25 Houston Front Yard Landscape Ideas That Make Neighbor Envy

Houston is a beautiful city, with gorgeous weather and a lot of green space. But sometimes it can be hard to think of ways to use that space. Therefore, you need some ideas for the Houston front yard landscape ideas that will make your home look its best.

The first thing to consider is what kind of style you want to go for. Front yard landscape ideas can range from very minimalist to very ornate. If you’re going for a more natural look, try planting some trees around the edge of your yard and letting them grow up over time. If you’re looking for something more formal, consider building an outdoor living room or patio area where people can gather when the weather is nice outside.

Afterall, Houston is a great place to live and have a yard. There are so many different ideas for front yards in Houston and it’s hard to choose. So, we have gathered some of the best ideas to share with you! You can get inspiration from these ideas or use them as a starting point for your own unique residential design.

What Makes The Houston Front Yard Landscaping So Special?

Nowadays, Houstonians have managed to maintain immaculate yards despite the city’s constantly fluctuating weather, high humidity, and persistent challenges from the heat and heavy rain. In the summer, Houston’s municipal water supply can be used up to half by business and residential landscaping. 

Because of this, Houston always specializes in sustainable landscape designs. Another distinctive Houston landscaping style is, layering your front yard flower beds with a mixture of short and tall shrubs and flowers. It goes without saying that Houstonians adore their yards. You only need to travel through West University, River Oaks, The Heights, Spring Branch, or the surrounding suburbs. You can see a range of lovely plants and landscape architecture. 

However, the area’s heavy clay soils and hot, humid summers can be too severe for many species of plants, and flooding that can ruin yards and drown roots. Therefore, caring for Houston’s front yard requires some advice, particularly if you’re a beginner.

How Do You Make Your Houston Front Yard Usable Space?

Your Houston front yard is an opportunity waiting to happen, whether you live on a large piece of property or in a townhouse that is more efficient. We agree that backyards provide greater privacy. Meanwhile, front yard landscaping is more open and provides opportunities to interact with neighbors and your neighborhood. Therefore, it’s time to make your Houston front yard usable! Let us give you some inspiration tips to try!

1. Make A Courtyard

Courtyards are fantastic additions to both small and big yards. A courtyard can serve as the centerpiece of a tiny yard or as a private retreat for a home with a bigger front yard.

2. Set Up Two Gathering Places

If you have the space, add a straightforward paver or gravel patio with coordinating furnishings to create a second meeting place. Reduce the size of this secondary section to prevent competition for attention between the two, but be careful to harmonize your materials to avoid a haphazard appearance.

3. Enlarge A Patio

Do you already have a patio? Like a courtyard without the walls, extend it out into the yard. Use the same patio flooring materials or create contrast by using a different material. For those looking for a smaller, more private front yard place for coffee or private conversations, this is a terrific option.

Popular Houston Front Yard Landscape Ideas

When it comes to front yard landscaping, there are a lot of ways to go. But if you’re looking for ideas that are sure to be popular with your neighbors, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of our favorite Houston front yard landscape ideas so far this year

1. Wildly Colorful Flower Garden

houston front yard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@penick.net)

While Houston is known for its lovely pink and white azaleas, blue flowers are a popular choice for landscaping this year. Therefore, how about combining them all in your Houston landscape design? The best annual flowers to include in your landscape for curb appeal are summer snapdragons, impatiens, petunias, and pansies. They often bloom all summer long and offer a quick burst of color.

2. Eco-friendly Houston Front Yard

houston front yard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@bdhlandscaping.com)

In the summer, Houston’s municipal water supply can be used up to half by business and residential landscaping. Therefore, eco-friendly or sustainable landscaping has become more popular today. The idea is to place a pond in your garden, so that it can accommodate water for your plants during rain. Besides, you’ll gain cleaner water, cleaner soil, and cleaner air through this system.

3. Houston Front Yard with Layered Flower Beds

houston front yard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Kate Allison)

A common Houston landscaping trend is layering your front yard flower beds with a mixture of short and tall shrubs and flowers. Beside the sizes, you can also combine the colors. You can place green grass as the base, some pink, purple, and yellow flowers, as well as other shrubs and trees in the higher layer. In addition, you need to keep in mind the microclimate of their neighborhood.

4. Vintage Large Container for Water Feature

houston front yard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@houzz.com)

Water supply is always a problem for a large front yard in Houston. Today, you can utilize old containers into a functional water feature in your garden. Making a water feature out of your large containers will give flair and peace to any outdoor area. Besides, they will be a vintage garden decor that makes your front yard more stunning. 

5. Front Yard Landscape with Flower Garden and Stairs

houston front yard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@earthideaslandscaping.com)

Multifunctional landscape design provides homeowners front beauty without so much hassle. For example, you can have a flower garden along with stairs in the front yard to make a welcoming house. You can balance the height of the stairs with higher shrubs and trees. This is definitely a popular Houston landscaping idea for a front yard that will impress your neighbor.

6. Modern Minimalist Lawn Landscape

houston front yard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@houstonlandscapedesigns.com)

For those who want to have a neat and minimalist Houston landscaping for yard, we recommend you to use this modern garden idea. Simply use the lawn to cover your large yard. Add some shrubs and trees around the house only. To keep your lawn neat and tidy, you can use robotic lawnmowers. Therefore, landscapers only need to check the plants regularly since you use modern technology to create the front yard.

7. Simple Small Houston Front Yard

houston front yard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@waterwiseplants.org)

For those who live in housing with a limited front yard, the simple design is also becoming a trend. You can have a smaller amount of grass area with sufficient planting spaces all around. The planting beds give the yard more depth. Meanwhile, you can use mulch to other planting areas to prevent weeds from growing. This front yard design gives a spacious feel. 

8. Luxurious Houston Front Yard with Fountain

houston front yard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Houzz)

When it comes to a popular and luxurious Houston landscaping idea, you can’t go wrong with a decorative fountain. Especially if you have a large front yard, a fountain will make your front house more refreshing and stunning. Moreover, you will find it extremely advantageous to have an outdoor fountain that can block out unwanted noises, making your house peaceful and calm.

9. Houston FairyTale Gate

houston front yard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@eHow)

This is definitely a dream front yard design in Houston! You can make an attractive gate like in the fairy tale by arranging shrubs and flowers along the pathways. Create a round path where you can place a single tree for the focal point. Use the same types of shrubs and lavender flowers around the main tree. The combination of purple and green colors form the plants will make a wonderful fairy tale gate.

10. Pond In Your Garden

houston front yard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@GroundtoFork)

Having a pond in the center of your Houston front yard would be fantastic. Especially during summer, you can gain water supply for your plants from here. Therefore, the formal pond design is popular for Houstonians. You can also add water plants in your pond such as water lilies to make your garden more lively. Don’t forget to lower your plants regularly to produce the best flowers.  

11. Wildlife Inspired Garden

houston front yard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Houzz)

Instead of planting formal lawns to get a neat ground area, having a rustic front yard is also becoming a trend. You can turn your front yard into a wildlife habitat and vegetable garden. Start by planting some shrubs and trees next to the walkways. You don’t have to make a brick border, let these plants grow naturally in your Houston front yard. 

12. Divine Front Yard with Palm Trees

houston front yard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@ArchitectureArtDesigns)

Turn your Houston front yard into a tropical oasis with this idea! Palm trees are a popular choice if you want to make a shady yard which looks expensive. Add some shrubs and flowers around the palm tree. Don’t forget to surround the tree with rocks or bricks, making a clear border to the lawn area. Moreover, you can also add lighting in your palm tree so that it will look awesome in the evening.

13. Geometrical Front Yard Landscape

houston front yard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@l3-design.com)

A modern and futuristic concept for your front yard, you can set up a geometrical outdoor landscape design then. Start with making a geometric pattern walkways using a combination of concrete and lawn. Set up the walkways around your house until the front yard. Add low shrubs along the walkways and large trees in the edge of the yard. This design is perfect if your house also uses a patterned wall outside.

Low Maintenance Houston Front Yard Landscape Ideas

The Houston area is a great place to live, but sometimes it can be tough to keep up with everything. This includes your yard! In this post we’ll show you some ideas on how to make a simple, beautiful, and easy-to-maintain garden that will require minimal input from you.

14. Houston Artificial Lawn Landscape

houston front yard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Karen Aytes)

If you are busy working and don’t have time to take care of your front yard, simpy use artificial lawn then. You won’t ever need to be concerned about mowing or watering your lawn thanks to artificial grass. Additionally, you won’t need to be concerned about your grass dying from water. So, you only need to take care of some flowers and shrubs around your house.

15. Houston Front Yard with Ground Cover

houston front yard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@mlslandscapingtx.com)

There is another option if you don’t like the notion of a fake lawn but also don’t like the idea of having to mow your grass in the humid Houston heat. You might utilize a ground cover plant on your lawn instead of grass. You can plant bugleweed and mondo grass to make a low-maintenance flower bed in Houston. Although ground covers are vibrant and lush, they don’t need to be mowed.

16. Drought Tolerant Landscape

Drought Tolerant Landscape
Source: Pinterest (@Living Elements landscape)

Since watering many plants is tiring, how about making a drought tolerant landscape? Instead of having a green garden, turn your landscape design into a silver lake! You can make a flagstone walkway surrounded by stones. Also, create a white gravel walkway with drought tolerant plants and stone beds. With this design, you can decrease the amount of time you need to spend on yard upkeep.

17. Front Yard with Native Plant Island

Front Yard with Native Plant Island
Source: Pinterest (@houstonlandscapedesigns.com)

You must choose native plants if you want low-maintenance landscaping. Therefore, making a native plant island would be a wonderful choice if you can’t take care of them regularly. Simply plant lily turf, caladium, and other native plants which can survive in Houston front yard landscape. After that, use bricks for bordering your native plant island.

18. Houston Front Yard Landscape with Evergreen Trees

Houston Front Yard Landscape with Evergreen Trees
Source: Pinterest (@hubpages.com)

Evergreens are a low-maintenance alternative for your plant beds, along with native species. Evergreen plants, such as bushes, trees, vines, and ground covers, retain their leaves all year long, preventing a fall-leaf mess in your yard. American Holly is one of the most popular evergreens that will flourish in your Houston landscape. It makes a shady field properly.

19. Perennials Houston White Garden

Perennials Houston White Garden
Source: Pinterest (@gardengatenotes.com)

Another low-maintenance plant choice for your garden and flower beds is perennials. You can go with white yarrow flowers to make a beautiful white garden in your front house. They are wonderful since they come back every year on their own, without your assistance. This implies that you won’t need to grow fresh flowers every year to maintain your landscape’s health and color.

20. Houston Rain Garden

Houston Rain Garden
Source: Pinterest (@Garden Guy + Gal)

If you love to plant various types of flowers, you may need to make a rain garden in your Houston front yard. Because a rain garden collects rainwater runoff and practically waters itself, it is simpler to maintain than a typical garden. Build a berm in a low area of the yard to serve as the rain garden’s foundation, and then construct swales to collect runoff from higher ground and the gutters. Your rain garden won’t require much maintenance once you’ve created and established it.

21. Houston Front Yard Xeriscaping

Houston Front Yard Xeriscaping
Source: Pinterest (@DigtheDirt.com)

You may want to have a modern front house without too much grass area due to maintenance reasons. If so, try xeriscaping! Xeriscapes require very little water to survive. All you need is stone, succulents, and other drought-tolerant plants that will require very little water. Combine the xeriscaping area with paved walkways for easier access to your house.

22. Houston Container Garden

Houston Container Garden
Source: Pinterest (@Better Homes and Gardens)

If you don’t have a large front yard, consider adding a container garden to your landscape. Especially if you don’t particularly enjoy tending to your garden while on your hands and knees, container garden is a perfect choice.  You can grow some potted plants near the front entry or staircase. They are far simpler to maintain, especially for those with restricted mobility, and can look just as lovely as a typical garden.

23. Houston Rock Garden

Houston Rock Garden
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Instead of flowers, rocks also have attractive colors to make your front yard awesome. If you don’t have time to take care of the flowers, you can put more decorative stones and make it a rock garden. Arrange larger stones around some flowers or shrubs to make a wonderful border. After that, place smaller stones in the rest area of your rock garden.

24. Traditional Houston Front Yard with Irrigation Automation

Traditional Houston Front Yard with Irrigation Automation
Source: Pinterest (@younghouselove.com)

To keep the traditional Houston front yard in the low maintenance version, you need technology then. Since watering is the main problem when you don’t have time, consider using irrigation automation. All you need to do to use an automatic irrigation system is set a timer, and the sprinklers will take care of the rest. While you attend to your more vital business, they will take care of watering your lawn landscaping or garden.

25. Green and Gray Front Yard

Green and Gray Front Yard
Source: Pinterest (@Ashley Whitworth)

Removing weeds in your Houston front yard must be tiring. And, the weeds will become worse if you don’t have time to take them off. However, don’t worry! Instead of making a full green garden, simply make them green and gray! You can plant lawns to create the half of the green area, while rocks for the gray part. Don’t forget to plant perennials such as yucca plants at the border of the green and gray garden.

Final Thought

Creating a front yard landscape in Houston is a bit challenging if you don’t know which is the best concept that suits your home condition. Since each front yard has different conditions and challenges, consider picking the best concept that matches your landscaping needs. We hope you can find the best Houston garden design from our selected ideas above!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you landscape a front yard for beginners in Houston?

If you are beginners, then you need a low maintenance front yard landscape in Houston. You can simply use artificial grass so you don’t need to water your front yard. Or, if you don’t like the idea of fake plants, simply put native plants in your yard. Compared to non-native plants, native grass, shrubs, and trees already know how to survive in Huston’s climate.

What is the cheapest way to landscape a front yard in Houston?

Making a DIY front yard landscape is definitely the cheapest way. You can  start with installing ground cover instead of grass. Moreover, you can make a rock garden instead of grass since they will spend less money for maintenance. In addition, you can repurpose bottles or old baskets for planters.

What is the best low-maintenance ground cover in Houston?

Ground cover comes in a variety of styles and hues that work well in Houston. While some are just green like regular grass, others feature vibrant flowers that bloom for a portion of the year. Periwinkle, bugleweed, and mondo grass are some examples of ideal low maintenance ground cover in Houston.

How can you make your Houston front yard look more expensive?

Instead of plain grass, you can create walkways to make your front yard in Houston look expensive. Moreover, you can add lights and fountains, to radiate another charm of your front yard. Don’t forget to set up an outdoor lounge for your guests to make a welcoming front yard.

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