25 Mexican Heather Landscape Ideas For Your Living Space

Landscaping design with Mexican heather plants? Why not? These low-growing perennials can be an excellent choice for creating garden borders. They feature green foliage and lavender flowers in one plant. Considering such fantastic features, we provide Mexican heather landscape ideas for you to get inspired.

In addition, planting Mexican heather in pots and gardens is not a problem as long as you can provide their growing conditions. Therefore, these low-maintenance plants will be great to grow in narrow spaces too! But make sure to provide adequate space to allow the roots to spread. Are you interested? Let’s get on the list!

Mexican Heather Garden Border Ideas

You probably noticed that Mexican heather plants are often used to decorate garden edges. Therefore, we have the initiative to include Mexican heather garden border ideas to broaden your insights just in case you want to try it! Check them below and find the one that suits you best.

1. Garden Border Design

Garden Border Design
Source: Pinterest (@Kim S Grant)

Let’s start with a simple garden border design. To add an aesthetic value, you can mix and match the Mexican heather plant with wood chippings and pea gravel. For this layout, it is best to choose the side of the house that leads to the courtyard. Or in other words, try to grow them alongside your garden path. Also, arrange river rocks or limestone as boundaries along the road. Don’t forget to provide 2-3 feet of space between one another to allow proper growth.

2. Pond Garden Edge

mexican heather landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@google.com)

Have a fish pond in your garden? Elevate the landscape even more by growing Mexican heather! Prepare the land around your fish pond as this perennial planting area. It is better to choose the front of the pond to make the plants stand out. Next, plant them apart so they don’t grow too crowded. Add decorative stones at the base as a boundary with the pavements.

3. Terraced Garden Ideas

mexican heather landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@lisalapaso.com)

Wanna bring the landscape to the next level? Why don’t you try it with Mexican heather? You can make a garden border easily as they grow lush with bright green foliage. Then, plant taller Mexican heather companion plants for a tiered effect. In addition, ground cover will also do great to decorate the ground surface. If you want more textures, spread the gravel.

4. Rock Gardening

mexican heather landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@SimplesDecor)

Not only do the Mexican heather plants offer greenery to the landscape, but they also add a touch of purple shade, thanks to their lavender flowers. You can feature these ornamental plants in your rock gardens. Plant them near rocks arranged into a natural bench to add a touch of color to the surroundings. Then, add sand with gravel nearby. This combination will make an impression of florals in the middle of the desert.

5. Lavish Green Garden

mexican heather landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@onlineplantguide.com)

Some people prefer to have a lavish green garden than flowery ones. If you are one of them, you will love this arrangement. It does not need much space and won’t take much time to make. Set aside a patch of soil and then plant the Mexican heather. Next, add wood chippings that serve as decorations and increase the organic matter necessary for the plant’s growth. To avoid overgrowing, prune them in spring to keep the foliage in shape.

6. Lush Greenery Garden

Lush Greenery Garden
Source: Pinterest (@Susanna Pagan SP Gardens)

Instead of planting dwarf Mexican heathers, you can try the tall ones if you prefer to offer lush green to your home landscape. Apart from adding greenery, they also protect the plants that grow underneath, such as aloe vera, succulents, and ground covers. Therefore, try planting them in the last order, aloe vera in the middle, and the front one is succulents. Just in case the succulents are the same size as the heather, you can plant them side by side. But, remember, appropriate space is the key!

7. Mexican Heather Flower Beds

mexican heather landscape ideas
Source: Instagram (@moss_landscaping)

People usually grow Mexican heather with other companion plants to give more textures and layers. You can try this too by planting Mexican heather and white flowers of Iris! Arrange them in two rows. The Iris is in the back, while the heather is in the front. This order will highlight Iris’ dancing white blooms. In addition, you are welcome to give a stone bordering between two plants. Yet, we recommend letting them be as natural as possible.

8. Mexican Heather Companion Plants Gardening

Mexican Heather Companion Plants Gardening
Source: Instagram (@common.leaf_rare.queen)

Lift up your summer months by planting various flowers and, of course, Mexican heather in your garden. Although it doesn’t look too flashy, the heather offers the texture of a low-growing shrub with clusters of deep green foliage and petite purple flowers. You can just grow them in random orders like in this picture. But arranging them following the retaining wall is better if you have more time. Then, other flowering plants can be set according to their height.

9. Duck Statue In The Dense Mexican Heather

mexican heather landscape ideas
Duck Statue In The Dense Mexican Heather

Suppose you have some kind of duck statue or other animals. In that case, try creatively decorating the surroundings with a Mexican heather plant. It will offer views as if they enjoy their life in their natural habitat. In addition, pairing the heather with other heat-resistant plants like New Zealand flax or cigar plants will add more beauty to your landscape. In addition, for a dramatic effect at night, you can install small garden lamps attached to the ground and let them illuminate your arrangement.

10. Birds Bath Landscaping

Birds Bath Landscaping
Source: Instagram (@garden10a)

It is one of the simplest yet unique Mexican heather landscape ideas to invite birds to your garden. You won’t need many tools. Just install a modern-designed bird bath made of granite or ceramics with a broad surface. Grow your Mexican heather in a row. But it will be better to surround the tub with those heat-loving perennials to impress your avian friends. Furthermore, try planting Hibiscus next to the heathers to attract hummingbirds and provide nectars for them.

11. Eerie Halloween Garden Design with Hawaiian Heather

mexican heather landscape ideas
Source: Instagram (@common.leaf_rare.queen)

Celebrating Halloween doesn’t always have to be orange. You can use Mexican heather plants that grow in your garden as decorations to celebrate the spookiest time of the year. How to make it? Let the plants grow densely, then put a pumpkin as Halloween’s trademark near the lush heathers. When you turn on your garden’s lamp at night, the dangling Mexican heather leaves will make the landscape eerie.

12. Simple Mexican Heather Entrance Layout

mexican heather landscape ideas
Source: Instagram (@lpygray)

Don’t waste the vacant land near your entrance because this spot can give an attractive first impression to your guests. Rather than letting it empty, spice up that void space with Mexican heather. These plants will add tropical touch, thanks to their thick green leaves. Not to mention the tiny purple blooms that adorn the foliage along the stalks. To elevate the tropical vibe, grow bamboo on the back of the heaters.

13. Colorful Garden Path

Colorful Garden Path
Source: Pinterest (@tehandon.com)

Relive your dormant garden in the summer by arranging a colorful garden path with Mexican heathers and dahlias! These two combos will give your garden a festive atmosphere that sleeps through the winter. The Mexican heather grows thick but remains in shape next to the garden path. At the same time, colorful dahlias are next to it to balance the color combinations in this home landscape. In addition, a bird bath amid blooming flowers further enhances the garden layout.

14. Creepy Wild Garden Ideas

Creepy Wild Garden Ideas
Source: Instagram (@gardenbliss76anaya)

The right impression to describe this Mexican heather wild garden is scary yet weirdly interesting. Besides our previous Halloween collection, it is another ideal design to celebrate ghost day. How come? You only need a plot of land next to your home. Then, add several miniatures that depict graveyards, like a praying angel dan the grave. Next, grow some white heathers to build up the eerie atmosphere around your garden. 

Landscaping with Potted Mexican Heather Plants

If you don’t have large areas to create garden borders, these potted Mexican heather landscape ideas will be a great choice to landscape your living space. You can freely move them to the area you want to decorate and pick the pots that are in tune with your taste. Let’s dive in, shall we?

15. Potted Mexican Heather Plants

Potted Mexican Heather Plants
Source: Pinterest (@Barbara Borg)

For those who do not have a garden, you can still landscape your home with Mexican heathers in pots. The key to making it attractive is choosing the type of pot. Instead of black or white, try to be more comfortable with terracotta. In addition, put a container stand under the pot to elevate the height. That way, you can still display Mexican heather beauty despite placing it on your balcony or patio.

16. Container Gardening with Mexican Heather

Container Gardening with Mexican Heather
Source: Pinterest (@Ruth Lach)

Do you think one plant is not fun in making a container garden? Thankfully, Mexican heather is excellent to grow with other plants in one pot. In fact, it offers dangling flowers and leaves that look naturally artistic. Since the heather has purple blooms, it is a good idea to plant flowering plants whose flowers are red, yellow, or orange to make a stunning color contrast. Moreover, plants with variegated leaves are ideal if you want to highlight the foliage rather than the flowers.

17. Minimalist Fairy Garden

mexican heather landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Maricarmen Reyes)

Who is not interested in this fairy garden arrangement? This design looks captivating with a Mexican heather bonsai plant as a tree. Not to mention every meticulous detail, such as the daisies, piano, and a fairy figure, that brings the layout to life. You can try this Mexican heather landscape idea to amuse your guests by displaying the planter on your patio. Don’t forget to prune the shrub to keep it in shape.

18. Welcoming Tree Fairy Home

mexican heather landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@gossamercreations.blogspot.com)

Similar to the previous one, it is a landscape for ornamental purposes. This design utilizes Mexican heather bonsai with denser flowers, becoming a focal point to color up the fairy home and offer shade. In addition, the ground cover also grows dense to cover the soil and add greenery. Moreover, various knick-knacks, such as fairy figures, mini fences, and a welcome gate, make the atmosphere of a fairy tale seem real.

19. Landscape Design with Mexican Heather Bonsai

mexican heather landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Sucuvel)

Another Mexican heather bonsai for home landscaping. But, this time, no more fairies. Although it stands alone, it does not mean your plant cannot stand out. Choose an elevated pot with artistic paintings that can turn this mini Mexican heather into a centerpiece. Add white gravel to screen the soil, then put it on your patio. If you think it is still plain, you can grow groundcover as the border around the edges of the pot.

20. Rabbit-Inspired Mexican Heather Container Design

mexican heather landscape ideas
Rabbit-Inspired Mexican Heather Container

It is one of the most creative Mexican heather landscape ideas. You can expand your creativity to create a couple of rabbits to feature in your garden. Even more remarkable, they are in pots! So, you can freely move them wherever you want. But, we recommend placing them in the garden entrance to welcome your guests with such a lovely gesture. For this specific design, don’t forget to prune the leaves if you don’t want to mess up the shape.

21. Vibrant Mexican Heather Planter

Vibrant Mexican Heather Planter
Source: Pinterest (@cubits.org)

We have included a container garden previously, and this is a mini version of it. It features Mexican heather and some leafy plants with stunning variegation and colors. To spice up this arrangement, choose companion plants in a color that contrasts with the Mexican plants, such as red or burgundy, so each can steal the stage. Also, thanks to the size, you can display it on your home’s balcony, patio, backyard, or other narrow areas.

22. Gnome House Landscaping

Gnome House Landscaping
Source: Instagram (@atl_mouthymama)

Pairing Mexican heather plants and succulents is never wrong to create an attractive landscape ornament. In this design, succulents serve as flowering plants on wood chippings and brown gravel, while the heather provides shade to the gnome house as a mini tree. Moreover, a swing, an animal figure, and a tree branch lying horizontally depict the atmosphere of a home in the forest with a real living gnome inside. With such features, we include it as one of the unique Mexican heather landscape ideas worth trying!

23. Artistic Mexican Heather Container Garden

mexican heather landscape ideas
Source: Instagram (@thevenuslady)

Call art lovers to check on this artistic planter! Though it is a bit creepy, this container will elevate the landscape with a touch of art. Moreover, the Mexican heather that grows in it seems to act as natural hair with lush green foliage and purple blooms to decorate it. You can display it near the front door that connects directly to the garden path or below your patio deck.

24. Mexican Heather Garden Planter

mexican heather landscape ideas
Source: Instagram (@prairie_garden)

Take advantage of your medium container to make a mini garden with pink Mexican heather plants. Considering the narrow space, choose the dwarf varieties to fit with other Mexican heather companion plants, such as Senecio Angel Wings and Mini Morning Glory plants. To create an attractive arrangement, ensure the low-growing plants are at the front with Morning Glory, while the Angel Wings can grow at the back to add layers. 

25. White Mexican Heather Tree

mexican heather landscape ideas
Source: Instagram (@sweetpeaknoxville)

Getting bored with purple Mexican heather? If so, choose the white varieties! Thanks to its tiny size, you can creatively stick a cane and make it a mini tree. We recommend putting several potted white Mexican heathers near your patio or your front door’s left and right wings facing up the garden to adorn the spaces. You can also add river stones to cover up the soil pot to make them look more captivating. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you use Mexican heather in the landscape?

You can landscape a border with Mexican heather plants, given it belongs to the low-growing plants that won’t bother you with much pruning. It also offers green foliage with a touch of tiny purple flowers that will spice up your garden. Besides, you can try to make a mini tree from this plant. Just attach a cane to the ground, and let it grow on it.

However, if you cannot find it in your local nurseries, try to find plants similar to Mexican heather, such as Huisache Daisy, Patridge Pea, and Dakota Mock Vervain.

Where is the best place to plant Mexican heather?

This perennial plant loves the sun. So, any spot with full or partial sun exposure is the best place to plant Mexican heather. As long as you provide its light requirements, you can grow Mexican heather in pots or your garden.

Furthermore, it favors moist, well-drained soils. Thus, regular watering is necessary to retain soil humidity whenever the soil surface is dry. In addition, it thrives in the US hardiness zone 9-11 as a perennial. Meanwhile, in the colder climates, they grow as an annual. Hence, they will be best grown in pots.

How far apart should I plant Mexican heather?

If you plan to grow a Mexican heather plant in your garden, you must prepare a large enough land to allow the roots to spread. Provide at least 2 or 3 feet apart from one plant to another. Additionally, dig the holes around 1/4 to 1/2 inches deep to put the root ball. This depth also helps it grow well.

Can Mexican heather take full sun?

As a sun-loving plant, Mexican heather thrives best under the full sun. So, don’t be scared they are drying up. But the great news is, it tolerates partial shade! Considering this light intensity, you can choose an area with at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight per day to ensure they grow lush. Additionally, the south-facing spots will be ideal if you grow them in containers.

What is the best time to plant heather?

Even though some heathers can grow in fall, spring is the best time to plant Mexican heather. Spring also offers more sunlight, a growing requirement crucial for the perennial. However, it may be different if you want to plant them in pots as they can grow between two seasons. Just make sure the ground has melted and the temperatures get warm.

Is Mexican heather invasive?

You may be surprised that Mexican heather is considered invasive in Hawaii due to its rapid spreading habit. It can massively and profusely self-seed. Therefore, it is better not to plant Mexican heather in an area where the seeds can spread quickly. In addition, Mexican heather lifespan is long, up to 30 years. It can be a problem if they become invasive. Hence, you can also remove the seedlings as soon as they appear.

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