25 Modern Backyard Landscape Ideas For The Coziest Time

Having a front yard and beautifying it in order to make your neighbor see it is very common. But when we move to the backyard, when it is only us who enjoy the spot, then you should think creatively to take over the backyard. Best modern backyard landscape ideas from our recommendation can be your inspiration to create a super cozy spot for your weekend.

You can take a look at our recommendation and choose which one is the coziest yet modern backyard landscape based on your preference.

Guess you wish you had more than one house to remake the backyard after reading this. 

1. Cozy Backyard Landscape With Sofa 

modern backyard landscape ideas
Cozy Backyard Landscape With Sofa

When your backyard is spacious, you can turn your backyard into the coziest place at your house. A sofa, table, and you can plant many flowers in pots or on the ground. Mix it with small pines. This can be the great and modern backyard landscape for a family gathering on the weekend. 

2. Spacious Modern Backyard Landscape

modern backyard landscape ideas
Spacious Modern Backyard Landscape

Having a comfortable backyard, complete with a fence will give a pure privacy for you and family. Don’t forget to plant some bougainvillea or rose on the corner of your backyard to spoil your view once they bloom. Also, adding the big umbrella will be a good idea to create a shady spot when summer comes. 

3. Modern Wooden Pathways

modern backyard landscape ideas
Modern Wooden Pathways

Around your backyard, you can have one of the modern backyard landscape ideas around the deck. Juniper, rose or ixora will be the suitable plants that you can add to beautify your backyard. Don’t forget to throw the stones around the plants, so the water will absorb quickly when heavy rain is falling. It is like building a bridge with a wooden deck. 

4. Bricks And The Succulent

modern backyard landscape ideas
Bricks And The Succulent

Succulent and grass that are regularly being trimmed along the pavel, can be the best of modern backyard landscape ideas. If you want the view to be colorful, you can add the flowers, if not, then some greens will be enough. If there is more space, you can put the chair on the corner too. 

5. Palm And Snake Plants Landscape

modern backyard landscape ideas
Palm and Snake Plants Landscape

Stones, palm, grass and mother in law’s tongue can be your inspiration to get modern backyard landscape ideas. Also, the snake plant or mother in law’s tongue can produce more oxygen for you to get the fresh air right from your house. Moreover, all of the plants are low maintenance, so it is easy for you who are busy every day. 

6. Boho Chic And Modern Backyard

modern backyard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Welke.nl)

One of modern backyard landscape ideas that is suitable for you to gather with your family on the weekend. River stones around the backyard, sofa and lamp with rustic theme are what makes the view look cozy. You can spend your leisure time there especially at night when the lamps are on. 

7. Tropical Vibes Landscape

modern backyard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@trendey.com)

Give some tropical vibes but still in a modern way in your backyard. A fish pond and banana trees can be added for a green view. The automatic mini waterfall can be set too above the pond to give a vibe that you live in the forest. Also, it will be the favorite spot for you to do yoga since the atmosphere is very calming through the waterfall. 

8. Circling Bed Containers

modern backyard landscape ideas
Circling Bed Containers

You can build a seat and fireplace then set a bed container plants following the seaters. You can have lavender for a pleasant fragrance and use it as mosquito repellent too. If people usually welcome guests in the living room, you can do it in your backyard from now on. It is such the versatile modern backyard landscape ideas.

9. Backyard As Outdoors Dining Room

modern backyard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Next Luxury)

A wooden pathway and the bed container plants along the fence can be the modern backyard landscape idea. You can have the grass or succulent inside the bed container. And if you are bored to have dinner in the dining room, you can place the dining table set outside. Then, have a beautiful dinner experience in your backyard. 

10. Rattan set for the modern backyard corner

modern backyard landscape ideas
Rattan Set For The Modern Backyard Corner

No one can deny this modern backyard landscape idea. A set of rattan chairs and table, complete with cushions. You can plant various plants and flowers there as well. But, it will be better to plant it inside pots since you want to change the floor with the parquet and the lawn with the grass

11. River Stone Backyard Landscape

modern backyard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@blog)

The backyard landscape can be this modern even if there is no water on the pond. This artificial river can be filled with the river stone to help the water absorb to the soil quickly and avoid the soggy area in your backyard. This will be the best area for your kids to play around. 

12. Zen Time Backyard

modern backyard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Backyard Boss)

Let’s have a zen moment right in your backyard. If you have a spacious one, this can be the best idea to get the modern backyard landscape. All the pavel and floor are from the wood material. You can ask the expert to create a medium pond fish complete with the stone and granite as the corner. A mini waterfall can be added to increase the calming atmosphere. Simply place the chair for a true zen moment whenever you need it. 

13. Tropical Plants At Once

modern backyard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@nativeplantproject.com.au)

If you don’t have any idea how to create a modern backyard landscape, you can start planting various plants that are suitable for the backyard. For instance, snake plants, succulent, agave, and canna indica. Make sure the soil is moist and well drained before planting. By growing various plants, your backyard will become fresh and beautiful as well. 

14. Modern And Clear With Tropical Touch Backyard

modern backyard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@twitter.com)

The best thing about everything in white is a clear and more spacious effect. You can plant the grass in the backyard, complete with a pathway made of stone, wooden floor to place the chair and table for you to spend leisure time. To freshen the look with a tropical background, simply plant banana trees, palm and aglaonema around the fence. 

15. Pond Fish 

modern backyard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@fiverr.com)

The best alternative to have a fresh backyard that is versatile! You can plant your favorite plants such as palm, pandan leaves, aglaonema, canna indica, and many more inside pots. Then the rest of space can be done for pond fish. Don’t hesitate to set a mini waterfall as the filter of pond fish too. 

16. Modern Rustic Backyard

modern backyard landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Construccion y Manualidades)

This is what adults look for as the inspiration of modern backyard landscape. Hanging hammock for higher quality of me time, stone seats and fireplace that are made of stone as well. You can plant whatever greens you want on the corner. While on the ground, you can plant the grass to cover it. 

17. Minimalist Shady Backyard

modern backyard landscape ideas
Minimalist Shady Backyard

Although not that spacious, you still can have concrete bed containers in your backyard. Banana trees, caladium, and adenium can be planted there. Also, you can build a seater between bed containers for you to chill for a while, especially in the morning. Not the big seater, the seater/chair for two persons will be enough. 

18. Fresh greenish backyard

Fresh Greenish
Fresh Greenish Backyard

Wooden floors and wooden fences will be the best match for your backyard. If you want to add the chairs and table, it will be an excellent idea to create a modern backyard. Especially if you plan to grow big trees, the backyard will be the best shady spots from your house.

19. The O-Backyard 

The O-Backyard
Source: Pinterest (@moseplassen.no)

If your house concept is like an open space, then you can plant the trees and the others in various places. Whether it is inside pots, ground cover, or bed containers made of concrete. Then building the spot to relax in a round shape can be a great idea. So that you can relax by reading a book, sip a coffee, or just chill for a moment there with fresh air from the greens. 

20. A Pool Backyard

A Pool Backyard
Source: Pinterest (@jennloyd.com)

Having a modern backyard landscape like this is every people’s dream. A small pool, a set of chairs, granite pavel, and wooden floor around the pool will be the stunning view you can see everyday. For the plants, it will be enough to plant drought-tolerant plants such as agave or succulent. 

21. A Very Simple Backyard Landscape

A Very Simple Landscape
Source: Pinterest (@Aoife Murphy)

Cover the ground with grass, then you can plant various plants for your backyard. To make it more stunning, you can build bed containers along the fence. You can plant juniper and the others that have the same characteristic with that plant. It is not only a favorite for your kids, but also for your pets. 

22. Vertical Backyard Landscape

Vertical Landscape
Source: Pinterest (@Gardenista)

This can be the best modern backyard landscape idea, especially if you have almost no space for the backyard. You can use the fence to hang your favorite plants there. Then, even if it looks narrow and like an impossible one, you still can have a backyard landscape like this!

23. A Narrow Yet Simple Backyard

A Narrow Yet Simple
Source: Pinterest (@The Creativity Exchange)

A little space in the backyard doesn’t make you give up your plan about growing the plants. Because you still can manage to grow the plants right along the fence after the stone walkway. It will be pretty good to see if your window is big and the rain is falling because you can see the dew falls from the leaves. 

24. Open Backyard

Open Backyard
Source: Pinterest (@amymartinlandscape.com)

If your backyard is such an open type with no fence, there is no reason to not have a modern backyard landscape in your house. Lantana, ixora and other plants can be your options to be planted. If there is some space on the ground, you can cover the soil with the stones or just let it be. 

25. Fresh Corner Backyard Landscape

Fresh Corner Backyard Landscape
Source: Pinterest (@Shelterness)

Get an aglaonema, caladium or agave to plant in your backyard. Don’t forget the dining table and sofa including the cushion for a perfect private bbq time in your backyard. Also, you can place the lamp between the plants and trees to be turned on every night. So, it can add the romantic vibes from the back. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I make my backyard more modern?

You can use a concrete material or add metal furniture to increase the vibes of the modern theme in your backyard. Modern might be rigid for some people, yet you can do it easily once you know the rules.

The minimalist, clean, and more like formal look describes the modern backyard that you really wish for. 

How can I make my yard look nice?

Plant the greenies and flowers based on the size of your backyard. Do not over plant the greens so it makes your yard look too crowded and it is hard for you to maintain each plant. Also, you can decide the concept of your yard, whether it is modern, contemporary or just as simple as you want.

What makes a landscape modern?

By making the landscape from zero to something modern. Modern landscape can be seen by the material and the furniture that you use. Moreover, modern landscapes usually use a minimalist concept for the look.

Although sometimes, the price for furniture and the material needs a maximal budget. 

What is the difference between modern and contemporary landscapes?

Contemporary landscapes usually just add the furniture or the landscape by adding the material. It can be wooden, natural, or something that you can re-use. While modern one usually make it to the new one. Using the concrete and metal material.

Minimalist yet futuristic even if it is for the natural plants. 

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