14 Drought Tolerant Texas Plants You Should Own

Texas and drought tolerant plants are a dynamic duo that is hard to separate. The heat conditions, low water availability, high humidity are what should thrive once you establish it. Although most Texas native plants and trees can tolerate the dry conditions and love full sun, you should consider which one drought tolerant Texas plants. There are 14 drought tolerant Texas plants you should own after reading this.

Because we already sum up the best recommendation for you whether to own one in your garden or decide to take some of them to get a colorful view once they bloom.

BEST Drought Tolerant Plants in Texas

In the scorching heat and relentless drought, some plants stand tall as nature’s warriors, adding a burst of life and color to the arid landscape. These drought-tolerant champions not only survive but thrive, displaying their vivid blooms and captivating foliage to charm both the seasoned gardeners and the greenest thumbs.

If you’re seeking a low-maintenance oasis of beauty in the Lone Star State, look no further. So, let’s dive in and explore the wonders of nature’s endurance with these drought-tolerant stars!

1. Coneflowers (Echinacea)

Drought Tolerant Texas Plants
Coneflowers (Echinacea)

Beautiful flowers bloom in midsummer until fall. You can enjoy the view full of flowers effortlessly because Cone-flowers are drought tolerant plants with minimum maintenance once you plant them inside your garden.

Also, this flower loves full sun, so it is good news for you who have an open spacious yard. There are various colors of flower you can choose. For instance, pink, purple, yellow, and white. Hence, Cone-flowers becomes one of 14 drought tolerant Texas plants you should own.

2. Purslane (Portulaca Oleracea)

drought tolerant texas plants
Purslane (Portulaca Oleracea)

Looking for hanging plants in Texas but still drought tolerant one? Then, it is time to choose Purslane. The vibrant orange, pink and yellow flowers will bloom beautifully inside the hanging baskets.

Place it where there is full sun exposure because this plant loves dry soil, so that planting this one means less water usage. Moreover, with low maintenance, you still can get the fast growing plants, and attract the butterflies to come.

3. Zinnia

drought tolerant texas plants
Zinnia Flower

This plant is an annual one that will grow in all seasons. Zinnia has various flower colors. So, once the flowers bloom your garden will turn into a striking colorful park! This flower loves the sun, so no worries if you want to plant it in Texas.

It will thrive in low water usage as well, since in Texas, using water should be considered in a wise way. Besides, you can choose whether to own the normal size or dwarf version. Due to the size is vary and the colorful flowers you can choose, Zinnia is an excellent choice of drought tolerant Texas plants you can own.

4. Red Yucca (Hesperaloe Parviflora)

drought tolerant texas plants
Red Yucca (Hesperaloe Parviflora)

You cannot underestimate this plant because Red Yucca not only tolerates dry conditions in Texas, but also can thrive during winter. In Spring, the flower blooms beautifully. And when the winter comes, since this plant is hardy up to -20′, then the succulent that looks like foliage grows on the ground. Creating the landscape plants in a group.

5. Cenizo (Leucophyllum Frutescens)

drought tolerant texas plants
Cenizo (Leucophyllum Frutescens)

An evergreen shrub that is drought and heat tolerant, but still easy to grow. You cannot deny the simplicity of these flowers. During the blooming season, the lavender flowers will appear. But during the winter, some leaves will fall but no worries about it. It is an excellent choice to be planted in your house. You may call it the Texas Sage.

6. Rough Agave (Agave Asperrima)

Rough Agave (Agave Asperrima)
Rough Agave (Agave Asperrima)

This succulent can grow up to 3 feet long and 15 cm for the width. You can leave the Rough Agave as it is once you plant it since the plant doesn’t need much water and loves the full exposure from the sun. It is very suitable for a busy person like you, who doesn’t have much time to take care of the plant, but still wants to see the green view from your house.

7. Scarlet Star (Guzmania Lingulata)

drought tolerant texas plants
Scarlet Star (Guzmania Lingulata)

Another name of this flower is Guzmania Lingulata. But we prefer to call it Scarlet Star. The flower petals are in a beautiful shape, just like the foliage with different colors. The color is bright red, while the foliage has a leathery texture in deep green.

Moreover, the flowers of Scarlet Star can lasts for five months after it blooms. Although this variety is a drought tolerant plant, you should keep it out from the direct sun to avoid the dark spot on foliage.

8. Texas Lantana (Lantana Urticoides)

drought tolerant texas plants
Texas Lantana (Lantana Urticoides)

A striking three colors can be viewed at the same time through the flowers of Texas Lantana. There are purple, orange, and red flowers! Moreover the flowers start blooming in April and will continue until November. It is pretty exciting since you can see them blooming almost in all seasons, right?

This drought tolerant flora becomes the favorite one for the bees, birds including the hummingbirds, and the butterflies. So, you can imagine how lovely your garden will be once you plant this.

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9. Live Oak

Live Oak
Live Oak

If you love planting big trees inside your yard, then you can have a Live Oak tree to create a shady ambiance inside. This massive evergreen is one of the most famous plants for Texas, although it is native to Cuba. This drought plant usually becomes an ornamental tree that will give a shade in an area due to the shape of the branches the trees will create.

10. Retama (Parkinsonia Aculeata)

drought tolerant texas plants
Retama (Parkinsonia Aculeata)

The shining yellow flowers from Retama tree will appear beautifully in your Texas yards. This tree is fast growing and loves the full sun. That’s why placing this on the open space will be a great idea.

Although there are thorns on it, people will always love it as their flowers are very stunning. This is the reason you can easily find this in walkways in shade vibes.

11. Texas Mountain Laurel (Dermatophyllum Secundiflorum)

Texas Mountain Laurel
Texas Mountain Laurel (Dermatophyllum Secundiflorum)

Another evergreen ornamental tree that is native to central Texas. This is a perennials tree that is slow growing and shrubs in the area as well, although not that significant.

Texas Mountain Laurel is a cool and dashing plant for you to choose in a spacious yard. Moreover, the tall of this tree can reach up to 10-15 feet. Prepare the well-drained soil before planting this plant, so that you can see it growing and blooming its flower perfectly.

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12. Texas Redbud (Cercis Canadensis var. Texensis)

Texas Redbud (Cercis Canadensis var. Texensis)
Texas Redbud (Cercis Canadensis var. Texensis)

Attractive pink hue is the main attention of this plant. This one is a Texas native and it can tolerate dry weather since it grows better in Texas. This drought tolerant variety has thick leaves and the pink petals will bloom in February and March.

Due to its beauty, the tree attracts bees, butterflies, and other wildlife that mostly appear in gardens. Although this tree can thrive in drought and humidity, it prefers part shade sun to the full exposure for the growth.

13. Mock Orange (Philadelphus)

Mock Orange (Philadelphus)
Mock Orange (Philadelphus)

When you think that there will be an orange color on this variety, but in fact it is a pure white that blooms through its trees. The people named it with an orange thing, since the tree produces citrus fragrance. Prepare for the well-drained soil to own this one in your garden. Also, pay attention to the Mock Orange bushes since it will grow up to 4 to 8 feet.

14. Autumn Sage (Salvia Greggii)

Autumn Sage  (Salvia Greggii)
Autumn Sage (Salvia Greggii)

A Texas native perennials flora that has fuchsia flowers on it. You can see it blooming beautifully in early summer to mid fall. So, we can say that this variety can bloom during hot summers as well. The stunning look of this tree is not only attractive for the human to see, but also attracts hummingbirds.

Final Thought

As we stand under the scorching Texas sun, a revelation dawns upon us – the magic of drought-tolerant Texas plants. They’re not just survivors; they’re nature’s warriors, defying the odds with vibrant colors and tenacious beauty. Imagine our garden transformed into an oasis of life, requiring minimal water yet bursting with life and vitality. Embracing these resilient wonders, we become stewards of sustainability, conserving water while indulging in nature’s breathtaking show. So, let’s paint our Texas canvas with the hues of these hardy heroes, creating a garden that echoes the spirit of our Lone Star State – strong, vibrant, and ever-thriving.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What plants grow all year round in Texas?

It is hard to grow the plant during the cold season in Texas. Hence, you can choose Autumn Sage and Red Yucca. Both can tolerate the dry conditions yet still survive in winter, although there is no blooming time in the cold season.

What plants do well in the Texas heat?

All Texas native plants do well in heat. There are Mock Orange, Texas Mountain Laurel, Texas Sage, Autumn Sage, and Texas Red bud. All of them will turn your garden into a lovely place to see.

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