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11 Stunning Year-Round Flowers in Georgia

Your garden in Georgia will get the best view if you have year-round flowers. Some people may think it is tricky and impossible to have year round flowers in Georgia, but you can choose from our recommendation in order to beautify your yard.

The important thing is you have to understand the weather or season changing, soil type and how many times you have to water it. You can get the perennial flowers from succulent, shrubs, or evergreen.

All of them has the iconic or signature color, so that you can add beauty to your view.

1. Gaura

Looking for something fresh yet easy to take care of? Then you can have this perennial. Gaura has a pure white or pinkish color for its flowers. Its tiny flowers will bloom from summer to fall, hence you can include this as one of year-round flowers Georgia.

So it can be a year round plants in Georgia. They love full sun spots and inside sandy soil. Moreover, it is a drought tolerant perennial bed too. So, no worries for the warm area.

year-round flowers georgia
Gaura Flower

2. Heuchera

For ground cover plants, Heuchera can be your great option. Its bright colored foliage will brighten up your garden view. This plant grows well under full sun or part shade.

Also, well drained soil, sandy, light, chalky, or heavy one is suitable to plant these perennials. Besides, this plant is hardy, so no worries about the season changing.

year-round flowers georgia
Heuchera Bush
year-round flowers georgia

3. Hosta

When you want a perennial plant that is versatile and hardy in your Georgia garden, go get Hosta. It can thrive under partial shade. Moreover, this plant is extremely popular for the gardeners. Because of its vibrant colors such as green, blue or bicolored and the shape is trumpet-like, also the fragrant foliage, Hosta is a favorite plant for the garden.

You can plant it inside well drained soil with organic matter. Avoid soggy soil because Hosta hates it very much.


4. Lantana

People include this plant into evergreen shrubs or stemmed perennials. This plant can thrive in heat since it cannot bloom if the soil is not warm yet. As for people who are looking for a low maintenance plant, Lantana can be your choice.

It is a drought hardy plant, you can place it under the full sun too. So, if you have an open yard, then you can have these year-round flowers Georgia and see it blooming in spring.


5. Pentas

Although Pentas are slow growing plants, they require minimal care in your garden. You can start planting it inside the containers or as bedding plants.

Furthermore, this plant is a tropical blooming plant, so that you do not have to worry when the heat from summer comes. Pentas can thrive in the heat. You just have to pay more attention when the frost starts to appear.


6. Lavender

Besides being a mosquito repellent plant, lavender is a perennial that you can have in your garden. In North Georgia, there is the first lavender farm that features 2,000 plants.


You can try to plant it using acidic soil. Furthermore, for the first start, it is better to plant it inside the pot. If it grows well, you can plant another as the ground cover too.

And if you have an open garden, it is great news for lavender since they love full sun.

year-round flowers georgia
Lavender Bush

7. Monarda Balmy

Monarda Balmy or people often call it Bee balm also has another name, it is Wild Bergamot. This plant can be your flower beds since it produces fragrance flowers and vibrant colors for the flowers as well.

Monarda Balmy,(Imagecredit:gardenia/Pinterest)

Besides, it will attract butterflies, birds, and hummingbirds to visit your garden since they want to access the nectar. Bee balm or Monarda Balmy can be planted at the best time, which is spring or fall and you can see these year-round flowers Georgia in your yard directly.

Also, you can place under the full or part shade by using well drained soil.

year-round flowers georgia
Monarda Balmy Flowers

8. Rush Corkscrew

Looking for something different for your fresh spot in the yard? Let’s try planting Rush Corkscrew. You can plant this perennial on the corner of your plant collection to add the accent of your garden.

This perennial is native to Japan.

Rush Corkscrew,(Imagecredit:thespruce/Pinterest)

Although it is from Asia, it can grow in Georgia too. You can place it under the full sun as long as the temperature or weather is not unrelenting heat. If your area is hotter than the others, simply place it under the part shade.

They will love it too. For the soil type, Rush Corkscrew has no issue, since they can thrive inside sandy or loamy soil. Just make sure the soil is not very dry to plant this one.

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9. Sedum Blue Spruce Succulent

A succulent lover might be excited to plant this kind of sedum. It is not only beautiful, but also low maintenance to take care of. Since it belongs to the succulent type, it needs less water.

Sedum Blue Spruce

So during summer, you are worry free about this one. The flower is yellow with a small size that adds its natural beauty. Moreover, it can thrive under poor drainage soil too!

You know that succulents are the best flowers for a busy person like you.

year-round flowers georgia
Sedum Blue Spruce Succulent

10. Rosemary

Imagine picking the rosemary directly from your own garden. It might be fun right? Although some people think it is not that easy to plant it, nothing is impossible if you have a will.

Planting this perennial herb can be started by understanding the time of first and last frost in Georgia. Also, you can plant it indoors if you are worried about the frost that may damage the plants.


11. Autumn Fern

For those who just want to add a greeny spot in the yard, then having Autumn fern will be a good one. Simply place it under partial shade, because these ferns cannot tolerate prolonged full sun.

Well-drained, rich and moist soil will be a favorite place for planting fern. Moreover, this one requires minimal care, so it suits your Georgia gardens.

year-round flowers georgia
Autumn Fern Plant
year-round flowers georgia
Autumn Fern

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What flower grows all year-round?

Pentas, Hosta and Gaura can be your choice as they grow almost all year-round. You don’t have to worry about the season changing. Unless the frost is coming, you can take care of it with minimum requirement.

What is the longest blooming perennial?

Gaura has longer perennial blooming time. Its blooming period starts from late spring until fall. So, it means you can see it blooms almost year-round in your Georgia gardens. You can have white and pink flowers from Gaura and make them as ornamental plants.

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