Easy to Grow: 10 Exotic Purple Flowers in Florida

Flowers that burst in beautiful colors vary. But the exotic colors such as purple will never fail your Florida garden. There are many purple flowers in this state, from pink purple flowers, lavender, violet purple flowers that you can have in your yard. Also the size is in a wide range too. The small and large purple flowers are free to be chosen by you.

To make you less confused about the flowers to choose, here we give you the top 10 exotic purple flowers in Florida.

1. Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)

You can see many varieties of Hibiscus in Florida. Also, there are various colors that can bloom beautifully, but we recommend you to plant purple flowers when you decide to grow Hibiscus because the color is too exotic and stunning to see. This beauty can reach up to 6 feet tall and you can place it in a full sun exposure area because it is a favorite spot of Hibiscus to part sun spots.

purple flowers in florida
Hibiscus Flowers

Moist soil and mixed compost are the ideal medium to plant this flower although this perennial is fast growing and requires minimum maintenance. But still, you have to water it regularly to keep the condition moist, never let the plant look too dry or too wet since it just makes the plant hard to survive.

Moreover, you can plant it directly in a container plant to add the beauty of your patio or inside the medium pots and enjoy its blossom flowers once they bloom in the hot weather of Florida. If you want to mix with other colors, it can be a great idea!

2. Mexican Heather (Cuphea Hyssopifolia)

Another purple evergreen flower that can be found in Florida is Mexican Heather. Although you think the flowers are more like bed flowers, this one can grow up to 18 inches tall. During summer, you can find these flowering shrubs blooming beautifully and due to that, the butterflies will come as well. The violet flowers are ready to be a groundcover or walkway of your garden.

purple flowers in florida
Mexican Heather

So, if you are out of ideas to build the border in your garden, you can just plant this one as the natural border. It must be adorable to see! Also, you don’t need an extra effort to plant this one since it is very easy to grow with medium water regularly for this plant. Simply plant it in a part sun spot or full sun exposure, then you can enjoy its attractive color effortlessly.

One thing you have to remember is, since the flower is eye-catching, you have to keep the pets or kids from picking the flowers in order to taste it if you don’t want to get in trouble.

3. Scarlet Salvia (Salvia Splendens)

If your yard is pretty spacious, then having this perennial that native to Florida is a good one. Yes, you can plant Scarlet salvia in order to add your purple Florida plants, also your yard will have regular visitors by hummingbirds and butterflies if you have this one.

The animals will come in Spring to Fall. So, those seasons will turn your house into something more cheerful! Since it is native to Florida, you have no difficulties planting it in any landscape that already exists.

Scarlet Salvia
Scarlet Salvia

Furthermore, this plant is a low maintenance one and can adapt in various conditions. It is drought-tolerant too! If you want to mix it with other plants inside container plants or directly as the border of your garden, just go with your decision since it is an excellent one! To keep Scarlet Salvia in shape and always attractive to see, you can prune it when the blooming season and end of the year season.

4. Queen’s Wreath (Petrea volubilis)

A unique shape of purple queen plant is Queen’s wreath! This tropical vine has a beautiful lavender that you can grow in your Florida yard. Also, you will be extremely happy since it can bloom multiple times in a year!

So, you better keep your eyes on February and June to see its blossoms. The thing that makes people love this one is as we mentioned before, its shape that reminds you of grapes yet the texture is like sandpaper, it is stiff to touch.

purple flowers in florida
Queen’s Wreath

Petrea volubilis is one of the tall purple flowers since it can reach up to 40 feet tall. But you can prune it if you want to have it in a medium size.

Grow it in a full sun area since this plant is drought and wind tolerant, so it is good for you who want to fill the gap in your garden where the full sun spot hasn’t been filled with any plants. Also, if you live in a coastal area, this plant is salt tolerant to a medium level, so it is safe for you to have it in your yard.

5. King’s Mantle (Thunbergia Erecta)

After having a queen, now we have a king! Proudly introduce you with King’s Mantle as the purple flowers to grow in Florida. Although people call it king, the appearance is very adorable and beautiful.

What makes King’s Mantle become the favorite for gardeners in Florida is that purple flowers are one of the flowers that grow year-round. So, your yard will always look pretty all the time with its attractive flowers, small and fine-textured foliage. Your guests must feel happy seeing the fresh view once they visit your house.

King’s Mantle
King’s Mantle Purple Flowers

Usually, purple flowers are bright colors, but this one is deep purple and has a yellow throat on each flower. So the contrast can be seen clearly and makes it more stunning. Moreover, you can grow in the full sun too to get a stronger color.

The thing that you have to know about this flower is during winter, the flowers will turn threadbare, so you can protect this one when the winter comes.

6. Bougainvillea

The most famous flower that is drought tolerant and requires low maintenance in your yard is Bougainvillea. Seems there is no person that doesn’t know Bougainvillea.

This flower blooms in Florida in late February to May, depending on the location. Its bold and vivid color becomes the main reason that Bougainvillea is very well-known and chosen by many people to beautify their yards. Dry soil is the ideal medium to plant this one. Also, you have to make sure that there is a full sun spot in your yard for growing this paper plant. Guess in Florida you can find the yard with a full sun exposure easily, right?

purple flowers in florida

Bougainvillea has a simple scent with a sweet and delicious taste for the butterfly or hummingbird. You can let this purple flower reach 10 inches until 40 feet tall based on the location and spaces between another plant that you have. If you want to make it small or medium size, make sure to regularly prune it.

7. Mexican Petunia (Ruellia Brittoniana)

Beautiful purple flowering plants like Mexican Petunia are easy to find if you want one for your house. This perennial is suitable as the garden border due to its height that can reach three feet tall.

Mexican Petunia
Mexican Petunia

Besides all the varieties of Mexican Petunia, only the purple showers that are not invasive and safe to be planted in your garden in Florida. There is no issue when planting Mexican Petunia since it can grow well in any conditions. This plant can grow up to 3 feet since it is fast growing under the full sun. Deep purple flowers can bloom easily yet its flowers only last for a day.

8. Spotted Deadnettle (Lamium Maculatum)

This flower has an unusual shape. At a glance, you will think this is a small purple flower, but when you look closer, the shape makes it look bigger. Lamium Maculatum has light purple flowers that love moist and fertile soil. If you plant this in your house, then pollinators such as bumblebees will come to get the nectar from the flowers.

purple flowers in florida
Spotted Deadnettle

Although this plant is native to Eurasia, this flower still can grow well in Florida. When you plant this one, you don’t have to worry about pests, since it is pest-free! Spotted Deadnettle is drought tolerant, but the ideal place to grow this one is part shade to full shade spots. Too high humidity or heat will make this pink purple flower less interesting to grow.

9. Verbena (Glandularia)

To those who are looking for something to add in your yard and can grow year-round, then adding Verbena will be a lovely idea. Verbena grows in clusters and it can reach up to 12 inches tall. Also, you can grow it easily in Florida since this plant is native to this state and hard to find in any place.


Prepare moist, sandy or limestone soil with fine texture before planting Verbena in your yard as the ground cover. Then, choose the full sun area to make Verbena happy to grow. If you want your house to be full of butterflies, then this plant is suitable as the center point of your yard.

Verbena can grow up to 1 feet tall and the growth level is moderate. But, you don’t have to take extra effort to grow this one since it can thrive in poor conditions and adapt very well in different conditions.

10. Golden Dewdrops (Duranta Erecta)

Another purple plant that attracts butterflies and is adorable for you to see. It is a golden dewdrop that you can have in your Florida garden. This plant is outstanding and can be used in any landscape such as a casual or just natural view of your existing garden.

The plant can bloom year round, so it is very interesting to add this collection to your house. Organic and moist soil will be the ideal one for this plant and you can water it regularly to keep the plant growing healthy and properly.

purple flowers in florida
Golden Dewdrops

Golden Dewdrop has small petals for its flowers and produces berries, yet its foliage and berries are toxic for humans and pets. So, you better keep your eyes on the kids or your dogs to not taste the berries at all.

Also, if you want to trim or prune the plants, make sure you wear hand gloves to avoid skin irritations especially for those who have sensitive skins. Putting the plant under the sun will make the plant produce more flowers.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the purple flowers in Florida called?

It is called Jacaranda. It loves medium light and dappled shade. So, it is suitable for your patios. The shape is like a trumpet with its flowers in clusters. Most colors of this flower are purple varieties, such as lavender, violet and purple.

What is the Florida state wildflower?

The flower of genus Coreopsis is Florida state wildflower in 1991. This plant becomes the state wildflower since the plant is used massively as Florida’s roadside plants. The flower not only has one color, but it is ranging from pink to golden. 

What are the purple flowers that grow on the side of the road in Florida?

Creeping phlox and Coreopsis are usually the flowers that grow on the roadside of Florida. Coreopsis is the state wildflower, while Creeping phlox is a beautiful flower that can be used as the plant border on the side of the road in Florida. 

What are the purple wildflowers in Florida?

Mexican petunia is a purple wildflower in Florida. You can find it easily and only the purple version that you can have in your garden since it is the only variety that is not invasive in Florida. Although it is a wildflower, you still can see its beauty. 

Is spiderwort native to Florida?

Yes, Spiderwort is native to Florida. The most common varieties of Spiderwort can be found along North and Central Florida. It blooms in spring but the flowers only last less than a day. 

Does creeping phlox grow well in Florida?

Yes, Creeping Phlox grows well in Florida. There are various flowers that you can have in your garden, such as pink and white to lavender to add to the purple plants collection in your house. You can have it as the border in your garden landscape as well. 

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