10 Best Outdoor Potted Plants for North Carolina Patio

Some people love to collect the plants inside the pots in their patio. Because planting them in pots will let the gardeners arrange the plants easier than before. You just need to shift the potted plants in order to let them get the full sun from the partial shade or vice versa.

Also, you can protect the plants from the frost faster. Best outdoor potted plants for North Carolina patio can be your inspiration to add the accent for your patio or small garden.

Here, you can choose the best suited outdoor potted plants for your yard without any confusion. All is easy to find in North Carolina, requires not too much maintenance, and is beautiful as always.

Best Outdoor Potted Plants for North Carolina

North Carolina’s diverse climate demands equally versatile outdoor potted plants that thrive in its embrace. From the misty Appalachian trails to the sun-kissed Outer Banks, discover plants tailor-made for the Tar Heel State.

Let’s embark on a journey to find the perfect potted companions that not only survive but flourish in North Carolina’s unique outdoors.

1. Shasta Daisies (Leucanthemum × Superbum)

best outdoor potted plants for north carolina
Shasta Daisies (Leucanthemum × Superbum)

You can have this beauty inside the container in your yard or patio. Shasta daisy is perhaps an old fashioned cutting flower, but it still has a spot for plant lovers in North Carolina.

This flower loves full sun to partial shade. Planting using dry to well drained soil will be the most favorite for the plant. During spring to summer, you can see it blooming beautifully. So, if you want to create container gardens, then you can include this outdoor potted plants for North Carolina too.

2. Purple Coneflower (Echinacea)

best outdoor potted plants for north carolina
Purple Coneflower (Echinacea)

This perennial will freshen the look of your garden bed during summer and fall. Echinacea or purple cone flower can be a potted plant as long as you use clay, loamy, sand or shallow rocky soil with high organic matter.

Also, this one is a native plant to North Carolina, so no need to adapt the plant to its habitat anymore.

3. Angelonia

best outdoor potted plants for north carolina

Choosing Angelonia to be planted inside the pot for your container gardening will be a great idea. It is not only beautiful, but also low maintenance for those of you who are busy, but still wanting to plant.

The spike flowers will bloom during summer. So you can already imagine how fresh and bright your summer will be. Simply placing it under the full sun with a good drainage pot, then you will have a beautiful garden center.

4. Mandevilla

best outdoor potted plants for north carolina

The best way to plant Mandevilla outdoors is using a container or pot. This plant is a cold sensitive since its blooming time is summer. The tubular showy flowers will attract butterflies to come by as well.

Creating a container garden by planting Mandevilla is a great one. You can use a good drainage soil and place it under the full sun and partial shade location.

5. Persian Shields (Strobilanthes Dyerianus)

best outdoor potted plants for north carolina
Persian Shields (Strobilanthes Dyerianus)

Having a stunning foliage plant will add a new accent in your container garden. Persien shields have a vibrant color. It has various colors for you to choose. There are silver, green, lavender or bicolor on the leaves, purple-green.

This plant is easy to grow and can be a shade between your plant collections too. High organic matter soil with good drainage holes will make Persien shield happy. Do not forget to place it under dappled sunlight or partial shade for the best color ever.

6. SunPatiens

best outdoor potted plants for north carolina

These pink flowers are ready to spoil your view although they are planted inside the container or large pots. SunPatiens is impatient to grow because it is a fast growing plant.

They will be happy if you place them under the full sun or full shade. If you live in the city, it is highly tolerant from urban pollution too. Guess, it is worth it as outdoor potted plants for North Carolina.

7. Coral Bells (Heuchera Spp.)

Coral Bells (Heuchera Spp.)
Coral Bells (Heuchera Spp.)

Coral Bells will give a different vibe for your garden as the plants grow. The colors are bold, vivid, and beautiful to look at. Place it under the dappled sunlight, full sun or light shade.

Moist soil with high organic matter can be the best to plant. Adding an accent to your container garden with Coral Bells is a good idea.

8. Needle Palm (Rhapidophyllum Hystrix)

Needle Palm (Rhapidophyllum Hystrix)
Needle Palm (Rhapidophyllum Hystrix)

Having a dwarf palm in North Carolina will add a green view and fresh vibe. Planting a palm inside the pot is not that difficult.

Do not worry if you think you have to trim it regularly since it is a slow growing plant. You can place it under the full sun or light shade while the soil drainage should be good too.

9. Blanket Flowers (Gaillardia)

Blanket Flowers (Gaillardia)
Blanket Flowers (Gaillardia)

This is a legendary flower in North Carolina. The history of this flower is about the connection between man and flowers, that relates to a broken heart. This can be considered as year-round flowers since it blooms from April to late fall.

Simply place it inside any type of soil garden under the full sun. Blanket flowers are highly tolerant of drought and salt. Hence you can find it easily along the beach or sand dunes.

10. Geraniums

best outdoor potted plants for north carolina

The versatile and stunning outdoor potted plant comes with geraniums. You can have it inside the pot using well drained soil with a slightly acidic one.

Do not forget to place it under the full sun in the morning or move it to the shade location during the afternoon. Geraniums are not only beautiful to look at, but also can be insect repellent and its fragrance will give another feeling for you.

Final Thought

Embracing North Carolina’s botanical heritage means curating outdoor potted plants that thrive in its unique climate. The beauty we choose to surround ourselves with reflects our connection to this diverse state. Opt for plants that resonate with your aesthetic, but also honor the Carolinian soil.

Elevate your outdoor spaces with these green gems, and let your choices inspire others to cultivate their piece of North Carolina magic. Every pot you place is a nod to the state’s verdant heart.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What plants are best for outdoor pots?

Best potted plants throughout all seasons are purple cone flower and needle palm. You can have it for your outdoor pots. Purple cone flower has a bloom time during spring to fall.

Hence, it looks like they will fall through all the seasons except when the frost comes. Needle palms can thrive in the summer heat and fall season too. It is a slow growing plant, so you do not have to trim it regularly.

How do North Carolina’s weather conditions affect my potted plants?

The state’s varying climate zones mean different care routines for plants. While the coastal region has milder winters, the mountainous areas can experience frost. Choose plants based on your specific region and monitor weather forecasts closely.

What plants tolerate full sun and heat?

You can have the plants that will bloom in summer rather than other plants that usually bloom in spring. SunPatiens and Mandevilla will be good choices if you are looking for plants that will tolerate full sun and heat. They love to be placed under the full sun too!

What type of soil mix should I use for my outdoor potted plants in North Carolina?

A well-draining soil mix enriched with organic compost works wonders. North Carolina’s native soil can be clayey, but potted plants need a looser mix. Adjust based on specific plant requirements.

How can I protect my potted plants from pests, especially outdoors?

Regularly inspect for pests, ensuring clean surroundings. Neem oil or insecticidal soaps can treat many infestations. Encourage natural predators, like ladybugs, to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

What type of pots work best for outdoor plants?

Terracotta pots are breathable and good for plants that dislike overwatering. Plastic pots are lightweight and easier to move but may require extra drainage. Always consider the pot size; it should be proportionate to the plant’s growth potential.

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