25 Insanely DIY Backyard Beach Ideas To Bring Summer Vibes

There’s nothing like the sandy feel of a beach vacation. Except maybe the cool, fresh waters of a pool. If you can’t make it to the ocean this summer, there are plenty of ways to have a little taste of beachy fun right at home. How about turning your backyard into a fantastic beach  theme? You can create your own backyard beach with simple do-it-yourself design ideas for landscaping and patio decor.

Here, we will help you to get inspiration for a backyard resort-style retreat with low maintenance ideas for planting flowers and plants, lighting, firepits and more.

Whether it’s a warm summer night at the campground, or relaxing by the pool, we’ve got you covered with everything you need for your next pre-made DIY adventure.

Budget DIY Backyard Beach Ideas

Your DIY beach backyard is your personal space where you can get away from the busy-ness of life. Do you want to create a relaxing and fun backyard beach within your budget?

Spruce it up and make it beautiful, with these budget DIY backyard beach ideas.

1. Beach Style Mini Garden

diy backyard beach ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Hometalk.com)

Although you have a small backyard, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring the beach atmosphere at home. How about turning it into a DIY beach style mini garden?

Use white sand to cover the ground and border it with uniform stones. We recommend you to have your plants in pots for easier setting. After that, decorate the DIY garden with beach style signs, chairs, and other cute items.

2. Nautical Garden

diy backyard beach ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Completely Coastal)

Nautical garden is also a great idea to bring the beach atmosphere at home. You don’t have to spend a lot of beach sand, simply cover the main tree and shrubs in your backyard. After that, decorate the edge with white stones to give the beach vibe.

You can also add some DIY beach themed backyard decor such as a surfing board and wooden paddles.

3. Simple Beach Backyard for Kids

diy backyard beach ideas
Source: Pinterest (@wraysist3rs.blogspot.com)

Making a DIY beach backyard for kids doesn’t always be costly. In fact, you can make a fun beach backyard with a medium sized sand box for kids and some festive decoration. You can make a wooden box and fill it with sand.

Make sure the size is ideal for kids to play around and bring their small pool as well as the beach ball. Moreover, you can put a canopy and hang colorful flags on it.

4. Colorful Beach Backyard

diy backyard beach ideas
Source: Pinterest (@studiodiy.com)

With DIY beach backyard landscaping, you can also create an extended patio. This is a smart and cost effective way to accommodate more people in your house without too much remodeling. And, a colorful theme is always perfect for a beach patio idea.

On your sand beach area, you can make a long sofa and chairs with weather resistant wood material. After that, put some colorful cushions on them.

5. Black and White Beach Backyard with Lamps

diy backyard beach ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Jenna Sue Design Co.)

If you want to make a simple but elegant beach backyard that will look amazing at night, consider this awesome idea. In fact, the combination of white sand and black outdoor chairs give a classy and elegant visual to your backyard.

You can also place a fire pit around the black chairs for additional warmth at night. Finalize the design by hanging some decorative lamps around the beach backyard.

6. Simple Hammock Corner in Beach Backyard

diy backyard beach ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Porchdotcom)

When it comes to a private, cozy place to relax, a hammock corner is definitely a smart and affordable choice. Especially if you are an introvert who wants to feel the beach atmosphere only for yourself, you can turn the corner of the backyard into your own paradise.

Find large trees for the shady area to hang your hammock. Replace the grass below with sand and stones to bring the beach vibe. You can also put decorative outdoor lamps if you are planning to stay until the evening.

7. Traditional Beach Oasis

diy backyard beach ideas
Source: Pinterest (@fancydecors.co)

One of the most affordable but cozy designs is the backyard oasis with sand and stone. Especially if you have a flat backyard, this design will make your DIY beach style garden more lively. You can build a beach style ground cover with the sand beach.

Border the sand beach and grass area with large stones to give the rustic and traditional feel. After that, place some beach chairs with the traditional palapa umbrella.

8. Half Sand Beach Design

diy backyard beach ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Stacy Steele)

You don’t have to turn the whole backyard to build a DIY backyard beach. Use the half beach landscape design to get the best price within your budget. Making a half circle of beach sand in your garden would already be great to bring the summer vibe.

You can put some beach chairs with an umbrella to make a shady place. Don’t forget to bring some beach balls to play with your kids or buckets in case you want to make a sand castle there!

9. Beach Backyard for Camping

diy backyard beach ideas
Source: Pinterest (@LittleThings.com)

Camping at the beach with family is always fun and exciting. With this affordable idea, you can do it everyday in your backyard! Simply make a large pond and fill it with beach sand in your backyard.

You can arrange some outdoor chairs and additional folding chairs, depending on the number of your family members. After that, set up the fire pit using bricks to finalize the backyard design.

10. Hilly Sand Beach Garden Design

Hilly Sand Beach Garden Design
Source: Pinterest (@BuzzFeed)

In case you can’t afford beach theme furniture to decorate your hilly backyard, don’t worry! We’ve got you the perfect solution! With this DIY beach backyard idea, all you need is a sand beach for the whole garden.

Use while sand to cover the garden area. The white sand is primarily made of limestone, so it is an ideal choice for many landscaping and outdoor uses.

11. Cozy Tropical Backyard Beach

diy backyard beach ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Houzz)

Tropical backyard style decor is also a good option to bring the beach vibe around. You can create a medium beach sand area and hang the hammock between trees.

To save budget, you can turn the tree into a DIY beach umbrella using water proof and rust proof material such as bamboo. Add some colors with beautiful flowers around the sand in the backyard.

12. Beach Summer Cafe

diy backyard beach ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Andrea Foster)

For those who want to have a multipurpose beach backyard decor, consider using this idea. Especially if you often throw parties in your backyard, making a small summer cafe would be amazing.

With this DIY beach yard design, you’ll get a functional decor to serve food and also a cozy tiki bar to hang out. Simply spread the beach sand around your summer cafe to bring the beach to the backyard.

Modern DIY Backyard Beach Ideas

Do you want to have a luxury and cozy beach backyard at home? There are no limits to how creative you can get when decorating your beach backyard or patio.

Here is a list of modern and cool DIY backyard beach ideas at home you should try!

13. Beach Style Lounge

diy backyard beach ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Housely)

You may often see a public lounge at the large buildings. Now, you can also make yours in the backyard! Especially for those who want to build their backyard beach house, making a cozy lounge is a great idea.

Simply place a modern lounge chair for outdoor use on your sand beach area. After that, you can set up a bonfire or make a fire pit for a barbeque party.

14. Fun Beach Playground

diy backyard beach ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Homemy design)

Kids will definitely love a modern beach style background in the backyard! You can make a DIY beach style playground with the white sand and beach style decoration. Border the playground with bamboo slats to bring a natural atmosphere.

Place mini wooden chairs, tables, and toy houses on the sand area. You can also create a miniature pond from black and blue stones, wooden toy boats, and lighthouse.

15. Tank Pool Beach Oasis

diy backyard beach ideas
Source: Pinterest (@greenhousestudio.co)

Inspired by the pool you can find in the hotel near the beach, the tank pool is the modern concept for your beach backyard. You can set up a vinyl pool inside the concrete tank pool for easier maintenance.

After that, decorate your wall border with artistic doodles of a sunset scene to bring the beach atmosphere. Don’t forget to create a chair lounge next to your tank pool oasis.

16. Aesthetic Beach Style Patio

diy backyard beach ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Mobile Home Living)

The aesthetic patio is also becoming a trend for a DIY beach backyard. To create this idea, you need to cover the ground with white sand and stones. After that, set up a cozy living area using a long sofa, outdoor chair, and also a hanging cocoon.

You can also place a rug, fire pit, and some plants around. Hanging some lamps and lanterns is also a great idea to make an aesthetic view at night.

17. Upcycled Old Boat for Lounge

Upcycled Old Boat for Lounge
Source: Pinterest (@Recyclart)

Suppose you live near the beach and want to make a modern but unique DIY beach backyard, how about up-cycling an old boat for a lounge? Look for an old boat and cut the one side to make an entrance.

Customize a large cushion seat that suits the boat size. After that, you can palace some decorative pillows for the back area. To give the beach atmosphere, spread some white rocks below the boat lounge.

18. Backyard Beach with Pool

Backyard Beach with Pool
Source: Pinterest (@Daniela Slavcheva)

When it comes to fake beach landscaping, we recommend you to try this idea! You can apply this modern concept when building your pool in the backyard. Surround the pool with beach white sand.

Create a sloping land on your pool, so the water from the pool will naturally blend with white sand. Don’t forget to put outdoor chairs in case you just want to relax admiring the beach view.

19. Boho Beach Patio with Mid Century Vibe

Boho Beach Patio with Mid Century Vibe
Source: Pinterest (@desiretoinspire.net)

The combination of boho beach style and mid century vibe make a stunning beach yard. You can use se boho style for the canopy frame and place mid century furniture inside the gazebo.

Moreover, grow some flowers and shrubs around the gazebo to give the natural vibe. If you also have a pool in the backyard, you will surely create a new paradise at home.

20. Private Zen Beach Backyard

Private Zen Beach Backyard
Source: Pinterest (@Elisa Guzman)

If you want to make a private DIY beach backyard setting, the simple way is by bordering the backyard with a willow screen. It makes your beach backyard blend in with nature, bringing Zen to your space.

In addition, choose red theme furniture to create a warm atmosphere in your private beach. Don’t forget to set up some wooden tables and a fire pit from bricks to complete the warm design.

21. Backyard Beach with Green Scenery

Backyard Beach with Green Scenery
Source: Pinterest (@Mobile Home Living)

The combination of modern garden and DIY beach backyard would be a brilliant option to try. The greenery and vines are the key to make your beach backyard look stunning.

You need to border the beach backyard with green plants and vines around. On the beach sand area, arrange some outdoor chairs and a fire pit. You can also hang some lamps for extra charm at night.

22. Modern Tiki Bar at The Backyard

Modern Tiki Bar at The Backyard
Source: Pinterest (@Completely Coastal)

Suppose you often invite your friends at home for drinks, building a modern Tiki bar in the backyard will be amazing. Set up the Tiki bar at the corner next to your garden area.

Inspired by the pirate ship, you can decorate the Tiki bar with the iconic boat wheel at the center. After that, place some bar stools for a more welcoming atmosphere.

23. Rustic Beach Style Patio

Rustic Beach Style Patio
Source: Pinterest (@odealia)

Look at how charming the beach style patio is! The rustic wooden canopy is the focal point of this beach style patio. Instead of beach sand, you can have wooden flooring for the patio.

Cover it with white carpet and a round rug in white and brown color. Place wooden and woven furniture to give a beach style atmosphere. Don’t forget to add plants in pots to add greenery on the patio.

24. Tropical Island Wooden Patio

Tropical Island Wooden Patio
Source: Pinterest (@The Crafted Life)

Inspired by the concept of a tropical island backyard, you can have a wooden patio as in the picture above. Use wooden flooring and wooden slat for the border. 

Customize the seating area using wood material that can also border the backyard area. Set up a tropical theme rug on the flower and some tables. You can also grow some planters and hang fairy lamps to decorate your tropical island patio.

25. Dreamy Beach Pool

Dreamy Beach Pool
Source: Pinterest (@beachblissliving.com)

Bring the fun and joy of playing water at the beach with the dreamy beach pool concept. Decorate the border fence with an underwater  scene banner, giving you the ocean atmosphere.

If you also want to feel closer with water, simply place your outdoor chairs in the pool. You can also plant palm trees and add decorative stones to give the tropical vibes in your pool.

Final Thought

The idea of making your own beach backyard is challenging but always worth trying. You may have a lot of ideas to bring the beach to your home, but the most important thing is that you should look for the most feasible one for your backyard.

Hopefully, our list of beach backyard ideas can give you more insights and inspiration to make your dream paradise at home!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you put beach sand in your backyard?

Yes, you can. Beach sand in your backyard is a smart way to conserve water and save money on ongoing maintenance. Making your own beach requires a lot of sand, but it’s still a more expensive and opulent option than standard yards. Tropical beach sand, which will give you that genuine seaside feel, is the greatest type of sand and stone to utilize.

How do you stop grass from growing in sand?

Vinegar and salt are two items that you most likely already have at home that might help kill weeds. The roots of the weeds are burned by the acid in vinegar, which seeps through the sand and prevents further weed growth.

Moreover, you can also spread a thick layer of organic mulch around your landscape trees, plants, and sand to prevent the weed growth.

How do you keep beach sand from washing away from rain?

A fantastic technique to prevent your sand from washing away on a budget is to protect your beach from the factors. Choosing the right location is the greatest method to accomplish this.

Moreover, we recommend you to install a Goodbye to Muck SandMat to keep your beach clean and beautiful for many years to come. Meanwhile, retaining walls can be a fairly effective technique to prevent sand from washing away.

Is Mason sand good for a beach?

Yes, it is! Mason sand is a very thin beach sand. This makes it a popular choice for beach sand or volleyball courts, as well as for usage in children’s sand boxes. The homogeneous, tiny granules create an excellent playing surface of sand.

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