25 Innovative Cinder Block Landscaping Ideas – Easily Recreate

If you have leftover cinder blocks in your basement after building a fence, perhaps it’s time to try one of our collections of cinder block landscaping ideas. Who would have thought you could use them to make decorating ideas, like unique planters, vertical gardens, and benches? In addition, you can also be creative in painting according to your imagination and creativity.

Furthermore, the mini size makes the cinder blocks easy to arrange, so they don’t take up a lot of space. Some people mix and match these materials to make DIY cinder block pots that blend in with the designs of their fences, stairs, and walls. Very efficient, isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Check out our ideas about the cinder blocks garden below and find yours!

Cinder Block Retaining Wall and Planter Ideas

You may realize that cinder or concrete blocks have tiny holes for installing wood or other materials in the construction process. But amazingly, those narrow spaces can also be used to plant various plants, such as cacti, succulents, and flowers. Or, try to use the cinder block for a vegetable garden that allows you to harvest your foods! Moreover, you can arrange it as a fence or parapet while designing pots attached to it. Curious? Let’s find out cinder block landscaping ideas for planters below!

1. Cacti Cinder Planters

cinder block landscaping ideas
Source: Pinterest (@trendey.com)

Check out these cinder block planters! It’s effortless but looks beautiful with a combination of brown stamp flower patterns that create a color contrast that isn’t dull. Its small size will make it easier to move wherever you want to display these stunning containers. You can plant cacti or succulents in these pots. But please choose one that has a different shape to offer textures to your landscape.

2. DIY Painted Cinder Block For Garden

cinder block landscaping ideas
Source: Pinterest (@trendey.com)

It is DIY time! Thankfully, cinder blocks are the perfect medium you can use to channel your creativity in making excellent painted containers for your garden. But first, don’t forget to coat the surface with cement to smoothen the surface. Thus, you can easily paint it with your favorite colors and figures. To make those pots more aesthetic, try drawing each one with a different character and installing two garden lamps on each side of the blocks.

3. Three-tiered Flower Planters

cinder block landscaping ideas
Source: Pinterest (@tutoringyou.org)

Flower planters don’t have to be made of ceramic or terracotta. Instead, you can create them from cinder blocks. With two small holes available, these blocks allow you to plant two different flowers in one pot with a separator wall that prevents the plants from competing for nutrients. In addition, they can be arranged to make three-tiered flower pots or a mini retaining wall for your garden. Add river stones around the base to cover the soil and add textures.

4. Striking Cinder Block Herbs Garden

cinder block landscaping ideas
Source: Pinterest (@architectureartdesigns.com)

If you are someone who wants to make a stunning and vibrant retaining wall with cinder blocks, but you cannot paint, this design is for you. Although it looks simple, the combination of turquoise, yellow, red, green, and orange successfully creates a color contrast. These striking shades may make you feel more encouraged to grow your own herbs. You can also hang flower decor on the wooden fence and a garden sign to elevate the cheerful vibes. 

5. Terracotta Cinder Block Pots

cinder block landscaping ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Balcony Decoration)

Getting bored with gray cinder block pots? Try to cheer them up by coloring the blocks with terracotta color. This color will give a new spark to your green lawn. Especially if you plant various flowering plants with vibrant blooms, like red, yellow, and orange. Arrange them like a tiered triangle shape to offer a more enchanting look. The orange blooms are at the bottom as the base color is similar to the pot, yellow is in the middle, and red is at the top.

6. Patio Cinder Blocks Landscaping

cinder block landscaping ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Decor Home Ideas)

Landscaping your patio with cinder blocks can be a great idea to enliven the space. No need for much equipment. All you have to prepare are cinder blocks and your creativity. Leave some of the cinder blocks with their natural color, while a few you paint in dark gray. This combination will give a modern impression on your terrace. Then, arrange the blocks in layers as the base color and the gray ones on top of them alternately. Now, plant snake plants and succulents following your taste!

7. Cinder Block Garden Wall Planters

cinder block landscaping ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Cagney Krzywosinski)

With an arrangement like this, a narrow space is not an excuse not to have a beautiful garden. This cinder block garden wall allows you to grow low-growing plants or herbs. The key is to leave some of the cinder space empty without covering it with cement. Then, let them stand out like drawers to give your walls a three-dimensional effect. As for the color, you can color them black or choose the natural ones, just follow your preference.

8. Functional Cinder Block Plant Shelves

Functional Cinder Block Plant Shelves
Source: Pinterest (@Alissa)

The combination of wooden boards and cinder blocks never fails to show a modern and rustic side at the same time—for example, this Cinder block idea. The retaining wall serves as the main planting area. It is also designed to support the levitating plant shelves where you can grow dwarf plant varieties. In addition, you can install two small lights on the wooden wall to exhibit the arrangement’s beauty at night.

9. Mini Cinder Succulents Garden

Mini Cinder Succulents Garden
Source: Pinterest (@Lauren Mann)

Given the size of the cinder blocks, we assure you they can make a fantastic mini succulent garden in your backyard. You can leave the original color and plant your precious plants right away. But, we recommend spicing up their appearance by turning the blocks grey. Then, organize them into layers with only one block at the top. Attach a garden sign on the wall if you wanna go beyond the mainstream!

10. Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds
Source: Pinterest (@Hi Anxiety)

Take advantage of the narrow spot in your backyard by making a raised garden using cinder blocks. Even if you don’t have lawns, you can still give a touch of garden vibes by coloring the cinder blocks green. Then, raise the bed by arranging the cinder like a podium and planting colorful flowers in the blocks’ holes. Lastly, add rabbit planters and potted sunflowers to liven up your raised flower beds.

11. DIY Cinder Block Planter

DIY Cinder Block Planter
Source: Pinterest (@Sandy Yuill)

Some people do not hesitate to give extra time and energy to beautify their homes and yards. And if you are one of them, you must try this DIY cinder block planter! Beautifully designed and wrapped in abstract patterns and flowers painting, no one may not realize that they are actually cinder blocks. Moreover, the arrangement by combining contrasting variegation makes it look more prominent. Not to mention the bright colors of flowers that enhance the appeal even more! Dare to try?

12. Tropical Cinder Blocks Garden

cinder block landscaping ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Gustavo Martins)

It is far from minimalism, so it may not suit you who love such a taste. But, this one will be perfect for those who appreciate tropical design. The cinder blocks are arranged in such a way like a stair to heaven. Then, each step has an empty hole to grow tropical plants, such as ferns, orchids, and Calathea. There are also several plant shelves to grow vines which, of course, create a rainforest atmosphere right on your patio.

13. Vertical Garden

cinder block landscaping ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Chantal Aida Gordon)

This one is another simple garden with a vertical garden design that will be a great choice for those who have small living spaces. Unlike our previous cinder block landscaping ideas, the holes are not planters but plant shelves to decorate the layout. Meanwhile, the surface cinder block serves as a mini table display to place your colorful flower pots, making them look stand out against the gray background.

14. Minimalist Cinder Block Pots

Minimalist Cinder Block Pots
Source: Pinterest (@pinspirationalprojects.blogspot)

No wonder black is people’s favorite because they offer a base color that matches any design, including this minimalist cinder block arrangement. The black of the cinder blocks seems to blend with the color of your garden floor, giving a non-exist effect. Additionally, it highlights the plants growing on the blocks, allowing them to stand out in the darkness. Not to mention the idea of combining it with the bench that also creates a levitating effect.

15. DIY Rock Garden Bed

DIY Rock Garden Bed
Source: Pinterest (@Janine Grima)

Does anyone fancy rock gardening? We provide one of the easiest cinder block landscaping ideas you don’t want to miss to feature in your garden. The light gray shade is an option to blend in with the decorative rocks around, while the plants add cheerful colors and greenery. To begin with, install tiles that match the color blocks to provide a flat surface. Then, arrange the cinder tiered like a podium. Grow ground covers next to the arrangement to add a distinctive element.

16. Landscaping Wall Cinder Blocks

cinder block landscaping ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Angie Lam)

This cinder block landscaping wall will be safe for your pets because it does not take up their space! Instead, you will decorate the empty wall in the backyard that borders your neighbors with succulents. The alternate arrangement designs the plant shelves and provides space to place potted succulents. Moreover, choose succulents with different colors and textures to create a unique layout. Also, attach a lamp string that will beautifully light up the arrangement in the dark.

Decorating Garden Ideas with Cinder Blocks

Perhaps, you think that cinder block landscaping ideas are only about plantings. In fact, you can be creative in decorating your outdoor space with other objects made of those blocks, such as benches, garden borders, modified patio steps, and table displays. Find them below!

17. Wooden and Cinder Block Bench

cinder block landscaping ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Artsy Pretty Plants)

You know, cinder block landscaping ideas are not always about a raised garden bed, planter, and retaining wall. But, you can make something different by utilizing those blocks to create a garden bench. Featuring the woods that serve as the backrest and seat, the cinder block builds up a structure to ensure safety. And if you have some leftovers, create a plant container next to the bench to add greenery and flowers!

18. Creative Cinder Block Ideas For Landscaping Steps

cinder block landscaping ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Kelly McDaniel Gottsponer)

Notice some void spots on your stairs? Why don’t you challenge yourself to jazz them up? Put some cinder block planters on every two sides of the steps. Fill the first cinder hole with potting soil and the other with gravel. Then, plant various variegated leafy plants to texture the landscape. Meanwhile, install a mini garden lamp in the next hole filled with decorative stones. And that’s it! Easy right?

19. Cinder Block Garden Display

cinder block landscaping ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Faby)

Explore your creativity by turning cinder blocks into a table display for your garden! Luckily, it is not difficult at all! All you need to do is color up the blocks with colors that match your garden theme. However, we recommend neutral tones like brown, grey, black, or white as they can easily tune in with the surroundings. Next, put several potted flowers or vas on the table and let them shine!

20. Modern Patio Cinder Block Bench

Modern Patio Cinder Block Bench
Source: Pinterest (@Traci Summers)

In addition to the garden bench, cinder blocks make an ideal patio bench with a modern touch. Of course, it still needs the support of wood materials for the sitting space. If you are interested, prepare eight cinder blocks and arrange them vertically. However, only leave one block at the top as a place to display your flower vase or planter. Next, install two logs to complete this arrangement.

21. Cinder Block Succulent Edging Ideas

Cinder Block Succulent Edging Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Dianne Snow)

Although it looks simple, making garden edges from cinder blocks can liven up your garden’s atmosphere. How so? Because you can plant flowers or succulents with diverse shapes and textures in the block holes. It will work best if you paint the cinder with striking colors and add white gravel to stand out against the landscape. In addition, you can create this edging along your garden path to impress your guests.

22. Vegetable Garden Table

cinder block landscaping ideas
Source: Pinterest (@fabeveryday.com)

Having this vegetable garden table will make you realize that growing your own foods does not require a large area. You can use cinder blocks and wooden blocks as a place to put a variety of potted vegetables and herbs, such as basil, oregano, green onions, tomatoes, chilies, and more. While planting your veggies, this arrangement also allows you to landscape your narrow space. What a useful piece!

23. Classic Cinder Block Table Display

cinder block landscaping ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Noela Mulcahy)

For plant collectors, table displays are essential to show off their collection. They also become attractive decorations wherever they reside. And for that reason, we include this table display made of cinder blocks that allow you more space for your plants. While the cinder supports the wooden boards to put your planters, you can use the block holes by displaying other knick-knacks, such as animal figures, or placing small pots. Super multifunctional, right?

24. Cinder Block Outdoor Bar For Children

cinder block landscaping ideas
Source: Pinterest (@brit.co)

Having an outdoor bar in your garden would be fun for your kids to play around. And so, we include this outdoor cinder block bar to grant your wish! The cinder color selection is brilliant, highlighting the colorful shades to entertain the children. To make it even more vibrant, some houseplants won’t hurt! They will add greenery to balance the striking colors of the blocks.

25. Easy DIY Cinder Block Pot Display

cinder block landscaping ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Sandra kbrales)

It is simplicity at its finest but shows the beauty to the fullest! This cinder block table with a rustic touch may suit your taste. Apart from supporting this table, it has three wooden boards on which you can display your small planters. The top and middle of the table become an area to show your ornamental plants, whereas the bottom one is for cacti. Also, choose various pots with carvings or paintings to adorn the table even more.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you make cinder blocks look good?

To make cinder blocks look good, you must coat the surface with cement. It will smoothen the rough texture and make it easy to decorate. But first, remove the debris so as not to make the surface bumpy when cemented. After that, you can freely use the blocks as you want! People usually paint and use the blocks as planters or a cinder block bench.

What is the difference between concrete blocks and cinder blocks?

The main difference between concrete blocks and cinder blocks is the structure. Concrete blocks are made of stone and sand. Thus, they have a more robust structure recommended as building materials. Meanwhile, the cinder block is the opposite, as it does not have tensile strength. However, you can still make a cinder block fire pit, fence, or garden table out of it.

What plants grow well in cinder blocks?

Considering its narrow space, the best plants to grow in cinder blocks are those that do not have deep and extensive root systems. Some flowering plants that can do well in those cinder blocks are petunias and vincas. In addition, herbs and vegetables, like chives, garlic, leeks, scallions, peas, shallots, and strawberries, also do great in the cinder block garden.

How long do cinder blocks last?

Despite not having a solid structure, cinder blocks will last up to 80 years if you maintain them properly. With concrete blocks, they are more durable than wooden materials for house buildings. However, qualities come with much effort. You need to put an extra decorative layer before using the building materials blocks. By then, the cinder blocks can save more energy than other materials.

Is it safe to plant in cinder blocks?

Some may wonder whether or not cinder blocks are safe for plantings. But don’t worry! They are entirely safe. Most cinder blocks you buy in the store these days are concrete with strong structures. So, you are welcome to use them to create cinder block gardening ideas and plant your own veggies!

Is it cheaper to build with cinder block or wood?

Building your house with cinder blocks (or concrete blocks if you buy them in the market) will cost you more money than wood. It is understandable as the durability of cinder blocks is more promising. They offer strong structures that can last 80 years, while wood materials only last 10-15 years. So, the price pays for excellent quality.

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