10 Fruit Trees in Tennessee You Could Grow In Your Backyard

Warm and humid conditions in Tennessee can be useful for those of you who want to plant fruit trees in your yard. When you think that planting the fruit trees is only for the experienced gardeners, well you have to know that some fruits can be planted easily! Fresh, low maintenance and most of the trees can bear fruits with no fertilizer. It is such a good movement to harvest the fruits right from your garden.

Although you cannot enjoy the fruit in the first year, you still can see the process of its growth. Moreover, you can choose to grow it inside pots or directly to the ground. Isn’t it lovely to do?

Here, we give you the top 10 fruit trees in Tennessee that you can start to plant this year. Be ready to harvest the fresh and tasty fruits right from your yard. 

1. Cherry

Something fresh like Cherry can grow pretty easily in Tennessee. This fruit tree produces the largest harvest among other fruit trees in this area. Although mostly Cherry trees grow shorter than others, the harvest can be 50 pounds of fruit during harvest season.

fruit trees in tennessee

Planting Cherry trees can be mixed with Crabapples and Apple trees. They grow well together side by side. You just have to make sure that this tree cannot thrive if the condition is too wet or when the winter strikes. It might be tricky but you can handle the issue by starting to plant the fruit earlier. 

fruit trees in tennessee
Cherry Tree

2. Pears

Pear is such the easiest fruit tree to grow in Tennessee. This fruit tree is cold hardy, but can thrive in drought, high heat, and humidity. Therefore, people like to have Pear tree along with Apple in their yard. Also, to make sure that the Pear tree gets the right amount of sun exposure, you can start planting it inside the pots.

fruit trees in tennessee

It is another point that makes this fruit tree become the favorite one in Tennessee. As for the beginners, you can learn to plant fruit by growing pears first. If you succeed in harvesting Pear, then you can try with another fruit tree. 

fruit trees in tennessee
Pears Tree

3. Plum

A well-drained soil and a long period of direct sun exposure will be the perfect spot for growing plums. Since this spot is available around Tennessee, then you can start planting plum in your yard too.

The key is, Plum trees cannot handle wet conditions, therefore, a warmer winter and spring can be the best timing to start planting this fruit. Then, the tree will start producing the fruit in early summer. For the pests, Plums can fight against almost all insects and most diseases, but you better watch out for rabbits and squirrels since these animals love plums very much.

fruit trees in tennessee

When you think that Plum tree can produce fruit within a year, you have to be patient longer since it takes 5-6 years to produce the fruit, but you can do pruning for the tree to help the tree grow and produce more plums then. 

fruit trees in tennessee
Plum Tree

4. Grapes

Full sun is what grapes need for the high quality grape fruit. Therefore, Tennessee is the best place to grow it. You can start seeding in late winter to early spring. So there is no risk of death from long freezes. The tree can bear the grape depending on the varieties.

fruit trees in tennessee

It can take between 3 – 4 years for the beautiful grapes to burst with flavor.

But still, you have to know that growing grapes in our own yard seems impossible due to the fact that it cannot grow in just a small yard. Grape needs a spacious place to grow

fruit trees in tennessee
Grapes Tree

5. Persimmon

Persimmons usually grow wild in dry woodlands or abandoned fields. They can grow between 15 and more than 100 feet high depending on the location they grow. This one is hardy in Tennessee. If they can grow wildly, then you can have it in your yard with low maintenance too.

fruit trees in tennessee

You can plant it inside moist and acidic soil, even for the type you can have sandy, loamy or clay soil. Part shade spot can be a good idea to place the tree. This fruit is good for pudding and cakes. 

fruit trees in tennessee
Persimmon Tree

6. Peach

When some trees tolerate heat, Peach trees do better when the weather is hotter. Therefore, throughout the summer, peach tree will produce more fruit. Usually, peach trees can grow 10 – 15 feet tall and the width is only 2 – 3 feet.

It is considered as a slim fruit tree.

fruit trees in tennessee

Among other fruit trees, this one is the fastest growing one because you can start seeing the first fruit born within 1 to 2 years after the first planting. But, you have to pay more attention to the cold weather in your area because Peach trees cannot survive in an area below 10’F.

If your area is warm all year-round then you are safe to plant this fruit tree in your yard because full sun and well-draining soil are what this tree is looking for. 

fruit trees in tennessee
Peach Tree

7. Apple

Cold spring and fall are not the issue for Apple trees to grow. This fruit tree can bear with the cold season in Tennessee. This fruit tree can be your best option to grow in your yard because no need to fertilize the tree, less water will be ok for this tree and can be planted inside any soil.

fruit trees in tennessee

This is the lowest maintenance tree you can have in Tennessee. You can start planting it inside pots or directly in your yard. Apple is what you should have in your Tennessee yard. Easy, delicious taste, and can be done in any soil. 

fruit trees in tennessee
Apple Tree

8. Apricot

The summer hardy fruit tree that you can have in Tennessee is the Apricot tree. Even if there is no rain in your area, Apricot trees can continue to grow and bear lots of fruits. Because humidity and heat is like a best friend for this tree, therefore, the trees do poorly during wet conditions or cold seasons.

fruit trees in tennessee

Preparation for wrapping them in burlap or another heat retaining cover will help them to survive. Unlike the Apple tree, planting an Apricot tree needs much attention and care. Regular pruning, spraying, watering and protection from the disease should be done every year. 

fruit trees in tennessee
Apricot Tree

9. Highbush Blueberries

Tennessee is still suitable to plant the berries. For instance, you can plant Highbush Blueberries in southern Tennessee since the blueberry is hardy to USDA Zones 7A and has warmer conditions but not that hot compared to other areas in Tennessee. Well-drained soil, acidic, and high organic matter is what makes Highbush Blueberries.

fruit trees in tennessee
Highbush Blueberries

When some says it is impossible to grow berries in Tennessee, by knowing the USDA zone and the weather area, then you can grow and harvest blueberries right in your yard. 

fruit trees in tennessee
Highbush Blueberries Tree

10. Fig

When you think about the tree that is pest-resistant, you can consider planting a Fig tree. Because animals can have another fruit, other than this one. Also, you can plant it indoors if you don’t have much space in an outdoor yard, which means you can plant it inside the pots and move it outdoors within summer months.

fruit trees in tennessee
Fig Fruits

This plant is easy to maintain because all you need to do is water it once a week to keep the soil moist because fig trees, especially in pots, will dry out faster than you plant directly in the ground, and no need to prune them. Disease, insects and pests are not the things you should have to worry about. 

fruit trees in tennessee
Fig Tree

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the easiest fruit tree to grow in Tennessee?

Apple is the easiest fruit tree to grow in Tennessee. It is a type of tree that you can plant and forget to maintain but they still bear the fruits. A type of plant that you can forget but they still survive. Therefore, you can plant more than one of Apple tree in your yard. 

When can you plant fruit trees in Tennessee?

After the last frost is gone you can start seeding the fruit tree in Tennessee. Most of the fruit trees need well-drained soil, so you can prepare that soil for the first step of planting. It takes around 2 years or can be up to 6 years for the tree to bear the fruits depending on the varieties and locations. 

What berries grow well in Tennessee?

Highbush blueberries can grow well in Tennessee. But you should know about the soil and the area where the climate is warm but not too hot. Because blueberries cannot handle too hot climate. 

Can I grow avocados in Tennessee?

Unfortunately, you cannot grow avocado trees in Tennessee due to the trees not thriving in the climate. If you want to try, you can, but mostly, avocados fail to bear fruit when planted in Tennessee. Tennessee USDA zones range from 5b to 8a, lacking the warmth needed to grow avocados successfully

Can I grow a peach tree in Tennessee?

Peaches can be grown in Tennessee. Although the size is not that big compared to other fruit trees in Tennessee, you still can harvest this fresh fruit in your yard. In most areas of Tennessee, Peaches are grown commercially. But you have to understand that growing Peaches need medium maintenance for best results. 

Do cherry trees grow well in Tennessee?

Cherry trees grow well in Tennessee. The production of this fruit in Tennessee is the highest one compared to other fruits. Also, you can plant Cherry trees together with fruits such as Apple and Crabapple. 

What kind of nuts can you grow in Tennessee?

You can grow pecan, Chinese chestnut, black walnut and hazelnut. Those kinds of nuts can do well in Tennessee. Especially for Pecan and black walnut trees, they can grow longer and reach a very large size if you maintain them well just like fruit trees in Tennessee.

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