13 Best Flowers to Grow in New York

Who doesn’t like flowers? White flowers, red, pink or even purple can brighten your house and also spoil your view during the blooming time. In New York, the city with its business and history, you can have the best flowers to grow in that city. Planting them inside your house, garden, patio, or even the small park near your house will be great.

Here, we give you the best recommendations of flowers to grow in New York. Check out these beauties!

1. Wild Bergamot

This one can be your option to grow the best flower in New York because you can place it under the full sun, since it is a drought tolerant flower as well. The foliage of Wild Bergamot produces such an aromatic fragrance that you can use it as mint tea.

best flowers to grow in new york
Wild Bergamot

These showy perennials attract the bees and insects to come, particularly the flower clusters which have various colors. For instance, lavender, white and pink flowers.

You can plant this Wild Bergamot using the dry soil but not let it into a very dry one.

2. Sneezeweed

You may often find difficult to distinguish the sneezeweeds and daisy or sunflowers. Since the yellow color reminisce you with the sunflowers while the petal shape looks like the daisies. This perennials bloom in late summer until fall.

best flowers to grow in new york

Actually, this plant is a wild flower that you can find it on the ground or open field, yet there is nothing wrong to bring it home to beautify your garden. Also, there are various colors to find from this perennial, such as bright pink.

The plant loves full sun and partial shade. Then, you better move this plant after exposing it from the full sun for a few hours.

3. Bluets

Your small garden will be more festive during spring once you have these tiny flowers on it. The small flowers with light blue color and yellow on the center are very attractive as a decorative plant in your house. The plants grow from April until July.

So that you can enjoy the view from spring until summer comes.

best flowers to grow in new york
Beautiful Bluet Flowers

Bluets or Azura Bluet loves the full sun and light shade. The plants can thrive in the heat since it is drought tolerant one. So that the soil for planting this one is moist to dry. Therefore, this easy to take care of plant can be a center point in your yard.

4. Smooth Blue Aster

Simple, elegant and pretty flowers can be felt when you see Aster blooming, that’s why it can be the best flower you can plant in New York. A smooth aster with light blue color is a favorite for butterflies and pollinators.

best flowers to grow in new york
Smooth Blue Aster

Many gardens usually choose Aster to be planted since it can be placed under the full sun or partial shade. Also, the soil for this plant is dry to moist. Hence, you don’t have to water it often because the plants thrive in the heat condition very well.

5. Great Blue Lobelia

The unique shape of Great Blue Lobelia can be seen clearly once it blooms. The flower clusters appear around the upper stems, and make it like the hanging flowers as well. When the flowers bloom, each flower will split into two parts, upper and lower part.

The upper part has two segments while the lower has three segments or petals.

best flowers to grow in new york
Great Blue Lobelia

Usually, the flowers will bloom beautifully in the late summer season. This one is easy to grow compared to the same species of this flower. Furthermore, you will need a bright full sun until the shade sun for this plant.

The soil should be moist, although the plants are sturdy. Because it can last for decades as long as there is no competition to grow between Great Blue Lobelia and other plants.

6. Canada Anemone

You often find these flowers over the ground or in open yards. This plant is quite hardy with long blooming time in late spring. You can enjoy this plant although the flowers have not bloomed yet since its leaves are striking as well.

best flowers to grow in new york
Canada Anemone

If you are interested in planting this one, you can place it in a small area as long as there is bright sun with part shade to full sun. The Canada Anemone can thrive in dry to wet areas, including the flood one. So you can choose plants like this for planting along your small river too.

7. Northern Blueflag

If you are planning to have flowers which are wet tolerant and can be placed near the river or swamp area, then go for the Northern Blueflag. The unique one from this flower that you can plant in New York is, although it is wet tolerant, the Northern Blueflag still needs full sun to make the beautiful blue flowers bloom.

best flowers to grow in new york
Northern Blueflag

It cannot bloom if there is no full sun exposure to them. Therefore, it is quite easy to plant this one. You just need a full sun exposure place along the river or swamp near your house before you have it.

So, if you want to create a low maintenance landscaping plant in New York, this one can be your best option to go.

8. Daisies

A very well-known yet simple flower to make your patio beautiful and attractive. You can establish Daisies in your flower beds since it is not that difficult to let it bloom.

best flowers to grow in new york

Although the blooming time is different between each variety of Daisies, you can still have it, and place it under the full exposure of the sun. Moreover, you will love these flowers since it is a hardy one, especially to get disease or any insects.

9. Dahlia

Dahlia is still related to the species of Zinnia, Sunflower, Daisy, and Chrysanthemum. Hence, the way you take care of this flora remains the same. As a New Yorker, you can pick Dahlia as your houseplants since this one loves sunny gardens but not a drought tolerant one.

An extreme climate will not be suitable for this beauty.

best flowers to grow in new york
Dahlia Flower

You can choose various colors of Dahlia to fill your yard and add color to your view from the garden. Moreover, Dahlias are cold hardy, but still you should pay more attention when the winter comes particularly in hardy zones 8 to 11.

Hence, planting Dahlia would be better when the extreme cold already passes in New York.

10. Zinnia

The butterflies’ favorite flora is easy to grow and take care of once you establish it. Zinnia can grow and bloom quickly and beautifully during summer and fall. There are many colors you can choose when you have Zinnia.

It will surely make your yard stunning effortlessly.

best flowers to grow in new york
Zinnia Flowers

Zinnia doesn’t tolerate frost cold, so better you take an extra effort once the frost comes until the last frost is gone. The full and bright sun will be a favorite area for Zinnia. So, you can grow this one in New York.

11. Daffodils

A smooth and beautiful vines for your garden. There are various colors of Daffodils, or people call it Narcissus as well. The best growing conditions for this species is planted in full exposure of light, rich and moist soil too.

Also, they require good drainage to maximize their new growth.

best flowers to grow in new york

As this one is an official flower of New York city, then you can find it easily along the city once you get out. The calming color will boost your mood and create a serene ambience.

12. Lily

The bell shaped flowers are always a good idea to beautify your garden with its striking and stunning colors. Lilies also have a smell fragrance that makes people, mostly women, love this species. You can see its beauty hanging from the stems once it blooms.

best flowers to grow in new york

If you want to have Lily in your garden, then prepare the place with full sun exposure since Lilies love bright areas although the small area. The soil should be rich as well. Hence this is one of the best flowers to grow in New York

13. Rose

This is the native plant of New York that you should have as a New Yorker. The state plant has various colors, you can choose the white flowers or pink to brighten your garden. But you still have to pay attention about what rose you choose and what is compatible with the New York climate and season.

best flowers to grow in new york

Many gardeners can help you take care of roses in your space, but as we mentioned before, you should choose the right one. Because having the new plants, particularly the state flowers of New York will be a great idea!

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FAQ (Frequenty Asked Questions)

When can I plant flowers in New York?

Spring flower bulbs or lilies of the valley are usually planted in the fall (about two weeks after first frost) while summer flowers are planted in the spring 1-2 weeks after first frost, those are the best flowers to grow in New York. Avoid seeding on the first frost to reduce the damage to your flowers.

What flowers can I grow in NYC?

Aster, Canada Anemone, Lily and Rose are the best flowers to grow in New York. You can choose the place you want to plant the flowers according to the habits and behaviors of the flora. Moreover, most of them are easy to take care of.

What is the Native plant of New York?

Most of the flora above are the native plants of New York. Yet Rose and Daffodils became the official and state flower of this city. Hence, you can have them in your house to describe your love for the city you live in.

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