25 Creative Ideas of Landscaping Above Ground Pool

Having a ground pool will make it interesting for everyone to have fun almost every weekend. Because swimming is one of the sports that has become a favorite for kids and grown ups. Also, you can have more fun by holding some pool parties, BBQ, chit chat, lunch or dinner together after swimming. It is very memorable to remember for sure.

Therefore, if you plan to build a swimming pool and want to decorate the area above the ground pool, here we recommend you top 25 ideas for landscaping above ground pool. You can have a classy one, minimalist, modern and intimate design that you are looking for. There is nothing wrong with the concept because everything is up to you and based on your preference. So, you better check it out now!

Wooden Deck Landscape

It is the most favorite landscape for people who build the swimming pool since the wooden deck is not only modern but easy to set. Also, the surface is not slippery even if your feet are wet after swimming. Take a look at our recommendation to install a wooden deck for your landscape above ground pool.

1. Minimalist Wooden Deck 

landscaping above ground pool ideas
Source: Pinterest (@icyviolets.com)

This is a very simple landscape design above ground pool. The design is dominated by wood and some pots on the corner, while the chair is also placed beside the pots. If you like a more green view and fresh to look at, you can add some more plants around the edge. But make sure the plants are not too close to the pool, since it will make the pool get dirty faster.

2. Fresh Mezzanine Deck

landscaping above ground pool ideas
Source: Pinterest (@HGTV)

This idea is more like an opened jacuzzi due to its shape. The landscape ground is like a mezzanine since it is only built less than a half of a pool. So, for the area where the deck is not built, you can plant the snake plants, bed plants, or juniper to create a fresh atmosphere there. Don’t forget to place the chair on the deck, so that you can lay down and relax for a while if you are not swimming.

3. Portable Pools Look Alike

landscaping above ground pool ideas
Source: Pinterest (@poolity.com)

At a glance, you will think that the pool is like a portable one, but it is not. Landscaping above ground pools like this is very amazing to look at. After building the deck, you can plant some palm trees around the pool areas, placing the chairs and big umbrella for you to get tanning during summer. You can choose dwarf palm because we understand that you don’t want the tree to grow into a gigantic one.

4. Clean Deck Landscape

landscaping above ground pool ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Decor Home Ideas)

Classy yet a favorite one of landscape ideas above the ground pool. The design is very clean but you still can sit on the chairs near the pool before or after swimming. Also, there are seating areas complete with a roof to make sure you can spend your leisure time with family or your guests without getting wet even if the rain falls. Setting the wooden fence will match with your deck as well. So, your kids will not run directly to the lawn with their wet feet then go back to the pool again.

5. Tropical Yet Modern Idea 

landscaping above ground pool ideas
Source: Pinterest (@We Heart It)

It is very calming with a minimalist concept of the landscape above ground pool. There are even coconut trees for a true tropical vibe, some palm trees and another green view to spoil your eyes.

Although the size is not that spacious, this swimming pool area can be your go-to-area for calming your mood and relaxing for a while after a hectic day. You can swim, relax, and sip some fresh juices or wine here. This concept is suitable for the villa or if you want to feel holiday every day, it can be applied in your house too.

6. Wooden Deck with Fence 

Wooden Deck with Fence 
Source: Pinterest (@donpedrobrooklyn.com)

This landscape idea can be done for a private party as well because the deck is made spacious and fully surrounded by the pool. There are some chairs to lay down and the designer provides a roof on another seating area to enjoy some food and beverages. The fence is set as well to let people know that there is a border between swimming areas and the lawn.

As for the place for BBQ, you can set it on the lawn, so the pool will be kept from the smoke and dirt. This wooden deck with a fence concept fits for a big family like yours.

7. Onsen Vibes Pool

landscaping above ground pool ideas
Source: Pinterest (@donpedrobrooklyn.com)

Feels like going to the Onsen in Japan to see pool landscaping which is very calming like this. There are rocks, and one of them can be an artificial waterfall to increase a zen vibe. The deck is made of wood material. It becomes a good spot for you to have a true relaxing moment. There is nothing matter except the zen moment between you and your mind while going to this pool. If you want, you can set the hot water inside to experience the real Onsen. 

8. Modern Minimalist Pool

Modern Minimalist Pool
Source: Pinterest (@tumblr.com)

This is suitable for the modern person who is looking for a minimalist concept and landscaping above ground pool. The landscape above the pool is really made for adults since the designer focuses on the deck and the furniture really close to the pool. Guess it won’t suit the kids because the items such as cushions and candles will be thrown away when the kids have fun underwater. Then after swimming, you can lay down on the chair or beanbag and sip a wine to enjoy the rest of the day. 

9. Private Pool

landscaping above ground pool ideas
Source: Pinterest (@L’Essenziale)

For the one who is looking for some privacy, this swimming pool landscape can be yours. The size is only for one or two people. The fence is made of glass or acrylic to add the clean vibes. The deck is made of wooden parquet. You can tell that it is not for everyone or for parties together because the space is limited and there is only one beanbag to lay down after swimming. 

10. Couple Pool

landscaping above ground pool ideas
Source: Pinterest (@swimspaplungepool.com.au)

Another intimate swimming pool area due to the space is limited but it can be a minimalist design as well. It is very suitable for a young couple or newly wed couple who are looking for some privacy and want to spend time together at the swimming pool. The lounge chairs can be provided between the pots. Don’t forget to set the lamp to increase a romantic vibe on it because the bamboo fence already sets the rustic vibe.  

11. Versatile Pool Area

Versatile Pool Area
Source: Pinterest (@donpedrobrooklyn.com)

It is a very versatile landscape design because above the ground pool, the designer set the swing too to enjoy leisure time longer and more fun. This place will be your kids’ favorite spot to have fun together during the weekend. Beautiful flowers are planted inside the wooden pots too.

If you look closer, all the material is made of wood, so the classic and country vibes can be felt instantly. One thing to remember, make sure the swing is only for relaxing, not for an extreme playing one since this concept is above the ground. 

12. Budget-friendly for Pool Parties

landscaping above ground pool ideas
Source: Pinterest (@MYMOVE)

Actually, this can be your on budget design above the ground pool because you just add some cushions around the pool areas. The deck is made of wooden material too. Also you can place some chairs and lounge chairs, complete with umbrellas.

This clean look will not be too much of a budget for you but still attractive to see. Still, you can invite your friends or colleagues to come because the minimalist concept like this usually is for adults. Don’t forget to add the floats for more fun. 

13. BBQ On The Pool Arena

BBQ On The Pool Arena
Source: Pinterest (@HGTV)

Let’s focus on the below pool areas because above the pool is only for swimming. This design is good for having fun such as pool parties without causing dirt on the pool area. So the pool water is always clean. Setting up a dining table on the first deck, lounge chairs, and small pit corner will complete the concept. Now, it is time to invite your friends to come in. 

14. Clean Wood Deck

landscaping above ground pool ideas
Clean Wood Deck

It is very simple because above the pool, there are only a couple of lounge chairs and umbrellas. The design of the swimming pool is only rectangular too. But, it doesn’t make this landscape less interesting because if you add some furniture or small pots, it becomes more attractive to see. Moreover, the green views are usually enough to get fresh air while you are also under fresh water. A complete one for healing on the weekend. 

15. Modern Wooden Deck Landscape

landscaping above ground pool ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Homes To Love AU)

Swimming pools with clean decks like this will fit for the area where the view is already supported for healing. For the landscape, you don’t have to add too many elements, because some chairs and lounge chairs will be enough for you to relax after swimming. The kids, surely, will have more fun since the fresh air and fresh water can be enjoyed at a time. 

Decorative Landscape Pool 

Having a decorative pool will always be a good idea. You can set your pool area into some Hawaiian vibes, country style like in your grandma’s house, or back to nature. Although some of the ideas seem simple, yet you cannot miss the details of material that should be used, such as bricks, concrete pavers, or bamboo. A decorative idea can be a modern one as well, so your house will turn into a modern villa that you can enjoy every single day. 

16. Hawaiian Vibe Pool Idea

Hawaiian Vibe Pool Idea
Source: Pinterest (@Brittany, Herself)

Can you feel the Hawaiian vibe only by placing the high stools, small table, and tropical umbrella like this one? It can be the best spot for you to enjoy summer holiday and recharge your energy after tiring weekdays. Imagine you can swim and enjoy a fresh beverage by sitting in the pool. Wishing that you can get a day like this more often.

You can build the pool and use a circle shape that looks like portable ground and decorate the fence using artificial rattan or bamboo for a Hawaiian vibe. Oh, it is time to sip the juice, we guess!

17. Back to Nature Landscape

landscaping above ground pool ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Houzz)

An excellent idea for landscaping above the ground pool because everything is made with detail. The rocks as the frame and mini waterfall. Placing the statue, lounge chairs, dining table with umbrellas, and the paver above the pool area. It is very natural to look at, just like having fun in a true waterfall. It is not only for the adults, but also for the kids. Moreover you can see the mini pool below the main one, and your kids can play in the water there. A top notch design!

18. Country Style Landscape

Country Style Landscape
Source: Pinterest (@howtogardendesign.com)

Perhaps you can do a DIY above the ground pool landscape by inspiring this one. The fence of the pool is made of bamboo. So, it feels more traditional once you get in. Then, you can place various rocks on the lawn, plant the palm and put some decorative ornament on the fence as well. It is very pretty and suitable for a minimal space. Moreover, it is private for you and your partner only. 

19. Grandma’s House Look

Grandma’s House Look
Source: Pinterest (@Decor Home Ideas)

A country style landscape idea for your swimming pool. Above the ground pool, you can plant zinnia and other drought tolerant flowers, chairs, and umbrellas. The deck is made of ordinary floor tile. This design can make you reminisce about the vibe of your grandma’s house. The kids cannot deny having fun in the water too since it feels so refreshing swimming near the blooming flowers. So it is pretty classic but still has a good spot for old people. 

20. Decorative Plants Around The Edge

Decorative Plants Around The Edge
Source: Pinterest (@Kelly Knickrehm)

Simple yet still fresh because you can have plants on the ground below the pool and some of the plants that grow inside the pots and place it between the chairs. The deck is not fully installed around the swimming pool area because the homeowner wants some green still to be seen. It is a top corner spot to relax and enjoy it comfortably because you can get a tan, swim, and do other fun things in one place. But, be careful for the kids to not jump right from the pool to the plants. 

21. A Modern Industrial Concept

A Modern Industrial Concept
Source: Pinterest (@L’Essenziale)

A very minimalist pool, complete with glass fence to avoid the kids coming in since the concept is only suitable for adults. The pool itself is small but still fits for two people. The designer focuses on placing the furniture below the pool to let the owner relax while chatting with their guests. The gray ceramic and concrete stairs will give you an industrial yet modern theme through this design.

22. Sharp Modern Villa Concept

landscaping above ground pool ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Plungie)

Talking about modern concepts but still on a budget landscape idea above ground pool, you can have this sharp and solid shape pool. It is like an infinity pool. Using some parts of your house on the second floor will create another sophisticated vibe. Also, it is a good spot to have a perfect tan here during summer. 

23. Modern Idea with Tropical and Decorative Plants 

landscaping above ground pool ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Clark Rubber)

It is so advanced, modern, and happening. The tropical concept and sophisticated look by choosing the drought tolerant plant around the pool. You also can see the chairs, umbrella and even the rocks as the waterfall. There is a stair as well to go down to the pool. You can plant the greens outside the decks to keep the deck clean. 

24. Trimmed Tree Along The Pool

Trimmed Tree Along The Pool
Source: Pinterest (@theDECKtool)

There is no element except the green one around the swimming pool. Guess the owner wants to see something fresh whenever they swim. The deck is set minimalist with chairs and a hammock. The trees are trimmed well so the look will always be neat. If there is no kid in your house, it is a good idea since it is budget friendly too because you don’t have to add some furniture anymore.

25. All white pool

landscaping above ground pool ideas
Source: Pinterest (@decordemon.blogspot.com)

Don’t you feel that holiday is calling only by seeing this modern concept pool above the ground? Feels like you can spend your time all day long here without getting bored. The pool is on the edge in order to create an infinity concept; some sofas and cushions are provided as well. The ceramic is all white to give a clean look. It is time to take a deep breath and forget your task for a while!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is best to put around an above ground pool?

You can put a walkway above the ground pool. It is done to keep your pool water clean and there is no dirt from your feet that go down to the pool once you get up after swimming and go back to the pool again. Setting up the pavers above will be a good idea!

Can you put pavers around above ground pool?

Of course you can put pavers around the above ground pool. You can put in the walkway and avoid the dirt falling down to the pool water. Also, it is the best material to put since it is sturdy and not that slippery. 

What is the best rock to put around an above ground pool?

You can have gravel to put around an above ground pool or other rocks such as river jacks. Just measure the space first and you can decide about the rock that you want to put around. If the space is spacious, placing the medium size will be fine. 

Should I put mulch around my pool?

Yes, you should put mulch around the pool because it can protect the plants from weed, sun and dry temperature. Putting mulch can help the garden soils around the pool stay in place. So, it will keep your pool water clean. 

How do I keep grass from growing around my above ground pool?

You can lay mulch in order to prevent the weeds and grass growing around 3 feet from your pool. Another option is you can use gravel or rocks to avoid dirt coming to the pool. Therefore, your pool area will always look neat and beautiful.

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