafe are two impressions we can notice on this small balcony garden. The idea of matching yellow colors from the rope light bulbs, chairs, pillow, and wooden balcony floor makes perfect sense. It truly blends in the greenery from the plants growing on the balcony’s edge. Moreover, the two medium-growing plants provide shade, as if you sit under a tree. Meanwhile, the other potted plants above and below the table offer different textures and make an appealing garden decor.

10. Neat Balcony Display

balcony garden ideas for small spaces
Source: Pinterest (@Gardenista)

For those who favor a clean and neat balcony garden, it is one of the balcony garden ideas for small spaces you will agree to adopt. The green cupboard is an ideal space-saving area to create a container garden. Furthermore, the four tiers spots allow you to put your fresh herbs in the small pots, while the other is wide enough to place the medium ones. You can just stop at this stage, but we recommend showcasing some more plants on a table and providing a chair where you can spend your day.

11. Dining Area In The Balcony Garden

Dining Area In The Balcony Garden
Source: Pinterest (@ArchitectureArtDesigns)

It is one of the most unique balcony garden ideas for small spaces you can try if you want to give more effort to transforming your indoor living space. In such a narrow area, the vines are the right choice to give a green impression by utilizing the wall. Other plants like dwarf palms in the corner function to break the wind. In addition, a pair of tables and chairs and garden lights offer an attractive outdoor dining area where you can invite friends to join.

12. Vines Balcony Design

balcony garden ideas for small spaces
Source: Pinterest (@Homemy design)

Another example of using the wall to grow the plants is perfectly portrayed in this balcony garden idea. Various creeping plants grow, almost covering the wall with green leaves. The combination of their leaves also provides distinctive textures with their own characteristics.

You can offer a small, comfy mattress underneath those hanging plants to lay down, read books, or simply have a chat with your loved ones. To add other colors, put a flower vase with white flowers on the table, so it’s not too flashy.

13. Sunny Balcony

Sunny Balcony
Source: Pinterest (@paznokcie_jgd)

A sunny balcony is a perfect area for a small balcony vegetable garden, especially growing fresh herbs and chili peppers that love direct sunlight. Take advantage of various used plastic containers to make DIY planter boxes where you can grow the veggies. Arrange the boxes in the planter rack because it saves space a lot while allowing you to grow more plants. If you wish to have a relaxing area, provide a pair of chairs and a table near the planter.

Tropical Balcony Garden Ideas

Bring the green and rainforest vibes to your small balcony by designing a tropical balcony garden! These balcony gardens will welcome your day with fresh air that makes you excited to start the day. In addition, this idea also offers a transformation of your balcony floor with woods so that the tropical impression is more pronounced. Wanna try? Let’s take a look!

14. Artistic Balcony Garden Idea

Artistic Balcony Garden Idea
Source: Pinterest (@trendey.com)

Who says you can’t make an artistic balcony garden? It is possible despite the narrow space. Considering the small area, we recommend using a planter rack to arrange your plant pots. Choose a size that suits the type of plant, so they don’t overlap. Railing planters will also work amazingly since you can hang the plants on the deck. To add an aesthetic value, put some flower paintings and a human face planter where you grow creeping plants as the hair.

15. Rainforest Canopy

balcony garden ideas for small spaces
Source: Pinterest (@lovethegarden.com)

Even though we don’t usually recommend lush plantings, this one is an exception. Just look at the design! It is a true definition of rainforest in the balcony garden. The bamboo grows tall but not too lush, while the bonsai tree in the terracotta pot depicts a rainforest tree canopy. In addition, the hanging plants and orchids enhance the tropical vibes at their finest. You can provide a nice, comfy bench to enjoy this unreal scenery.

16. Zen Balcony Garden

Zen Balcony Garden
Source: Pinterest (@L’Essenziale)

Calling for zen people because we have a balcony and terrace gardening style you can proudly show off to your friends without leaving the tropical garden theme. Trees and potted plants become the real star here to make a green space with effortless beauty.

In addition, the pea gravel-like yin and yang arrangement near the potted trees confirms this is a zen balcony garden. And for the tropical touch, you have the hanging white orchids on the wall planters.

17. Hanging Balcony Garden

balcony garden ideas for small spaces
Source: Pinterest (@FurnishHim)

There is a reason why we include this design in the balcony garden ideas for small spaces. The hanging baskets are a great idea to maximize a narrow area to look wider. And most importantly, able to provide a cool garden atmosphere from the green leaves. Furthermore, the potted plants arranged in a row against the balcony deck offer privacy to your space. Provide warm lights as it offers a serene and artistic atmosphere at night.

18. Cozy Balcony Garden Decor

balcony garden ideas for small spaces
Source: Pinterest (@Handimania)

Wanna decorate your balcony but have no idea where to start? We have found one of the green balcony garden ideas for small spaces that are too good to miss. The layout is pleasing to the eye, with green plants and white flowers all around the area.

The rack offers a broader balcony space to display the flowering plants while providing more room for green potted plants next to it. Don’t miss the simple lounge chair with a comfy cushion to relax after long work hours. Add light bulbs for a dramatic night scene in your small balcony garden.

19. Back To Nature Garden Idea

Back To Nature Garden Idea
Source: Pinterest (@Balcony Garden Web)

This balcony and terrace gardening layout will bring your memories back to nature. The dwarf banana plant, palms, and ferns symbolize the atmosphere of a rainforest with a monstera plant to add a tropical touch. They also give various textures that make your garden look attractive.

Meanwhile, the rattan chair offers space to hang out and another earth color to the set. Hence, given the simplicity and outstanding design, we can say it is one of our favorite balcony garden ideas for small spaces.

DIY Vertical Small Balcony Gardening For Beginners

Our DIY vertical garden ideas are perfect for small balcony gardening for beginners. How so? Because you can make and arrange these garden knick-knacks by yourself with a low budget, of course. Interested? Try them now!

20. Modern Balcony Garden

balcony garden ideas for small spaces
Source: Pinterest (@Brit + Co)

Looking for modern apartment balcony garden ideas to revive your empty area? This one is simple and chic that covers all you need. The rack provides the advantage of wide spaces to arrange your plants. Choose succulents and cactus instead of green leafy plants to add a touch of silvery green.

You can also make your own DIY silver pots by utilizing used paint or powder milk cans. In addition, place wooden chairs and tables that can be used as outdoor working spaces.

21. Minimalist Wooden Planks Small Balcony Garden

Minimalist Wooden Planks Small Balcony Garden
Source: Pinterest (@Shoppisticated)

You can create a minimalist garden with wooden planks that won’t take your balcony floor area. First, make planters with small woods. Adjust the length and width to the size of your balcony wall. Second, add flat wooden blocks to the planks to create a four-tier arrangement. Third, make another arrangement next to the planks in a zig-zag way only with no plank background. Lastly, display your potted plants in those spaces. Add railing planters if you want to decorate the balcony deck as well.

22. Vertical Garden Idea

Vertical Garden Idea
Source: Pinterest (@Missmv.maria)

This small apartment balcony garden helps you to utilize the wooden crates into rustic flower planters! No need to need a lot of equipment; just patch the loose parts at the base of the boxes. Then, fill them with a good quality potting mix. Arrange them on the stacked shelves that you prepared earlier. To add more greenery, you can hang planters on the wall with creeping plants.

23. Easy Wall Planter Garden

Easy Wall Planter Garden
Source: Pinterest (@miriam costa)

For the minimalist balcony garden decor, it is one of our best collections of balcony garden ideas for small spaces. Why? Because you literally don’t need to take any area other than the wall where the pots are hanging. Simply create the wall planter with used woods or aluminum, then shape them into rectangular plots. Glue with nails. If you use metal, you can weld it. Next, hang it on the wall and put the potted plants on it. It’s done. Easy peasy!

24. Three-Tier Herb Garden

Three-Tier Herb Garden
Source: Pinterest (@tumblr.com)

This layout will do great for an herb garden or small balcony vegetable garden. To begin with, you must create a three-tier wooden planter to grow your desired herbs or vegetables. Grab your small wooden crates, and arrange them into three levels. Then, add and nail wooden blocks on both sides to build a strong structure. After that, fill it with soil mix and plant your herbs and veggies. You can paint the planter with colorful shades to decorate it.

25. Balcony Vegetable Garden

Balcony Vegetable Garden
Source: Pinterest (@Hazelwood Cottage)

Thanks to the low balcony design, this layout can apply to vegetable or balcony and terrace gardening. Using wood, you can be creative in making plant racks and wall planters. For the plant rack, make a two-story arrangement for medium pots. Meanwhile, attach the rope to the terracotta pots with a macrame or chain. These arrangements will benefit you as it is space-saving. If you wish, you can place the rest of the potted veggie plants on the balcony floor.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which plant should be planted on the balcony?

You can actually grow any low to medium-growing house plants in your small balcony gardens. However, it is recommended to include succulents and cacti in the pack in the summer as they can help you absorb the heat.

They can be displayed on a wooden planting rack or hanging baskets as balcony outdoor decor. Some wide-leaf plants, such as Calathea and Caladium, will also do amazingly! No wonder

What can I grow on a windy balcony?

Do not grow flowering plants if you have a windy balcony. Instead, choose plants with solid structures, like bamboo and cypress. They will help to dispel strong winds in your small-space balcony garden. In addition, vertical garden ideas are also great for your windy balcony as the plants are generally in the pot, which will save them once the wind blows.

Can you grow roses on a balcony?

Roses can grow beautifully as garden decor. Usually, they are planted in a small container for your patio or even in your small apartment balcony garden. But make sure your balcony garden design has plenty of sun exposure as the flowers love to soak in the sunlight. In addition, do not grow the shrub types because they will crawl on your wall.

How do you decorate a balcony garden?

While you are trying to create a balcony garden design, you are also automatically making a wonderful balcony outdoor decor. With flowers, green plants, and maybe a set of chairs and a table, your small space will turn into the coziest spot you can spend your time on the weekend.

Meanwhile, if you decide to make a small vegetable balcony garden, you can grow vegetables with colorful shades, like tomatoes and chili peppers, as garden decor.

How do I maximize space on my balcony garden?

If you have a small balcony garden, you should consider choosing plants and pots so they don’t take up too much space. Instead of arranging the containers in a row, try to adopt a vertical balcony garden design that can accommodate many pots at once.

Build a rack in three layers with the distance between the arrangements adjusted to the size of the plant. In addition, choose small potted plants, such as succulents and cactus, to save space for other purposes.

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