25 Patio Paver Ideas To Complete Your House’s Look

Front yard or backyard paver will complete the look of your house. Even if you only choose for the simple patio design, by using pavers, your outdoor patio will look amazing. Designing a patio with pavers is also a terrific idea for you. Don’t ever think that it will cause you to have a high budget since you can choose the cheap or affordable for your budget.

Our recommendation of a cheap patio with pavers will bring you another perspective that having a stunning patio does not always need a high budget. We give you the best budget friendly that you can adjust for your patio design here! Let’s take a look. 

Circular Shape Pavers

An o-shape or circle shape somehow becomes the favorite one if you are looking for something different yet eye-catching for your patio floor. Therefore, choosing the circle shape for your patio paver is not a mistake. You can have the textured one, the white one, or the concrete one based on your budget. 

1. Circle Shape Pavers

cheap patio paver ideas
Source: Pinterest (@The Cards We Drew)

Trying something different is not that difficult especially for having a cheap patio view that is still with pavers on it. You can try installing circle shape pavers like this. There are various sizes of pavers with the same shape. Above the pavers, you can place the medium pots, chair, or the pavers becomes the pathway in your patio. Throwing small stones in between the pavers will be a good idea too!

2. Textured Circle Pavers

cheap patio paver ideas
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

This paver patio idea is not only affordable but also brilliant! It is made of stone but you can do it yourself on this paver patio by creating a circular shape in various sizes and filling it with small stones. It is not only creative but also functional as the pathways in your patio. Also, you don’t have to worry if your kids will slip since this rock is not that slippery.

Square and Rectangular Shape Pavers

This becomes the easiest shape to install as the pavers for your patio. Yes, because the shape is solid, easy to measure, and if you want, you can cut based on the size and shape. Most people often use square and rectangular shapes for their patio pavers. And it never goes out of style, actually. 

3. Square Pavers Below The Swings

cheap patio paver ideas
Source: Pinterest (@A Classy Fashionista)

Installing the swings is always an excellent idea, especially if you like to enjoy the leisure time there during the weekend. Then, you can set the patio floor below the swing with pavers. You don’t have to choose the expensive one, because the cheap pavers are able to beautify your house too! Combine it with white small stone to create a new accent and give a different texture when you do barefoot on it. 

4. Antique Patio Pavers Ideas 

cheap patio paver ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Sarafina Planer Schwartz)

When other people try to make a modern patio, there is nothing wrong if you choose something antique for your house. You can install square antique pavers which are more affordable and combine it with the smaller one besides using small stone. Perhaps it is not that modern as people assume, but it is still functional and works well for you.

5. Patio Pavers For The Plants

cheap patio paver ideas
Source: Pinterest (@parisapartment.wordpress.com)

It might be a simple patio paver that you can install like a chess board. Installing the simple pavers for the patio by turns, you can fill the blank space by planting the small plants. It will give a fresh vibe and will press your budget for buying the pavers since you just need about a half of your real patio space.

6. Wood Patio Pavers

cheap patio paver ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Lovely Imperfection)

Having wood pavers for the patio is a good choice. Just make sure there is a canopy to protect the pavers from getting wet, especially when the heavy rain falls. You don’t have to combine it with the gravel if you don’t like it, because wood pavers can withstand the bricks too. Or, if you want to, you can set the base first before setting the wood pavers.

7. Square Medium Patio Pavers 

Square Medium Patio Pavers
Source: Pinterest (@Apartment Therapy)

This patio design is very suitable for those who have small space. You can choose medium square  pavers to be installed in your front patio. Set it with gravel and place some small pots to beautify the look. Oh, you can add a couple of chairs as well for you to enjoy the day. This simple design is very easy to install as well. So, you don’t have to take extra time only to get this look for your house. 

8. White Patio Pavers

cheap patio paver ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Jeff & Cathy)

This can be the best layout for your patio, although it might seem simple, but through simplicity you can see the real modern vibe. You can fill the sparse with gravel and concrete white pavers to freshen the look of your backyard patio. The color of pavers has an important role to give a different vibe for your house. 

9. Backyard Patio Pavers

cheap patio paver ideas
Backyard Patio Pavers

It is such a classy and amazing backyard with patio pavers. Yes, the patio pavers are using concrete material as the floor. Then, you can set the furniture on it to relax together with your family during the weekend or holiday. Also, you can set the roof like this one to create a perfect shade for the patio.

10. Square and Triangle Paver Patio

Square and Triangle Paver Patio
Source: Pinterest (@trendey.com)

When you think that you need two shapes to buy the pavers, actually, you just need to buy only one shape for the patio paver! Then you can cut it into two pieces to do the design like this. Small gravel or sand under the paver has to be installed first in order to make good drainage. It can function as pathways as well. Such a great idea, right?

11. Gray Square Concrete Paver

cheap patio paver ideas
Gray Square Concrete Paver

This design is very modern and beautiful to look at. Then, look closer at the paver patio, its simplicity doesn’t make the view less stunning. However, the paver only uses the concrete one with natural color and square shape. It depends on the layout for sure, but you can see that the simple patio paver can be a supportive medium to complete the look.

12. Simple Square Paver For The Patio

cheap patio paver ideas
Simple Square Paver For The Patio

Of course it is a budget-friendly patio because it is very simple yet still can be used well. Square concrete paver is still the favorite one since it is the easiest to install and there is no extra effort to set it. Loose gravel under the paver will help the water absorb quickly as it can be good drainage for your patio.

13. Various Sizes Concrete Pavers

cheap patio paver ideas
Various Sizes Concrete Pavers

This concrete patio paver will be your favorite since it is budget-friendly and creates a clean look for your house. Also, you don’t need extra effort since installing the patio like this is using the conventional method. Another material option for this one, you can choose the bricks as well to give an old school look for your house. There is nothing wrong with a classy look. So, this simple design will be your best option for the patio.

14. Rectangular Concrete Pavers

Rectangular Concrete Pavers
Source: Pinterest (@Houzz)

A bit bored of square patio pavers, then for the outdoor seating, you can select a rectangular shape. It creates different accents and vibes but is still easy to install. The way you install it can be done by turns. It is really suitable for shady areas like this. Then you can lay down and relax for a while. Also, concrete pavers are sturdy as well, you don’t have to worry about its strength.

15. Square Pathways Paver

Square Pathways Paver
Source: Pinterest (@Hometalk.com)

Simple and classic design for your patio. Although the space is limited, you can still have a great layout and pavers. A square pavers with soil material can be chosen for your house. Installing the pavers with this design will create a good spot for the patio as well. 

Irregular Shape Patio Pavers

The reason people like to choose the irregular shape is because they can unleash their creativity when installing the pavers. You can make it into the pathways, the edge, the floor of the patio, and many more. Irregular shapes don’t always come in natural colors, there are various colors too for you to beautify your house. Let’s check it out!

16. Irregular Shape Pavers 

Irregular Shape Pavers
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Irregular shape of the pavers doesn’t make your house look bad. Instead, it will give a classy vibes through the various irregular shapes of the pavers you installed for the patio. It can be the medium to distinguish between the lawn and the patio in your house. Also, the irregular one is cheaper than the shape one and you don’t have to think too much when installing as long as you fill the space with it, then it is enough. 

17. Big Irregular Pavers and The Small Square

Big Irregular Pavers and The Small Square
Source: Pinterest (@Civil Engineering Discoveries)

Installing irregular shapes of the pavers is like playing a puzzle. You have to adjust each shape to fill the space of your patio. For the edges, you can set the small bricks or small pavers with square shape in order to create a symmetrical border. Choose the natural color of pavers in order to have a cheap one. 

18. Stone and Irregular Pavers 

Stone and Irregular Pavers
Source: Pinterest (@LTFloge)

Since your patio is small, you can create the patio along with the pathways using pavers, river rocks and the big rocks as the edges. It helps you to let the raining water absorb faster, so that your patio will not get wet for a long time. It is like using one big paver for the patio that you can use and find easily by cracking them into some pieces.

19. Concrete Pavers With Irregular Shape

Concrete Pavers With Irregular Shape
Source: Pinterest (@The Spruce)

For your backyard paver, this idea is something you can get for your own house. Just set the pavers in your backyard together with small stones. Also, you can plant some small flowers between the rocks and pavers. So it means, you don’t have to stick the pavers too hard, because you want to let the flowers grow beautifully filling your backyard. 

20. Big Concrete Pavers

Big Concrete Pavers
Source: Pinterest (@Contemporist)

Having a patio that can function as a pathway is a win-win solution and budget-friendly too for you. Concrete pavers are inexpensive pavers for your patio. Also, it is a great option for you who want something simple yet useful. You can set it with gravel if you like, then adjust your favorite plants as the borderline of your patio. A fresh and affordable patio pavers you can have easily is here!

21. Pavers for The Firecorner

cheap patio paver ideas
Source: Pinterest (@eHow)

Want to beautify your fireplace? Well, having a fireplace usually will give a country vibe. Therefore, you can install a paver patio with irregular shapes like this. It is, of course, budget friendly because concrete material is the least inexpensive one. So, after you install the paver, you can place your favorite chair to warm your body in front of the fireplace. Can you feel the warm atmosphere already?

22. Outdoor Seating Patio

Outdoor Seating Patio
Source: Pinterest (@Sara Suchoza)

To add outdoor seating in front of your house, you can install the paver first for your outdoor patio. If you are still confused about the material for the outdoor seating area, you can use concrete. It will be the best since it is affordable and easy to install, but sturdy too. Moreover, you can add the pathways using the same material as well, so you don’t have to step on the soil or cause damage to your plants. It is like you build a mini size of a seating park privately.

23. Loose Gravel and Irregular Shape Pavers

cheap patio paver ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Design Milk)

Loose gravel will be your best option if you also grow drought-tolerant plants in your backyard. Because gravel will help the water to absorb easily to the soil, so your yard will always look dry. Above the loose gravel, you can also add the irregular concrete paver patio as the pathways. No need to create such a shape since the layout for the yard as well is already stunning. Feel the tropical vibe through this patio idea only for you.

24. Wooden Like Irregular Paver

cheap patio paver ideas
Wooden Like Irregular Paver

For the backyard patio, this one is very pretty and suitable if you have enough space. For the paver, you can use the irregular shape of this one and choose the big size. So you don’t have to buy many pavers to install. Then for the color, you can have the wooden color like this to add the country style vibe.

25. Big Concrete Paver As The Pathway

cheap patio paver ideas
Big Concrete Paver As The Pathway

If your front yard is already designed for the small pond and lawn, you still can fill the sparse with paver material for the patio. The big size of this concrete can be chosen based on the space that you need.So, it doesn’t take much time to set it. Also, you can install the paver as the pathways to the pond and lawn in front of your house. A great solution for an amazing look of your house, isn’t it?

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you make a cheap patio with pavers?

By choosing the affordable material for the pavers. Then, you can do it yourself in order to cut the budget. Moreover, don’t forget to prepare for the gravel to create a good drainage under the patio paver. It can be done by yourself as long as you know the steps to do it. 

What is the least expensive patio material?

You can choose concrete material since it is the least expensive patio material. Moreover, if you install and maintain it properly, you can have the most durable material that is similar to bricks. Moreover, you can create a shape for any kind of patio design based on your preference. 

What is the easiest patio to install?

The square shape will be the easiest patio to install, even for a do it yourself patio. The design is solid, easy to measure, and there are no curves that you need to cut. You just need to adjust the size before buying the pavers, then install it easily with gravel. 

What can I use instead of a paver patio?

You can use mosaic tile if you have more budget for the unique and modern way to pave your patio. Loose gravel will be a good option too, you just have to create a shape to make it look stunning. But usually, using different materials will cause different budgets that you will spend as well. 

How do you install pavers without gravel?

If you use concrete as the paver material, then you can install it without gravel. For instance you can make a paste that is made up of water and cement. Also, you can use crushed sand or even shells. It is up to you. 

What happens if you don’t put gravel under pavers?

It can cause damaging erosion because there is no medium to absorb the water. It means the drainage system is not good and it makes the water roll back on it. Therefore, you have to put in the material under the paver that can absorb the water quickly well. 

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