25 Garden Entrance Ideas As If You Visit Heaven

Having a garden in your home will be lovely because you can see a stunning view everyday. Not to mention about the fragrance of the flowers if they bloom in spring. Ah, it will be the most beautiful day that you wish it never gone. To beautify and freshen your garden, although they are already beautiful, why not make it the best one, you can try to set the garden gate. These garden entrance ideas will surely give you another impression to do with your own garden.

If you think it is so complicated or difficult to do, to be honest, you can even reuse your old furniture as the gate to your amazing garden. Take a look at our garden entrance ideas. And make sure you are not confused because all of them are impressive and worth trying!

1. Olive gates and the flower shrubs above

garden entrance ideas
Source: Pinterest (@makingitlovely.com)

What a beauty garden entrance idea! It is like a gate to a fairy tale. Olive door complete with flower shrubs above the doors. Your home garden will turn into magical vibes that you only see on the TV recently. Don’t forget to trim the greens to make it look like a fence in front of the door.

2. Mini gate with flower pots

garden entrance ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Southern Living)

Your daughter will be happy if you create mini garden entrance ideas like this. White wooden gate, flower pot with colorful flowers inside that you can hang on the gate. It also prevents your kids from the house easily since you can set the keys on it.

3. A new view

garden entrance ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Old House Online)

An entrance gate to the wonderland, because your garden is too beautiful to skip the garden entrance idea like this. You can build a simple doorway using bricks material to invite guests to your hidden garden. The gate style like this is not always attracting the humans, but also the pets.

4. Trellis gate with flowers

garden entrance ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Ideal Home)

It is like a gate to heaven. Elegant, simple, and complete with the key. The grid fence creates a fresh ambience since the flowers can grow freely through the fence up to above the gate. Just like a flower crown gate entrance to the stunning home garden you have.

5. Bamboo gates with flowers around

garden entrance ideas
Source: Pinterest (@HGTV)

Simply rustic theme with the flowers around. You can create garden entrance ideas with the bamboo. Also, place the flowers like pansies or Bougainville around the bamboo gates to create a stunning hippie style. This idea is suitable for you who don’t like a complicated entrance that takes a long time.

6. Hippie bamboo

garden entrance ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Archzine.net)

Your small and flowery garden will be more beautiful with this garden entrance idea. Also, it is not only for the gates, but the fence too. You can build the fence and gates by using bamboo or combine the bamboo stairs for the simplest way. Then, you just combine two bamboo stairs and the shorter bamboo to create a garden gate like this.

7. Farm like gate

garden entrance ideas
Farm Like Gate

Before entering the beautiful lawn, you can have a garden entrance idea like this. This inspiration is pretty easy and simple as long as you already plant the beautiful flowers beside the gate. The height is not too high, so people can see how beautiful your lawn is before they enter it.

8. Reuse the old door

garden entrance ideas
Reuse The Old Door

Do you have an old door that you never use anymore and you don’t have time to throw it? Well, yes you don’t have to throw it because you can reuse the old door as the garden gate in your house. If you have a couple old doors, then you can use both as the gate entrance. This idea is not only to save your budget, but also reduce the waste. You can add some flowers on the doors to create a colorful view.

9. Chinese inspired gate

garden entrance ideas
Chinese Inspired Gate

A modern, sleek, and elegant, this is one of best garden entrance ideas. It is inspired by Chinese landscape design for the gate. The ring fence with evergreen shrubs above creates a fresh and amazing view even before you enter the gate. Of course it takes time and needs a lot of effort to do it, but still, it is worth trying if you want the garden to look best.

10. The High Five Eyes

garden entrance ideas
The High Five Eyes

Oh, such an edgy style as the entrance idea for your garden. We know it needs an extra effort to create a gate like this, but if you know who to ask or where to find the gate, then you just have to add the wooden eyes designed to stick on the gates. Or you can try another shape with a similar style like this one.

11. Japanese inspired gate

garden entrance ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Better Homes and Gardens)

Inspired by Japanese gate style or Torii, you can build a garden gate to beautify the entryway. If you look closer, it doesn’t need too much material, since mostly it is made of wood. What you need to do is select the best wood for your garden. While for the fence, you can check the fence based on your preference. It can be with the detailed or the plain one.

12. A double entrance

garden entrance ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Pam Everyday Living Blog)

It is like you go back to your hometown if you create this garden gate entrance. Country style with a touch of modern tone due to the bamboo is new and polished naturally. Then you shape it as if you create a front part of your house. Don’t forget to set the fence

13. Gate and the bird cages

garden entrance ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Maria do Céu Sousa)

Let’s try to attract the birds by setting up the bird cages like this above your garden entrance. You don’t need good or fancy bird cages, just small ones with various sizes and shapes, complete with the food for them. Then your garden will be more lively with the stunning colorful flowers and bird chirping while they are eating the foods you provide.

14. Shabby chic flower garden

garden entrance ideas
Source: Pinterest (@mycottagegarden)

A cute and lovely mini gate with a flower crown to welcome everyone who comes to your garden. You can choose white wooden gate and white rose for a match view of your garden gate idea. This is suitable if you hold the garden party since you don’t have to do much decorating anymore.

15. Reuse the bottles and old door

garden entrance ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Living Locurto)

Reveal your creativity by re-using bottles as the fence of your garden entrance. It is a gorgeous garden gate idea because you don’t have to buy new gates since you can use the old door too to make it more rustic and vintage. Guess your guests will be amazed even before they visit your garden. Also, using bottles like this will create a new lightshade and silhouette when the sun rises or sunset.

16. All about the green and the beautiful lamps

garden entrance ideas
Source: Pinterest (@GAP Gardens)

Feels like Tinkerbell is coming when you turn on the lamp at night along the entryway to your garden. All of the greens match the small lamp to create a romantic vibe every night. By having a garden gate like this, you don’t have to go outside for outdoor dinner with your spouse since your garden is more beautiful than the outdoor restaurant.

17. White wooden doors and two flower pots

garden entrance ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Lady Butterbug)

Actually this is simple but lovely to inspire you to have this garden gate idea for your yard. If you already set the fence, but still have no idea about the door, then you can reuse the old doors by repainting it as the gate to the beautiful view. Since the doors have no glass anymore, you can place the flower pots on it to give a sign for the visitor. And tada! The new gate is ready to welcome you.

18. Lovely mini garden gates

garden entrance ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Better Homes and Gardens)

A mini garden with a mini gate is a lovely combination to freshen and brighten your house. You can choose whether the theme color is white or any other lovely color, such as soft pink or mint. Don’t forget to hang the garden sign to make it more adorable. This area will be your kids’ favorite to play around.

19. Rustic wooden gates with baroque statues

garden entrance ideas
Source: Pinterest (@interiorarchive.photoshelter.com)

If you love something mysterious, a bit dark, then you can get this style for your garden gate. An old and vintage gate complete with two statues beside it. For this theme, it is enough to buy the old classic piece of statues, so the style can match instantly once you place them there.

20. Modern gates

garden entrance ideas
Modern Gates

The gate really leads you to the new place through its style and tone color. Although your garden is not that big, you can have this gate as the sign that you have a very stunning spot in your home as a healing area to reduce stress and anxiety. You can ask the expert to built the gate like this with some adjustments based on your preference as well.

21. Flowery stairs

garden entrance ideas
Flowery Stairs

If your garden is above your house, and you need to go upstairs first, then you can beautify the stairs with your favorite flowers. The stunning stairs are like a garden gate in your yard. You can choose whether you like roses, dahlia, or pansies. Moreover, you can smell the fragrance when you just go up to the home garden. Also, it can be the best spot to take a photo with your outfit of the day.

22. Modern minimalist gates

garden entrance ideas
Modern Minimalist Gates

Your small patio garden can have a gate by giving a space between the fence to go to the garden. It is suitable when the garden is actually located on your patio or beside your house. Also, if you have a café, this can be the inspiration or idea to have a garden gate between the indoor and outdoor garden vibes. A versatile inspiration you can get, right?

23. Palm Fiber entrance gate

garden entrance ideas
Palm Fiber Entrance Gate

It is a very versatile garden gate idea because creating a fence using palm fiber will avoid the snakes to come. Also, it creates a rustic and country style if you love your garden and has the same vibe as your hometown. Moreover, you don’t need to paint the fence since it is better with its natural color.

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24. Sculpted stone

garden entrance ideas
Sculpted Stone

Beautiful and one of a kind garden entrance you can have. Of course it needs extra effort to create a home garden gate like this one. This garden entrance idea is suitable for any theme of your garden. Even it is focused on the lawn, flowery, or big trees. You also can add some stones for the mini waterfall in front of the gate if you want.

25. Baroque style gate for mystical garden

garden entrance ideas
Source: Pinterest (@veniceclayartists.com)

Mysterious garden entrance ideas like this will turn a totally different vibes on your garden. It looks like a garden in Greece. Baroque style sculpture to welcome all the guests who come to your garden. Especially if your garden theme is like a mystical garden. A shady vibe can be felt instantly once you enter the garden.

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