25 Indoor Plant Wall Ideas For Everlasting Greenery

Indoor plant wall ideas may be the best fit for those who want to adorn their narrow space with greenery. They create not only stunning views indoors but also provide extra fresh oxygen. And somehow, the green wall also infuses the spot with positive energy. No wonder people are willing to put extra effort into making it.

Suppose you are interested in creating one in your home. In that case, you better check out our collection of indoor plant wall ideas below. We have three options: you can get inspired by the potted plant wall decor, the tropical green wall boards, and the succulent plant wall layouts. Each of them is unique and will beautifully decorate your empty wall. What are you waiting for? Let’s find yours!

Potted Plants Wall Decor

For those with limited wall space, potted plants are the right pick to adorn the void walls. They are simple, neat, and generally low-maintenance. In addition, you can grow trailing plants or display air plants with lush green foliage without being worried about the mold walls. Interested? Check them out!

1. Small Potted Vines

indoor plant wall ideas
Source: Pinterest (@iproperty.com.my)

Thanks to this design, you can bring the dangling leaves of vines to your room as wall decors. They grow beautifully in the small pots supported by the square hanging planters. To make a different layer, try to plant diverse vines in various sizes of containers. Then, add tiny lamps to the ceiling whose light will shine on the plants, sparking a dramatic effect at night.

2. Fresh Wall Decor

indoor plant wall ideas
Source: Pinterest (@ECOVIBE)

Wanna try to decorate your room but only have a narrow space in the corner of your window? No worries! The area will be perfect for potted plant wall ideas. You can grow green plants in the hanging planters, then mount them as wall decor. In addition, make the arrangement of the plants alternating between textures to create a distinctive appeal. Some climbing plants seem to be interesting to grow among other greenery.

3. Staghorn Ferns Pegboard

indoor plant wall ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Home Hacks)

Do you have used pegboards in your garage? Turn it into a fern wall arrangement! It is easy and, of course, affordable. Clean the board and prepare all materials, such as staghorn ferns, hardware, and twine. You can also try to grow other ferns, like the maidenhair fern with dangling leaves to add different layers. Then, mount it on the wall in your living room or balcony. It will spark tropical vibes wherever it resides.

4. Boho Wall Design

indoor plant wall ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Felicia Ryder)

It may look similar to the other wall plants. But, take a little bit closer. This boho wall design combines various types of plants with different textures. You can see succulents shaped like roses as flower accents, while the palm leaves and ferns add a tropical touch to the arrangement. Moreover, the dangling vines complete the boho style, making it more captivating.

5. Vertical Garden

indoor plant wall ideas
Source: Pinterest (@indiamart.com)

Have you ever wondered about creating a vertical garden with a closed metal frame? This idea is just a mind-blowing one! By utilizing a blank spot on the wall, you can grow your favorite herbs and freshly pick them as you wish. Besides supporting the planters, the frame makes this arrangement look clean and neat. So, you don’t have to worry about a messy room. Also, the combination of green leaves and black metal makes a gorgeous wall decor.

6. Entryway Wall Planter

indoor plant wall ideas
Source: Pinterest (@west elm)

Adorning your entryway with wall planters can be one way to impress your guests. It is not complicated. Just grow plants with diverse textures and varieties on the mini white pots. Then, arrange them in such a way so that similar plants are not in one row. Instead, they can blend in with other green plants to create a unique look. The potted monstera sitting on the chair is optional to elevate the fresh vibe.

7. DIY Herb Vertical Garden

indoor plant wall ideas
Source: Pinterest (@thegreenhead.com)

Thinking of growing your herbs on your own? Well, let’s just make it happen! You can try this DIY herb vertical garden that will not take up your space but allows you to plant your favorite herbs. First thing, find the spot with bright indirect light. Then, mount a wire on the wall. Next, plant your herbs in the small containers and attach them to the wire. To make the arrangement a wall decor, grow different herbs with various textures.

8. Geometric Glass Planter

indoor plant wall ideas
Source: Pinterest (@blog.theapollobox.com)

This arrangement looks hydroponic, considering there is no soil included. However, this makes it unique compared to other similar wall plants. The selection of clear glass with a square shape as a planter is a brilliant idea because it provides its own aesthetic value, allowing you to see through the fantastic roots. Especially if mounted on the white wall, the green leaves look striking.

9. Thick Wall Vines

indoor plant wall ideas
Source: Pinterest (@WedMeGood)

Vines are ideal for those who want to bring the tropical atmosphere to their indoor areas. They grow thick with dangling foliage, adorned with tiny blooms that make them look stunning. To create an attractive layout, you can arrange different grape varieties. Thus, the flowers will look in contrast with each other. Another exciting thing is the woven planter that can be easily removed if you want to move this decoration to another room.

10. Staircase Wall Container Garden

indoor plant wall ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Balcony Garden Web)

Take advantage of the remaining space beside your stairs by making a container garden! You can turn the blank space into a mini tropical forest with tropical plants, such as ferns, Calathea, hoya, and vines. Plant them in small terracotta pots, then place them on black wires to support the planters. Apart from being a place to plant these plants, the color of the terracotta containers highlights the natural impression that represents the soil.

11. Hanging Planters On The Stairs

indoor plant wall ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Balcony Garden Web)

If you don’t have side space for the stairs like the previous one, you can still adorn the wall side along the way. Considering the small area, you can try planting vines in four pots. Thus, even though there are only four pots, it is enough to decorate and emphasize the greenery accents on the entire wall, thanks to their dangling foliage. Add potted Calathea plants and place them under hanging pots in case you want to try to spice up the layout.

12. Orchid Walls

indoor plant wall ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Frances LaVigne)

Calling orchid lovers to make this enchanting orchid wall design! It looks simple yet holds all your potted orchids at once. You simply install two large wooden wires and four mini wires in the middle. Then, hang your orchids planted in the terracotta on each wire. Given the size, make sure the small planters are hanging on the mini wires to balance the combination. Plus, you can add the macrame planters to make a different layer.

Stunning Plant Wall Board Designs

Bring tropical vibes to your indoor areas with these stunning plant wallboard designs! Most of them represent dense green that resembles rainforest scenery. Not to mention the tropical plant choices that tune in the atmosphere even more. Wanna make one? Find one that suits your taste here!

13. Indoor Living Room Wall Forest

indoor plant wall ideas
Source: Pinterest (@All Green)

Wanna build a vertical garden with a jungle vibe? Try this one! It has an amazing combination of vines, ferns, and other tropical plants that blend in to create captivating indoor greenery. Moreover, the wooden chair with an artistic head completes this natural arrangement. You can place a set of chairs and a table to enjoy this scenery with your family and friends! We assure you that this will be your favorite spot to welcome your guests.

14. Urban Wall Art

Urban Wall Art
Source: Pinterest (@Glo)

With this urban wall art, you don’t need anything else to decorate the void space on your wall. The mix of dense plants with red, green, lime-green, and yellow foliage looks fantastic against the wooden wall. They are indeed introducing a tropical touch indoors. You can hang this arrangement facing the front door and add a set of tables and chairs nearby. Thus, you can invite your guests to chat in this area while pampering them with the fresh greenery you offer.

15. Wooden Planks With Ferns

Wooden Planks With Ferns
Source: Pinterest (@Tip or Skip)

Sometimes, simplicity makes the best fit for your wall decor. Hence, we recommend this fern wall design to bring nature indoors. The wooden boards represent the trees in the forests, which are the natural habitat of ferns. Meanwhile, the dense fern foliage adds indoor greenery and provides textures to your walls. But don’t worry! Even though they grow thick, they won’t overwhelm the minimalist theme of your living room.

16. Moss Wall Decor

indoor plant wall ideas
Source: Pinterest (@goodearthplants.com)

Growing moss is a great choice for indoor plant wall ideas as they can grow in various light conditions and have a slow growth rate. Thus, you will not be bothered with pruning. Choose moss with multiple colors to create a vibrant landscape on your wall. In addition, grow staghorn ferns and succulents to provide textures on the flat background. Install this decor in a wall area exposed to indirect light so your plants live healthily.

17. Bathroom Moss Design

Bathroom Moss Design
Source: Pinterest (@The Spruce)

Still about moss, this time, we include a more straightforward design that will make you feel like you are soaking in the middle of a tropical rainforest. The moss is planted on a blank wall next to your bathtub to provide a green background while bathing. Some other tropical plants, such as ferns, are also grown in some areas of the wall to make it look more natural. You may consider adding artificial orchids amid greenery if you want a floral touch.

18. Tropical Shade Garden

Tropical Shade Garden
Source: Pinterest (@dangergarden.blogspot.com)

Staghorn ferns and moss are indeed a stunning combo to make a tropical garden. The long, dangling, feathery, fan-shaped leaves of the ferns offer bold statements, while the mosses offer flat, green land. They also depict forest floors that look as real as the original. You can try to add other tropical plants or ferns to enhance the tropical vibes. Choose the black board or wooden board to keep this arrangement looking natural.

19. Lush Green Wall Garden

Lush Green Wall Garden
Source: Pinterest (@IKEA UK)

It is a bold definition of a solid green and dense indoor garden. Several types of ferns, like hay-scented and ostrich ferns and calatheas are adorning this layout. Not to mention some other tropical plants that elevate the atmosphere. You can also see the ornamental vines or grasses with dangling leaves, making it more like an indoor tropical forest bursting from a tiny window. What an exciting piece!

20. Modern Plant Wall Idea

indoor plant wall ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Balcony Garden Web)

Go beyond the mainstream with this modern plant wall idea! Instead of hanging planters, it makes geometrical shapes boards with wood as a neat, clean, and of course, attractive planting area. Not only rectangular or square shapes, but you can also try triangle or parallelogram shapes to give a different atmosphere to your indoor space. Then, mix tropical plants with other leaf structures and shapes to offer layer variations in this layout.

21. Circle Board Lavish Foliage

Circle Board Lavish Foliage
Source: Pinterest (@Designer Plants® Australia)

Besides the previous one, you can also try this circle board arrangement. It is even more simple than the last geometrical shapes but no less interesting. The combination of the stripes pattern of the wall and the reflection of warm light from the lights on the ceiling offers a luxurious impression. Whether you want to plant green plants or succulents with bright colors, this design will successfully liven up the atmosphere of your home.

Succulent Plant Wall Layouts

Those who don’t want to make their plate full may find these layouts a gem! They are attractive with minimalist designs. You only need to be more playful with the succulent varieties and the planters. Dare to try? Let’s jump in!

22. Creative Succulent Planters

indoor plant wall ideas
Source: Pinterest (@buyinchinese.com)

Not only can you channel your creativity through arranging the wall design, but also choosing the colorful planters! They enliven the beauty of succulents with transparent glass that allows you to make stunning layers of soil and gravel. In addition, the color of the pots is in tune with the gray wall background, not too flashy. In addition, the succulents themselves also offer captivating textures, colors, and layers.

23. Vibrant Succulent Wall

Vibrant Succulent Wall
Source: Pinterest (@squaredrootlandscaping.com)

Suppose you want to create a vibrant succulent wall without using color paint. In that case, you can arrange a variety of succulents on one board instead. Although crowded, this design does not make the eyes dizzy. In fact, it will become a focal point in your indoor area. The combination of rose-like succulents, stonecrop, and several other types of succulents offers a wide array of colors and textures to the surrounding area. This arrangement also seems to combine a tropical atmosphere with a beautiful desert.

24. Wall Art Succulent Decor

Wall Art Succulent Decor
Source: Pinterest (@Balcony Garden Web)

Indoor plants wall ideas this time raised modern and artistic concepts. It can be seen from the selection of the hexagonal planter, with a luxurious white and gold color combination. Then, the planted succulents are united as if to create a mini realm in the pot, with dangling parts that add aesthetic value to the layout. Additionally, you can place a mini terrarium near this wall art to juice up the space.

25. Wooden Succulent Shelves

Wooden Succulent Shelves
Source: Pinterest (@Design Universe)

Tired of the same old planters but don’t have time to design fancy ones? Well, it doesn’t matter! With this planter, you can create indoor plant wall ideas simply and easily. You simply provide a long wooden planter, then plant a succulent in it. Of course, you need to consider the varieties of succulents which are cool because they will be the star of this wall design. Install this wall decor in the living or dining room to amaze your guests.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you build an indoor wall of plants?

Creating an indoor plant wall seems fun! However, you must know how to build it properly to make the plants thrive. Here, we have some tips to help you create one:

  1. Choose the right spot. The spot is important, especially if you are trying to make an indoor plant wall with living plants. It will affect the light level, which every plant requires a different intensity. But generally, houseplants for indoor plants favor bright indirect sunlight to survive. Hence, choose the north-facing wall that allows them to absorb the required sunlight without being harmful.
  2. Design a plant wall system. It is crucial for living plant walls because they need water to thrive and moisten their soil. However, sometimes the water can cause another issue: growing the molds. We recommend choosing materials that are water-resistant, like plastic, to make the system to prevent the mold problem. You can still use wooden planks, but it takes extra effort to care for them.
  3. Pick your plants. You can grow plants you want. But remember, choose those who have similar or the same growing conditions. In addition, do not grow those with deep root systems since you will use boards or pots to make an indoor plant wall, which only offers shallow spaces. Ferns, philodendron, moss, succulents, and dracaena can be your great choices for a stunning living plant wall.
  4. Maintenance. After building your indoor plant wall, you need to keep it in shape. You can install an automatic water system to ease the job. Even though it may be expensive, it will be worth the cost!

Is it good to make a living plant wall on your house?

Making a living plant wall indoors is a brilliant idea for those who want to bring nature into their home. These plants will not only serve as wall decor but also provide you with fresh oxygen every day. In addition, they offer greenery that draws the eyes and somehow spreads positive vibes just by looking at the arrangement.

What plants do well on the wall?

You can choose moss or ferns if you are looking for plants to make an indoor DIY plant wall. They thrive in the shade and thus are perfect for an indoor wall garden. Besides, they do not need extensive maintenance as long as you provide the preferred growing conditions: bright indirect light and a moist planting area.

Moreover, choose the north-facing wall to meet their light intensity requirement. As for the humidity, you may try planting them on the wooden board and installing an automatic water system to ensure a moist area.

How do you water an indoor living wall?

Green wall irrigation is an ideal choice to water indoor living walls. The principle of this irrigation is that the water will be pumped from the bottom to the top, flowing from plant to plant and then back down. This system allows the water to recapture and recirculate throughout the wall, ensuring your plants are thoroughly and evenly watered daily. It also provides a moist area that most plants need to thrive.

How do I choose a living wall plant?

Not all plants can make great indoor plant walls. Only those less than 50 cm tall will be suitable to grow on the wall. Moreover, the slow-growing plants are better as they won’t get you in trouble with continuous pruning. In addition, choose plants with different textures, colors, and shapes to create a stunning layer. We recommend ferns, succulents, cacti, and grape ivy.

How do you make an indoor moss wall live?

Moss is a perfect choice to make a gorgeous wall decor as it only requires little to no maintenance. It is a slow-growing plant that needs no frequent watering, thrives in low-light, and tolerates sun exposure. Just make sure you provide such growing conditions to keep them alive. In addition, it does not need pruning! Well, you may need it, but wait 5-10 years for it to grow.

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